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Severance Severance is the bone chilling adrenaline filled sequel to Volition Charlotte finds herself hoping against reason that her life couldn t really have taken the devastating turn that it has With Joel s

  • Title: Severance
  • Author: Shawn Kirsten Maravel
  • ISBN: 9781463604462
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Paperback
  • Severance is the bone chilling, adrenaline filled sequel to Volition Charlotte finds herself hoping against reason that her life couldn t really have taken the devastating turn that it has With Joel still dangerously out of the picture, and no signs that he may ever come back, she finds herself up against an even dangerous threat A sexy and cunning threat that is bSeverance is the bone chilling, adrenaline filled sequel to Volition Charlotte finds herself hoping against reason that her life couldn t really have taken the devastating turn that it has With Joel still dangerously out of the picture, and no signs that he may ever come back, she finds herself up against an even dangerous threat A sexy and cunning threat that is bound to tear what she has always known to be her reality down for good When things finally start to look up, another curve ball is thrown her way, promising to give her what she d hoped for since meeting Joel, an answer it seems that came a little too late What Charlotte thought she d once known to be the truth filters through her fingers, leaving her to believe that her world and the afterworld are much tangled than she d originally expected She comes to find that love and lust are no longer the sole deciders of her fate, but revenge A lifetime of secrets unfold and Charlotte discovers that Joel hasn t been the only one watching over her all of these years.

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      408 Shawn Kirsten Maravel
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    One thought on “Severance

    1. Shawn on said:

      Severance was an incredibly fun book to write. From the beginning I knew that it would follow Volition beautifully. In Severance you get to know Joel on a whole different level and find out even more about Charlotte. Volition for me was all about setting up the story, establishing characters, and defining a theme and plot. Severance however gets to take all of that a just run with it! And I think that everyone will be pleased with the surprise ending!

    2. Stacy Eaton on said:

      I read Severance on the heels of Volition. I was taken in by Ms. Maravel's characters in Volition and I got to know them even better in Severance. This was a book that was hard to put down and very easy to read! Ms. Maravel did an excellent job engaging the characters into scenarios that were real life with a twists of the paranormal. These twists made you want to believe that the paranormal world of angels really does exist in and around us. The conflicts that both Joel and Charlotte have to de [...]

    3. Jan Marquart on said:

      I just finished Severance, Shawn Maravel's sequel to Volition. There were at least three twists to the story that had me unable to put the book down but when I got to the very end I couldn't believe it. Shawn managed to give me yet another shocking surprise. Even if you haven't read Volition, read this one. But do read Volition. Crafty work Shawn.

    4. Sarah Literary Meanderings on said:

      ♥ Find my reviews on Blogger ~ Reviews by Bookish Sarah - - -*Please be aware that this review will be spoilery for you if you haven't read its' predecessor (Volition)!*Severance picks up pretty much right where Volition left off. Charlotte is now getting through her days as only half a person. Her guardian angel took a bullet for her and now rests in a coma. Doctors tell her he'll probably never wake up, but her faith in Joel and their love is unwavering.“I knew that she couldn’t hear me [...]

    5. Donna Book Passion for Life on said:

      “I was the silent and ever present figure in your lifebut you.” I kissed the back of her hand softly and closed my eyes. "You've always been the meaning of mine.”After reading ‘Volition’ the first in Shawn Marvel’s series, I was really looking forward to reading the next one ‘Severance’ but with review books for the blog popping up, it me a while to get to it. After reading it……I was left stunned! And if anything, Shawn’s work gets better with each book. Charlotte’s world [...]

    6. Cassandra on said:

      First Published on the blog: *YA Reader Extraordinaire* ""I was the silent and ever present figure in your lifebut you." I kissed the back of her hand softly and closed my eyes. "You've always been the meaning of mine.""Charlotte's world seemed to turn upside down when Joel took a bullet for her and was put in a coma. Time was running out for her guardian angel and after learning of how Alex truly felt she needs him more than ever. Will Joel ever wake up and how far will Alex go to get what he f [...]

    7. Kristin on said:

      Great sequel to Volition. I will admit that I usually get bored with a series and find myself not interested in sequels but this one had be wrapped around it's finger from the beginning. I didn't read the books back to back so I was happy to see that the author refreshed our memories on what happened in a way that didn't feel like a rehashing of the previous story. The story starts off with Joel in a coma. He saved Charlotte's life by standing jumping in front of a bullet that was intended for h [...]

    8. Haley ~ YA-Aholic on said:

      With everything going on can Charlotte and Joel's love make it threw ? or will Charlotte realize.ybe Heaven isn't suppose to be on Earth.( This book is a second to a series, read at your own risk of spoilers to book one)Wowwow. Severance completely blew my mind from beginning to end, this story was so much better then I could have even imaginedI mean I thought this was gonna be goodbut wow Severance had me on a roller coaster of thrill, romance, and mystery and wouldn't let me off the ride till [...]

    9. Jena on said:

      In the sexy and thrilling sequel to Volition, Shawn Kirsten Maravel has created a book that's sure to make readers happy.*spoilers if you have not read book 1*In Severance, we pick up right where Volition left off. After sacrificing himself, Joel is still in the hospital and fighting for his life. And, Charlotte's old boss Alex seems to be getting closer than ever to her to the point that might be freighting. So when a surprise comes that makes Charlotte thinking things may just be looking up, e [...]

