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Karen Wheeler

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Tout Sweet

Tout Sweet In her mid thirties fashion editor Karen has it all a handsome boyfriend a fab flat in west London and an array of gorgeus shoes But when her boyfriend Eric leaves she makes an unexpected decisio

  • Title: Tout Sweet
  • Author: Karen Wheeler
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Paperback
  • In her mid thirties, fashion editor Karen has it all a handsome boyfriend, a fab flat in west London, and an array of gorgeus shoes But when her boyfriend, Eric, leaves she makes an unexpected decision to hang up her Manolos and wave good bye to her glamorous city lifestyle to go it alone in a run down house in rural Poitou Charentes, central western France Tout SweeIn her mid thirties, fashion editor Karen has it all a handsome boyfriend, a fab flat in west London, and an array of gorgeus shoes But when her boyfriend, Eric, leaves she makes an unexpected decision to hang up her Manolos and wave good bye to her glamorous city lifestyle to go it alone in a run down house in rural Poitou Charentes, central western France Tout Sweet is the perfect read for anyone who dreams of chucking away their BlackBerry in favor of real blackberrying and downshifting to a romantic, alluring locale where new friendships and new loves are just some of the treasures to be found amongst life s simple pleasures.

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    One thought on “Tout Sweet

    1. Ashley on said:

      Ugh what a dud to start the new year off with. I thought I'd settle in with a charming little book about moving to France & all that jazz, a bit like Under the Tuscan Sun, a book that I absolutely love, but this was just missing something for me. I couldn't really invest in the author's life choices, the friendships she made seemed VERY overblown to make the book a little more sensational, and I kept finding myself yelling at this 30-something woman to stop imagining a proposal from every ma [...]

    2. Mom on said:

      I was very disappointed in this book. It was another story about a woman who gets jilted and moves to France to find herself and get away from the past. I would probably have enjoyed it more if this wasn't so overdone (in fiction as well as non-fiction). A pet-peeve of mine when reading these "come to France" stories is the insertion of French words without context. I know a little French, but the common phrases used in everyday communication in France are the ones beginners aren't taught. It wo [...]

    3. Becky R. on said:

      After my trip to France this past summer, there isn't much about this book and cover that doesn't appeal to me. There is that certain passion for life in all of its facets that one can readily recognize in the French, and something that is very romantic--on the surface. Don't get me wrong, it is very romantic, but Karen Wheeler's memoir reminds us that there are drafty, run-down homes to be fixed, bug bites to cure (with nary a 24-hour drugstore in sight), and a lack of eligible bachelors to be [...]

    4. Jacqueline on said:

      Having lived the dream in France for over eight years you may think reading about other peoples lives in France wouldn't interest me anymore - wrong, I love it. Before we moved I couldn't get enough of these sorts of books and although I will admit to loosing interest in them for a few years after we moved, which is probably why I missed Tout Sweet when it first came out, I am happy to play catch up now.Tout Sweet is a very readable book; from the moment you take in the illustrations on the fron [...]

    5. Michelle (Undeniably Book Nerdy) on said:

      Tout Sweet: Hanging Up My High Heels for a New Life in France is a memoir written in an entertaining chick-lit style that I really like. Who doesn't wish they could just quit their nine-to-five job and live the simple life in an idyllic, peaceful European countryside. I certainly have and it was fun living vicariously through Karen Wheeler.Though I enjoyed her recounting all her misadventures in renovating her house Maison Coquelicot ("house of the wild poppy")--which made me think that if a Man [...]

    6. Wendy Hines on said:

      Karen is thirty-five and suddenly alone. She's tired of the rat race - she's a fashion editor - and her boyfriend of several years, Eric, has left her. She realizes that she can't keep up with the women these days, with their glowing skin and tiny tummies. She decides to chuck it all and move to France.She gives up a kitchen floor (lol), internet, hot water and a bathroom. The tiny house she has rented in Poitou-Charentes, central western France, is very run-down, but it will keep her busy fixin [...]

