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Clare London

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The Tourist

The Tourist Visiting isn t a science at least not for me It s just what I do Not that I mind though It s not a bad thing you understand to find yourself in someone else s body stepping into a hot shower star

  • Title: The Tourist
  • Author: Clare London
  • ISBN: 9781426891267
  • Page: 232
  • Format: ebook
  • Visiting isn t a science, at least not for me It s just what I do Not that I mind, though It s not a bad thing, you understand, to find yourself in someone else s body, stepping into a hot shower stark naked and sporting a decent sized morning wood.Ace is a tourist A spirit who spends his time visiting the lives of others for entertainment and sexual satisfaction He cVisiting isn t a science, at least not for me It s just what I do Not that I mind, though It s not a bad thing, you understand, to find yourself in someone else s body, stepping into a hot shower stark naked and sporting a decent sized morning wood.Ace is a tourist A spirit who spends his time visiting the lives of others for entertainment and sexual satisfaction He can t make anyone do anything they aren t willing to do but he is able to push them to their personal limits.He s currently visiting Dan and his lover, Ricky a couple struggling with jealousy and words left unsaid Emboldened by Ace, Dan becomes sexually aggressive, a pleasant surprise for Ricky But when an abusive ex threatens their newfound happiness, how far will Ace want to get involved Will his fascination with the couple s sexual games tempt him to protect them from a very real physical danger

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      232 Clare London
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    One thought on “The Tourist

    1. Jordan Price on said:

      This book takes point-of-view and turns it on its head! The story is narrated by the tourist, Ace--a spirit who can vacation inside the minds and bodies of living people, and who uses this ability to treat himself to man on man sex. He ends up lingering with a couple a lot longer than he normally does, and touching on each of their mindsd then finding himself embroiled in the rockier aspects of their relationship, which turn out to be a lot more serious than Ace originally suspected.I love the c [...]

    2. BubblesHunty Honest & Direct Opinions on said:

      I really liked this story. It was written very well. I loved the way the story was told through Ace’s point of view as he visited Dan and Ricky. It was a sweet story. I would recommend it to everyone

    3. FlibBityFLooB on said:

      This was sort of a dirty, little version of Quantum Leap -- with a lot more sex and less science. I liked how the main character could jump between bodies (he's a ghost who is horny, I guess). My one complaint, however, was that the author didn't seem to choose a slant to his jumping. In my opinion, it should have either been that the jumper took over the body and had *no* recollection of who he was OR the jumper took over the body and the host should have known the jumper had merged with him as [...]

    4. Emanuela ~plastic duck~ on said:

      I can't believe a short story like this could be so packed with feelings and events.Ace is a spirit who's been traveling from person to person since when he was killed. He possesses bodies for fun and sex, until he gets tired of the person he's possessing and he jumps to another one. When he enters Dan's body, he's enthralled by the feelings he experiments especially toward Ricky, Dan's lover. Their relationship makes him curious and instead of going away as usual after the satisfying sex, he st [...]

    5. Enny on said:

      Couple's therapy by paranormal visitor/ghost is definitely something new - which is one of the reasons why I love Clare London's books so much. All three of the men in this story - Ace for whom it was all about the sex and not about loving someone, Ricky who's been abused and put up with it because he thought he was nothing but a pretty body and Dan who thought he wasn't good enough for someone as hot as Ricky - learned something in this story and at the end they were stronger because of their e [...]

    6. Chris on said:

      Excellent paranormal m/m romance told from the perspective of a tourist, a spirit who can head hop, albeit with limited control. Usually he just stays for the sex and then moves on but something's different for him this time. This totally sucked me in and I couldn't go to bed until I finished it.

    7. Jenre on said:

      Clare London is an autobuy author for me so I was pretty excited to see that she's got a new release out at Carina. The last Carina book of hers, Blinded by Our Eyes, was a five star read for me. The Tourist was a completely different book to that one, focusing more on a relationship in freefall rather than being a mystery, and whilst I had some issues with it, I still found it to be a very good read and would recommend it.The story has an unusual premise. The main character is Ace, who calls hi [...]

    8. Alex on said:

      OverallNormally in reviews we talk about "head hopping" from a narrative perspective, but in the case of Ace, our narrator, we literally hop heads with him. Although he's a little pompous and self-centric, he's a bearable narrator and he grows (on the reader and as a character). In an interesting twist on the normal "switch perspective" trick, London uses Ace to not only change perspective, but also to retain some of the memories and feelings that were in his previous host so that he can use tha [...]

