The Innocent

Avi Arad Yasung Ko Junichi Fujisaku David Le Quéré

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The Innocent

The Innocent Wrongly executed for crimes he didn t commit a former detective is given a second chance at life To earn that chance though the man now known as Ash must use the supernatural abilities with which h

  • Title: The Innocent
  • Author: Avi Arad Yasung Ko Junichi Fujisaku David Le Quéré
  • ISBN: 9782355922503
  • Page: 296
  • Format: None
  • Wrongly executed for crimes he didn t commit, a former detective is given a second chance at life To earn that chance, though, the man now known as Ash must use the supernatural abilities with which he has been infused to prevent the deaths of other innocents But is Ash willing to dedicate himself to helping others, or is his thirst for vengeance against those who destroWrongly executed for crimes he didn t commit, a former detective is given a second chance at life To earn that chance, though, the man now known as Ash must use the supernatural abilities with which he has been infused to prevent the deaths of other innocents But is Ash willing to dedicate himself to helping others, or is his thirst for vengeance against those who destroyed his life and his loved ones too powerful to ignore

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      296 Avi Arad Yasung Ko Junichi Fujisaku David Le Quéré
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    One thought on “The Innocent

    1. Cornerofmadness on said:

      The American 'manga' came with a back flap filled with accolades from graphic novel fans such as Stan Lee, Sam Raimi and Nicolas Cage. They wrote this manga a big check to cash. Raimi said 'The Innocent takes the best of Japanese and American storytelling and combines it with the finest Korean artwork to form a mesmerizingly stylish comic. It should not be missed.' Well, yes and no.Johnny was a detective framed for murder by a mobster and sent to the chair. He's teamed with an Angel who has lost [...]

    2. Chibineko on said:

      Let me first say that this wasn't my type of manga in the slightest. I'm not a fan of the gritty series for the most part, but despite my occasional thought of "wow, this is really out of my scope" I couldn't put this down. The premise of the book seems like it would be either a simplistic plot, but it ended up being more detailed than I gave it credit for. I do have to say that occasionally I felt that the story could have been a little more straightforward and there's a lot that's never explai [...]

    3. Jordan on said:

      It amused me to see a Nicholas Cage quote on the back of this I don't know why. He's awesome though. Just saying.So, truly excellent art and a great concept What went wrong? In all truth, I think the story was executed too plainly and too much like a movie for it to be of much interest. There wasn't enough time to develop feelings for most of it (Manga volumes are much shorter than a book, remember). There were no specific problems I had with it, but no specific things I fell in love with, eithe [...]

    4. Kayla on said:

      Eh, this was an okay book. It wasn't the greatest manga, considering the plot, but the art was really beautiful, and the characters weren't bad.Because it's such a short story, and also a one-shot, it reminded me a lot of those short yaoi mangas, where the characters are touched on little bit, but the plot and story isn't as expanded as it could be if it were longer.But, also because it is a one-shot, it's an easy read to pick-up for catching up on Challenges ^^

    5. TheOtherWinchester on said:

      That was disappointing. I really love The Crow and this sounded similar, so I picked it up during a sale. While this isn't The Crow, it is similar enough that I'm going to be drawing comparisons through the whole review. This was disappointing because the story was such a good idea, but then there's no time spent trying to get you attached to the characters at all. There's one character that I had no idea who it was through most of the book until the lawyer (I think) says "Oh! He's the bodyguard [...]

    6. Kyle on said:

      The story is flimsy, with a lot of missing context. There are plot devices, such as the repetition of "let's play, Johnny" which are never explained. Also, it feels as though this is the second book in a series, since events and conversations that are not in this book keep being vaguely referenced, which only serves to further muddy the narrative in this book. Even the artwork, while frequently beautiful, is often chaotic and distracting. I wouldn't recommend this book to anybody.

    7. Candice on said:

      It was alright, but completely skippable. The story was too short, so the pacing was much too fast, nothing had an emotional impact, and the characters didn't have a chance to really develop. I never got more than a vague idea of what the angel's job/situation was, or of what rules governed Ash's existence. I bought it before reading it, but I'll probably give it away since I doubt I'll bother reading it again.

    8. Mike on said:

      The Innocent is a single volume stand alone story blending the lines of reality and the afterlife, where a wrongfully executed former detective is given a chance to address his remaining "impurities" before his final judgement by helping similarly accused people. But does he care enough about his fate to play by the rules, or will he pursue revenge on those who killed himThis turned out to be a very good tale interweaving themes of revenge, responsibility, and the consequences of one's choices. [...]

    9. Shazza Maddog on said:

      Johnny, a detective, was executed for a crime he didn't commit, leaving behind his little sister, Dia, in a coma, and a friend-girlfriend, who prosecuted him, proving he was the killer, and watched him die. But he's resurrected as a creature caught between the Committee, who insist Johnny protect another man, who's also accused of a crime he didn't commit. Johnny, now known as 'Ash', agrees reluctantly to help, but only on his terms. He wants to get his vengeance on the man who put him in jail a [...]

    10. Mazohyst on said:

      While the art was seriously so great (I enjoyed the subtle Korean style, I've never read "manga" written by a Korean artist in R to L), the story was lacking and poorly executed. While the story would have definitely not done well in multiple volumes (even just two volumes wouldn't do it), the stand alone volume could have benefited by being a bit longer.The character development was non-existent, characterization in general wasn't done well, etc. One of the things that bothered me was one of th [...]