    10. Michelle on said:

      I have read a few dual book series, and I like it. The length is great. You can get from the start to a finish of a story in more detail than in just a standalone book but it still feels like a standalone story. However, I like to read both books back to back. I don't think I would enjoy it as much if I had to wait a year between each book. I put up with the wait for series because most of the time there will be another book after it, but knowing you are waiting for the last installment is tortu [...]

    11. Ottilie on said:

      I'd say 4.5-5 star rating. I really did enjoy Severance, it lived up to the book before it! Shawn keeps the reader flipping the pages to find out what happens in addition to the witty sense of humor that does snake itself in there! I'm not an overly emotional person and i was close to tearing up at the very end of the book. Severance does do something a little different was the change of point of view, which I really enjoyed, at first though I will admitt there were a couple of sections I didn't [...]

    12. Gabby (What's Beyond Forks?) on said:

      If you enjoyed Volition, you will love Severance. Just like the first book, twists and turns will keep you glued to the pages. The story and characters are truly lovable. In the beginning of this book, I did want to slap Charlotte around quite a bit. To avoid a spoiler, there was something she really should have told her friends as soon as she knew the information herself. So, I was glad when they stopped speaking to her later in the book. It was deserved. Aside from her lapse in judgement, I fe [...]

    13. Stephanie on said:

      Severance takes place right where Volition leaves off.(Spoilers)Joel is currently in a coma for the bullet he took that ultimately saves Charlotte's life. There are so many questions running through Charlotte's mind, the biggest one is when will Joel wake up? When Joel finally wakes up, Charlotte and Joel have to face reality together. While Charlotte is happy Joel is alive, Alex, on the other hand, is furious. He will do whatever it takes to make Charlotte his.Severance was just as good as Voli [...]

    14. LovesAllThingsBooks Book Reviews on said:

      Spoiler Alert: Severance is the sequel to Volition.Personally I think I like this one better than the first, now I loved the first but this one definitely has more action/suspense and I'm an action/suspense kind of girl. I think Shawn Kirsten Maravel had it going on with Severance.Severance picks up where Volition left off. Joel's injuries left him with a big surprise, one that changes the world for him and Charlotte and allows them what they want most be together. But on the other hand it sort [...]

    15. Jane on said:

      I won this e-book from a give-away on Shadow Kisses blog. Yes, this is bone-chilling and packed full of adrenaline as the synopsis on states. I could not put this book down. The narrative gallops along at such a pace, full of twists and turns, you don't know who or what is going to pop up next. I actually wonder how I stopped reading this book to eat my tea!! Wow! I am still reeling from it all. At the end of Volition we were left wondering if Joel would survive and if he does, what injuries do [...]

    16. Dora-lee on said:

      What an amazing read this book turned out to be for me with alot of action really kept me on the edge of my seat . The character Alex turned out to be more in Charlotte's life after the last book I read called Volition. (another incredible read ) I found myself caught in the excitement of the changes in growth of Joel and Charlotte . I highly recommend you take the time to come and get to know the characters I am learning and loving in this book . Well worth your time and efforts pull up a chair [...]

    17. Janosch on said:

      In the sequel to "Volition" we get an epic movie ending for the story about Charlotte and Joel. With the nice build up in "Volition" with its focus on relationship and love with well formed characters, the final book is packed with drama. You will have a hard time catching your breath for all the things that Charlotte has to face for her so wanted happy end. Will she get it? Is there a place for true love? The book has its main focus on the emotions jealousy, love and the two characters. No spec [...]

    18. Books Ahoy on said:

      This book was just as great as the first book, Volition, jam packed full with action, suspense, and romance. The beginning really had me teetering on edge because I had no idea what would happen. There were so many surprises in this book it definitely keeps you on your toes and wanting more. The romance is still very very romantic. Tension definitely builds up more in this second book and makes the books all the more great! This is definitely a must read and you go buy it right now. 5 stars!!!!

    19. Becky on said:

      I just finished reading Severance today and let me tell you I was beyond pleased. The ending was exactly what I wanted it to be. From the first book Volition, I knew I loved all the characters. In Severance you really do see more of the characters and what great lengths they are able to go through with love on their side. In my opinion every woman should have a Joel. And if they dont, well then they just need to keep on searching. Joel really is the perfect man. I can only hope that Shawn Marave [...]

    20. Jen Randolph on said:

      Great story. Towards the end it was a little over the top in terms of how many events were being out into the story, but it was well done. There are enough twists to keep the story fast paced but not too many to keep track of. A nice touch is that Shawn ties everything together and leave no loose ends. This is something many famous authors often forget to do.There were multiple laugh out loud moments and the ending left me with a happy glow. I highly recommend this book to others.

    21. Nina Life of a Bookworm on said:

      What to say? Shawn Maravel did it one more time! Severance is great and it goes right next to Volition on my shelves of favorites!All twists in the book were great… and in the end of the book my face was like :O WOW haha and little Chloe is sooo cute :D totally loved happy ending <3 Can't wait to start with The Wanderer!

    22. LiteraryChanteuse on said:

      I was in anticipation for this book and it did not let me down! It had as much excitement as the first but again threw me for a few turns which I did not see coming. I only fell more in love with the characters and was able to understand their story with more complexity.

    23. Jess (the cozy reader) on said:

      Wonderful sequel! Loved little Chloe and the surprise with Alex in the end!! I recommend this series to everyone.

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