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Hatter There s nothing wrong with a touch of madness Cheshire CatSomeday Hatta will save the kingdom In his mind at least But his talents of uncharacteristic kindness and a passion for colors hardly qualify

  • Title: Hatter
  • Author: DanielColeman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • There s nothing wrong with a touch of madness Cheshire CatSomeday Hatta will save the kingdom In his mind, at least But his talents of uncharacteristic kindness and a passion for colors hardly qualify him for such a destiny In a kingdom that doesn t need saving, a young man ignorant of social norms is the unlikeliest of heroes.Along the way, the Cheshire Cat, Queen oThere s nothing wrong with a touch of madness Cheshire CatSomeday Hatta will save the kingdom In his mind, at least But his talents of uncharacteristic kindness and a passion for colors hardly qualify him for such a destiny In a kingdom that doesn t need saving, a young man ignorant of social norms is the unlikeliest of heroes.Along the way, the Cheshire Cat, Queen of Hearts, White Queen, and other familiar characters emerge to fill their eminent roles as well Witness literature s most lovable lunatic s tangled ascent into madness.

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    One thought on “Hatter

    1. kenzie on said:

      8.8.2012Decided to re-review this book. Just because it happens to be incredibly awesome.The book basically goes back between two boss characters, Chism, and the inimitably childlike Hatta. Because of this book, Hatta is now my favourite character in all of literature. Yeah, that's right. He beats Peeta Mellark and Dante Alexander. This amazing book describes Hatta's ascent to madness, how he became the Mad Hatter. He loves colours, he loves clothes, he loves his hats. The book also portrays how [...]

    2. E.A. on said:

      This is a companion novel to Daniel Coleman's other story JABBERWOCKY. When I think about HATTER I am torn. There are times I prefer JABBERWOCKY and the unique take on the story, and other times I prefer HATTER and reading about well known characters in a new light. As the name suggests, HATTER is a origin story of the Mad Hatter. The two characters of the story are complete opposites, and yet I felt a bond with both of them in some way. Hatta is the loveable, eccentric friend that you don't alw [...]

    3. Nancy on said:

      When I first picked up this book, I was very vocal to those around me that I had never been a fan of the "Alice World". I think my exact words were, "It's creepy and I don't want anything to do with it." But I was willing to give this a try. I am SOOOOOO glad that I did. It is so well written. Fascinating characters? Check. Adrenaline pumping action? Check. Laugh out loud humor? Check. Broken hearts and happily ever afters? Check and check! Hatter is a follow-up novel to Jabberwocky, Coleman's f [...]

    4. Savannah Hall on said:

      “Even though they seem opposing, they’re actually complements.”The book Hatter by Daniel Coleman is focused on two boys named Hatta and Chism. Hatta is a talented artisan that travels, and has a passive, colorful, slightly mad personality. while Chism is a hot-tempered Elite soldier, who deeply believes in justice no matter the means of obtaining it. The story proceeds to talk about how Hatta and Chism fullfil their destinies and save their Alice-in-Wonderland-like world named Maravilla fr [...]

    5. Kristen on said:

      GENRE: FantasyTHEME: Alice in WonderlandRECEIVED: Received for Review from Teen Book SceneBLOG: seeingnight/REVIEW:I’ve always been a huge fan of the story Alice in Wonderland, but even more so the twisted tales that many authors have done with the famous story. Daniel Coleman has hands down written one of my favorite novels in the world of Alice in Wonderland. I loved the ideas, writing, and creativity of the old characters and how they were similar but extremely different at the same time.Ha [...]

    6. Truman Jensen on said:

      I really enjoyed Coleman's second book. While Hatter is still based in Wonderland the story is quite different from Jabberwocky. Jabberwocky was a fairly straight forward "slay the beast" adventure story. Hatter is a more complex story about two characters Hatta and Chism and how their lives intertwine. It's also about twice as long as Jabberwocky.Chism is an obsessive compulsive character that has channeled his behavior into becoming the perfect soldier. He was in the elite training group of Tj [...]

