The Righteous Men

Sam Bourne

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The Righteous Men

The Righteous Men The righteous shall never be removed but the wicked shall not inhabit the earth A teenage computer prodigy is mortally strangled in Mumbai A far right extremist is killed in a remote cabin in the Paci

  • Title: The Righteous Men
  • Author: Sam Bourne
  • ISBN: 9780007203307
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Paperback
  • The righteous shall never be removed but the wicked shall not inhabit the earth A teenage computer prodigy is mortally strangled in Mumbai A far right extremist is killed in a remote cabin in the Pacific Northwest A wealthy businessman is murdered in Thailand A pimp in Brooklyn is found stabbed to death and mysteriously covered by a brown shroud What connects thThe righteous shall never be removed but the wicked shall not inhabit the earth A teenage computer prodigy is mortally strangled in Mumbai A far right extremist is killed in a remote cabin in the Pacific Northwest A wealthy businessman is murdered in Thailand A pimp in Brooklyn is found stabbed to death and mysteriously covered by a brown shroud What connects the victims is an ancient prophecy that leads to the end of the world, and it s up to Will Monroe, a fledgling reporter at the New York Times, to stop it.But Monroe s investigation quickly makes him some shadowy enemies, who kidnap his wife and hold her hostage in Crown Heights Desperate to find the link between the killings and to save his wife, he enlists his college sweetheart, TC, an eccentric artist and Kabbalah expert As the death toll rises, they follow a trail of clues that seems to lead inexorably to a set of ancient texts containing a prophecy that promises to save the world or to destroy it.What will happen when the one secret that has kept the world safe for thousands of years is revealed to all In The Righteous Men, a blistering thriller filled with mystery, romance, and suspense, Sam Bourne takes readers deep into the hidden worlds of fundamentalist religion, mysticism, and biblical prophecies This is a visionary tale that is as frightening as it is entertaining Readers won t stop turning the pages until the very end.

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      275 Sam Bourne
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    One thought on “The Righteous Men

    1. Pramod Nair on said:

      ‘The Righteous Men’ was the first book from Sam Bourne that I have read and I have mixed feelings about the book. I bought ‘The Righteous Men’, ‘The Last Testament’ and ‘The Final Reckoning’ – all from the same author - together in 2008 while on a trip and read all three of them back-to-back as I had no other titles with me at the time. All these books are thrillers with political & religious angles and have a fair dose of ancient manuscripts, mysterious artifacts, historic [...]

    2. Jonetta on said:

      Will Monroe, a NY Times Metro reporter trying to prove himself, writes two seemingly unrelated stories that get prominent attention on the newspaper's front page and suddenly finds his world turned upside down. The first part of the story moved painfully slow, not because of the pace but due to the overwhelming amount of information that couldn't be connected to anything. I struggled to keep focused so it took me longer to finish. Without revealing details you should discover for yourself, Will' [...]

    3. Anuradha on said:

      Mother and I have a fair few bookies (that's what we call our second hand book sellers, because we like thinking we're cool), and one of them sold us a second hand copy of this book at dirt cheap rates. I was 15 or something, and really into thrillers back then, so I thought it was a pretty lucrative deal. But I'd never heard of Sam Bourne before, so I didn't jump into the book with utmost enthusiasm. Turns out, he's not half bad. The mystery was pretty fast paced, and it had a serial killer (ki [...]

    4. LJ on said:

      THE RIGHTEOUS MEN (Suspense-NYC-Cont) – PoorBourne, Sam – 1st bookHarperCollinsPublisher, 2006- UK HardcoverBritish born Will Monroe is a fledgling reporter with the New York Times. Murders are occurring around the world. The victims seem to be random until it is realized that each person performs deeds which define him as a righteous man. Will’s wife, Beth, is kidnapped and told not to call the police, they do not want money and that she will be released unharmed in a few days. Will’s s [...]

    5. Will Byrnes on said:

      This was real page turner. Will Monroe, Jr. is a twenty-something reporter with the New York Times who has stumbled onto something odd. Someone is killing righteous men all across the planet. While investigating this, Monroe encounters troubling forces in Brooklyn’s Hassidic community, and ultimately uncovers a plot based in obscure religious belief, effected by a surprising cast of villains. Oh yeah, his wife is kidnapped by the Hassids and he is pursued by the evil-doers. It is Da-Vinci-Code [...]

