Sophie's Misfortunes

Comtesse de Ségur Stephanie Smee Simon Sturge

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Sophie's Misfortunes

Sophie s Misfortunes Sophie is a naughty little girl she delights in disobeying her mother and engaging in mischievious pranks Sophie unintentionally melts her favourite wax doll and gets into trouble when she stands out

  • Title: Sophie's Misfortunes
  • Author: Comtesse de Ségur Stephanie Smee Simon Sturge
  • ISBN: 9780731814602
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sophie is a naughty little girl, she delights in disobeying her mother and engaging in mischievious pranks Sophie unintentionally melts her favourite wax doll and gets into trouble when she stands outside in the rain to make her hair curl Why can t she be well behaved like her cousin Paul and her two delightfully sensible friends Camille and Madeleine The Author SophieSophie is a naughty little girl, she delights in disobeying her mother and engaging in mischievious pranks Sophie unintentionally melts her favourite wax doll and gets into trouble when she stands outside in the rain to make her hair curl Why can t she be well behaved like her cousin Paul and her two delightfully sensible friends Camille and Madeleine The Author Sophie Feodorovna Rostopchine, Comtesse de S gur was a French writer of Russian birth She is most well known today for her novel Les Malheurs de Sophie Sophie s Misfortunes The novels of the Comtesse de S gur were published from 1857 to 1872 in the Biblioth que rose illustr e by the publishing house Hachette They were collected together in 1990 under the title Ouvres de la comtesse de S gur in the collection Bouquins and have sold 30 million copies This is the first time that they have been translated into the English language.

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      204 Comtesse de Ségur Stephanie Smee Simon Sturge
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    One thought on “Sophie's Misfortunes

    1. Anne on said:

      Les malheurs de Sophie will forever have a special place in my heart, because it was the book which started it all. My love of reading, my desire to collect books and build my own library, my obsession with the 19th century, my preference for all things historicalis is an important book.I received it for my 10th birthday, and it was the very first novel I ever owned. At that age, I was already a certified book-lover and I loved reading short novels and comics. I was the kid who got giddy when th [...]

    2. Heba on said:

      صوفي الفتاة الصغيرة المشاكسة التى ترتكب الحماقات دونما أن تأخذ هدنة أو وقت مستقطع منها :))ترغب دوما في الحصول على ما تريده منذ الوهلة اﻷولى وددت لو أخبرها إنه لابد أن تعتاد على الانتظار بل حتى سيأتي يوما قد تزهد فيما رغبت أن تناله يوما ستدركين هذة الحقيقة عندما تكبرين يا عزيز [...]

    3. إلهام مزيود on said:

      quelle fille cette Sophie !!Elle me fait rire beaucoup :D

    4. Kate on said:

      I realise this book was written in another era, all the same, I found the mistreatment of Sophie's poor, short lived pets rather alarming and by the end of it, was quite angered at her stupid mother for allowing her young daughter to have yet another pet, which again suffered a horrible death, though the girl was given absolutley no instructions what-so-ever to care for them.

    5. Drunkenness Books on said:

      Voilà un livre qui a bercé mon enfance et sur lequel j’ai appris à lire ! Et même si maintenant je suis beaucoup plus âgée, c’est toujours avec plaisir et nostalgie que je me replonge dans les (més)aventures de la jeune et espiègle héroïne de la Comtesse de Ségur. Sophie est une petite fille choyée et espiègle avec une imagination pour le moins débordante. Elle n’hésite pas à entraîner son cousin Paul et ses amies Camille et Madeleine (les fameuses petites filles modèles) [...]

    6. Ingrid Fasquelle on said:

      La petite Sophie ne manque pas d'idées pour occuper ses journées : elle coupe et sale les poissons adorés de sa maman avec le nouveau couteau que lui a offert son papa, laisse fondre sa belle poupée de cire au soleil avant de l'enterrer dignement, plonge ses pieds dans la chaux vive, se coupe les sourcils pour qu'ils repoussent plus épais, se mouille les cheveux à l'eau de pluie pour les faire friser et bien plus encore !Curieuse et aventureuse, Sophie n'en fait qu'à sa tête ! Aidée de [...]