    11. Ian on said:

      Rated "Older Teen" for language and violence. This one shot book is pretty dark dealing with death,vengeance, and redemption so if that sounds good to you I say go for it and pick up this Yen Press release.I personally enjoyed the idea that people wrongfully accused and executed can be brought back to life by a greater power to save other people who would share their fate. The main protagonist now named Ash and his new celestial partner are on a mission but clues to his own set up occur so Ash m [...]

    12. Jenna on said:

      Felt rather familiar in the plot and the drawing style seemed to distract me from the story rather than add to it. The ash composition was interesting. The antagonist whose name I can't recall at all was gripping at first, especially with the first few "wanna play?". Then he just started to sound like a broken record with a lack of character development. Didn't really care for the protagonist's character either. Think my favorite character was the angel who we also didn't get to learn much about [...]

    13. Miss Ryoko on said:

      The artwork of this one volume manga/manhwa/graphic novel caught my eye. I tend to LOOOVE Korean artwork. The story sounded cool, so I decided to check it out for our Mini Game Challenge in the Manga Book Club.I did enjoy it, but really really really wished it was a series with way more volumes. This could have been a super awesome series. The story was interesting, the characters were dynamicd not gonna lie Johnny was kind of a sexy bitch XD Haha!All in all, a good read! I recommend it!

    14. Ginger on said:

      You know those stories where a person is wrongly convicted and killed and comes back to life to get revenge? Then you will gain nothing from reading this manga. Yes, it's that kind of story. That being said, the artwork was competent and it was somewhat enjoyable. However, it probably isn't a good idea if your story bears a lot of similarities to The Crow: Salvation (maybe because both start with the main character being executed by electric chair). *shudder*

    15. Nek0 Neha (BiblioNyan) on said:

      The Innocent is a stand alone manga. The art, at times, was intense as a lot of thing were happening in certain scenes. The character development was minor and slightly predicatable, but overall I thoroughly liked this novel.One of things that I enjoyed about this manga was the plot. It was different and had a bit violence. It was nicely written and kept my interest from the first page to the final page. This is a great manga to check out for a quick read. I recommend it.

    16. Christie Tulloch on said:

      The Innocent was a good book that had an interesting storyline and intriguing characters. The drawings were very true. There was some mature scenes shown in the book, but it was a very small amount. When you read this book, keep an open mind. I liked how the book was in Japanese format. If you like manga comic books, this book is one you should read.

    17. Dana * on said:

      Where is the next volume? This needs to be serialized and I was happy to read it. I had to go back and straighten out the characters once, maybe the beginning skipped around a bit too much, or probably just me. The non virtuous anti-hero protagonist was a great character, I enjoyed the guide, angel, very much. But I want to hear more.

    18. Omar Avellan on said:

      After death, Ash is given a second chance to live but he must first use his supernatural powers to save and bring justice to innocent mortals in the world of the living. He comes across the men and the organization responsible for his death and fights back to help an inmate that was claimed guilty by mistake.

    19. Rosie on said:

      I didn't enjoy this as much as I though first thought I would, but don't get me wrong, it was still pretty good. The plot seemed simple at first but as it progressed it became clear that it wasnt as simple as it furst seemed. The ending wasn't happy, but I have say I really like how it ended.I also thought the art for this manga was really good.

    20. Faisal Khojah on said:

      The drawing style was unique and very well done on a technical level. But as the story kept going it didn't really captivate me in any way or intrigued me to know more about it. Like if I heard the story before. Maybe that's because I read it after a long while of the release and saw similar creations by the time I read it.

    21. Raquel Melo on said:

      A ideia é muito boa, mesmo, mas mal desenvolvida, rápida algumas páginas a mais colocaria tudo em seu lugar, mas me pareceu que o autor/desenhista estava com pressa, ou que acabou a verba no final srsrs

    22. Dariusz on said:

      Short, overrated manga. Boring and irritating characters, also one of the villains seems a bit too powerful. Besides that it could be a good story but it turned out a bit strange and had predictable story. Three stars of five, because it is not that bad and visual side is pretty good.

    23. Gina on said:

      I mean, it's a manga and of course I love the art. The story, sort of reminded me of Constantine, not gonna lie. But I did highly enjoy reading this. It was fast paced, got to the point, and kept me turning the page. Johnny was an instant favourite. I am just a little sad there won't be anymore.

    24. Asher on said:

      Storyline was interesting, the art Well Obviously done on a computer. Ash remains a total jerk throughout, an whirl was one of those characters that disturb you so much, you can't talk about him.

    25. T. Blake on said:

      It's honestly closer to a 3.75 rating for me. I really enjoyed the art and story. my problem is that it felt too rushed. I would have much preferred it if there were more of a back story and details in the format of a manga mini series or in the form of some sort of novel.

    26. Natsu on said:

      gambarnya bagus, konsep cerita oke, tapi penjabaran ceritanya kurang jelas dan detail karakter kurang greget, terasa agak dipaksa, jadi ya terasa hambar deh

    27. Val on said:

      It might go upto a 4 next volume . Love the artwork . the story was pretty good and I liked the main character. I would give it more a 3.5

    28. Val on said:

      ce soir je me suis accordée une pose lecture et je ne le regrette pas, ce one shot est vraiment prenant, les dessins sont beaux, l'histoire bien menée un vrai régal !!!

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