An Agreement Among Gentlemen

Chris Owen

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An Agreement Among Gentlemen

An Agreement Among Gentlemen Edward Munrow has had a change in circumstances Going from being a gentleman of few means to being a wealthy land owner in less than a day is difficult enough to imagine but being blackmailed into a

  • Title: An Agreement Among Gentlemen
  • Author: Chris Owen
  • ISBN: 9781933389950
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Paperback
  • Edward Munrow has had a change in circumstances Going from being a gentleman of few means to being a wealthy land owner in less than a day is difficult enough to imagine, but being blackmailed into a marriage he doesn t want by a Duke is just too much Ned agrees to the marriage to keep his name out of the scandal sheets, and soon enough he is meeting Lady Jane, a memberEdward Munrow has had a change in circumstances Going from being a gentleman of few means to being a wealthy land owner in less than a day is difficult enough to imagine, but being blackmailed into a marriage he doesn t want by a Duke is just too much Ned agrees to the marriage to keep his name out of the scandal sheets, and soon enough he is meeting Lady Jane, a member of the Duke s family, and her son, Henri, the Viscount Langton Langton is a delightful surprise for Ned, a young man just coming into his own, ripe for the sorts of debauchery Ned is best at The problem is that Langton brings out all of Ned s protective instincts, and that, along with a warning that the Duke will ruin him if he so much as lays a hand on the young man has him keeping his hands to himself Until Henri won t let Ned protect him from himself, that is Add one of Ned s old lovers to the mix and the combination is unbeatable This Victorian romp has it all, from family intrigue to marriages of convenience and naughty fun between the sheets Take it to bed with you today.

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      128 Chris Owen
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    One thought on “An Agreement Among Gentlemen

    1. Mel on said:

      I loved this book! I didn’t expect to be enthralled by a historical m/m ménage, but there you go! This story had all the ingredients to be a total smutfest. Lots of descriptive sex, ménage, BDSM, a little exhibitionism… But still it managed to be a smart, sweet, endearing and funny book. Owen has a wonderful writing style. She paints very vivid images and draws you into her world. There is lots of attention to detail and I feel like she painted an accurate picture of how life was (for the [...]

    2. Erastes on said:

      First Impressions: I liked it. There were many things to like. *ticks off* Characters, the writing, the readability, and RED HOT SEX. I’ll say this upfront that Owen makes me jealous as his/her sex scenes are everything that I like to read, sensuous and steaming without being coarse in any way. I did have a few problems with it, however.Characters: In the main – I did like the characters. I liked the rather juvenile behaviour of Edward – and Griffith (his man) is just uproariously brillian [...]

    3. Bark on said:

      I've been in somewhat of a slump since June and it's making me a bit crazy. I'm unsure if it's just me picking the wrong books or if I'm just sick of books period. I'm hoping that's not the case but I'm beginning to wonder. With that said, this book was started in June and took me nearly two full months to finish. I'd pick it up, read a few pages and put it down again. Thus, this review and my memory is not to be trusted.The main problem here was the fact that I had some issues with the main guy [...]

    4. Sonia189 on said:

      I didn't enjoy reading this that much. Maybe I'm being unfair, this type of book no longer appeals much to me after all but I had hopes it might surprise me. The main character also didn't win me over.

    5. Emanuela ~plastic duck~ on said:

      3.5 stars.I read the first half of the book with a bit of irritation. The main character, Edward, is given an estate and riches by a good friend of his (view spoiler)[he was Edward's father ex-lover (hide spoiler)]. His benefactor and Edward share the same sexual orientation and the benefactor, a childless widower, instead of marrying and providing an heir to the estate, goes to France with his paramour and leaves Edward with the huge problem of managing his new riches and finding a wife to have [...]

    6. Matimate on said:

      I am under the stress of my work so I decided to read something easy and what can be called light literature. I picked it up for several reasons. The first one was the plot set in the Victorian age, the second it was gay themed and the third it was an ebook so I could read it in my cellphone. The plot was narrow and without any surprise as it was supposed to be. The main hero and narrator of the story Edward Munrow lived easy life of very rich commoner who had special hobby which was practitione [...]

    7. Plainbrownwrapper on said:

      This is a fun, hot, irreverent historical mmm menage story. I have not been terribly fond of the four or five other Chris Owen stories I've read -- and I actually thought that the menage scenes in Gemini bordered on unimaginative and boring -- but I had fun with this one. The sex was varied and enthusiastic and sensual, the characters had spark and individuality, and the plot -- what there was of it -- was entertaining and didn't take itself too seriously. I was also impressed with the sweetness [...]

