He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not

Lena Diaz

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He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not

He Kills Me He Kills Me Not Four years ago Amanda Stockton was forced to play a serial killer s twisted game of chance Since then she has retreated from the world bearing the scar from her ordeal and the burden of a terrible

  • Title: He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not
  • Author: Lena Diaz
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Four years ago, Amanda Stockton was forced to play a serial killer s twisted game of chance Since then, she has retreated from the world, bearing the scar from her ordeal and the burden of a terrible secret But when another woman is found dead, clutching a long stemmed red rose, Amanda knows she can hide no longer If there were any other way, Chief Logan Richards wouldFour years ago, Amanda Stockton was forced to play a serial killer s twisted game of chance Since then, she has retreated from the world, bearing the scar from her ordeal and the burden of a terrible secret But when another woman is found dead, clutching a long stemmed red rose, Amanda knows she can hide no longer If there were any other way, Chief Logan Richards would never ask the only surviving victim for help But it s clear this killer will not be stopped and Amanda is the only link Torn between catching a madman and winning the trust of the woman he s come to love, Logan is caught in a dangerous game with Amanda And there s no guarantee they ll come out on top.

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    One thought on “He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not

    1. Anne OK on said:

      (Read for HEAC June 2012 Over-In-A-Flash Challenge)Lena Diaz is a new to me author, whose romantic suspense debut "He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not" was a big hit with me. The author took her time developing the characters, as well as the romance side of the coin. There was an equal balance between the solid and strong suspense and the building relationship between the leading characters. An excellent secondary cast points the way to the next installment. This story contains dark, gritty, and grueso [...]

    2. Mo on said:

      I really don't know what to say about this one. Yes, I finished it but I really did not care for the characters. He was feeling guilty about what happened in the past. She was feeling guilty about what happened in the past.I've said it before, Romantic Suspense has to be really GOOD for me to love it. The Queen of RS is Ms Sandra Brown and after having read her recent books, I am spoiled. Sorry RS authors but that's just the way I feel.I may read more from this author I think you can tell from [...]

    3. PaigeBookdragon on said:

      This probably isn't for me.I like the plot, despite being overly used in a romantic suspense genre but I can't really empathize and feel the characters. There's also the lack of gore that I want in my crime books (or maybe the gory scenes in this book doesn't affect me). The author's way of writing is simple and it's kind good but I'm still debating whether I should read more of her books or not

    4. Lauren on said:

      He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not3 StarsFour years after her harrowing ordeal at the hands of a serial killer, Amanda Stockton has changed her name and is finally getting on with her life. But now the monster who played his deadly game with her has struck again and Police Chief Logan Richards is convinced that Amanda knows something that can help catch a madman. Unfortunately, the killer thinks so tooAn intriguing premise and a solid beginning. Unfortunately, the story and the romance lose momentum t [...]

    5. Cindy ~ SnS Reviews on said:

      Book opens with the killer posing his latest victim in the park. She is covered with stab wounds on her abdomen and extremities and deep cut on her face from temple to jaw. He puts a single red rose in her hand with just one thorn left on the rose. Police Chief Logan Richards grew up in Shadow Falls and was a beat cop who made a rookie mistake that let a killer go free. To punish himself he moved to New York City and became a detective in one of the roughest precincts. Many years later after his [...]

    6. Cristina on said:

      4,5 starsFantastic! Well written, super creepy and hot. It kept me interested until the very end. Finally a satisfying and solid romantinc-suspense

    7. Roksana on said:

      The 80% of the book 4/5 stars, the end 2 starsI so wanted to like this book in addition it had so much potential on the plot and romance parts. It is evident from the start, the author invested in characterisation development; I found Logan very likeable from the very beginning, one that you could feel immediate kindness. I found Amanda very strong and down to earth, needles to say, a lot of vulnerability and soreness accompanied her throughout the book prior to her horrible experience whilst be [...]

    8. Carey Baldwin on said:

      "Fantastic debut! Drives you forward with urgent story questions. Lots of twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the end."