    6. Rik on said:

      Having once had high hopes for this book after finding it for a bargain of £1 at a flea market, I finally finished the chore it had become. I don't like giving up on books so after a pretty slow start I convinced myself that Sam Bourne was just setting the scene and getting the wheels in motion - and then noticed I was halfway into the book and nothing had happened. While there's the hint of an interesting mystery or an intruiging twist always around the corner (just enough to make you keep goi [...]

    7. Nikki on said:

      Pretty much like reading a Dan Brown book -- somehow the whole style could almost have been his. Mum said she thought Sam Bourne was better: I'm not sure, maybe a little. It's enjoyable enough as light reading, a page-turner, a pot-boiler, whatever. The sense of urgency was a bit difficult -- for some people in the story, it was the end of the world; for the sceptical reader, and for the main character, it was "just" one woman and her unborn child. A bit lacking, maybe, given that the focus on m [...]

    8. Matt on said:

      A mind-blowing debut novel by Bourne that had me very interested in the plot, theme, and characters The Righteous Men is surely worth the time and effort. While I am not one for religious themed books, this one left the traditional "love your neighbour as Jesus would" type and actually used the idea of orthodoxy amid both Jews and Christians to really open the reader's eyes to what is out there. I had no idea about replacement theology, nor was I familiar with the 35 righteous men, but now I can [...]

    9. Bettie☯ on said:

      Scene setting: Manhattan - Cathedral - Handel's MessiahOne of these religious thrillers which now and again can be good enough to get the popcorn out.Ubiquitous to the genre, there were many acrostics and codes; each individual one repeated ad nauseum. Overall though, a solid 2*.2* The Righteous MenTR The Last TestamentTR The Final Reckoning2* The Overlook

    10. Rajan on said:

      Called next Dan Brown. Well not exactly. Average book. Not impressed.

    11. Andrew on said:

      Its amazing what you will do when waiting for trains that are delayed - (Had to travel for work and after numerous and annoying train delays I ended up picking up something to read)Well I have seen enough of Sam Bourne books about to recognise the title and author and thought why not. I must admit its a well written book with a fair share of grisley crime and mystery and suspense - its tricky to comment about a book that really is building towards a huge big reveal - (and forgive the comparisons [...]

    12. Maria Carmo on said:

      An enticing book. Loved the deep knowledge about Hebrew mysticism and the explanation about pekuah nefesh and the tzadikim Is it ethical to do something wrong, if that is done to save the world? Does the world survival depend on the lives of 36 hidden just men? And, if not Brooklyn's Hasidim, then who is stalking these virtuous men all over the world to provoke the end of times?A thriller with a frantic pace and well depicted characters and backgrounds Absolutely recommend!Maria Carmo,Lisbon, 29 [...]

    13. Daniel on said:

      It's hard to me to say this about a book but I really really didn't like it. Predictable from start to end

    14. Dana on said:

      Popsugar Reading Challenge 2017: "Un libro por un autor que use un seudónimo."¿Existe la opción de poner 0 estrellas?No sé si fue por el tema que aborda (la religión judía) o si de verdad fue un pésimo libro pero no me identifiqué en nada con él. Pensé que por lo menos iba a tener una trama interesante que lo hiciera pasable pero jamás encontré el misterio o la emoción que se buscaba transmitir. Lo terminé únicamente por la cuestión de que no me siento cómoda abandonado libros. [...]

    15. Boris Feldman on said:

      4+. The Rebbe, lamed-vavniks, and a murder mystery, all rolled into one. Like combining the Book of Job and The Crying of Lot 49.

    16. John on said:

      The back cover of this book contains a review extract from Esquire claiming that The Righteous Men is even more readable than Dan Brown. This is not exactly the highest of hurdles and, even though Bourne -- in reality UK columnist Jonathan Freedland -- manages to clear it, his trailing foot sets the crossbar aquiver.Newbie New York Times journo Will Monroe seeks to impress his bosses, and does so as he unearths the stories behind two seemingly unrelated murders on opposite sides of the country, [...]

    17. Ashley on said:

      Had potentialblew it. The unraveling of the clues were rushed sometimes, leaving me feeling like I was missing something. Kind of uncomfortable during the christian bashing. But really all of that I could have just ignored but for Will's relationship with TC. His wife goes missing and his brilliant friend suggests to someone to help him find herhis nympho ex girlfriend. Totally logical. He didn't know she was from the Hasidic community. From what I could determine her only qualifications were th [...]