    9. Elisa Rolle on said:

      I shouldn’t been surprised by the top notch quality of Carina Press’s titles, this publisher may releases few books per year on the M/M genre, but they are always carefully picked, as are their authors. And it’s not the first time I enjoyed Clare London, she is able to weave original stories whatever genre she picks, and actually, this time I have even some difficult to simply fencing this book into a genre. You could say it’s a mix of paranormal/horror/fantasy, but it’s everything so [...]

    10. Fangtasia on said:

      WOW!!! This was an incredible read, short but incredibly exciting. Read it in a couple of hours, could not put it down. The author did an amazing job of conveying who was speaking, individual feelings and perceptions, even though the main character was hopping among the bodies and minds of the other characters throughout the story. This kind of original POV approach made a pretty common concept in male/male romance, the lack of effective communication between the lovers, completely new and capti [...]

    11. Lily on said:

      Really interesting (and of course well-written) story but I wish it had been longer.

    12. Miz Love on said:

      The Tourist has a unique theme. This is a tough thing to do, to come up with something fresh, and I applaud Ms. London for taking something like “jumping” and having the “jumper” jump for sex and fun. Ace is dead and he’s been jumping into bodies ever since. Most times he stays for a bit of sex then leaves, others he stays a little longer, but this time he stays quite a while.Ace had jumped into Dan and proceeded to join Dan’s lover, Ricky, in the shower. (Hotness abounds!) Ms. Londo [...]

    13. Jayhjay on said:

      This review was originally published on my blog Joyfully Jay.Ace is a tourist, a spirit that occupies his hosts temporarily to enjoy their lives, vitality, and (most importantly to Ace) their sex lives. He is not quite sure how it works, but Ace has the ability to jump from host to host and share their feelings and experiences. It is sort of like possession, but the host retains most of the control. However Ace can help the host along by seeing his inner needs and feelings and helping to give hi [...]

    14. Kassa on said:

      The Tourist is a unique premise and an interesting idea. A long dead entity can “hop” into a person’s body and heighten their sexual desires and appetites. The ghost gets the feeling of pleasure and the host body gets some uninhibited sex. Unfortunately the inherent disconnect with the concept means that you’re never sure whose emotions and thoughts are being displayed. Are they the ghost or the host’s? Additionally there are too many complications that just aren’t fleshed out very c [...]

    15. Jody on said:

      Ace likes to think of himself as a tourist dropping into the bodies of various people, mostly men, to experience other's lives. When he becomes involved in Ricky and Dan's lives, unexpected danger and emotions that he's never experienced before make him an active participant to keep them and their love alive.This is an intriguing story from the m/m genre which has a slight paranormal twist that adds an unexpected layer to the story. Ace is from a bygone era who travels from body to body experien [...]

    16. Nikyta *Miss Forgetful* on said:

      This was an interesting book. It's unique when it comes to tales on ghosts. In this case, Ace 'visits' men with like-minded sexual desires as himself. He's very much dead but he stills live through his hosts. Dan and Ricky, a couple that are still hesitant with little self-esteem are his next hosts. Ace is used to just jumping in a host, getting his rocks off then leaving. But there's something about Dan and Ricky that changes that all for Ace. He sticks around for the mundane things and not jus [...]

    17. (Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick on said:

      Review originally posted at smexybooks/2011/03/revFavorite Quote: “I spent my days cruising men for fun, for desiret so much for love.”Ace is ghost. He prefers to call himself aTourist. Ace likes to “visit” people; experiencing their emotions and sexual escapades for his own personal entertainment. He can’t make them do anything they don’t want to , but he can help them push their own personal boundaries. Ace is currently “visiting” Dan and reviling in the emotions this sexy and [...]

    18. ttg on said:

      A pretty taut m/m romantic suspense novella about Ace, an unsettled spirit who enjoys being a “tourist,” traveling and possessing different bodies for a short time, mostly to experience the good stuff (i.e. sex.) He hops into Dan, a big but mild-mannered contractor who is very much taken with Ricky, his new boyfriend. Ace is quite happy with the good stuff between Dan and Ricky, but then is surprised to find some deeper issues of self confidence, trust, and fear of past relationships miring [...]

    19. Trix on said:

      It was quite am amazing book. I did not expect it to be so appealing, considering the small number of pages. But Clare managed to convey every feeling so perfectly, so vividly. Without dwelling too much in the details of the surrounding, the sole focus was on the characters and their story. And slowly, among understanding the depth of Ricky and Dan, of trying to establish the confines of their relationship, the reader also receives small puzzle pieces to put together how they met and how their t [...]

