The Practice Date

Victorine E. Lieske

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The Practice Date

The Practice Date From New York Times bestselling author of NOT WHAT SHE SEEMS Jane s been in love with her best friend Lance since they were kids Best friend that is until he ditched her for the popular crowd What s

  • Title: The Practice Date
  • Author: Victorine E. Lieske
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From New York Times bestselling author of NOT WHAT SHE SEEMS Jane s been in love with her best friend Lance since they were kids Best friend, that is, until he ditched her for the popular crowd What s a computer nerd doing spending time with jocks anyway When he asks her for help getting a date to the prom with the most popular girl in school she almost tells himFrom New York Times bestselling author of NOT WHAT SHE SEEMS Jane s been in love with her best friend Lance since they were kids Best friend, that is, until he ditched her for the popular crowd What s a computer nerd doing spending time with jocks anyway When he asks her for help getting a date to the prom with the most popular girl in school she almost tells him to take a flying leap But she d be spending time with him, teaching him to dance and he d be holding herat sounded like heaven So she says yes But how much practice can her heart take The Practice Date is a novelette, 11,000 words, 50 pages in paperback.

    • Unlimited [Children's Book] ☆ The Practice Date - by Victorine E. Lieske ✓
      497 Victorine E. Lieske
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    One thought on “The Practice Date

    1. Craig Hansen on said:

      After a foray into science fiction, New York Times bestselling author Victorine E. Lieske returns, in part, to familiar territory. The Practice Date is a roughly 11,000-word novelette that is a romance (like Not What She Seems) and is young adult (like The Overtaking) but is neither a suspense story nor a science fiction tale.Think of it as a short John Hughes film, in print form. Like the Reader's Digest annotated version of Pretty In Pink. Or, for you readers who grew up in the '90s, maybe mor [...]

    2. Zury on said:

      This was such a cute short story. And that's exactly what it was - a short story. Fairly fast paced since you can read it in maybe a day or two. I got it from as a freebie and since I'm a sucker for romance, I downloaded it and was left saying "Awww how cute" so it was nice. This is about a teen girl named Jane who has been in love with her friend Lance since they were kids. Of course he's oblivious to this fact and when he approaches her for a favor, she agrees to helping him. Unfortunately th [...]

    3. Char (1RadReader59) on said:

      Jane had been friends with Lance her neighbor since they were kids, she now 16 and he is now 17. They used to hang out playing the video game Avengers, but for a little over a year now he has been hanging out with the popular kids. Not once thinking to include her or visit her.On this day on her way home from school he is waiting on his porch as she passes so he can talk to her. When he speaks to her she acts like she didn’t notice him. Then he asks if she wants to hang out. She knows there is [...]

    4. Change211 on said:

      It was short, fast-paced and it spares me from drama. I couldn’t relate ‘cause I have never been in love with a friend, but it was easy to put yourself into the character. The thing was I don’t like it that much, yes, it was less dramatic…but maybe that’s what it lacks. Imagine, your childhood friend shut you out without a word and you could just let him back in your life that easily? Only because you like him and you want to be with him? What is that? Isn’t it more painful for you? [...]

    5. Katie W on said:

      Jane's friend and neighbor, Lance, has broken her heart. They used to hang out all of the time, but now that he's "in" with the popular crowd, she's history. She's also in love with him. When Lance asks Jane for help in training him to be the perfect date for a popular cheerleader, Jane jumps at the chance to spend time with Lance again. Even if it means having her heart broken again.This was a short, cute, sweet (clean) story. Lance was pretty clueless, but that's probably pretty typical of the [...]

    6. Kim on said:

      At the beginning of this title I wanted to just shake the clueless hero over and over! Then there was the devastating tragic twist of why the hero stayed away from the heroine for a year when he needed her the most. Then I was like, "Oh!". Then after that the perfect dates, holding hands, thoughtful gestures, and those sweet but heart attack inducing kisses that followed just for practice and I was like in total swoon readers. The near end HEA twist was expected, but still loved it! So this clea [...]

    7. Gabs My Full Bookshelf Reviews on said:

      Read more of my reviews at My Full Bookshelf Reviews3.5 stars This book is all a romance book should be; fun and satisfying, with an ending that gives you warm fuzzies. Unfortunately, it suffers from 'novella syndrome'; the plot goes by so fast that you cannot connect with the characters as much as you could in a regular sized book. Still, it was one of the better novellas I've read. I could still connect with Jane, just not as much as in a 200-300 page book.I feel that this would have been even [...]

    8. Elaine on said:

      Actually this is one of the better romances out there because it lacks the fluff. Jane's crazy about her childhood friend Lance but for some time, he's excluded her from his life while he hangs out with the "cool" crowd. Now he's asking for her help in transforming him from the nerd that he is so that he can ask pretty Tiffany to the prom. Jane's heart sinks but to spend time with him, she tells him she'll do it. When they go out looking for "cool" clothes for him, he treats Jane to lunch and sh [...]

    9. Theresa Needham fehse on said:

      The Practice Date is the perfect read for someone looking for a sweet tale of first love and a romantic read. I really enjoyed how the two main characters, Lance and Jane, slowly rekindled their friendship after many years of not talking to each other. This eventually led to them developing into more than friends.Lieske does a nice job of writing Jane's confusion and frustration of what she feels for Lance. I connected with Jane just like I am sure many others will. It is a quick read but defini [...]

