Always and Forever

Alan Durant Debi Gliori

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Always and Forever

Always and Forever When Fox dies Mole Hare and Otter are devastated They feel they will never get over their great sadness How can life go on without him Then one day Squirrel comes to visit She reminds Fox s family

  • Title: Always and Forever
  • Author: Alan Durant Debi Gliori
  • ISBN: 9780152166366
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Fox dies, Mole, Hare, and Otter are devastated They feel they will never get over their great sadness How can life go on without him Then one day Squirrel comes to visit She reminds Fox s family of all the funny things he used to do And as the friends share dinner and tell stories, they realize at last that in their hearts and memories, Fox is still with them, anWhen Fox dies, Mole, Hare, and Otter are devastated They feel they will never get over their great sadness How can life go on without him Then one day Squirrel comes to visit She reminds Fox s family of all the funny things he used to do And as the friends share dinner and tell stories, they realize at last that in their hearts and memories, Fox is still with them, and he will be always and forever.With thoughtful, delicate illustrations by acclaimed artist Debi Gliori, this gentle story is just right for anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one.

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      205 Alan Durant Debi Gliori
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    One thought on “Always and Forever

    1. Carmen on said:

      Yet another AMAZING and WONDERFUL grief book for children.Otter, Mole, Fox and Hare are all good friends who live in the woods together. Everyone works hard and has their strengths and helps each other.They were a happy family, and they loved each other dearly.Then But one day, Fox fell ill. As the leaves started to drop from the trees, Fox grew thin, pale, and sad.One morning, he went out alone into the woods and didn't come back.Wow. We see Fox's prone body in the autumn woods.His family found [...]

    2. Stephanie Calhoun on said:

      I was recommended this book after our school experienced the loss of a student. This was an appropriate book for my kindergarten students and approached the topic of grief appropriately.

    3. Fiona on said:

      This is a heart warming story about a group of friends made up of a Fox, Mole, Hare and Otter. The group are left devastated when they discover that their dear friend Fox has passed away. The animals feel as though there lives cannot go on and they don't know how to cope without Fox. One day, their friend Squirrel comes to visit and he reminds the animals of all the times that they had spent with Fox and the memories they had shared, the animals began to see that life could go on,and in order fo [...]

    4. Catherine Smith on said:

      I read this book as part of an RE lesson and thought it was excellent and really thought provoking.I found that it would be really useful for a PSHE lesson or circle time when dealing with death. The theme of death is a difficult one to deal with when working with children, but it occasionally (unfortunately) might be necessary, so I think that this book should be on hand if it is required. The story is about a friendship group, a fox, an otter and a hare. The fox passes away and the novel follo [...]

    5. Tasha on said:

      This is a sad story book that is aimed to describe to children feelings and what happens when loved one's die. It is an animated book of an Otter, Mole, fox and Hare who live together and fox is the main hard working member of their family and deals with everything. So when fox gets ill it describes now he becomes weak pale and thin. Fox goes out one day to not return, his friends go in search for him. Thats when they discover he has died and they bury him under foxes faviourite tree. It tells h [...]

    6. Kyran Delaney on said:

      Beautifully written book and highly recommended for children dealing with loss and bereavement. The theme of the book settles on the assumption that Fox was the father figure of the house which deals directly with losing a parent or grand-parent. The use of metaphor at the start is cleverly used as it suggests that Fox is going to die. The sense of loss and bereavement felt by otter, mole and hare is something the children can relate to in real life. It's a good way for children to realise that [...]

    7. Lucy Townsend on said:

      In this story the reader is introduced to four best friends and they all live together and look after one another, but one day their dear friend fox dies and the other animals become extremely sad and do not feel like going out or eating. However, squirrel comes to visit the animals and reminds them of all of the good times that they had with fox and what a good friend he was to them all. They decide to make fox's favourtie tree where he is buried the special place where they would go to remembe [...]

