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My Heart Stopped Beating

My Heart Stopped Beating An extreme experience A heartbreaking autobiographical novel The author testifies to bewildering crimes occurring in Italy just three decades ago inside an adoptive family and in a mental hospital

  • Title: My Heart Stopped Beating
  • Author: Chamed
  • ISBN: 9788890597701
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Paperback
  • An extreme experience A heartbreaking autobiographical novel The author testifies to bewildering crimes, occurring in Italy, just three decades ago, inside an adoptive family and in a mental hospital Unimaginable crimes almost too absurd to believe possible, that no one has ever before dared to expose to public scrutiny Actual events chronicled from a reality so bizarrAn extreme experience A heartbreaking autobiographical novel The author testifies to bewildering crimes, occurring in Italy, just three decades ago, inside an adoptive family and in a mental hospital Unimaginable crimes almost too absurd to believe possible, that no one has ever before dared to expose to public scrutiny Actual events chronicled from a reality so bizarre, so nightmarish, where demented and criminal madmen continued to segregate, abuse, and torture a sane and innocent young woman almost to the point of no return.A story of illness and despair, lovingkindness and hatred, healing and romance, friendship and superstition, loneliness and loss, envy and revenge, electroshock and the worst psychical and physical abuses in an asylum turned house of horrors.Yet, on a distant horizon, the only hope A deliverance through the miraculous devotion of love.First edition worldwideI read Chamed s book in one day last summer I can say that I devoured it It was still in draft, but I could not stop reading it It really stopped my heart A strong, direct, fascinating story it strikes and leaves its mark.Edmondo Rho, special correspondent for Panorama No person who reads this book could fail to be profound ly moved to reflect first of all on the very serious danger to innocent people of institutions which fail to maintain proper oversight against abuses to patients in mental health institu tions.Secondly it shows how justice can fail to be served in modern society, where adequate protection for the interests of minor surviving orphans may be lacking or nonexistent Finally no reader can read this without great inspiration to the courage of the human spirit and the power of human love to defeat evil.Reading this book, as well as having a role in disseminat ing its message to the public, is a great privilege, that every reader will probably experience gratitude for Ed Carl, Editor A deeply moving story, incredible in its lucidity Carlo Castelli, author of Nervi d acciaio Full of emotion Aurora Magnin Roncada, Translator of the French edition

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      301 Chamed
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    One thought on “My Heart Stopped Beating

    1. Callie S. on said:

      Allora fatti vedere da un cardiologo. E da un esorcistaLa storia (presumibilmente vera) sarebbe anche straziante, se non fosse straziata dall'insopportabile grottesco di una prosa da terza elementare.L'eroina, forse battezzata con acqua di fogna dall'ottimo Don Matteo, veleggia di disgrazia in disgrazia, ma non sola. No: la sua sfiga è infettiva e miete più vittime dell'aviaria.Da evitare con cura e qualche scongiuro.(Se v'interessa il tema manicomiale, leggete Paolini o Alda Merini, non spazz [...]

    2. Elle Kay on said:

      A book recounting the true story and memories of a teenager who lived through the horrors of abuse within an adoptive family and an Italian mental hospital.This book sadly is in dire need of a really good editor and a translator that knew what they were doing. In it's current state the story occasionally makes no sense and you could be amidst a loving conversation with her parents one moment and then suddenly find yourself in a screaming match the next.The dialogue itself is often very strange a [...]

    3. Heavensent1 on said:

      My Heart Stopped Beating is a true story on one women's journey through hell and back.Chamed de Silva was born to parents who adored her and until the day she was vaccinated for polio, life was blissful. However, complications set in and Chamed actually contracts polio and is left paralyzed. Her father is determined to see her walk and talk again and works with her every day. Her mother believes she is a result of sin and believes that she will never be whole again. After many years of therapy, [...]

