Reclaiming Ter Chadain

C.S. Yelle

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Reclaiming Ter Chadain

Reclaiming Ter Chadain If the true bloodline does not rule Ter Chadain the Protector shall appear and reclaim the throne for the rightful Queen King Englewood reads the prophecy every day since he murdered the royal family

  • Title: Reclaiming Ter Chadain
  • Author: C.S. Yelle
  • ISBN: 9780984634811
  • Page: 177
  • Format: ebook
  • If the true bloodline does not rule Ter Chadain, the Protector shall appear and reclaim the throne for the rightful Queen King Englewood reads the prophecy every day since he murdered the royal family, all of them Or so he thought The three year old twins escaped that night thirteen years ago, but his men are closing in to finish the job before they can turn sixteen an If the true bloodline does not rule Ter Chadain, the Protector shall appear and reclaim the throne for the rightful Queen King Englewood reads the prophecy every day since he murdered the royal family, all of them Or so he thought The three year old twins escaped that night thirteen years ago, but his men are closing in to finish the job before they can turn sixteen and activate the magic spell making his worst fears a reality A Protector in Ter Chadain and a royal heir with claims to the throne he now held.Logan and Teah Lassain witness the violent murder of their family and narrowly escape They now find themselves not only thrust into the revolution, but the keys to the reunification of Ter Chadain.Bestowed with the powers and spirits of past Protectors, Logan must learn to control both before their memories destroy him Wrenched with anger and the desire for revenge on the man responsible for decimating his life, King Englewood, Logan must keep to the path of greater good and gather support for the revolution from the dukes and duchesses of Ter Chadain.Teah is trained by the Zele Magus, an order of sorceresses, to control and accept her newly discovered magical powers enabling her to take the throne Struggling, she must also ask the question what happens when there are two Protectors of Ter Chadain Two Protectors are not foretold in the prophecies.

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      177 C.S. Yelle
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    One thought on “Reclaiming Ter Chadain

    1. H.K. Savage on said:

      I haven't read true fantasy since Mercedes Lackey back in high school but I have heard great things about this author so I gave it a go. Nice job! It was fresh and inventive with a perspective I enjoyed. We got to be in both main characters' heads often enough to round out the plot. So much would have been lost if we hadn't had that. Also, this is one that is safe for kids and readable for beginners to the fantasy realm, much like Harry Potter was. Unlike Tolkien and Brooks, which assume a certa [...]

    2. Dana Atallah on said:

      Amazing , I would recommend this book to anyone , the way it's written is so vivid I can clearly picture each and every move they made . OMG the last sentence made me want to go running to my bookshelf and grab the second book and start it right this moment but I can't since I have priorities but I will try my best to get to it as soon as possible .I never read something of this genre but I tried reading a few books from the same genre and always hated them but this book is amazing , It has it's [...]

    3. Kara Prem on said:

      Reclaiming Ter Chadain opens with a young man, Logan, who witnesses his father's seemingly random murder while they're in the woods. He returns to his home to find his mother and sister dead. His twin sister Teah though is alive, hiding in the barn. It turns out that these two are more than rural almost 16 year olds, they're the last surviving members of the royal family. Apparently they don't remember being secreted out of the castle at age 3 when the rest of the royals were assassinated by the [...]

    4. Cassandra on said:

      What an amazing read! I am absolutely, beyond a shadow of any doubt whatsoever, in love with this book.Okay, soooo.I NEED to KNOW what happens next! Holy cow, I really, seriously do!Logan and Teah are 16-year-old twins who suddenly discover their world isn’t quite what they thought and are thrust headfirst into a journey that any one of us would lay down and die at the mere thought of. It’s told from Logan’s pov which is a little unusual for me – it almost always from the female pov and [...]

    5. Raven Reviewer on said:

      This book is about an epic quest, a boy and a girl’s journey to not only battle for the throne but also their struggle to accept their new stations. Action-packed, I would really enjoy seeing this made into a movie just to see all of the sword fights, archery, and battle scenes. Yeah, I am a girl, but I love a good fight. There was plenty of that. This was not gory either, if you are worried about stomaching all of the blood and guts. In fact, it would be appropriate for all audiences. With a [...]

    6. Nikki Bywater on said:

      King Englewood thought that he had killed all the members of the royal family, but three year old twins Logan and Teah were hidden away.Since the murders King Englewood reads the prophecy every day.“If the true bloodline does not rule Ter Chadain, the protector should appear and reclaim the throne to the rightful queen.”When the twins reach sixteen they can activate the magic spell that would make his worse fears a reality.Logan and Teah will become part of the revolution to reclaim Ter Chad [...]