    7. Paula on said:

      My edition of this rather delightful book is dated 1892 and was once owned by an Aileen Frank at Miss Burke's School. Given to me by a friend back in 1971 or 1972, and carried from house to house until its more-than-a-century-old binding is in tatters, I finally got around to reading Les Malheurs de Sophie.Les Malheurs de Sophie is a 19th century French children's book, not a novel but rather a series of episodes intended to instruct. These are moral lessons, though much more amusing and less di [...]

    8. Kirsti on said:

      This is a French classic, but it kind of made me a little sick. In the course of 214 pages, Sophie kills or witnesses get killed a bowl of fish, a bee, a squirrel, a cat, a bullfinch, a donkey and a tortoise. Every time an animal was introduced I knew it would be dead in a few pages. One or two I can understand, but this macabre procession of dead animals would have terrified me as a child. There is nothing good in Sophie, she's like the spawn of the devil. She constantly lies, fights, disobeys [...]

    9. Aesha on said:

      يا لصوفي المشاكسة. يا لصوفي المرحة، وَيَا لصوفي الطفلة اللذيذة. تُصَوّر لنا الكاتبة في "آلام صوفي" الهيئة التي يرى فيها الطفل العالم من حوله، والتي نُترجمها نحن البالغون بصورة سيئة بقولها: إنه طفل؛ ولكم أن نظرة الأطفال للعالم ضيقة. بيّد أن ذلك غير صحيح، فالنظر نحو العالم من وج [...]

    10. Elizabeth on said:

      am in the process of rereading this childhood book from "la bibliotheque rose"nt.dubious. its not the old fashion that bothers me as much as the obvious impossibilities for a 4 yr old. Either that or kids were a lot more mature in those days-which i kinda doubt

    11. Metin Yılmaz on said:

      Yaramaz kızımız Sophie'nin yaramazlıkları olarak özetlenebilecek bir çocuk kitabı. Çocuklar için oldukça yararlı ve güzel bir okuma olacağını düşünüyorum.

    12. Abeer Saleh on said:

      هذه القصص اللطيفة أهدتها كاتبتها, الكونتيسة دو سيغور إلى حفيدتها إليزابيت, لتتعلم من صوفي الصغيرة الأخلاقيات الجيدة, من خلال مغامراتها, أخطائها, التجارب التي مرت بها, لتصقل شخصيتها في النهاية, بطريقة طبيعية وهادئة, لأي طفل في السنوات الأولى من حياته.أكثر ما أعجبني في العمل حق [...]

    13. Francie on said:

      Les malheurs de Sophie were quite charming and I enjoyed the little more or less connected episodes. Sophie's (mis)adventure were rather hilarious though probably not quite suitable for delicate little children, from wearing a chain made of bugs to burying a doll and accidentally killing a bunch of pets over the course of the book, I sometimes couldn't help staring in mild disbelief.Due to my poor French I struggled with the original version and ended up alternating between the French original a [...]

    14. Aysha on said:

      شيق للغاية ، آلام صوفي ، تقترف صوفي الأخطاء الفادحة بسبب تهورها وطبيعتها العنيدة فتتألم وتندم ندما شديدا وتقسم على نفسها ألا تعيد الكرة مجددا ، أضحكتني كثيرا أحيانا واحيانا أخرى أصابتني بالذهول من فظاعة شغبها ، ولكن الطفلة تبقى بريئة مضحكة مهما كانت أفعالها متهورة ولا تغتف [...]

    15. وردٌ on said:

      صوفي ذات الأربعة أعوام هي كابوس كل أم، فهي طفلة مشاغبة عنيدة نهمة، ولذهنها قدرة عجيبة على اختراع الحماقات.تعرفت إلى رواية الكونتس دو سيغور أول مرة كجزء من دروس الفرنسية، وشاهدتها من ثم كرسوم متحركة بالعربية وبالفرنسية. ورغم مضي السنين، جعلتني قراءتها أسترجع كل الذكريات الج [...]

