The Last Hope

Erin Hunter

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The Last Hope

The Last Hope The end of the stars draws near Three must become four to battle the darkness that lasts foreverAfter countless moons of treachery Tigerstar s Dark Forest apprentices are ready to lay seige upon the

  • Title: The Last Hope
  • Author: Erin Hunter
  • ISBN: 9780061555275
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The end of the stars draws near Three must become four to battle the darkness that lasts foreverAfter countless moons of treachery, Tigerstar s Dark Forest apprentices are ready to lay seige upon the warrior Clans As the clan cats seek out their allies and enemies, Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Dovewing search desperately for the fourth cat who is prophesied to help themThe end of the stars draws near Three must become four to battle the darkness that lasts foreverAfter countless moons of treachery, Tigerstar s Dark Forest apprentices are ready to lay seige upon the warrior Clans As the clan cats seek out their allies and enemies, Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Dovewing search desperately for the fourth cat who is prophesied to help them lead the clans to victory and who may be their only hope of survival.

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      319 Erin Hunter
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    One thought on “The Last Hope

    1. Sammy on said:

      I love this (these) series by Erin Hunter, I hope this isn't the last book though! I just wish it'd been a tad more clear about who Dovewing chooses, Tigerheart or Bumblestripe!I love that Cinderheart finally accepts Lionblaze, about time girl!I think Jayfeather is still my favorite character, he's just so grumpy and lovable at the same time, hehe. I wish Hollyleaf didn't die, I really did like her. She died saving Ivypool though, so it was a good death, a warriors death.I'm glad Star Clan helpe [...]

    2. Alley Kat on said:

      There needs to be a higher star rating for how awesome this book was. Just the love, the loss, the death, and the evilness was all there. It was some of the aspects that a few Warriors books lacked and more. This book hit me hard and I will never forget this day where no one could move me from the couch as I clenched the book in my hands, announcing every time I hit a new chapter.I can proudly mark this book:

    3. Vermin Supreme™ on said:

      It all started in 2008, and I had just won the State Reflections contest. I never made it to nationals, but as a petty gift I got a ten dollar Borders gift card.When I ran into get a book, I was late to my aunts house, and I had to pick anything, as quick as possible. I saw a light green novel, with an orange cat on the front.Now, I had always been a fan of felines, as I had one myself. I knew this book would be good, so I simply grabbed it and purchased it. I then left Borders.This was in the b [...]

    4. Micheline on said:

      The Last Hope is the final installement in the final series of Warriors books (chronilogically since 'the Erins' have said they would write a sort of prequel or origins series eventually). Words cannot describe how I have enjoyed this series as a whole. I got into it skeptically; wondering if even my love of cats wouldn't be enough to make a whole series of books with cat protagonists interesting. Thinking these were children's books that would probably bore me eventuallyy was I wrong. These boo [...]

    5. Melissa Corn ~bubbles bubbles bubbles~ on said:

      I am writing this review in February which way after I actually read the book (which was in October or something I think) so a few of the things are a bit hazy to me. Likes:* I really enjoyed the fact that Brambleclaw, Squirrelflight and Leafpool FINALLY made up. I am so so glad that the drama with them is finally over.* Hollyleaf's death scene: sure it was sad but in my humble opinion it was really well written and probably the best authored scene in the entire book.* Bramblstar became leader o [...]

    6. Jack on said:

      WOW. OMG. SO INTENSE; SO EPIC; SO INCREDIBLE; SO PERFECT! I LOVED THIS BOOK SO, SO MUCH AND IT HAS TO BE ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS I'VE EVER READ! JUST WOWFirstly, this is the final book in the OOTS series and the final book where we're with the current cats. We've grown with them since Into the Wild many, many books ago and now it's over. We won't be journeying with the current cats any more and it's so sad. We must take a moment There is going to be a 5th Warriors series after this, but set at the [...]

    7. Sarah on said:

      The Warriors series was something that changed my life. I stumbled upon the first book in my uncle's home almost three years ago (the summer before Year 7), and was hooked ever since. So when the epic finale came out, I had to read it. Unfortunately, being in China, I couldn't get a copy until this morning.With such an epic franchise to conclude, I was a bit worried that this book would be a disappointment. But while it was not a complete raging page-turner (which isn't that possible), it was fa [...]