    8. Lorna on said:

      I highly recommend this book. It has big, beautiful bright illustrations and a sweet message. Great for anyone who has experienced a loss of a loved one.

    9. Jenn Nodine on said:

      I will not be adding a synopsis of the book to my review as that has already been done by others here very well. I found this book during a book fair at my two daughters' elementary school. They were about 5 & 7 years old at the time, and they had not yet experienced the death of a loved one/family member. I skimmed it at the fair and was impressed with the author's way of handling the subject matter with such honesty and tenderness, so I decided to put it in our bedtime story rotation (even [...]

    10. Rhian Niblett on said:

      I read this book during one of the RE session's at UEL and I felt it was a particularly good book to use in class when dealing with the topic of death.It would be particularly useful if a child has recently experienced a death in their life, a topic which can be very difficult to approach sensitively with the whole class. It could be used as a circle time actiity in order to create a safe and secure enironment in which to discuss the topic.The story is about a group of animal friends; a fox, an [...]

    11. Sarah Comaskey on said:

      This book gives an insight into the ways we can help a child deal with bereavement as well as understand it and to come to terms with the loss of somebody close. The book is full of colourful and beautiful illustrations. The story is about a family- an otter, a mole, a fox and a hare who all live together as a family in the forest. As we read of the loss of one of the members of this family we see how the other members are left devastated and heartbroken with the loss of their father figure. The [...]

    12. Candice on said:

      I plucked this off the shelf because of the appealing picture on the front. Ellen loves foxes, and it shows a fox and some other animals hugging each other. Only after beginning to read it, did I realize it is about death. And I would recommend it to read to children who have lost a loved one or to children who are beginning to ask questions about death. I would also recommend that the parent read it first to see if it is compatible with their philosophy. The story is sweet, and the illustration [...]

    13. Michaela on said:

      Always and Forever by Alan Durant is a heart-warming story that tackles the sensitive issue of discussing death with young children. The story is about four friends, a mole, fox, hare and otter who live together in a house in the woods. Sadly fox starts getting ill and eventually passes away, the friends have to learn how to live without fox. I feel this book discusses the topic of death very sensitively, it is beautifully written in a way that is sensitive to children’s young minds. I feel it [...]

    14. Yvonne Geraghty on said:

      This book gives a heart-warming account of how we deal with bereavement and come to terms with the loss of somebody close to us. Told through beautiful illustrations, this story gives an account of a family; the otter, the mole the fox and the hare who all share a home and live together as a family in the woods. When the loss of a family member occurs the rest are left deeply saddened and heartbroken with the loss of the father figure of the house. The beautiful illustrations are poignant and de [...]

    15. Charlotte on said:

      Always and forever is a book with Sadness and Bereavement as the main themes.The book is about a family of animals that lose a family member and start grieving for him. They think that everything is terrible and cant move on from the loss. It was only when a friend comes and reminds them that they must not live in the mind set that he is gone but must think about when he was with them. There is an importance on remembering people and the way in which memories cannot be taken away from us when fa [...]

    16. Susan on said:

      This book is about three animal friends that live together Fox, Mole and Rabbit. One day Fox gets sick and goes off into the forest and doesn't return. Mole and Rabbit find Fox's body and bury him.Mole and Rabbit are very sad and do not know how they will cope without Fox and they do not go outside as they are too sad. Then one day Squirrel pays them a visit to find out what has happened. Squirrel reminds them both of all the good times and laughter they had with Fox and that it is important to [...]

    17. Gerard on said:

      This is a very good book to introduce children to coping with loss and also could be a good introduction to the subject of death.There are large pictures which would make it very easy to tell a class and show them the pictures. There are four main characters an otter, a mole, a fox and a hare.They are great friends but unfortunately one day the fox dies. They are all very sad until the squirrel, a friend, comes along and reminds everyone of all the fun times they had with the fox. they all share [...]

