An Unexpected Gentleman

Alissa Johnson

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An Unexpected Gentleman

An Unexpected Gentleman Adelaide Ward has but one goal to obtain an offer of marriage from the respectable if less than appealing baron Sir Robert Maxwell before her family is ruined But it s the devilishly handsome Connor

  • Title: An Unexpected Gentleman
  • Author: Alissa Johnson
  • ISBN: 9780425244913
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Adelaide Ward has but one goal to obtain an offer of marriage from the respectable, if less than appealing, baron Sir Robert Maxwell before her family is ruined But it s the devilishly handsome Connor Brice who captures her imagination and a kiss in broad daylight in front of a dozen members of the ton Now Adelaide must decide if the charming scoundrel who stole awayAdelaide Ward has but one goal to obtain an offer of marriage from the respectable, if less than appealing, baron Sir Robert Maxwell before her family is ruined But it s the devilishly handsome Connor Brice who captures her imagination and a kiss in broad daylight in front of a dozen members of the ton Now Adelaide must decide if the charming scoundrel who stole away her reputation might still be trusted with her heart.Connor Brice seeks a long overdue revenge on the baron And what better way to launch his campaign than to steal the lovely Miss Ward for his own A quick compromising and an even quicker wedding ought to do But if Connor wants to establish any sort of domestic tranquility, he ll have to regain Adelaide s trust and choose what means to him his thirst for vengeance or his need for Adelaide.

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    One thought on “An Unexpected Gentleman

    1. Jill on said:

      Gaining his feet, he sent her a surly look. "Am I this irritating when I'm being smug?""Twice as," she assured him."Excellent."Twenty-seven year-old spinster, Adelaide Ward needs desperately to marry well to ease her family's financial woes. With time running out and an eighteen year-old sister, a younger brother in prison, a young nephew and no finances to speak of, Adelaide is hoping and expecting Sir Robert Maxwell will at last propose after their four-month courtship.Connor Brice, the bastar [...]

    2. Dina on said:

      Will I ever read a book by Ms. Jonhson and not fall in love with it? 'No' is the answer. :)As Luck Would Have It, I adored everything she has written so far and hope to keep it that way, so I will not be Tempting Fate and risking myMcAlistair's Fortunegood fortune by thinking otherwise. My love for Ms. Johnson's writing is Destined to Last, as surely as I am Nearly a Lady.

    3. Audrey on said:

      4.5 stars, but because we can't give half stars, 5 stars for purposes of my rating.A delight. What can I say? I just think of things in this story and I think "delightful!" Really really enjoyed this one. REEEEEEEEEEEEALLY enjoyed this one. Outside of some cosmetic flaws (detailed a bit first to get them out of the way), the storytelling, pace, characters, and development were pretty much spot on.Cosmetic FlawsSome things irked me right off the bat. Shouldn't "Sir Robert" be a baronet, not a ba [...]

    4. Catherine on said:

      Going into this read I was a little worried about what tone the author would set, given that the book revolves around revenge and the hero uses the heroine as a pawn. The hero, Connor Brice, was falsely accused of a crime by his brother and imprisoned. He was only recently released from jail and is out for revenge against said brother. Some of you might recognize him from some of the prison scenes in Nearly a Lady (loved that book). While in prison, Brice saw Adelaide bring her nephew to visit h [...]

    5. Zumbagirl on said:

      4.5 starsYay!! My first Alissa Johnson and I loved it, very cute, happy read, just what I needed. Sometimes I want a real meaty story; other times something light and fluffy with humor and love - which is exactly what An Unexpected Gentleman delivered. The hero was to die for - Connor Brice - and the heroine, Adelaide Ward, was also good. She was somewhat older than the usual (maybe 26 or 27?) and the oldest in her family. Her brother, Wolfgang, wound up in prison for his debts and now she must [...]

    6. Samantha on said:

      Connor Brice, is hellbent on revenge against his half brother, Sir Robert. The first step in his revenge? Steal Sir Robert's fiancee, Adelaide Ward. The fact that Miss Ward is the same woman Connor had been fascinated with, while sitting in prison, is just a bonus. For her part, Adelaide is trapped. She doesn't want to marry the condescending Sir Robert, but her brother's gambling habit has left her with little choice. Its either marry him for his 5,000 pounds a year or go to the poor house. Thi [...]