    8. Stefani Zeiger on said:

      I cried sooo much :( I loved it though. I can't wait for the next book :)

    9. Lori on said:

      *****SPOILER*****I try to rate the Warriors series as what it is - not "great literature", but formula storytelling for juvenile or tween readers, holding more in common with Nancy Drew than Huck Finn. None of the installations have earned 5 stars from me, but several have earned 4, despite flaws such as repetitiveness, painfully manipulative cliffhanger moments and major-character introspection, anthropomorphizing to the point of nonsense, and glaring biological impossibilities. It is fantasy, [...]

    10. aliᵏᵉᵉᵖ ʸᵒᵘʳ ᵐᵒᵘᵗʰ ˢʰᵘᵗ on said:

      Oh my gosh. IHATEDthe end to the series. The first series was amazing, and it went downhill from there. This book was the worst of them all. I could rant for hours on how bad this book was. First off, in the final battle, the three had nothing big to do in it. The clan cats would have been fine without them. And how many cats died? Like, only six. -.- Seriously? It's a battle against the greatest villians of all time, who have killed hundreds, and only SIX cats die? What is up with that. They al [...]

    11. Natalia on said:

      Man, this series was my childhood in a nutshell. My obsession with this series would border ridiculous at some points in time. My happiness was overwhelming when I saw a novel of this series at Barnes&Noble, it being the first novel in English I actually read. Those were the days . . .Now, this is the last novel in the fourth series The Omen of the Stars. It is the grande finale, where the Dark Forest rises to its full power and the true battle begins. Where warriors' loyalties are constantl [...]

    12. Julia, a dog lover on said:

      Do not read this if you haven't read the book.You have been warned.Ok, Let me just say that this book marks the end of a chapter in my life. I would like to thank the warriors for.r everything they did to help me. This has been an amazing experienceAnd now, for the book. The fourth cat? Pure genius. I LOVE YOU FIRESTAR, AND I DON'T CARE WHAT THEY SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad to get that out. The beginning was a bit slow, wit the same slow sssslllloooooowwww buildup of the last 5 bo [...]

    13. Momo on said:

      How many reviewers so far have claimed that this series changed their life? Is it cliche and overused for me to say it?I swear that these books changed my life.I hated reading, and then I picked up a Warriors book.After a while of reading these I began to think, "When are these going to end?!" but I regret those thoughts. The end of this book series is a true tragedy.Okay, enough of the sentimentality (for now), here's my review:SPOILERS FROM THIS POINT. ENTER AT OWN RISK!Knowing that this was t [...]

    14. Kat (Lost in Neverland) on said:

      (It's been a while since I finished this, but I've finally got around to writing this review. I actually wrote this review the minute after I finished it, but that was my hand written one, not the one on here.)I can't do it. I can't write a review of this. I'm lying on my bed, nose and eyes still burning from crying so much, and I justn't. This series the reason I love reading. I still remember the day Mama put Warriors: Into the Wild in my hands when I was ten years old. And I didn't want to re [...]

    15. e͔̩̤͔͕̩ͮ̌̌ͩͣ́͑rͫ̊̐ṛ͖͓̲ͫ̐͗̆o̤͚̝͊̂͆r͕̗͓͎͈͍̽̉̾̂̏̉ͪ ̲̫̮͖̟̬̤̆̿͊4̹̬̌̈̈́̾̓0̪̟̮͙̠̦͒͗ͅ4̥͖̻̤̓̆ͤ͛͂̄ on said:

      This was the most stressful book out of all six for me. All of the tension really kept me reading!Moar spoilerssssssss ;)(view spoiler)[Firestar was the fourth. I should have seen that coming He's on the cover! So obvious. 😂Hollyleaf died wow. At least she died in ThunderClan, and not as loner.Spottedleaf died. I seriously almost cried. Firestar was so sad. A tear actually escaped my eye THE FEELS!!What? More deaths?! Hawkfrost Brokenstar Tigerstar Ferncloud Mousefur (Wow finally right? She w [...]

