The Neighborhood

Kelli Owen

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The Neighborhood

The Neighborhood A missing girl A found fingertip A puddle of blood without a body A small town neighborhood full of rumors and imagination through the eyes of its youth Their world is a combination of grass stains an

  • Title: The Neighborhood
  • Author: Kelli Owen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Paperback
  • A missing girl A found fingertip A puddle of blood without a body A small town neighborhood full of rumors and imagination through the eyes of its youth Their world is a combination of grass stains and dried mud the badges of childhood, that often look like blood in the right light.

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    One thought on “The Neighborhood

    1. Kimberly on said:

      A powerful novella with excellent atmospheric writing! In a small town where everyone knows everyone else's business, there's no shortage of finger-pointing (view spoiler)[ no pun intended!(hide spoiler)].We have a cast of characters that focuses mostly on the children--with the exception of the creepy bus driver, re-located pedophile, and foster-home mother. Sinister things seen from their point of view were so much worse--I felt--than if we had been observing them through an adult narrator. Ho [...]

    2. Kaisersoze on said:

      My first foray into the world of Kelli Owen was, sadly, not an enjoyable one. The writing itself was very solid, but the way her story was laid out felt rushed, incomplete and wholly unsatisfying. Yet several threads still managed to be fairly superfluous to the plot; while others which definitely were important were barely touched upon and then never revisited.I might try another Kelli Owen tale, but I'd have to be confident it provided a more complete read than what I found here.2 Small Town B [...]

    3. Kevin Lucia on said:

      So. Who are the people in your neighborhood? Not just a fun little song from Sesame Street, but an important question. Especially if you live in one of those small little towns where everyone knows everyone else. The kind of town with only one school, church, police department, where parents do triple duty on the school, church and Town Boards. The kind of place where everyone has heard every little thing about everyone else. Where the men all meet at the general hardware store to shoot the bull [...]

    4. Trev Twinem on said:

      Welcome to Neillsville small town America where nothing is quite what it seems and secrets lie hidden waiting to be uncovered. Kelli Owen takes us on a little trip behind the curtains where a bloodied finger will be discovered in a pair of jeans, a pool of blood in a long abandoned house, missing children, untimely death, and a bus driver that the children long suspected hides evil secrets. The story contains some fine descriptive prose all adding to the creeping feeling of uneasiness"The sensat [...]

    5. Nick Cato on said:

      In this brief novella, Owen introduces us to the small town of Neillsville, where everyone knows each other's business and there seems to be little-to-no crime. But when Mary finds a young girl's finger in his son's pocket while doing laundry, THE NEIGHBORHOOD becomes a dark mystery with countless suspects, including a demanding school bus driver and a pedophile who has recently moved to the area. The first half of the novella sort-of reminded me of classic Bentley Little and there's plenty of s [...]

    6. Gef on said:

      If you grew up in a very small town then this novella will strike a chord with you from the get-go. Everyone knows everyone else's business, in part because the town offers so little by way of distractions the townsfolk are left with no choice but to turn their attentions on each other. Gossip abounds, especially among the young.In Kelli's story, the town's name is Neillsville and a teenage girl has gone missing. She's presumed by some to be a runaway, while others seem to revel in the idea she [...]

    7. Frank Errington on said:

      First, a note on Kelli's sense of humor. If you were to follow Kelli on Twitter, you'd see it all the time. Here, it is evidenced only in the Author's Note: "If any place, person, event or thing exhists that sounds like those included within, it's purely coincidentalunless you are that new couple that moved in down the street, then you might want to take notes."The Neighborhood is Neillsville, a very small town, something like 400 people. People who know each other or at least know about each ot [...]

    8. Emily Warner on said:

      This novella is written from children's points of view. As you read this, you will develop strong opinions of the kids. I started to hate one of them. (WELL WRITTEN KELLI!) This story will leave you feeling a little freaked out with a wondering mind. You know when you read a book and find yourself thinking about it at various parts of your day or week, that it was an excellent read! It's really quite funnyI was in the shower listening to my music and started thinking about it, wondering what if [...]

    9. Jeff Heimbuch on said:

      Kelli manages to creep the hell out of me again with this short novella. The interconnected stories of this neighborhood could really happen anywhereonce again proving that fear doesn't have to come from some supernatural creature, but rather someone who may live close by.

    10. Timothy Youngs on said:

      Really loved this fast read. Reminded a little of Stand by Me.

    11. Douglas Castagna on said:

      Had the beginnings of something great but never fully realized for me.

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