    4. Danielle Mellott on said:

      I got this book free from Early Reviewers on Libarything. I can't figure out how it has such a high rating. I really understand why anyone who went through what this author did would want to share their story. I think anyone who suffered what she did would want the world to know it. But (aggravated sigh). Aside from how horribly atrocious the events of this book really are, the writing of this book made it almost impossible for me to finish. Maybe it's the translation? But I managed to finish it [...]

    5. Silvio Donà on said:

      Doloroso, intenso, forte, vero.Dal punto di vista dello stile è di tutta evidenza che l'autrice non è una scrittrice. Eppure forse questa è la vera forza del libro. Ci sono le ingenuità di scrittura di chi per la prima volta prova a mettere su carta quello che sente e si trova a farlo proprio con le sue sensazioni più intime e segrete. Nella parte iniziale, in cui racconta la propria infanzia, le figure dei genitori appaiono forse troppo idealizzate, poco realistiche, ma è inevitabile che [...]

    6. Jessi on said:

      I feel a little bad giving this book a crappy review because its clear the author went through some pretty horrific experiences. However, I feel like I should be honest in my review.When I saw the description for this book, I was thinking I would be receiving a work chronicling a patient's experiences as a ward of the Italian psychiatric facility that's described. I was expecting footnotes, details, dates, but this book is just a jumbled mess. There is no detail, the author skips from one line t [...]

    7. Emma on said:

      I won this through First Reads. I feel bad for the review I'm about to make however I just want to be honest. The translator, editor and anyone who collaborated on this book should be fired. It was just awful. I cant even begin to describe it. Whoever approved this draft to go to print has lost their mind. But I do understand that there is only so much you can do with a draft. Which brings me to my last point, just because someone has had a hard life it doesnt make them a good author. I highly d [...]

    8. Abby Wilson on said:

      This book was a little hard to follow, with the talking and all. But, it makes sense since of what shes gone through. I have many questions, like, does Chamed still go by Sarah or has she changed her name back to Chamed? To me, Chamed is a beautiful, wonderful name! Sarah, is a little common and dull. No offense! :)Amazing and so sad book! I had to do all I could not to cry but ended up crying anyways, what a beautiful book! What those people have done to her life is terrible! They have killed h [...]

    9. Norma on said:

      I won this book on a giveaway. I thought it was a very sad story but found the style that it has written in was very hard to get enjoy. Also found it hard to really get into.

    10. Dolceluna on said:

      A distanza di ore dopo averlo terminato, sono ancora scioccata. Insomma, oltre che alla protagonista, il cuore si è fermato anche a me. Questo libro è un vero e proprio shock, un balzo sull’orlo di un precipizio, uno spavento, un urlo davanti a immenso e continuo dolore. Una storia incredibile, tanto più se si pensa che è vera. Ne è protagonista una ragazza italiana di nome Chamed (uno pseudonimo, ovviamente) la quale, grazie all’amore dei genitori, persone splendide e modello di vita p [...]

    11. Tati Saetre on said:

      Recensione sul mio blog QUIHo letto molte cose su questo libro, pareri discordanti e recensioni per nulla simili. Ma non mi sono lasciata abbattere: lo volevo leggere a tutti i costi, e ho preso l’edizione elettronica.Chamed è una bambina quando le viene diagnosticata una poliomielite incurabile. Sua madre inizia a perdere le speranze, mentre suo padre no. E’ sempre con lei, crede in lei e la ama immensamente. Così, mentre i bambini del suo paese la prendono in giro, Chamed inizia a guarir [...]

    12. Giacomo on said:

      Ho letto questo romanzo soffrendo assieme all’autrice del libro. Un libro tutto da leggere. Interessante, commovente, coinvolgente. Una storia che catapulta in una realtà che lascia sgomenti. Impossibile non esserne toccati, rimanere indifferenti. Perchè tutto quello che si legge è incredibilmente, drammaticamente vero. Dove veramente Mi si è fermato il cuoreChamed Quando ha quattordici anni, si innamora di Giulio e sua madre è terrorizzata che possa ripetersi ciò che le è successo a le [...]