    7. Mykl on said:

      While I fully enjoyed Jabberwocky this book was even better as previous characters were re-visited and at times fully expanded upon (Brune and Chism) and new characters were introduced. The story is one of two brothers scarred in different ways from the same traumatic event finding common ground. Perhaps the Elite will introduce psychological testing after this adventure! I eagerly await Mr. Coleman next book.

    8. Lawrence Schoen on said:

      Daniel Coleman is an utter delight! As someone who's spent a lot of time with Lewis Carroll (I memorized all of THE HUNTING OF THE SNARK when I was in High School), I was very pleased with Coleman's efforts to provide some fascinating glimpses into the probable motivations of some of these characters, tease out their back stories, and all in service to his own plot. Absolutely wonderful!

    9. Ashley on said:

      Originally reviewed on my blog, Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing.Hatter by Daniel Coleman is a companion novel to Jabberwocky. Hatter is set in the same whimsical world as Jabberwocky but it extends that world beyond just the Jabberwock poem to include and create Coleman's version of Wonderland, taken from Lewis Carroll.I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with retellings, one that is far too large and would completely take over this post if I tried to discuss it. But, the short version, [...]

    10. Aeicha on said:

      Read the original and complete review at Word SpelunkingI loved Daniel Coleman’s Jabberwocky, so I was super excited to read the companion novel Hatter, and it did not disappoint. Coleman has once again enchanted and impressed me with his riveting storytelling.Hatter, a companion book to Jabberwocky (although one need not necessarily read Jabberwocky to follow the storyline…but you really should because it too is an awesome book!), tells the story behind Hatta, aka the iconic Mad Hatter of L [...]

    11. Scott on said:

      Hatter by Daniel Coleman is the second book he has written based on Lewis Carroll's Alice books. There is a little bit of character crossover with Jabberwocky (book 1), but Hatter is easily understood as a stand alone book. The book mainly follows Hatta and Chism two characters who are about as opposite as you can be. Hatta reads the world around him by the colors he sees; Chism is totally color blind. Hatta is an absent minded young man who loves to make friends; Chism is a very serious young m [...]

    12. Ruby on said:

      Mad as a hatter? Wondering about Ravens and Writing Desks? Or just know a cat named Cheshire? Answer yes to these questions and you are definitely ready to read Hatter by Daniel Coleman.Enter our heroes. Chism a '13', useless, weak, a throwaway yet, he walks into battle ready to save a duke, a peasant, and maybe his own skin just to show the world that honor isn't just for the rich man. Hatta funny, odd, and maybe slightly mad he is just the kind of person you want at your side if you are going [...]

    13. Amy Denim on said:

      The iconic Mad Hatter, at twenty, sets out to save the kingdom complemented by the enigmatic Knight of Hearts, Chism.While Hatta (I love how the author played on the British English pronunciation here) is one of the main characters of this book, and it is essentially his story, the tale would be nothing without 15 year-old boy soldier, Chism.Chism, is to me, the perfect character. Every author's dream, every reader's fantasy.The author could have given us that bitter one note righteous soldier. [...]

    14. Maegan Morin on said:

      Hatter written by Daniel Coleman is the story of Hatta (The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland), and his youth. How he became "mad" and all the fantastical, magical things that happen along the way. On the other side of the spectrum is Chism he's hard and gruff and only sees things in black and white. Literally and figuratively. He is the perfect compliment to Hatta and they couldn't be more different. This is the story of how they saved a kingdom.For me this was a very enjoyable read. Coleman [...]

    15. Alice on said:

      This was a brilliant work of art! Coleman keeps to the original Carroll style making for a madly wild ride of randomness! I really enjoyed reading about the life of "literature's most lovable lunatic" prior to Alice in Wonderland. It brought a whole new and understandable light to his character and I loved all of Coleman's subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) references or set-ups-for the classic; including characters! I loved spotting parallels in personality or appearance that gave their true [...]