    18. Mandy Scheuren on said:

      Otter, Mole, Fox, and Hare live happily together in a snug tree home. Unfortunately Fox gets sick and dies. Fox’s friends find his body in the woods, "still and cold, covered in leaves." After burying Fox, his friends grieve through the winter. Their friend Squirrel visits in spring and encourages them to share funny memories. By laughing, they find ways to move past their grief and keep Fox in their hearts and their memories. Durant's spare sentences have an appealing, poetic rhythm that rein [...]

    19. Sandie on said:

      This book was incredibly touching and real. After losing my mom recently, I checked out many books on loss to help my daughter who was having a hard time with it. This was by far the best book. I was in tears myself and had a very difficult time reading it. It was a touching story of three friends that were a family and about the loss they suffered and how devastated they were and how they finally came about to dealing with the loss. To just read the story would be fine though it is very, very s [...]

    20. Fameeda on said:

      A moving book about a fox who dies. His friends were as good as his family and were very sad about him passing on that they couldn't go on and just stayed at home. One day a rabbit comes along and says to the friends that he has not seen them in a long time. They said they couldn't go out and have fun without fox, so the rabbit decides to help them and explains to them that life has to go on. All of the friends started remembering the good times and memories they had with fox. They made a memori [...]

    21. Laura on said:

      This book looks follows Hare, Otter, Mole and Fox who share a woodland home, loving and caring for each other as a family. Then, one day Fox dies and is found by the rest of the animals. The three friends grieve for their beloved Fox remembering all he did for them. One day their friend Squirrel came to visit and helped the animals realise that by remembering all of the good times and fun times they shared with Fox it would help them move past their sadness. In the end it is clear that even thou [...]

    22. Ham on said:

      This book is a fantastic, touching book about dealing with the death of a loved one. It follows a family of animals who lose the head of their family, the fox. It follows them going through morning, and then learning to remember the things about the fox that makes them happy.I think this is a perfect book for introducing young children to the concept of death. It explains the concept very nicely, walks the children through the feeling of mourning and then explains how to remember the happy times [...]

    23. Jen on said:

      My son picked this book out at our public library and I had no idea it was about animals grieving the loss of their friend Fox, but to my surprise, it was a very touching and thoughtful book on loss that I would recommend to anyone who has lost someone close to them. The illustrations are excellent and it is put together so well. My 4 year old was a bit confused on the illustrations where the animals are remembering Fox and he's shown doing things. He thought that Fox had come back to life, but [...]

    24. Matthew on said:

      This was a truly heart wrenching book of grieving the loss of a dear friend. I wasn't expecting a story of this nature when I opened the cover, but lo and behold that's what I got. It was well written, beautifully illustrated and very personal. It brought to mind deaths that I've experienced in my own life. It was difficult to take, but handled the situation with such delicate honesty that it made the experience joyful and celebratory rather than depressing.

    25. Leke Akinyemi on said:

      This was the first book that I had come across that deals with bereavement. This helped me realise that death and losing a loved one might need some explanation within a class setting.This ironically helped through a recent stage when I and others were bereaved. It's all a part of life. A part that is often left unspoken but I would recommend the read.

    26. Barbara on said:

      When 3 friends lose their very special friend, Fox, they are so sad for a long, long time. Squirrel comes over to console them and cooks a lovely dinner. While she cooks they all reminisce about Fox. Memories of Fox help them to feel better. This colorfully illustrated book would be a nice selection for children ages 4 and up who are mourning the death of a friend.

    27. Steve Garvin on said:

      A nice tale of how forest friends lose fox. Fox had been an instrumental part of their circle of friends, so his passing had a big impact. Nice illustrations by Debi Glior created a nice environment for the characters.

    28. Whitney Rachel on said:

      i may have shed a tear while reading this one. soooooooooo beautiful.

    29. Gemma Quilliam on said:

      A really nice book to help kids deal with grief and loss. Beautiful illustrations

    30. Inara on said:

      From Inara's Mom: This story provides a gentle explanation of death, grieving and warm remembrance of loved ones.

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