Milo and the Magical Stones

Marcus Pfister Marianne Martens

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Milo and the Magical Stones

Milo and the Magical Stones Milo a resourceful mouse makes an extraordinary discovery that changes his life forever

  • Title: Milo and the Magical Stones
  • Author: Marcus Pfister Marianne Martens
  • ISBN: 9781558586826
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Milo, a resourceful mouse, makes an extraordinary discovery that changes his life forever.

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      182 Marcus Pfister Marianne Martens
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    One thought on “Milo and the Magical Stones

    1. Arielle Walker on said:

      An environmental story that tells such a gentle tale children will not notice that it's all about an important message - I certainly didn't! The story lets the message sink into the consciousness of the child to be remembered later on.I still absolutely adore this book, even though I am not far off two decades (eeek!) older than the target audience. The beautiful illustrations, coupled with the utterly magical golden stones that had me mesmerised as a 5 year old; the choice of a happy or sad end [...]

    2. Shawna on said:

      This was a very good book, it has very good illustrated pictures and adds just a bit more fun with the yellow shiny tin. The book gives a very valuable lesson in a subtle way children can understand. The book is very unique using a good ending and a bad ending depending on what you want the child to learn or hear. I love this book for the fact when I was little it was read to me and something about the book just stuck to me. I do recommend this book for children and for younger audiences to lear [...]

    3. Rebecca on said:

      Updated and re-released in 2009, this is an environmental story with two endings: one happy and one sad. Kids will connect with the cute mice and the shiny gold foil stones (especially if they are already fans of Rainbow Fish), but hopefully the choice of ending will make them think. After the story, there are tips on how to be like Milo and care for your surroundings and not let greed take over (reduce, reuse, recycle). Recommended for teachers.

    4. Dolly on said:

      This is a cautionary tale about the dangers of excessive consumption and materialism. The story is good, but certainly lacks the commercial charm of The Rainbow Fish. The illustrations have a similar format (with shiny cut-outs incorporated into the pictures), but the tone of the book is very different. I thought the use of split pages mid-book, offering different endings to the story was very creative, but the plot itself was just okay. Overall, it's a nice story and we enjoyed reading it toget [...]

    5. Sharon on said:

      This gem of an underrated book tells a powerful, relatable message about conservation for young children. Milo the mouse finds a shiny gold stone that offers warmth and light during the cold, dark winter on their island in the sea. The other mice each want a stone of their own. Will they be responsible stewards of their island's resources - each respectfully taking a stone and acknowledging/repaying the island's abundant gifts, or will they greedily consume this commodity, fighting with each oth [...]

    6. ThomyZ on said:

      I liked this more than The Rainbow Fish, I think it gets the point the author is trying to make across much better than that book does. Here, the thing that has to be shared and respected is actually an outside resource, not something the protagonist naturally owns and has to give up in order to stop others from bullying and excluding him.[At this point, I took a minute from writing this review to lower my rating of Rainbow Fish by one star. I like that book less and less the more I think about [...]

    7. Bailey Huylar on said:

      Milo and the Magical Stones is a precious book about mice and the island they live on. One day Milo finds something extraordinary—a shiny stone! The stone brings the mice light in the winter, and soon each mouse wants a stone of their own. The wisest mouse reminds them that when they take something they must give something in return. This book is incredible because it has two endings—a sad ending and a happy ending. The happy ending shows that if you give, you will receive, and the mice live [...]

    8. Seth on said:

      PB:43 Milo and the Magical Stones. One of the greatest picturebooks of all-time from the author of The Rainbow Fish. I am surprised this book has hardly any reviews, meaning it must not be that popular, which is insane. This is a must read! I love the fact that there are two endings to choose from which both provide lessons to children. The illustrations have such deep meaning in them and love the texture of the magical stones steals your attention because it's so cool looking. One of the most d [...]

    9. Alice on said:

      I read the 2nd book before the first book and now I understand the Magic stones. I think this is interesting but it is a little heavy handed about environmentalism. I also like these one (like the second one) has the two endingse sad or the happy ending. Which do you like. I think they tell you about the sad ending so you can see what could happen when 'bad' choices are made. The happy endings shows what happens when you make good decision! I love that the paper the stones are on are golden and [...]