    7. Mimi Brooks on said:

      what i thought was going to be an informational and inspiring story turned into a whine-fest by the author about the lack of a boyfriend. in this modern age, i would have found it more refreshing if the focus was on what you can do on your own, rather than be depressed because you can't find a boyfriend and/or keep one. hardly any descriptions about how to mingle in with the french but plenty of descriptions about every "possible" hookup. sorry, ms. wheeler. you obviously had tons of money to bu [...]

    8. Jeannine on said:

      This book was fantastic! Karen Wheeler is a very talented writer, and I really enjoyed being caught up in her world. She made the setting and the characters come to life, and I limited myself to one to two chapters each night (no easy feat!) so it would last longer.

    9. Antof9 on said:

      This book is basically "Under the Tuscan Sun" written as chick lit (which by the way, would have made UtTS much better). It's light, but not fluffy, the author is definitely getting to know herself, and it's an interesting story to read (unlike UtTS, which had potential to be interesting to read, but instead was basically a boring documentary - a chronicle, if you will, with no story. While I'm on this tangent, and for anyone actually reading this who likes that type of story, read Extra Virgin [...]

    10. EmmaKaufmann on said:

      Karen Wheeler decided to chuck in the superficial world of fashion journalism to move to rural France and indeed the beginning of the book is pretty good. Like most people I have wondered if life in rural France would be enjoyable. Wheeler tells it warts and all and it does seem to have some high points mainly the chocolate croissants and hunky local baker. The problem is Wheeler still works as a fashion journalism when she lives in France so it seems like she cannot cut the umbilical cord to he [...]

    11. drey on said:

      drey’s thoughts: Tout Sweet appealed to me because Karen did something I’ve always dreamed about–picking up and moving to France. Or Italy–I’d move to Italy, too. I can’t imagine buying a house on a whim, or having no kitchen floor, but love the idea of everything within walking distance, friends across the way, and learning French. Of course, it’s a bit more complicated than that in real life! *grin*The people Karen meets are a hoot to read about, but I don’t know that I’d hav [...]

    12. Betty C. on said:

      As an expat in France, I am often either irritated or only vaguely interested in stories of others' adventures and misadventures. At best, I feel they are just quick, fun reads. Tout Sweet was more of the latter category, but not "just" a quick, fun read. Wheeler depicts her characters quite well, has a great sense of humor and irony, and spins an engrossing story out of the usual expat material: food, drink, love and an old house to renovate. She gives a balanced vision of her experience, not h [...]

    13. Janie on said:

      Karen Wheeler is a good writer - descriptive, funny, moves a book along at a very readable rate that you don't lose interest. However, I could not relate to her personal life choices. I kept waiting for her to wisen up to situations that she continued to get into. So, a good writer - yes! But I just did not like this particular book content

    14. Stacey on said:

      Who hasn't at some time dreamed of packing up all of their belongings and moving to France. Karen Wheeler does this, and writes so descriptively I could almost smell the baguettes baking:)

    15. Sandra on said:

      Loved this memoir of giving up a lifestyle of glamour and city life, to move to France and buy a run-down house in a very rural area, alone and with not much knowledge about the country life and people she meets. A funny, inspirational, and honest read.From : In her mid-thirties, fashion editor Karen has it all: a handsome boyfriend, a fab flat in west London, and an array of gorgeus shoes. But when her boyfriend, Eric, leaves she makes an unexpected decision: to hang up her Manolos and wave goo [...]

    16. Pippa on said:

      This was an easy read about a successful career woman tossing in her comfortable job in London and moving to France. I love these stories about sea changes and I enjoyed this. Yes, it was a bit "chick lit" in places and sometimes I did wonder why the author was so obsessed with getting hitched, but the stories of life in small town France made up for it. I laughed at her admission that she'd moved to the only place in France where the food was terrible. It makes a refreshing change from those no [...]

    17. Calee Spinney on said:

      For the most part, this is exactly what you expect: a mindless but enjoyable jaunt through the eyes of a woman who moves to France and renovates a house. I liked the author but it was incredibly irritating to hardly be able to read a page without some comment about wanting a boyfriend, or how sad it was that this guy only wanted to be friends. Even in the end, when she was trying to show how much she had grown it was still all about a guy. COME ON, you’ve accomplished so much!! You’re more t [...]

