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Harry Turtledove

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Drive to the East

Drive to the East Harry Turtledove the master of alternate history has recast the tumultuous twentieth century and created an epic that is powerful bold and as convincing as it is provocative In Drive to the East he

  • Title: Drive to the East
  • Author: Harry Turtledove
  • ISBN: 9780345464064
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • Harry Turtledove the master of alternate history has recast the tumultuous twentieth century and created an epic that is powerful, bold, and as convincing as it is provocative In Drive to the East he continues his saga of warfare that has divided a nation and now threatens the entire world.In 1914, the First World War ignited a brutal conflict in North America, with the UHarry Turtledove the master of alternate history has recast the tumultuous twentieth century and created an epic that is powerful, bold, and as convincing as it is provocative In Drive to the East he continues his saga of warfare that has divided a nation and now threatens the entire world.In 1914, the First World War ignited a brutal conflict in North America, with the United States finally defeating the Confederate States In 1917, The Great War ended and an era of simmering hatred began, fueled by the despotism of a few and the sacrifice of many Now it s 1942 The USA and CSA are locked in a tangle of jagged, blood soaked battle lines, modern weaponry, desperate strategies, and the kind of violence that only the damned could conjure up for their enemies and themselves.In Richmond, Confederate president and dictator Jake Featherston is shocked by what his own aircraft have done in Philadelphia killing U.S president Al Smith in a barrage of bombs Featherston presses ahead with a secret plan carried out on the dusty plains of Texas, where a so called detention camp hides a far evil purpose As the untested U.S vice president takes over for Smith, the United States face a furious thrust by the Confederate army, pressing inexorably into Pennsylvania But with the industrial heartland under siege, Canada in revolt, and U.S naval ships fighting against the Japanese in the Sandwich Islands, the most dangerous place in the world may be overlooked.From the Hardcover edition.

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    One thought on “Drive to the East

    1. Michael on said:

      The book that I read wasDrive to the Eastby Harry Turtledove. This is the second book in the series of Settling Accounts. The genre of the book is Alternate History. It is alternate history because it is a “what if the South had won the Civil War.” The book takes place in 1942 the second year of the war between the USA and the CSA. The war started in 1941 when Jake Featherston, the president of the CSA, breaks the armistice between the United States and the Confederate States and decides to [...]

    2. Jason on said:

      In Drive to the East, Harry Turtledove has written one of the better Southern Victory novels since he crafted the spectacular opening salvo, How Few Remain. Alas, given the nature of modern warfare and barbarism, this novel is far grimmer than most of its predecessors. The black holocaust is in full swing in the Confederate States; Turtledove's accounts of the emptying of entire cities and the coldblooded extermination of men, women, and "pickanninies" is chilling. As other reviewers have noted, [...]

    3. James on said:

      Good stuff - like the whole line of books that led up to this one, an intricate exploration of how history might be different if the chain of events had zigged instead of zagging back in the middle of the Civil War. Well thought out, believable, and thought-provoking.

    4. Reza Amiri Praramadhan on said:

      Despite the its lightning-quick first attacks, CSA failed to bring USA to its knees, and the noose began to tighten around Jake Featherston’s neck. The main highlight of this book would be the siege of Pittsburgh, the equivalent of Siege of Stalingrad in real history. If anything else, the war seemed to be going very well for USA. However, the line of the Colletons ended here, and I STILL CANNOT ACCEPT WHAT HAPPENED TO SCIPIO!!!

    5. George Flannary on said:

      Industry beats tactics every time Even with the USA cut in half, their greater industry side proved it could still fight. Can’t wait for the next book

    6. Edward C. on said:

      Only two books to go!I've been reading this alternate history series—which began with How Few Remain (a tale of the Second Mexican War, a conflict begun between the USA and CSA in the 1880s over the CSA's annexing two Mexican provinces)—since I was a sophomore in high school. (How Few Remain begins during the Civil War, envisioning a Lee victory at Gettysburg, followed by the UK and France recognizing the CSA. The series then explores the twentieth century that follows, with the agricultural [...]

    7. Joel Flank on said:

      Settling Accounts: Drive to the East, by Harry Turtledove is the 2nd book in his WWII alternate history, and a sequel to Return Engagement. This book picks up where the last left off, continuing the saga of the 2nd world war, as the Confederate States of America attempts to follow up their surprise attack on the USA with a knockout blow that will quickly put the US out of the fight before it can start applying it's industrial might and greater population fully towards the war.Overall, this book [...]

