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Terri Reid

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Good Tidings

Good Tidings Black Friday the official opening of the holiday shopping season and Patrice Marcum is stuck in the middle of her local superstore with a crying infant a near hysterical desire to just abandon the di

  • Title: Good Tidings
  • Author: Terri Reid
  • ISBN: 2940011952296
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Nook
  • Black Friday the official opening of the holiday shopping season and Patrice Marcum is stuck in the middle of her local superstore with a crying infant, a near hysterical desire to just abandon the diapers and milk she desperately needs, and the snowstorm of the century dumping half a foot of snow on the parking lot outside She needs a miracle.The little old lady seemBlack Friday the official opening of the holiday shopping season and Patrice Marcum is stuck in the middle of her local superstore with a crying infant, a near hysterical desire to just abandon the diapers and milk she desperately needs, and the snowstorm of the century dumping half a foot of snow on the parking lot outside She needs a miracle.The little old lady seems sweet, but there was no way Patrice was going to leave three month old Jeremy with a stranger She looks outside at the snow covered parking lot and sees yet another distressed shopper s cart topple over in the drifts The old lady senses her distress and volunteers to call a store employee to help watch over Jeremy while Patrice gets her car The older gentleman, wearing a store badge with the name Ron, seems too good to be true What could be safer Less than five minutes later, after brushing the snow off the van and driving across the crowded and snow packed parking lot, Patrice pulls up in front of the store Jeremy is not there Pushing back panic, she rushes into the store and looks around Jeremy is not inside either She pushes through the line at Customer Service the associate calls Ron on the intercom and issues a Code Adam When Ron appears and he s only seventeen years old, Patrice realizes the worst Oh God They ve taken my baby Mary O Reilly, private investigator, is decorating her office for the holiday season when the newly installed bell over her door jingles She looks over to see a six year old boy standing next to her desk His name is Joey Marcum and he wants to hire Mary to find his baby brother.Mary nodded Okay, Joey, but I ll want to work with the police on this one Do you have any problems with that Joey paused No, I guess you can talk to them That ll be helpful But you can t tell my mom you re working for me, he said, Promise Yes, I promise Joey shrugged I don t think she d understand, seeing that I m dead, you know.

    Good Tidings Holiday Sales For all your Holiday Shopping Your Holiday wholesaler for Christmas and Halloween Exclusive to Independent Garden Centers, Hardware Stores, Specialty Stores and Regional Chains. Tidings definition of tidings by The Free Dictionary Rose was delighted and as soon as I had told her all I thought proper which was all I affected to know she flew with alacrity to put on her bonnet and shawl, and hasten to carry the glad tidings to the Millwards and Wilsons glad tidings, I suspect, to none but herself and Mary Millward that steady, sensible girl, whose sterling worth had been so quickly perceived and duly valued by Good Tidings Dec , I saw Good Tidings at the Grindhouse Planet Film Festival It was pretty standard horror fare A group gets locked in a court house during the Christmas season and gets tormented by three killer men in Santa suits. Tiding Definition of Tiding by Merriam Webster Did You Know Good tidings we bring to you and your kin, goes a line from the popular th century carol We Wish You a Merry Christmas Another carol, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen , speaks of tidings of comfort and joy. Good Tidings Foundation Home Good Tidings has built or renovated over youth athletic facilities in low income communities. tidings Dictionary Definition Vocabulary Tidings is an old fashioned word for recent news If someone says I bring you good tidings it means they have information to share that you ll probably like.

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    One thought on “Good Tidings

    1. Me_LissaH on said:

      Totally saw that ending coming but I was still sitting on the edge of my seat during that scene. The romance between Mary and Bradley is growing and now with the appearance of Jeannine things are about to get complicated. I love the way the series is progressing and the cases are getting more interesting and exciting.

    2. Tammie on said:

      Black Friday – the official opening of the holiday shopping season – and Patrice Marcum is stuck in the middle of her local superstore with a crying infant, a near-hysterical desire to just abandon the diapers and milk she desperately needs, and the snowstorm of the century dumping half a foot of snow on the parking lot outside. She needs a miracle. In Good Tidings Mary is visited by the ghost of a 6 year old boy who wants her to help him find his kidnapped baby brother. Just like the last b [...]