    7. Raine Thomas on said:

      Reclaiming Ter Chadain is a wonderful addition to any fantasy-lover's bookshelf. The story follows teenage twins, Logan and Teah Lassain, as they come into their birthrights. Readers experience the twins assuming their powers and abilities as a revolution occurs around them. It's a fantastic journey, indeed!This book was a true page-turner for me. I didn't want to stop reading to find out what would happen next. The plot itself was unpredictable, keeping me guessing and surprising me at several [...]

    8. Robin Christofaro on said:

      In the first book of this series, Reclaiming Ter Chadain, we meet Logan and Teah, twin brother and sister. Life as they know it is quickly interrupted when they find out that they are actually very powerful members of the Lassain family, leaders of Ter Chadain. With Teah slated to become the next Queen of Ter Chadain, and both of them being Protectors, these teenagers are forced into positions of power that they never expected. They are being sought by the current King, Englewood, and his Magica [...]

    9. Kk Sierra on said:

      This was an amazing fantasy novel. Mr. Yelle has created a world that I suspect we can return to again and again for new adventures. His characters are young and have the whole world in front of them. While young, they are maturing rapidly and I find them compelling. I stayed up until 2AM to finish; I was unable to put it down. The reader is quickly and immediately plunged into the action. The story moves swiftly. I just can't say enough good things about it. I'll be first in line to buy the nex [...]

    10. Jen on said:

      I enjoyed this book very much. It was something different, magical and in a world that was fun to escape to every time I picked the book up. I enjoyed the relationship of brother and sister and their relationships with all the new characters they meet. I enjoyed the fact that in a way it was a coming of age story for Teah and Logan. At the very beginning they are kids, but they are thrust into a world where they have no choice but to grow up. They have to accept the responsibilities of being the [...]

    11. Sarah Miles on said:

      I enjoyed reading this book. Twins, a boy and a girl, learn that their lineage is not what they thought. They are two of the most powerful people in their land, and that scares others who are eager to keep power that is not rightfully theirs. The twins work to become the people they were meant to be in this story, taking the lessons learned from their adoptive family and combining them with the duties of their birth family. I'm looking forward to reading book 2 once I finish another book :)

    12. LiteraryChanteuse on said:

      This book had me reading with adrenaline from beginning to end. It is an awesome fantasy story with the perfect amount of action and magic. I always like when a series leaves me with the right amount of closure from one book to the next but yet leaving me with anticipation and this book fits that.

    13. Wanda Hartzenberg on said:

      I love fantasy. Pure fantasy specifically and this was no disappoinment. Epic in scope woth plenty of room in the plot for following books. I loved the story line, the plot and how the author made the characters come to life. Krep an eye on this author. You willnot regret it. WaAr

    14. Lyndie Swedersky on said:

      Loved this book, I like how the weave of magic is natural and the overall story of the twins Logan and Teah! Great read!

    15. Christina on said:

      Who's on the good side and who's got ulterior motives? This question had me turning pages, unable to put it down!

    16. Jesse on said:

      I'm still interested enough to find the second book and find out if it's any better, butThere's a good plot line here, yet it seems lacking in detail, too much jumping from one thing to another with little explanation between.Upon meeting some characters, the trust seems to come about too swiftly with no explanation as to if it's guttural or just a careless whim. Relationships strengthen with little interaction between characters being known to the reader.The age differences are not a maturity g [...]

    17. Thomas Cardin on said:

      I picked up Reclaiming Ter Chadain for free. That day it was the number 1 ranked free epic fantasy on the Kindle.I got my money's worth. It's a lengthy novel with a straight forward plot. It is written in a pleasant, easy, style, though it could use another editing pass to clean up some typos (extra words, missing words, 'sole' when it should read 'soul', 'road' when it should read 'rode', etc.)I had a few issues with charactization. The magus' in particular, both male and female versions, were [...]

    18. Rebecca on said:

      Although there are things about the story that make me wish I could give more, this book earns only a weak 2.5 star rating from me. There are some nice unexpected twists in the story that I like, but it ends on a cliffhanger, which is a major minus in my book. It was doing a great job of making a satisfying ending then insists on sticking in a cliffhanger to try to make people buy the sequel. I don't go for that. If your book is good enough on its own, people will buy the sequel because they car [...]

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