    9. Manda Collins on said:

      Love this! Totally reminds me of Christy Reece or early Linda Howard. Great alpha hero and strong heroine. Can't wait for her next one!

    10. Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews on said:

      Originally posted at: longandshortreviews.cHe Kills Me, He Kills Me Not is absolutely gripping. The novel opened with a chilling account of the serial killer positioning the body of his latest victim. Even more distressing, Ms. Diaz hinted that the killer is someone in law enforcement. I love a good mystery and was hooked instantly. I had to discover the killer’s identity and how he would be caught. Ms. Diaz created a sense of urgency that had me racing through the pages seeking the answers. M [...]

    11. Tammy on said:

      When I first saw the name of the book it had me interested. I was thinking "Wow, someone has their life in someone's hand with a bit of twist with the game: "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not". As I began to read this book I could not put it down. I started reading it on Wednesday and had it done by Thursday night. I did not want to put the book down, my kids saw me making their meals with my Kindle in my hand. I was that interested in it. The twist and turns of the book were enough for you not to pu [...]

    12. BooK-O-Holic on said:

      My Amanda: Logan:So, I really enjoyed this story. Amanda (the main female character) was a strong leading character and although very reserve at times, remained strong and stood by her convictions. A few scenes she acted like a 5yr old, which kind of bothered me but overall she remained strong and lovable character.Logan, what a delicious male. I love the way he was described and definitely had the powerful alpha-vibe going. Although the alpha-vibe does seem the make the male stupid from time to [...]

    13. Erin Chicosky on said:

      *MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS*I actually really enjoyed this book. I thought it had a riveting story line, characters that I could believe (mostly), a semi tear jerking conclusion, and was written relatively decently. I did have a hard time believing the 'love at first sight' thing, which apparently happens in all (or most) crime novels. But hey, if it works then it works I guess. I didn't like that Police Chief Richards (Logan) basically ran away after his 'rookie' mistake 10 years prior. I thought tha [...]

    14. SandraValente on said:

      What a fantastic book! From the very first page this novel is gripping! It starts with the killer arranging the body of his latest victim just so, which makes it all the more eerie. You get a sense that this killer may be a cop or is in law enforcement "gasp!". Every single character worked in this book and their interaction with each other pure magic especially with the leads Logan & Amanda. We love a good romance but when that romance is sometimes halted/interrupted by past mistakes or occ [...]

    15. Mona on said:

      Loved itFilled with suspenseLove Lena Diaz's booksNot my first. As Amanda Stockton is trying to put her life back together after a terrible, and brutal incident her and her friend went through she holds something insideWhen Chief Logan Richards comes to her door, and digs it all up she's horrified to say the least. She wants no part of it. Until another women is murdered. Can she help him out? He won't stay away and just leave her alone. Logan needs Amanda's help. He is holding a deep dark mista [...]

    16. Jerrie Alexander on said:

      If you don't like romantic suspense with strong female characters and heroes you'll fall in love with, this may not be a book for you. All joking aside, I loved this book. It may be the best I've read in a while!Amanda, (Mandy to Logan during tender moments)is well written and believable. And I rooted for Logan from the beginning. He was the perfect mixture of gruff, tender and sexy. This book has the most satisfying ending ever!It's an all nighter, because once you open it to the first page, yo [...]

    17. Cyndi Delia on said:

      My book club chose this book for our March read. Lena Diaz will appeal to fans of and is just as good as Julie Garwood's romantic suspense novels. Although I found the book a bit predictable, it in no way lessened my enjoyment of it. This book made me laugh and get teary eyed. The main characters(Amanda and Logan) are well developed and authentic.This fast paced engaging read will have turning the pages until the very end.

    18. Cheryl Alldredge on said:

      Loved this book! One of those rare books that does the suspense and the romance equally well. I can't count how many times I thought I knew who the bad guy was then changed my mind. I loved the hero and the heroine from the beginning and my enjoyment of their romance just grew and grew. Going on my keeper shelf!