    13. Rosalinda on said:

      volevo ringraziare le persone che parlando del libro Mi si è fermato il cuore ho potuto conoscere e letto. Dopo aver letto la trilogia del momento!Ed il che la dice lunga su quanto siamo malmessi!Si tratta di una serie di tre libri in cui nel primo vi è la conoscenza ed i primi contatti fra un uomo (dominatore) ed una donna (sottomessa) entrambi bellissimi, ricchissimi e favolosi, nel secondo il rapporto sadomaso va avanti Giudizio critico: una cagata pazzesca!Il fatto triste non è tanto l'in [...]

    14. Eve on said:

      I received this book for free through First Reads. First I want to say thank you for selecting me to read this novel. This is a story (autobiographical) about a young girl in Italy who suffers from the aftereffects of polio and subsequently falls into the hands of her evil aunt and absent uncle after her her parents die in an auto accident.The thesis of the story is quite interesting - not fitting in as a child, loss of parents, malicious caregivers, institutionalization as a tool for injustice [...]

    15. Ana on said:

      First off, I would like to thank GR and the author for giving me a copy of this book.SecondI would have to say I feel so bad about giving this book a lousy rating, because I really feel for everyone who had gone through such a hell.But let me first start with the plotChamed Da Silva had a really hard life, ever since she was a baby. First, it was the poliomyelitis, which the doctor's suspected she got from the vaccination. Eventually, with a great help from her parents (especially her dad) she i [...]

    16. DubaiReader on said:

      Appalling.I received this book for review from LibraryThing Early Reviewers and will be putting my copy in the recycling bin. This has to be the worst book that has ever passed my way. To start with, the translation is absolutely chronic - and this is the improved version after we were advised to dispose of the first copy we received because of printing errors. The conversation is disjointed, the narrative jumps about and a lot of it makes no sense at all.Then there is the content of the book. A [...]

    17. Antoinette on said:

      This was a first read giveaway book I received, thank you Chamed and Good Reads! It was a good book, but it was a very sad story since it is based on a true story. Yes, there are some areas where the dialog is off, or doesn't make sense but it is translated from another language. Even though the dialog may be a little hard to read at some times, you knew what was going on. However what this young woman and now a woman, you can't believe what she went through, it was a true hell. I can't believe [...]

    18. Alessandra on said:

      Una storia terribile un racconto senza confini, la lettura di questo libro ti lascia molta rabbia. Quante cose si possono dire su questo argomento, "Manicomio" Errori e orrori di una legge e di una psichiatra antiquate, cieche, Chamed testimonia con assoluta essenzialità e purezza crimini sconcertanti nei confronti dell'umanità, avvenuti in Italia. Se veramente fossimo più umili nell'accettarci cosi come siamo, con le nostre paure e le nostre debolezze forse saremo più forti e anche più tol [...]

    19. Carlotta on said:

      Mi dispiace tantissimo per la Tragicissima storia di vita di Chamed. È terribile solo pensare che una persona debba vivere quello che ha passato lei. Detto questo, purtroppo pero', da lettore credo che il libro in se stesso non raggiunga lo scopo per il quale è stato scritto. Non solo perchè è scritto male, anche se posso capire che il background culturale della donna dietro il libro magari non le abbia permesso di fare di meglio, ma perchè il contenuto del libro non rispecchia realmente la [...]

    20. Birgit on said:

      This short book by Chamed reads more like a diary than an actual memoir. Loosing her parents at a young age, physical and sexual abuse by those who take her aboard, and lastly ending up in a madhouse with awful conditions, before finally being able to return to a normal life, this is certainly a tragic story. Unfortunately the book as such has been utterly disappointing. A horrible translation from Italian to English made the reading often quite weird, not because the translations would have bee [...]

    21. Monica on said:

      Sono rimasta senza parole, mi chiedo fino a che punto puo' essere abietto un essere umano per fare questo ad una ragazzina inerme indifesa. Mi chiedo a questo punto quante persone sono sparite in questi luoghi di inumana tortura e quanti di questi brutali criminali l'abbiano fatta franca, e poi vogliamo considerarci un popolo civile. Come puo' essere che in un'epoca cosi' moderna come quella si potessero ritenere moralmente accettabili questi centri dove si potevano infliggere torture tali, come [...]