    18. Elizabeth Butcher on said:

      2.5 stars, adjusted my rating from 3 down to 2 after some thought. Any sympathy I had for the author diminished each time she complained about how terrible it was to suddenly be single at the age of 35. Best information that I took away from the book was that not all areas of France are blessed with availability of good food. I did enjoy learning of how she built a new circle of friends and her observations on daily French life.

    19. Tracy Whitt on said:

      An excellent book. After reading the first few chapters, I called it, "a feel good book." I then read a guest post Karen Wheeler had written for a blog, and she said readers had described the book as being, "literary Prozac." I like her writing style, and enjoy walking with her through her new life in France.

    20. ROZ on said:

      Rang trueLight and very enjoyable reading. It seemed genuine and from the heart, alas minding me of time spent in France and some angst of my own. But I particularly liked the descriptions of the countryside and its many hues, colourful characters and village life.

    21. Teresa Shrader on said:

      Really Good This book kept my interest the entire time! I love reading about expats in France. Karen Wheeler's book was one of the best

    22. Caroline Roberts on said:

      Mildly diverting but not interesting enough to seek out the others in this series.

    23. Cindy on said:

      2 1/2 stars. This memoir of a British expat moving to France was charming in parts, but dragged and had too much focus on her search for love. However, in the end I found myself wanting to know more about the author, so may pick up one of her subsequent books.

    24. Luanne Ollivier on said:

      I recently went on vacation out to the East Coast of Canada. I fell in love with the relaxed pace, the people and the scenery. I found myself looking around and thinking" Hmm I could buy a little house and retire out here." Well Karen Wheeler took it a step farther. She bought a run down house in France on a whim and said good bye to England. Tout Sweet is the story of her journey to change and simplify her life. "To be honest, my life in London had started to seem very empty. I had wardrobes [...]

    25. Lori on said:

      I absolutely love books/memoirs of people who leave their high stress life behind for a new life in the country and/or a new country, so Tout Sweet was a perfect literary fit for me. Francophiles will be in absolute heaven, reading author Karen Wheeler's tale of finding an old and neglected maison and painstakingly restoring it beyond its original glory, while also struggling to find a social life in a rural village and fit in.I liked Karen and her style of writing immediately. Karen is the Brit [...]

    26. Bookworm on said:

      Tout Sweet: Hanging Up My High Heels for a New Life in France is a fun, light, and interesting memoir where Karen Wheeler shares her experiences after she leaves her hectic London life behind and moves to rural France. After a bad breakup, the thirty five year old successful fashion editor decides she needs to leave it all behind her. Karen lived a glamorous lifestyle, complete with her nice London flat, invites to fancy cocktail parties, jet setting off to fashion shoots and a closet full of de [...]

    27. Jill Elizabeth on said:

      Tout Sweet is the story of Karen Wheeler, a rather high-end fashion journalist in London, who decides to pack her entire life up and leave the city to move to a rural village in France and renovate an old farmhouse. The decision is sparked by two things – the devastating end of her latest relationship and an increasing sense of ennui and disillusionment with her fashion-girl life and its obsessive focus on accumulating things. As you would expect, the story runs the emotional gamut – it alte [...]

    28. Jen on said:

      Not sure how I got this book. It just appeared in my car one day and I never tracked down who left it, but it was one of the only road trip-worthy books I could find at home, so I brought it along for some light reading. Also, I don't do chic lit, so keep that in mind and take my review with a grain of salt if you're a fan of the genre. Because this book is chic lit meets travelogue meets memoir.I had a hard time getting into this (read ”getting into this” as ”connecting with Karen Wheeler [...]

    29. Michelle on said:

      Tout Sweet (Hanging Up My High Heels for a New Life in France) is a novel by Karen Wheeler from SourceBooks.Book Blurb:Thirtysomething fashion editor Karen has it all: a handsome boyfriend, a fabulous flat in west London, and an array of gorgeous shoes. But when her boyfriend leaves, she makes an unexpected decision: to hang up her Manolos and wave good-bye to her glamorous city lifestyle to go it alone in a run-down house in rural Poitou-Charentes, central western France.Acquiring a host of new [...]

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