    7. Steamywindows♥♫ on said:

      So what do you read when you are feeling jaded or out of sorts? May I recommend this book? I think for the sake of those who need an intense plot driven story, this may not suit your needs, but if you want a humorous story that is well written, I would say this one will. I was generally struck by how honest and clear this author's style is. At the same time, she doesn't sermonize or hit you on the head with her point. The characters are not your typical fair. The heroine is 28, solely responsibl [...]

    8. Pamela(AllHoney) on said:

      Alissa Johnson is one of my favorite historical romance writers and did not disappoint me with this treat. I found it to be an enchanting tale with lots of witty banter throughout. Not a lot of action but this is a romance and not a suspense/thriller/action/adventure novel so Anyway, light and fun and entertaining in my most humble opinion.

    9. Ursula on said:

      In this second book of the Haverston Family Trilogy, the story revolves around the charming Adelaide, (with a not so charming, useless brother) and our hero, Connor, who, though of gentleman stock, was falsely imprisoned, made his fortune and now is back in town ready to wreak his revenge on the villain of the piece. I do love Alissa Johnson- she writes really well and her characterisation is terrific. Her heroes can be problematic for me. Connor is rather twisted, in a way- prison will do that [...]

    10. Keertana on said:

      Quite unexpectedly, An Unexpected Gentleman wound its way into my thoughts, particularly during an untimely moment in conversation or while I performed my day-to-day tasks. Johnson's Nearly a Lady is a warm, cozy read; the type of book whose characters don't demand your attention, merely command it as you become further embroiled in their story. Conversely, I read An Unexpected Gentleman tense, not even certain if I enjoyed it until the very end when I finally realized I did; truly. From the sur [...]

    11. Kathleen on said:

      4.5 stars. Connor Brice wanted revenge, and thought he would use Addy to get it, but along the way he fell in love with her. An old trope, but so beautifully done. I loved Connor. My kind of guy -- protective, passionate, strong, but also willing to give it all up for love, if necessary. Loved the scenes with baby Georgie, too.

    12. Keri on said:

      This was a fun read, but in an emotional way. There were some unexpected twists and turns as the book progressed. The H/H was a wonderful match and I don't think AJ gets the recognition she deserves. I hope that we get to see the brother and sister get a story of their own in the future.

    13. Claudia on said:

      That was a great read. I have forgotten how much I like Alissa Johnson s writing I think it will be a book on my re-read list

    14. Caz on said:

      Another excellent read from Alissa Johnson. The eponymous gentleman is Connor Brice, the bastard half-brother of the baronet that our heroine, Adelaide, is angling to marry. Connor's life is driven by the thirst for revenge against Sir Robert who had him press-ganged and then later, thrown into prison on trumped-up charges: and he decides that stealing his half-brother's bride would be a good way to start.For her part, Adelaide is seeking to marry Sir Robert in order to secure her future and tha [...]

    15. CJ - It's only a Paper Moon on said:

      4.8Really enjoyed this book but then again I am supremely biased because so far, I've loved everything that Alissa Johnson has put out so far.This story follows Connor Brice, a shady charming vulnerable sexy sexy man, and Adelaide, a sensible burdened and slightly whimsical young lady. Boy meets girl through a prison window, falls in love with said girl, evil brother knows this and manages to scheme and plot to force said girl into a position to marry her. Unbeknownest to her, Connor and her bro [...]

    16. Amanda on said:

      Alissa Johnson needs a little more love from historical romance fans, I think. She finds the perfect balance with misinterpretations of characters' motivations and emotions, so that you never want to shake the characters for not talking to each other.Or rather, if they hold back, they hold back for what appears to be a valid reason, and it's even more fun when they hold back the same exact secret for different reasons. Knowing both sides like that as the reader made them all that more sympatheti [...]

    17. azerjaban on said:

      I haven't read a historical drama that has so thoroughly satisfied me in a long time. Hell, I haven't read a book were the H/h had actual conversations, not to plan explain or debate something. But mundane, teasing banter and small talk. It was very realistic, and wonderful to read. I adore the hero, although he has a dark past he never uses it as an excuse to be cruel or distant. He's the perfect husband, attentative, a good listener, and he never lied - not once! - to her. I simply LOVE the he [...]

    18. Fayley on said:

      The heroine in this book didn't make any sense, as if the author was attempting to paint her as one thing but when we looked at her character she was something else. We are told that she was an unselfish person making sacrifices for her family, but what we saw was a woman who made zero attempts to understand the people around her, thinking only of herself. One man was press-ganged onto a ship at 15, then as an adult falsely accused of a crime and jailed. She didn't care a jot, all she cared for [...]