    22. Fran on said:

      Not the best book out there but maybe it is because of the translation, I read the English version (I got it from first read) and really I feel bad that I give this book such a low rating after all the writer has went throughChamed Da Silva (the writer) has really hard life she loose her parents, she got sexual abused, physical abused, and she ended in asylum.I can't enjoy reading this book maybe because the event in this book is really horrific or maybe it will be more enjoyable if it has bett [...]

    23. Elena on said:

      Non ho parole Io un libro così forte e così drammaticamente vero non l'ho mai letto Io non capisco come certa gente possa arrivare a compiere certi atti simili, e quanta forza e quanto coraggio ha avuto Chamed nella sua vita a superare tanto dolore e sofferenza! Questa storia mi ha sconvolto e spero che questi mostri ovunque siano possano soffrire più di quanto hanno fatto soffrire lei! Questo libro l'ho trovato pubblicizzato su una rivista e subito mi ha incuriosito, l'ho letto in un giorno, [...]

    24. Leone Editore on said:

      This is the thrue story of Chamed, spontaneous and unfiltered as only pain can be. A story about human degratation in italian mental hospitals, that tells of hope and rebirth through the catharsis of art, faith and writing.Moreover, this is the only authorized italian version of the book. Foreign rights for an english translation are still to be sold; many people here in read a completely unreliable translation, based on a text the anthor never approved. That is just to give an explanation to m [...]

    25. Marta Rizzo on said:

      Trovo che l’autrice abbia avuto un gran coraggio, soprattutto grandissimo spirito di sopravvivenza. Nell’accettare di sopprimere il suo passato accettando lo scambio di persona: Uno scambio che significa nuova vita per lei, mentre per segnata per sempre ciò che ha vissuto nel manicomio degli orrori, una testimonianza vera su ciò che accadeva nel lager dei manicomi. Devo ammettere che mi sono commossa, alla fine "Mi si è fermato il cuore." E’ un grande privilegio per me aver letto questo [...]

    26. Videoclimber(AKA)MTsLilSis on said:

      What a heartbreaking story! The only problem I had with the story was that it was translated, so you just had to pay extra close attention in some parts because the words were written in a way that sometimes made it hard to understand. A good story of triumph, Chamed's parents must be very proud of her and I am sure are still watching over her and her children. A quick read, but one that won't be forgotten!

    27. Rita on said:

      SURREALEUna storia indubbiamente straziante, soprattutto considerato il fatto che è realmente accaduta. Purtroppo, la prosa infantile e la rapidità degli eventi rendono "Mi si è fermato il cuore" un romanzo surreale e inverosimile: le tragedie della protagonista vengono sciorinate una dopo l'altra come se si stesse facendo un semplice elenco, cosa triste quasi quanto le sue vicissitudini.

    28. Ophelia on said:

      I won this book through LibraryThing Early Reviewers.The English translation was not faultless, but it didn't stop the book from being very moving.At first I felt a bit uncomfortable, voyeuristic knowing the horror that befalls the narrator is a true story, but it's a painful yet necessary document on what happened to an orphan through relatives and a mad house ; moreover Chamed teaches us courage and shows us that with the love she received she was able to get out of the hell she was in.

    29. Arianne on said:

      I enjoyed this book and I also enjoyed the writing style. This book was different of what I read normaly. I think that Chamed did a really good job and this book is really worth it. Chamed has managed to translate the emotions without hiding anything from the horror she's been through.* sorry for my bad english. I speak french :)

    30. Quaid Matthews on said:

      The reason why I chose to put this as a book to read is because it seemed like a very interesting book by its name. I like to also read scary, sad stories because it always makes me wonder what if that happened to me. Just the cover and title make the book seem more interesting to me.

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