    8. Tim Basuino on said:

      When people say that the Holocaust couldn’t happen in the USA, they conveniently forget their history – one just needs to take a quick look around to see that African Americans hardly have the same chances as others. Oh sure, there have been successes, whether it be in sports, music or politics. But if you were to normalize the percentages of blacks who have no chance against other Americans…While this book was released in 2003, author Harry Turtledove adequately described the Tea Party ah [...]

    9. Eric Bauman on said:

      This is the second book in the "Settling Accounts" tetrology (I think that's the word), in which he details the Second World War, concentrating on the struggle between the United States and the Confederate States of America.In the first book, the CSA started the war and immediately headed up into Ohio to the Canadian border, cutting the US in two. The US tried attack after attack into Virginia, and made a little progress, but not near enough.In this book, we see the war through 1942 and a little [...]

    10. James on said:

      Turtledove is a master of alternative history. Here we see a time line which the Confederate State won the war of secession in the 1860s. The characterisation is somewhat wooden, 'folksy' and given that the characters drive the story this can be irritating. The novel switches between the vast number of characters, making it a series of novella's connected by the common theme of war (a rematch) between north and south. As a lover of both history and science fiction, I enjoyed reading this but I w [...]

    11. Holden Attradies on said:

      I have enjoyed every book in this series (well accept maybe the first) and perhaps this one most of all. Turtledove's writing has gotten better with each book he publishes and the story it's self is just at a really exciting point. I was left both wanting to jump into and through the next two volumes yet maybe wanting to take them slow being I know the series is over then.The tipping point of the war comes pretty suddenly in this, and you do start to get this clear picture of a smaller country t [...]

    12. The other John on said:

      This is part two of the Settling Accounts tetralogy, the story of World War II fought in a world where the South won the Civil War. The Confederate Army have invaded Ohio, hoping to cut the United States in half and force a surrender. However, neither Confederate victories or the death of the American president have caused the USA to cry uncle. So, the Confederate troops turn eastward, hoping to capture the city of Pittsburgh and cripple US manufacturing capabilities. (That brings up one oddity [...]

    13. David Nichols on said:

      Turtledove is in his element in this last segment of his multi-part "Timeline 191" series, which deals with an alternate Second World War between the USA, the Confederacy, and their respective European allies. DRIVE TO THE EAST is well plotted and features characters who, while two dimensional, are fairly distinctive; after following some of them for six or seven volumes one actually cares about what happens to them, even morally opprobrious characters like Jefferson Pinkard. The book was clearl [...]

    14. Brian on said:

      This is the second installment in the third American Empire trilogy (if that makes sense)!The writing is still crisp and characterization still rich but I think Turtledove has relied too much on a strict analogy between the Nazi policies and those of Jake Featherston's Confederate States of America. His reluctance to take atomic weaponry seriously and his concentration camp policies are a bit too redolent of the latter days of the Third Reich. Also, some of the characters seem to garner too much [...]

    15. Rick on said:

      Turtledove's best work since the alien invasion during WWII series, hands down. Here, he builds upon the concept of the South winning the Civil War and brings it to WWII a very different, yet similar WWII. Great series. He does have the pitfall of over-using certain images and phrases. I began to chuckle at how many times a certain character spoke a phrase into a dead phone line. Every single time that character was on the phone with one certain character, it ended that way. But overall, this is [...]

    16. Erik on said:

      tom colleton sections = could be bettermichael pound sections = awesomedowling = awesomemorrel = awesomecarsten = awesomefor such a long buck, 580 pages, theres not as much action sequences in pittsburgh as i would have thought, just in the last 100 pages or so.Carsten's stuff is especially good.

    17. Laura on said:

      Wasn't the best of the trilogiesd I wish there was still a story line/character set in Canada. I spent the whole book wanting to know what was happening there! At this point I have gotten used to calling tanks "barrels" though!

    18. Kallierose on said:

      The second book in the series is much like the first - filled with tales of derring-do and the horrible moral choices that being at war forces people to make. It's kept me interested enough that I find I have to read the next one, just to see how things turn out.

    19. Michael Thompson on said:

      Highly enjoyable if you're a military history addict (which, I am). A Confederate bliztkrieg north across the Ohio River? Blows your mind.

    20. Wayne on said:

      A good read. All of my critiscisms of the previous book still stand.

    21. Jason on said:

      I can tell this is a middle volume in a series. The War has a turning point with the North's defence at Pittsburgh. Poor Cleveland though. Even in a tale of fiction they can't win.

    22. Kelli on said:

      I registered a book at BookCrossing!BookCrossing/journal/11799804

    23. Thorn on said:

      I thought this was more interesting than the first book of the trilogy.

    24. Robert Shultz on said:

      Relentless drive to the final showdown with the CSA. The final novel in the series is ahead and I can't wait to see how it ends.

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