    19. Sandy M on said:

      The elements of this book come together quite nicely to give readers what they’ve come to expect from Alissa Johnson. Revenge against a brother, an attraction that begins from afar, jealousy that leads to false accusations, and a love that grows despite everything working against such emotion.Adelaide is expecting a proposal from Baron Maxwell, but she’s dragging her feet to face him this night. As much as her family needs his money, this is certainly not a love match. But it is up to her to [...]

    20. Cee (The Mistress Case) on said:

      “You may.”“Really? When?”“When I am dead, buried, and in want of your company.”“Ah. That was very romantic.”“You’re welcome.Revenge has never been so exciting!Wow, An Unexpected Gentleman started out and ended as a delightful ride. I was so intrigued I couldn’t stop reading— and no it wasn’t the “Ohhh, get this over with already” kind of read, but the “omg, omg, omg, I can’t wait to see what happens next” kind.I was shocked at my reaction to this book, and as [...]

    21. Tzippy on said:

      Unsatisfactory. Am I the only one who sympathized more with the villain than with the hero? Granted, I'm glad that Adelaide didn't marry him, and of course he lashed out at the wrong person (though, to be fair, the people whose were actually at fault were all dead), but the point is, I couldn't really feel very sorry for Connor when what Sir Robert had gone through was ten times worse, and Connor doesn't acknowledge it.Furthermore, (view spoiler)[Connor never apologizes to Adelaide for taking aw [...]

    22. Cecilia on said:

      Solid piece of writing - likable and rounded characters, witty dialogue that more than once made me laugh out loud, believable motivations, lovely development of the romance. A little bit of a melodramatic scene that helps bring about the resolution, but all things considered, this was a really enjoyable read.

    23. Katyana on said:

      What?? Where's my epilogue dammit?Okay, that aside I really liked this book. This author does delicious banter. Really delicious.I was curious about Connor's story, after the first book in the series, so I'm glad we got a book with him. And I liked him more than I worried I would - this setup is a difficult one to pull off. I think it only worked because he truly did love her. He was selfish, for sure. But his actions were all rooted from that first foundation of care for her, and that helped ma [...]

    24. LOU71 on said:

      An Unexpected Gentleman is the second book in the Haverston Family Trilogy. It took me more than two weeks to finish this story (even longer than previous story in the series) when I usually finish a great story in two days. Slow. Boring. It’s a historical romance that didn’t light my fire at all (even more dry than the previous story in the series). Adelaide Ward has the goal to marry herself off to a Baron to save her family from financial ruin. I didn’t like Adelaide. The text tried to [...]

    25. Elgyn on said:

      Udělat na konci z hrdinky blbku, která se patlá ve svých pseudoproblémečkách, aby se hrdinové mohli pohádat a udobřit, bylo IMHO zbytečné. No, pohádat. Ona mu vyčetla i barvu oblohy, jeho společníci byli na její straně, takže hrdina se zamyslel a dal jí za pravdu. Což se kupodivu jeho společníkům zas tak nelíbilo, byť ho do toho tlačili. A šel se omluvit manželce. Která už hodinu trpěla. Když konečně udělal, co si dětinsky vyvzdorovala, ona už nechce, aby to [...]

    26. Shannon on said:

      DNF @ 86%Boring and I couldn’t stand heroine. She was very entitled towards the hero and not very appreciative of everything he has done and provided for her (safety, wealth, saving her family, etc) Also way too much coddling towards her nephew. She was not endearing to me at all and to be honest hero was lame as well, also their chemistry was lacking and everything just felt stale.

    27. Ingrid Rose on said:

      Another HitThis is still another hit for Alissa Johnson who is becoming one of my favorite historical romance authors. Her characters and plots are interesting and have depth. They are fun to follow as well as being interesting. I can with no reservation highly recommend them.

    28. Maria Contreras on said:

      Review I loved this story! Very romantic and sometimes funny, I really enjoyed reading about this beautiful love, I truly recommend this book to everyone, it was very hard to put down and I loved the characters you put in this book

    29. Kathy on said:

      Brothers who hate each other use a woman as a means to hurt the other. Leaving her in the unenviable position of being compromised. She has to marry one of them but which one should she choose.

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