    18. Michiyo 'jia' Fujiwara on said:

      Waahhhru bangettegang terus.riller.spensemistisisme dan bercampur melalui sisi gelap agama.perti yang dibilang Jeffery Deaver. Setiap hari ada pembunuhan diseluruh penjuru dunia.rtanyaannya; apakah pembunuhan itu terjadi saling terkait satu sama lainnya?? jawabannya; bisa saja.a dua pembunuhan di Amerika Serikat; satu di New York dan lainnya di pedalaman Montana.mbunuhan lainnya terjadi di India ada lagi pembunuhan di Cape Town, Afrika SelatanWill Monroe, jurnalis The New York Times, awalnya pun [...]

    19. Gaz on said:

      All those Dan Brown comparisons almost put me off reading this. Fortunately, this isn't another bad Da Vinci Code rip off, although there are similarities in the style of writing and some of the themes on display. This is a solid work of fiction with interesting and vivid characters. There are more than a few gripping moments and I admit to being sucked into the world of Will Monroe and Jewish folklore quite easily. The ending wasn't quite as satisfying as I'd hoped with some less than surprisin [...]

    20. Chrissi on said:

      This book is always going to be compared to Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. I actually found Bourne's book easier to read and rather gripping. There are similarities in the writing style and some of the themes but I feel this book has more moments that grip you. I got sucked into the character of Will Monroe and wanted to find out what had happened to Beth. The sections on Jewish folklore were also interesting and they were written in a way that was easy to read. I think people should ignore the [...]

    21. Ella on said:

      The story of an entirely self involved ambitious young journalist with daddy issues and a hot wife whose career he earnestly tries to support but mentally undermines. I got 150 pages into it looking for any sign of self-awareness by the author before it took a turn to the weirdly, wildly anti-Semitic. MC's hot wife gets kidnapped by someone using an Internet cafe in a Hasidic neighbourhood and the immediate conclusion is that they're all in on it, led by the big-brother-like rabbi. I quit after [...]

    22. Kristen Kurzawski on said:

      This went on way too long and had far too many twists and turns. When Will Monroe's wife goes missing he starts looking for her, but he quickly discovers who kidnapped her and ends up going on a wild goose chase, willingly I might add, for the very people who kidnapped his wife and still have her in captivity. Sound far fetched? Absolutely ridiculous plot and I found myself skimming a lot because I quickly figured out the ending simply by deducing that the cast of extras that kept being dragged [...]

    23. Doug Matthews on said:

      This story grabbed me enough to persevere through it. Like others, I found the beginning a little slow but I did like the short chapters and the way Bourne kept the pace going. The concept of the ancient Jewish writings and beliefs held me for the duration and the blending/meeting of Jewish and "looney" Christian beliefs in the end was a good twist. Unfortunately, I had figured out about 3/4 of the way through what the ending was going to be - or at least close to what it was.An excellent start [...]

    24. Jonny on said:

      This book tries so hard to be the The Da Vinci Code, and fails at every step. About a man trying to find out why good people worldwide are dying, it's packed full of clichés and uninteresting quasi-facts, all whilst weaving through a dull and implausible plot focused on religion, in the same vain as The Da Vinci Code yet with considerably less style - not to mention that is has the most ridiculous ending you could possibly imagine.Not worth reading unless you really have nothing better.

    25. Carlos on said:

      Conspiracy theories have been done to exhaustion, I should know. My next novel is plotted around a secret society. Yet Bourne's choice of an Hassidim Jews society is genial, and difficult to write. Men, singled out as good men, are being assasinated all over the world, and there's a link.The atmosphere is breathtaking. Sam is a superb writer. Now I'll carry on reading.

    26. Anna on said:

      Cheesy, unconvincing. One of the dozen or so books that jumped to Dan Brown bandwagon after Da Vinci Code proved that religiously themed thrillers can sell well. Decent enough to finish, but this would be one of those books that sounds absolutely horrible if you recount what happens in it.

    27. Raquel on said:

      Tinha tudo para me agradar, mas ficou algo aquém.Isto de uma pessoa não concordar com as opções do autor tem muito que se lhe diga.Mas tem um final que não é esperado, e isso conta para alguma coisa num policial.

    28. Elizabeth Moffat on said:

      Think this book will always get compared to Dan Brown because of the subject type but didn't think it was terrible like some of the other reviews! Interesting story and easy to read although a bit hard to believe in some points.

    29. Andy on said:

      I found this book to be very hard work. It took ages to get into the story line and once I had I found that the main characters were rather uninteresting and I didn't find myself enjoying this book

    30. Choccygrl on said:

      DNF'D at page 54. Hated MC. Didn't like writing style. Storyline wasn't strong enough to override either of these things.

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