    3. Darkslyric on said:

      I really like this series. It is a paranormal mystery, comedy and sweet romance all rolled into one. Its a series I can read that makes me feel good. Mary is a great character who can see ghosts and tries to help them cross to the other side. Bradley is the chief of police and a true friend to Mary who finds himself helping her while fighting crime. The play between the characters is pleasant and welcoming. So far the first two books in the series have been delightful and fun, with just enough c [...]

    4. Beanbag Love on said:

      This one was a little better than the last, although it still wasn't much of a "mystery". We pretty much know who the bad guys are from the beginning. It's more of a suspense series, IMO, than actual mystery.I like the progression of the romance. The leads are good together and I like that they're taking it slow. I got a little tired of the featured side characters' playful bickering this time, it seemed forced, but they weren't around all that much so that was good.This is the second book in th [...]

    5. Ivonne Rovira on said:

      In Good Tidings, the second entry in the series featuring paranormal investigator Mary O’Reilly, poor Patrice Marcum has her infant son Jeremy stolen in an elaborate ruse when she exits a grocery store during a snowstorm. But it isn’t the distraught mother who turns to Mary O’Reilly; it’s Patrice’s dead 6-year-old son Joey. Joey, who died in a car accident the previous summer, serves as his brother’s guardian angel and provides invaluable service in tracking down his three-month-old [...]

    6. Yodamom on said:

      3.5 stars. I really enjoyed this sweet cozy paranormal mystery. The main character is a detective who can talk to ghosts. She is dragged into mystery when she talks with a young boy's ghost who wants to save his kidnapped baby brother. This leads into a dark world filled with more than just baby napping. When the local police chief joins her for more than professional reasons things really get complicated.A great easy mystery with all the right ingredients, various ghost with stories, a ghost do [...]

    7. Anita on said:

      Two books, one author, three days. It would probably only take about a day to read these short and cozy mysteries by Terri Reid, but I typically start off my reading day nearing the night (since I'm third shift and that's the time I'm awake) and then finish it sometime after the new day has come around. I must say that these books are quite satisfying -- at the very least, I'm turning pages wanting to know how the mystery is solved.Of course, these ARE pretty short stories from what I'm used to [...]

    8. Sophie on said:

      I love this series! The characters are quirky and eccentric, people who'd be fun to have in your life. There's good story telling and the ghost whispering isn't overly spooky or intrusive.(I'm a total chicken when it comes to reading about ghosts at night!) It's woven into the storytelling, which, by the way, is fabulous if I haven't said so already. I started the second book in the series immediately upon finishing the first. And this afternoon, after I finished the second, I immediately starte [...]

    9. Darkiss on said:

      Back in April I reviewed the first Mary O’Reilly story Loose Ends by Terri Reid. I really enjoyed it and gave it a great 4.5 stars. Now there are five novels in the series and I decided to treat myself to the second instalment.Good Tidings is a fantastic follow on novel, written in the same fast paced, character driven style as the first. We see Mary and Bradley investigate the kidnapping of a baby from a mother at a busy superstore while being surrounded by Christmas shoppers. This opening sc [...]

    10. Amanda on said:

      This was such a good book. Mary handles herself so well with the paranormal. I really life how Bradleys presence keeps the ghosts away. Loved the ending. Ready for number 3!

    11. Lorena on said:

      The second in a series about a former police officer/current private investigator (who just happens to see ghosts) set in my hometown of Freeport, IL. I thought this one was a little less successful than the first for a few reasons. First, there were some basic inconsistencies in the story that were not material so much as they were distracting. For example, (view spoiler)[ the baby who is kidnapped at 3 months old on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) and returned to the bosom of his fam [...]

    12. Joseph - Relax And Read Reviews on said:

      Oh I love the Mary O'Reilly series of paranormal mysteries by Terri Reid. These stories just pull me in and keep me hooked from the first page.'Good Tidings' is the second book in the series and the story takes place during Christmas time in snowstorm battered Freeport and in Chicago.Patrice Marcum is shopping with her infant son Jeremy. When she's about to leave the store she realises that a snowstorm is in full force outside. She cannot reach her snow-covered car with her trolley and baby. A k [...]