    10. Sienna Logan (Lost to Books) on said:

      More reviews at losttobooksActual rating 3.5 This was just what you'd expect from a novella; it was short, sweet and enjoyable. The narrative was fun and lighthearted and although you don't connect with the characters because o the length, it does keep you wanting to read more. The plot is a standard girl-likes-friend-but-he's-clueless and although it's predictable, it's still a nice read that's okay for relaxing. There were some parts moved a little too quickly and could have done with slightly [...]

    11. Charissa on said:

      Jane has always had a crush on her neighbor and friend, Lance. But after he joins the more popular crowd, he ditches her and breaks her heart. After months of being apart, Lance reenters her life to enlist help in sprucing up his image so he can ask a pretty cheerleader out to prom. Jane helps him (just to spend time with him), knowing she will have her heart broken again by her friend. Lance takes her on practice dates and she helps him learn how to dance to prepare him for the real one. This w [...]

    12. Ines Bautista-yao on said:

      I woke up at 4am to finish reading this story! You read that right. I fell asleep reading it and woke up in the middle of the night because I wanted more! It was that good. I love the author's clean, crisp writing style and how she makes you care about the characters from the get-go. I also particularly like the whole practice date scenario. I read a Sweet Dreams (Bantam) book that had a similar theme when I was in high school and I loved the movie Some Kind of Wonderful, which also involved pra [...]

    13. June on said:

      A fun little teen read about young love. Jane and Lance have been friends forever. But suddenly Lance started hanging out with the football players and cheerleaders and Jane misses him. When Lance asks her for help getting ready to ask another girl to the prom, Jane is torn. She doesn't want him to ask someone else, but if that's the only way she can be with him, she'll help. Practice, practice, practice. And then Lance gives her a nice little surprise. Clean story, clean language. Short teen no [...]

    14. yani on said:

      *2 stars*This "novelette" is so predictable and clichéd. As I've said tons before, there is nothing wrong with cliché, so long as it's written and executed well. But with this one, the writing felt uninspired. I know the author put a lot of effort into this, and I admire that, but I just have to put it out there. I felt like it was so rushed. The emotions were not conveyed well. The characters, too, were banal and flat. Anyway, it was entertaining enough not to put down. It's still cute, short [...]

    15. Laura Phillips on said:

      Light easy reading that is not detailed enough. Reads like a short story. Just looked up the print length in and not sure how this could only be 38 pages. So, basing this on a short story, it had to be rushed and was fun to read. I guess I would have just preferred something longer with more details. I did like the plot, just would have preferred it not to be so rushed.I hate that this is going to destroy my page per book average for the year. But on the plus note, it helps me with the books re [...]

    16. H. on said:

      had the Kindle edition for free this week, so I took a chance on it and downloaded it. It's a cute novelette and only took me about forty-five minutes to read. The only thing that annoyed me had nothing to do with the storytelling but with several word misuses. I guess the editor in me is always going to get annoyed with anything short of perfection in the grammar area, but as a reader, I could stand to read this short story again whenever I need a little romance.

    17. Nerissa Ayala Lesko on said:

      Short and sweetMy title says it all. Short and sweet. If you are looking for a quick YA romantic read this is it. I enjoyed this book and think how it could be turned into a movie. It would need to be expanded on quite a lot.Judging a cover 3/5 for the cover. It looked like a YA novel cover. I don't think it had anything to do with the story. It need to be a little more geeky or quirky. It needed something else.

    18. Monica on said:

      cute teenage romance story about a girl who has decided to help her longtime crush ask the cheerleader to prom only so she can spend more time with him. he soon realizes that he would rather be with her than the cheerleader. this story reminds me about the sometimes awkward stages of dating in high school.

    19. Melissa on said:

      I received a copy of The Practice Date for free from . This was a quick read that I think would be fun for most teenagers. The author made it easy to understand the frustration of Jane who was spending time with a boy who liked someone else. (Men!) I liked that the novelette was a clean romance and seemed well-written. 3 ½ Stars. Clean romance.

    20. •Anna• on said:

      It was kind of sweet, yeah, but predictable from the very first word.And Jane a friend - who happens to be your biggest crush - doesn't say a single word to you in years, and you let him use you at the first opportunity? HELL TO THE NO.And Lance selling out your Star Wars collection only to impress someone? Kid, you've got to be kidding me!

    21. Kathy on said:

      I've enjoyed this author's Married Series so thought I'd give this one a try. This story is fine but not one I would rave about. Didn't really connect with either character probably because it was so short.Content: CleanSource: Kindle Freebie

    22. Catherine on said:

      The first time I read this I loved it. But when I read it again (so I can put it into ), I really disliked it. I really don't know what changed my mind. I thought the book lacked something, not sure what it is (and trust me, it's annoying me).Maybe if I read it again I might like it.

    23. Melanie Gin on said:

      This was a really short and quick read.Very predictable, but still very cute.Since it was so short, Victorine wasted no time in the progression.I didn't really get the 16 and 17 year old vibe more like 14 and 15, but no matter

    24. Brianne Whitley on said:

      This reminded me of a cheesy 80’s romantic comedy. It was clean, had some romance, and some minor confusion between the main characters. This was a short, sweet book that made me laugh and root for Jane! This was a good book!

    25. Amy on said:

      A super cute short story about friendship and the power of first love. The Practice Date was a fast read, but the writing was good and watching the two main characters fall in love was sweet. Well worth the short time it took to read and def an author to check out.

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