    16. رومولا الن on said:

      تتحدث الروايه عن الفتاة المشاغبه صوفي ذات الاربع سنوات التي تخرج من مشكله لتدخل اخرىفهي لا تتقيد باوامر والدتهادائما تجد نفسها بورطه تستحق التوبيخ عليهااما ابن عمها بول فهو مطيع وصادق وايضا طيباحببت المشاغبه صوفي المشاغبه واعجبني تعامل والدتها معها فهي ليست قاسيه ولا متسا [...]

    17. Brenda on said:

      Un classique de la littérature de la jeunesse française mais Sophie est une enfant terrible!

    18. Maeweld on said:

      Livre que je lisais et relisais enfant avec du recul, je retrouve le bonheur de retrouver Sophie mais certains propos me choquent quelque peu comme le fait de battre quelqu'un le rendra meilleur hum !!!

    19. Tran on said:

      Túm lại là mình không thích cuốn này :-) Phương pháp giáo dục quá khác so với bây giờ. Mặc dù nhân vật Sophie được xây dựng rất đáng yêu, nhưng sao tác giả lại nỡ phê phán cô bé nặng nề thế, và nhiều khi mình thấy không công bằng.Ví dụ như chú bé Paul (mình cũng rất thích cậu bé này), nhiều khi là nguồn cơn của mọi sự, nhưng chẳng bao giờ bị trách mắng vì người chốt lại là Sophie. H [...]

    20. fiafia on said:

      J'ai lu à peu près un tiers avant d'arrêter, même si c'est un peu plus intéressant que "Les petites filles modèles".J'avais vu que la trilogie commençait par "Les malheurs de Sophie" mais il me semblait avoir lu (mais je peux me tromper), toujours dans le livre de Julie Wolkenstein "Les vacances", que le premier publié était "Les petites filles modèles", c'est donc en connaissance de cause que j'ai commencé par "Les petites filles" Cela dit, ce n'est pas gênant, il est très facile d [...]

    21. Konstanze on said:

      There are two amazing facts about this book: one, that my not very good French is actually good enough to follow the plot*, and two, that the human species still exists after 19th century educational methods.* Granted, it's not overly complicated.**** It's actually just a lot of animal cruelty so far.

    22. Charlotte on said:

      This is an exceptional book about a naughty little girl living in france in the 1400's. It is the first book in the trilogy and it is written very well. Sophie gets into all amounts of trouble. It is suitable for ages 5-100 and it is very nice to read at night and hard to put down! I hope you enjoy it!

    23. Sophie on said:

      loved this one, the plot was extremely enjoyable and the characters likeable. i would have liked to have read it when i was younger, it's such a lovely children's book.

    24. Clare Cannon on said:

      So French and perhaps a little old-fashioned, but refreshingly so. Sophie is always getting up to mischief, and it's delightful reading about it!

    25. Rachou on said:

      C'est toujours un plaisir de retrouver Sophie et Paul dans leurs petites aventures. Maintenant la suite!

    26. Ly Arsenal on said:

      Thích hợp để đọc cho trẻ dưới 6 tuổi nghe, một kiểu những bài học đầu tiên trong gia đoạn hình thành nhân cách, và nói chung là mình quá tuổi để đọc :p

    27. Ngoc Lien on said:

      Quyển này làm mình nhớ lại cái thuở ngây dại của bản thân, cái thuở cứ nghĩ những thứ ngu ngơ là ý tưởng siêu phàm:"> Nuôi dạy 1 đứa trẻ thật quá ư vất vả và không hề đơn giản :((

    28. *Liz on said:

      "Sophie iyi giyinip süslenmekten hoşlanır, güzel görünmek isterdi. Pek güzel değildi. Ağzı büyük, yüzü kocamandı." (25)"Sophie, gözyaşlarını silerek annesine teşekkür etti. Balıklara yaptığı kötülükten dolayı bütün gün vicdan azabı çekti." (16) Bir Eşeğin Anıları'ndan sonra de Segur'un okuduğum ikinci kitabı. İlkine dört yıldız vermişim fakat bu kitabı bu zamanki farkındalıklar açısından oldukça zayıf buldum. Evlenip Moskova'dan Paris'e yerle [...]

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