    10. White on said:

      This is a two way book. You choose the ending. If you choose to make the wrong choice then the consequence is based on that choice. If you choose to make the right one, then the story leads into a grand victory. I love this book. It teaches children to respect nature and it gives not only consequences of selfish choices, it teaches the interconnectedness of the laws of cause and effect. Perfect and cute. My kids loved it. So do I.

    11. Traci Bold on said:

      Such a unique picture book in the concept of offering split pages to give different endings each time.Magical illustrations and clever stories abound in this book. A different story every night within one book.Written and illustrated by Marcus Pfister. Published by NorthSouth Books.#PB #mice #magic

    12. Susanbrimley on said:

      Any children's book that teaches a moral deserves 5 stars especially when there's glitter in the illustrations?This sweet story about giving back has two endings. You can choose either the happy or sad ending. This also teaches, of course, consequences as they relate to choices.

    13. (a)lyss(a) on said:

      Not just a kids book! Much like Le Petit Prince it may be very simplistic and a kids book, but I think every adult should read it and learn. It's a chose-your-ending book, and if you're honest, you realize you have a lot to learn.

    14. Tom Franklin on said:

      A very strange book. Pfister gives a traditional story a Choose-Your-Own-Ending twist by dividing the pages of the second half of the book in half, one with a Happy Ending and one with a Sad Ending. As a gimmick, this didn't quite work for me.

    15. Brynna Schiller on said:

      This is an exceptional book! I love that the pages split towards the end (creating 2 smaller books) and the child makes a decision to do something right or wrong and then see the consequences of that decision.

    16. C Wharton on said:

      This beautiful book has got 2 different endings, with an important message about our environment and what will happen if we thoughtlessly use up all our resources.Lovely illustrations, fabulous book.

    17. Miranda Gaboury on said:

      This is a very cute book in which we see Milo adventures of finding his magical stone. When the book is half way over you get to pick which ending you want it to have, the happy or the sad one. I think that children would enjoy this book and the ability to choose the outcome.

    18. Julie Phillips on said:

      LOVE IT! its so cute and fun to read! I love how original the idea is to have alternate endings. i love the sparkles in the illustrations they really drew my adhd eye to keep turning the pages. i would definitely recommend this book for anyone!

    19. Westerville on said:

      Becky says, "[T:]his is an environmental story with two endings: one happy and one sad. Kids will connect with the cute mice and the shiny gold foil stones (especially if they are already fans of Rainbow Fish)"

    20. Helen on said:

      Bought this many years ago, before I had children, as I thought it had a fabulous message about environmental responsibility, that was easy for children to understand.Beautifully illustrated, with gorgeous, shiny, gold effects for the precious rocks in the story.

    21. Heather on said:

      33 months - Picked up at Goodwill cheap. Good story, nice moral and two endings. Olivia seems to always pick the sad ending but tonight we finally read the happy ending Ah much better.

    22. jenna nims on said:

      i did like how you could pick between the happy ending and the sad ending.

    23. April Evans on said:

      This is a great book about choices. At the end, you can choose to read the happy ending or the sad ending. Based on the ending you choose, the mices decisions lead to either happiness or sadness.

    24. Slee on said:

      My son particularly enjoys the happy and sad endings in the Milo books, but this one would have been better served with a touch more closure.

    25. Juliamcollings on said:

      We read this book as a family and loved the moral. a beautiful book to read.

    26. Ckolleen on said:

      A great story of how people/animals could go either way when they want something. Sharing or being greedy. I love that this book has two different endings. A sad ending and a happy ending.

    27. Lindy on said:

      Review by Alex:HG,Dhkjwhdhdkwhtydyg54=-poisdyegrtwgf euyeui8e827ee7eiwusuaudud7ewwwjuygsd jsduy7yt7yA7TA7ajb xjcmxcjxzjxzjxhznjdguashgahasghga

    28. Laura on said:

      Pretty simplistic, but I think for younger readers it works really well. Getting to choose two different endings to a book is a cool way to present this story.

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