    8. Rebecca Tayles on said:

      Um don't read this book on the train is all I'll say. Not a rivetting read by any stretch of the imagination, but it had an all-male three-way relationship so I can't complain. It was a nice enough read, so long as you don't, as previously mentioned, read the porny bits on the train. Luckily the surrounding people were Japanese and hopefully their English wasn't good enough to read over my shoulder. They might have had a shock XD

    9. Nene on said:

      Probably the best historical m/m I've read so far! I thought some of the issues were handled very well, from marriages to dealing with servants. And the smexin was just so hot!

    10. Sasha Ambroz on said:

      Hot daring no-nonsense historical m/m/m romance. Enjoyed it greatly.

    11. Bo on said:

      Breezy, Raunchy, Tricky, HumorousOK, this is Chris Owens' only historical novel, and even though it's set in the Victorian era, it reads pretty much like a MM Regency romance. That's where the comparisons stop for the most part because the central character, Edward Munrow is such a wastrel and lay about when we first meet him that somehow it seems justified that he gets himself blackmailed into a very potent, somewhat ludicrous, but eventually satisfying situation.Read the blurb to see what the [...]

    12. Apeiron on said:

      I adore when romantic plot in romance takes a long time to develop, or even to appear, at all. But the part of book spent waiting for said romantic plot should be filled with, well, other plot. I might come back to this book some day, but for now I don't feel like wading through 50 pages of Munrow repeatedly reminding me that he was surprised to receive the mansion as a gift, but also astounded, flabbergasted, taken aback, caught unawares, etc. I also don't care much for the endless descriptions [...]

    13. miss_chams on said:

      I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this book. I mean I thought I wouldn’t like it because it frankly I’m not too big a fan of ménage and BDSM (it was actually pretty tame so don’t let it put you off if you’re not a fan either). But it was utterly disarming, so sweet, and not at all gratuitous. It didn’t descend into the farcical and obscene as so many books of that nature tend to and even the ever so slightly incestuous arrangement of things doesn’t leave you feeling as [...]

    14. Ryoma Gartre on said:

      Ok, I had some issues at some instances with this book specially I didn't find believable the feelings of the mc for his partners, he was in lust with Henry, and the other felt more of convenience easiness, feelings were never discussed in detail, as I said the relationships were more driven by lust, the setting is quite believable, But i could so have done without the explanation of the dynamics between the other menage, I don't like houseboy/middlesub/dom relationships, overall I liked it but [...]

    15. Julia on said:

      I think I'd place this in the "well written erotica" slot. There are a few sex scenes that feel superfluous, but they'recredibly hot, so I didn't mind at all. The characters are totally engaging and lovable and their struggles were believable. I didn't love the writing style, but other factors made up for it enough to keep me going and enjoying the read.

    16. Meg on said:

      A gorgeous, utterly satsifying historical read which I was reluctant to put down for anything, for very long. I loved the characters, hated the villain and found myself so drawn in that I could see the action playing out in my mind as though watching a BBC Period drama.Of course, the hot, sizzling man-sex and a touch of light BDSM thrown in also helped!Highly Recommended.

    17. Colleen on said:

      Another story that I really enjoyed. Definitely a change of pace from the usual m/m romance. Chris Owen has a gift for creating interesting characters. If the book was expanded and came to a bit more solid of a conclusion, I think it would be 5 stars.

    18. Lidia on said:

      The historical romance are fascinating especially when the protagonists are three handsome and noble sirs, and not missing intrigues and secrets. So hot scenes of sex and men in love, complete this lovely book.

    19. Aredhel on said:

      I expected so much more from this bookbut it appeared to be too shallow to my taste. Maybe I'm just carping, but maybe not

    20. MaelleMaud on said:

      Edward Munrow (aka Ned) + Henri Langton (aka Lamb) + Christopher Truitt (aka Pet) = hot deep love. Why ever not??!Unconventionl historical book. Truly enjoyed!

    21. Ayanna on said:

      Do you know how fucking tired I am of libertine rakes seducing the blushing virgin ingenues?

    22. Sarah on said:

      For some reason I put off reading this Which was a shame it funny sweet and incredibly entertaining

    23. Jessica Zaleski on said:

      I love this book so much that I've reread it a half dozen times since I got it.

    24. ibNell on said:

      I’m such a sucker for Historical M/M. This Erotic Historical was very well written ~ a great M/M Ménage.

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