    16. Ravenfeather on said:

      SPOILER WARNINGThis book is the best book EVER! But I only gave it three stars because I can name a lot of major flaws that I think they could have tried harder to fix.Likes:*The battle scene was the best in the whole series!*I'm glad Mothwing and Cloudtail probably believe in StarClan, BUT I wish they gave more detail and insight of what Cloudtail and Mothwing were thinking during the battle, like some bonus scene.*I love Hollyleaf's death, saving Ivypool and appologizing to her mother, it was [...]

    17. ♏⟑¢⊀∑∏≳≀∑ on said:

      With battles one and lost, challenges conquered and forgotten, the all Clans have faced all of their battles with courage and unwavering loyalty. Each clan has suffered deaths and yet rejoiced in the comings of new kits. “There will be three cats, kin of your kin, with the power of the stars in their paws. They will find a fourth, and the battle between light and dark will be won. A new leader will rise from the shadows of his death, and the Clans will survive beyond the memories of his memori [...]

    18. rachel on said:

      I was highly disappointed in this book In fact, I hardly enjoyed any of the books in the "Omen of the Stars". Ever since the first series (which I absolutely adored), it just kinda start rolling down hill and The Last Hope was at the bottom. The plot just didn't add up in the end, and when Firestar was suddenly thrown back into it, I was like "What!?" After he became a side character after the first series, it makes absolutely no sense to suddenly put him back in the spotlight. But if it were up [...]

    19. Sarah Evans on said:

      I thought this book was amazing and I would recommend it 2 any warrior fan! I still wander what will happen between dove wing and tigerheart I wanted her 2 choose him :(I was also sad that firestar died, but he has been leader 4 quite a long time. The way he died (killing tigerstar) was the best way to die 4 him :) bramblestar will make a good leader I was a little surprised he chose squirelflight as deputy, but I know she will b a good deputy.I am also very glad that lionblaze and cinderheart g [...]

    20. Trinity N on said:

      The Great Battle draws near and the three needs to become 4 to battle the darkness that lasts forever Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Dovewing are confused. How could The Three need another? Lionblaze thinks it's their long lost sister Hollyleaf. Dovewing is convinced that it's her sister, Ivypool. Jayfeather believes that it has to be a dead ancestor named Tigerheart after he saw a reed with a smoldering tip. Meanwhile, in the dark forest, Tigerstar has gathered up warriors from all of the clans to [...]

    21. Kayla on said:

      Well here it goes. The final (not really) installment of the Warriors series. I remember when my sister started reading this series. I thought it would be to childish and for a few months I scorned the series. But after she was hooked on them I decided I would give the series a try. And boy what a ride. I would have never thought cats could be given such human characteristics (and believe me I'm an animal lover/activist). Quickly I fell in love with the clan cats. I knew the final battle was dra [...]

    22. Livi St Peter on said:

      Wow. Just. Wow. This book was soo good. People at my school make fun of my love for this series because it's about cats, but honestly it is about so much more than that. It's about friendship and learning to accept people for who they are. I know so many people have said this series has changed their lives, and honestly it did for me too. It was the first book series that really made me love reading, and that I really fell for the characters and I fell HARD. This book ends the series perfectly, [...]

    23. LeonaCarstairs on said:

      Warriors was my OBSESSION. I own all the books from the first four series (except one) but I will not be continuing on with the other one Erin Hunter is writing because, well, enough is enough. But I loved this book/series so much when I read it. Idk if my opinion would change now if I happened to reread this but it definitely was dear to my heart, thus the high rating.

    24. Semarah on said:

      A great battle of the living and the dead foreshadow the future of the clans in Erin Hunter’s The Last Hope. The story takes place in by a lake and the story is told from the view of cats. The main characters Jayfeather, Dovewing and Lionblaze all live in a highly structured and spiritual society called Clans. Distrust between clanmates are rising as a selected few cats from each clan are trained to brutally fight each other. The cats believe that they will be helping their clanmates, but inst [...]

    25. Toni on said:

      i got so excited when spottedleaf came back. i just have to get that out of the way. with that said, this book was an interesting and semi satisfying read. the atmosphere was moderately calm, up until the end of the book. the read is worth itough poor jayfeather is accused of murdering flametail (in an earlier book), he’s still able to talk to mothwing, which is good. gladly, after searching for flametail’s spirit, jay’s able to convince him that he wasn’t murdered and that was a pretty [...]

    26. Aarifa -Leafpool-Always on said:


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