    19. Vanessa Kelly on said:

      Really creepy villain, a strong yet wounded heroine, and one of my fave types of heroes - the upright lawman. I love that Logan, the hero, was such a straight arrow and a deeply good guy. He even wears a suit and is a total pro, which is a nice break from the barely reformed bad boy cop. This is Lena Diaz's first book, and I predict she has a really good career ahead of her!

    20. Karen on said:

      This book was my first by Ms Diaz and it will not be my last. She writes a very fast paced suspense story with likeable characters. I am looking forward to the next story with the hero's sister and FBI agent Pierce. (more to come)

    21. Ann Lorz on said:

      I can't say enough about how much I loved this book. Diaz writes the type of books that drags you into the story before you even know it. I loved the characters and they journey to good health, in both mind and body. A must read.

    22. em on said:

      ‘He kills me, he kills me not’ is a romantic suspense novel that revolves around the victim Amanda Stockton, a survivor of serial killer who kidnaps two girls at the same time, tortures and hurts them in unimaginable ways and when the three days are over he plays a little game with them. He takes a rose and plucks each thorns whilst repeating “he kills me, he kills me not”, referring to himself as a third person and killing regardless where his chants stop. He has never resurfaced in the [...]

    23. TSena_gl on said:

      Takastan aldığım bu kitap hakkında bir fikrim yoktu ama yeni yazarlar da denemek istiyordum; bu sebeple kitap zevkine güvendiğim bir ablama sorarak alıvermiştim.Kitabı çok beğendim. Yazarın anlatımı çok iyidi; hiçbir kafa karışıklığı hissetmeden, her şeyi kolayca anlıyor ve yaşıyor gibi okuyorsun. Yazar kurgusunun da hakkı vermiş; kitapta 'bazı' şeylerin ipuçları vardı ama kabul edip evet, kesin bu bôyle, diyemedim. Tereddütte kalıyor ama tam olarak konuyu da [...]

    24. Ramona on said:

      I would like to thank Ms. Diaz, Harper Collins, and for awarding me this novel to read. I really enjoyed the novel. The plot moved along and where I did figure out part of the ending I did not see at all. It was not overly gruesome or sexually explicit It was a great weekend read

    25. Donna Kranz on said:

      Excellent read. Starts out a little slow and then literally takes off turning into a very fast paced read. Planning on reading book two in the series next. Great primary and secondary characters.

    26. Leontine on said:

      This was a story where the beginning was full of promise. There was a creepy villain, there were harrowing dangers, a whodunit plot to solve and highly intriguing characters. Everything worked in grabbing my from the first chapter where the fear was protruding from the villains victim. As the plot opened with a bang there was also the introduction of Logan who was a commanding man and Amanda, a courageous woman battling her inner demons. I was hooked and settled for a thrill ride in the romantic [...]

    27. Scooper Speaks on said:

      I'd give it a 3.5 My review sounds like it’s contradicting itself. I focused on the few things that stuck with me after I finished the book. I thought about changing the review, but in the end decided to keep what I had written.I watch a lot of crime drama on tv and it effects my thinking process when I read. I tend to make connections. Just because I see things that I’ve seen before doesn’t mean I don’t want more. I guess that’s why I watch NCIS, Bones, Criminal Minds, CSI (all of the [...]

    28. Nicole on said:

      Review originally posted here: thebookpushers/2011/08/12/Publisher: Avon ImpulsePublish Date: Out NowHow I got this book: NetGalleyThey say to never judge a book by its cover, and that statement couldn’t be more true with this. I haven’t been impressed with any of the Avon Impulse covers, but at the same time, I was extremely pleased with this story.Amanda lives her life in fear. After escaping from a serial killer years before, she has been living a shadowed life. When a murder with the sam [...]

    29. Pamela on said:

      This book had a terrific story which included a twister seriel killer. Too bad the story surrounding it wasn't all that well developed. Even the characters came across as boring and stupid.It started off with a bang, the discovery of a young college student brutalized by a killer who leaves a single rose on her body. Instead of concentrating more on the actual killer, the story revolves mostly on Amanda, the only survivor of the killer from years earlier, and her relationship with the Chief of P [...]

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