    16. Bev on said:

      I wasn't sure about this one at first - after all I enjoyed the original Alice stories so much that I was a little resistant but I'm happy to say that I was won over from the first few pages. Hatter tells the story of the Mad Hatter and also explains the back story to the Red Queen and I loved the way that the queen was portrayed as a fallible, normal woman which allowed me to empathise with her. Hatter himself is a wonderful character and the book sympathetically charts his descent into madness [...]

    17. Jaime on said:

      FINALLY was able to start reading again in Februaryter all the Holiday action!! LOVED Daniel Coleman's interpretation of the "Mad Hatter" if you think to dismiss these as just 'Alice in Wonderland' spin off's you DEEPLY miss the intent! I love the way Coleman uses COLORS and WORDS in this very poetic, adventuresome tale! WAY TO GO CUZs, I am related to this very talented author! DON'T miss these books and when you are through I have NO DOUBT you will pass them on to friends and family!! The firs [...]

    18. Gail on said:

      I truly enjoyed this story. Hatta's POV is the perfect balance to Chism's. They are opposites in every conceivable way. While Hatta sees the world as a swirling of colors, Chism is color blind and that is just the beginning. The story follows Hatta as he journey's to fulfill his destiny of saving the kingdom. As a reader I really wondered if this book would be able to stand next to my beloved Alice and Wonderland. Daniel Coleman did a terrific job and while it's certainly not Lewis Carroll, it i [...]

    19. Melody on said:

      I LOVE this book!! I read it as an ebook & it was darling! Just as imaginative & creative as the Hatter I had come to love from Alice in Wonderlandy BETTER b/c I got to know more about him. Coleman's writing made me feel as if it was a continuation of the story rather than a entirely new story. I would recommend this book to anyone as the magic & wonder that is Hatter's madness is a little infectious & makes me a believer that the Circle & a Smile can triumph over all adversi [...]

    20. Jennifer Bloom on said:

      I loved this book! His first, Jabberwocky, was good but it sort of lacked a little something. This book, however, exceeded all of my expectations. It had twists and turns that left me pleasantly surprised and it incorporated a lot from Alice that was all delightful to discover. I would definitely recommend this book to any fan of Alice and Wonderland.

    21. Stephanie on said:

      I loved this book! It was amazing. Great characters, great story. easy to follow. Great tie-in with Coleman's previous book 'Jabberwocky', which I also really enjoyed. This is my kind of book, and even if this isn't your genre, it's one you will enjoy.

    22. Karlene Browning on said:

      What a unique twist to the Alice in Wonderland story. Told from Hatter's POV and that of his brother, it's both entertaining and thought-provoking. I loved it! Will soon be reading Jabberwocky by the same author. (Also really liked his book Gifts & Consequences_

    23. Melissa on said:

      Loved this story line! Hatta and Chism are absolutely wonderful!

    24. Jason Kelly on said:

      I really enjoyed this book. It was interesting to see how the the characters we know became who they are.

    25. Emma-Louise on said:

      A brilliant back-story to my favourite character from Wonderland! Such a treat to read

    26. Christine Haggerty on said:

      I loved the use of color and colorful language in this story. It became a five star book for me when I got to the ending.

    27. Margaret on said:

      I loved each and every page, a wonderful story and highly addictive read!

    28. Chris on said:

      Awesome, just like the previous book. The plot actually did keep me guessing, and once again seeing Lewis Carroll's world come to life in a new way was very fun.

    29. Maree on said:

      I recommend this book toeveryone. It is so totally awesome. Plus my name is in the acknowledgements, which helps, but I love it even if my name is not in it!

    30. Kaitlyn Fritz on said:

      Wether you like Alice in wonderland or not, you'll love this book. "Hatter" focuses on two main characters. one of them is Hatta, he is perky and kind to everyone he meets. He is slightly "mad" but you can't help but smile when he talks nonsense. Hatta also hates even the mention of conflict or war. The second main character's name is Chism. He is always craving for a fight and hates when people touch or make physical contact with him. Whenever he is seen he always has his trusty sword Thirsty b [...]

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