    20. Emily G on said:

      Meet Ace, a spirit tourist trapped in limbo who is able to possess people for a while to live their experiences of sex through them, which is a very intriguing concept, kind of like Quantum Leap but with hot m/m sex!I liked how Ace usually tries to help the people that he inhabits, generally by heightening the sexual experience, but this time, he becomes attached to the couple he is visiting and tries to help with the roadblocks in the way of their relationship reaching the next level. The big s [...]

    21. Eva on said:

      I can honestly say that this is one of the most original books I've read in quite a while. The entire concept of a ghost who travels form person to person and for a while lives vicariously through them was intriguing and in my opinion well executed by the author.The story is told from the POV of Ace, who is our ghost tourist which was interesting because that way we also get some insight into both Dan and Ricky and also a bit of Calder in addition to Ace himself. Though I admit it took some time [...]

    22. Emme on said:

      I'm glad I was able to read this novella as a NetGalley selection for review. I loved the premise of Ace, the sex tourist, "visiting" the couple of Ricky and Dan. My initial inclination was to dismiss Ace as a parasite, and to question his perspective on the lives of his hosts. But London adroitly conveys the thoughts and emotions of all four main characters-- almost simultaneously, at times. Even with that balancing act, I never felt like I was shortchanged in understanding the differing POVs ( [...]

    23. Hunter Raines on said:

      What a unique story! I admit, I've had fantasies about being a tourist like Ace. As a kid, I used to wonder what it would be like to 'project' myself inside another person's skin, fell what they feel, think what they think. Learn them from the inside out. (I guess maybe that's why I became a writer.) I loved seeing this concept developed by a talented author. Clare London does a fabulous job of making Ace likeable, but more importantly, she does a phenomenal job introducing us to both Dan and Ri [...]

    24. Ellen - CFS on said:

      I haven't read a lot of m/m erotica, and this was a bit of a revelation for me. While the sex was hot, which I expected, I did not think that the writing was going to be as engaging as it was. I found myself being drawn into the characters, and their dilemmas in a way that drew me into the storyline. My only complaint has to be,that having created such a delicious set-up - a spirit that inhabits bodies and pushes them to sexual heights not dared of previously - that the book ended @ a mere 84 pa [...]

    25. LutaWolf on said:

      Oh how I loved this. The imperfect characters, the unusual plot, and the emotional depths. I loved the many different and varied ways it came togather. Warning though, there really isn't a "sex" scene. Though there is sex in the book, it's used as another dimension so there is no sitting back and feeling the passion. I was okay with this though because it gave me a whole other aspect to look at. Highly recommend reading.

    26. Kerrysullivan on said:

      This was a very short short story but it was a really good one. I loved the fact you got to see things from 3 different perspectives in a relationship, well the new couple and the ex. It was a bit disturbing being in the ex's head but it was interesting too. I really liked Ace and felt sorry for him and it was nice that it worked out well for him. I would recommend this for a good quick read I loved it.

    27. Christine on said:

      I wasn't sure what to expect when I started, The Tourist, but I was quickly drawn in and enthralled. I loved the concept of Ace being a traveler, even if his story on how that came to pass was tragic. The way Ace managed to help Ricky and Dan, while finding a bit of his own peace, kept me flipping the virtual pages. And the sex was smoking!Wonderfully sympathetic characters, interesting plot and a great romance. I thoroughly enjoyed this quick read.

    28. Kaetrin on said:

      3.5 stars. Interesting short about a ghost type being who inhabits corporeal bodies, hopping from person to person for fun and sexy times - he calls himself a tourist, hence the title. The concept was interesting and different. The book was well written and, despite the tourist's initially expressed wish to keep his visits to sex and lust only, there's heart to it too.

    29. D on said:

      The Tourist is a short story about Ace, who is some sort of ghost who can experience things by possessing others. He jumps around from person to person, usually only for sex. He jumps into Dan, then into Dan's lover Ricky. He is compelled to stay to figure out the complicated emotions from each of them. I really liked this story. I wish it was longer to give the characters more development.

    30. Marsha Spence on said:

      I really enjoyed this. I didn't like Ace at first but he grew on me. Nicky and Dan really seemed to need his help or I'm not sure they would've made it. I liked the conflict of Nicky's ex. I thought it was well handled. Good read!

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