    13. Lynda Kelly on said:

      Another superb story in this series only marked down a star for mistakes, though not as bad as her first book, I found. I'm really liking these stories. It left us with a "to be continued" ending which was good as I've every intention of sticking with Mary's adventures.In the first story's review I made mention of hoping to learn more about Bradley's back story which she gave us and it's an interesting one, too, to run alongside what's going on with Mary's investigations.I learned something too- [...]

    14. Cheryl Cooper on said:

      Love itOnce again, I absolutely love this series. There were several different stories going on but it was easy to keep track of them and they were brought to a conclusion. I don't write about the plots in my reviews as there are plenty others who do. We do get to meet Mary's family and get more background info on our main characters. The books are well written and very entertaining.

    15. Sharon on said:

      NiceAn awesome ghost story. Terri Reid is becoming a new one of my favorite authors. This is book 2 in a series. But I don't think you have to read book one to enjoy it. Lots of ghosts and a nice love story threading thru it. I will be starting book 3 soon.

    16. Dylan Edwards on said:

      What a cliff-hanger nnot wait to read next in this series

    17. Beth on said:

      2.75 stars. Not as good as the first one. Not sure I'll continue on.

    18. Ashley on said:

      Love this series! Interesting story line and fast paced. The humor had me laughing out loud. Can't wait for book 3!

    19. Tina Marking on said:

      I LOVE this series. In all honesty, I have suffered for years from clinical depression, and was suffering from a very serious downturn. This series helped get me through. The friendship, the camaraderie, the family, the love and laughter, helped tremendously. It was extremely helpful in getting me to that turning point back to me.I laughed till my belly hurt, then cried until I couldn't see the words. I felt anger and betrayal for those whose journey was suspended. I found redemption, grace, and [...]

    20. Mary J on said:

      Mary is a Private Investigator who can see ghost. She helps them cross to the other side. Bradley is the Chief of Police. He helps Mary and they have become close friends. This is the second book in a series and I read it without reading the first. I liked it. We know who the bad guys are, almost immediately, so the mystery seems to be about the ghosts. What prevents them from crossing over. I like the way Bradley and Mary interact. There were a few chapters that made me laugh and there were som [...]

    21. Tara Bush on said:

      The author keeps the paranormal premise fresh by adding some history and a few more interesting tidbits about Mary's ability to see ghosts. Once again, it's an unrealistically fast-paced book, but entertaining. The bad guys don't seem to have any redeemable qualities and the reader has no idea what's made them so awful. Not exactly a story that challenges the brain or that you would reflect on after reading it an but it's an entertaining, shallow read.

    22. Timothy Mills on said:

      I'm hooked!I am in love with Terri Reid! As I finish reading a third book written by her, I realize that I have definitely fallen in love with her imagination and storytelling genius. I can't wait to continue the Mar y O'Reilly series as these characters really make you feel. This series would make a fantastic detective sitcom!

    23. Kathy on said:

      Wonderful paranormal romance/mysteryLoved this 2nd book in Mary O'Reillys series about a woman who, after a near death experience. is able to see and talk to ghosts. She also has a budding romance with the town's police chief. This books has more exciting adventures and new ghosts to help. I look forward to reading the next book in this series.

    24. Blue on said:

      Unexpected crying!I almost didn't read this book because of the infant boy and his abduction! But this story is wonderful! And the crying came at an unexpected spot in the story! A great read!

    25. Ed Scott on said:

      Another page turnerMary again find herself in and out of trouble. She is again aided by her living friends, family and her favorite sheriff, and her ghost friends, trying to keep her out of trouble. And a love intensifies I will say no more.

    26. Elizabeth on said:

      Not my normal kind of book, except for the paranomal. Loved that. But I will continue with the next one to see what is happening.

    27. KyBunnies on said:

      I usually do not read anything paranormal for one reason. All the stories just do not seem plausible. This series is one of those that rings very true. Highly recommend this series.

    28. Shelly La rouche-arbogast on said:

      A can't miss seriesWell developed characters, an interesting twist for the main female character. This story came to life and I couldn't put it down.

    29. Anwnh5 on said:

      wish I could find these books at the library and not have to purchase them. I am enjoying the series so far.

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