The Flag We Love

Pam Muñoz Ryan Ralph Masiello

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The Flag We Love

The Flag We Love Enjoy a red white and blue introduction to our nation s most cherished ideals in this look at Old Glory Dazzling illustrations and inspiring verse bring to life many famous moments in our country s hi

  • Title: The Flag We Love
  • Author: Pam Muñoz Ryan Ralph Masiello
  • ISBN: 9780881068443
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Paperback
  • Enjoy a red white and blue introduction to our nation s most cherished ideals in this look at Old Glory Dazzling illustrations and inspiring verse bring to life many famous moments in our country s history and reveal fascinating facts about one of its most enduring symbols.

    • Free Read [Ebooks Book] ✓ The Flag We Love - by Pam Muñoz Ryan Ralph Masiello Ó
      128 Pam Muñoz Ryan Ralph Masiello
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    One thought on “The Flag We Love

    1. Cindi on said:

      The red, white and blue of the American flag can be seen flying above government buildings, on homes, at sporting events and even from the tops of skyscrapers. But who made the first banner that represented the United States (It wasn't Betsy Ross) and why is Old Glory such an important symbol to the citizens of the U.S.?Younger children will enjoy looking at the images of children saluting the flag, marching in Independence Day parades and watching fireworks. Beginning readers will love being ab [...]

    2. Emily on said:

      This book was FANTASTIC! I loved how the author included information and poetry. Each page was about a topic. For example, the Pledge of Allegiance. There was a picture, a poem, and information all regarding the topic. This book was all around really interesting as well as educational. I will most definitely be buying this book to use in my future classroom to use during poetry lessons and/or American history lessons. This would be a good book to read when you discuss Betsy Ross. It includes the [...]

    3. Brittany L. on said:

      This would be a great book to read to young readers, and inform them of our country's flag and its history. It is simple, but informative. The illustrations are wonderful. They depict the flag from its earliest stages of creation to today. This would be a nice book to read to students during a patriotic lesson!

    4. LaQueena Ward on said:

      This Social Studies Informational book is about the details of the flag and what it stands for. The books seems to be really kids friendly. The only thing is that the cover may not attract a lot of students due to it not really being that colorful. Although, this is a great book to pair with a social studies lesson .

    5. Maridel on said:

      This book is amazing! I loved how the author included information on every page. Each page was about a topic that tied into the history of our flag.

    6. Liz on said:

      First of all, let me say that this is a beautiful book. The colors are deep and rich. Each two-page spread has a four line poem about a particular historical aspect of the flag or a way in which the flag is used, as well as a full-page illustration of the content of the poem. Also on each two-page spread there is a box with more detailed information for older kids or for adults. With words like “connotations,” this is not a book of five-year-old could read to him or herself. However, it woul [...]

    7. Torrie Heller on said:

      Type: picture bookGenre: non- fictionAwards: Early Childhood News Director's Choice AwardSummary: This book is a text all about the flag of the United States of America. It starts off with what the flag looks like and what color it is. It also talks about what people do with the flag like children marching around with it during parades. This book also talks about what the flag does, the flag drapes the caskets of our fallen soldiers, first responders and also past presidents. 1 critique: I do no [...]

    8. Dolly on said:

      This is an entertaining book that teaches children about the American flag. The narrative in larger font is rhyming and can be read all by itself, especially to younger children. The additional notes and facts at the bottom of each page are very interesting and informative. Overall, I liked the book and think it would be perfect for teaching children at school and at home about the origins and traditions of our flag.I read this book while shopping for a present for our girls during a visit to th [...]

    9. Kara Moreland on said:

      This book tells the story of the American Flag. It gives a good little story, and then under each little saying about the flag, it gives a good history of how the flag came about and why we honor it. I enjoyed this book because it was full of great facts, some that I didn't even know. It really made the American Flag interesting. This would be good to use in class with younger children to explain why it is so important to honor our flag. I think many students need to hear this book.

    10. Emily on said:

      Grades 1-6 Reviews: School Library Journal; Kirkus Reviews; Publisher's Weekly; Children's Literature Summary: Poem about meanings, feelings, uses, celebrations and rememberances surrounding flags, specifically the American flag. Great little tidbits of flags interspersed. Curriculum Connection:Flag day American Symbols

    11. Sarah Kasper on said:

      "The Flag We Love" would be a great book to share with your class during holidays where America is celebrated. The book includes caption boxes with information as well as a rhyming story about the American flag. I would read this book twice, one time reading the story and one time reading the informational boxes. Both are interesting!

    12. Shayla Miller on said:

      Teach students the meanings of the stars and stripes during a government lesson in Social Studies. Have your children create another flag for the USA and write a paragraph about why they chose the colors and symbols and placement of them all.

    13. Sarah on said:

      I loved this book. It takes our National Anthem in text and adds beautiful artwork to interpret the song in a very moving way which really brings it alive for adult and child alike. This book is a great way to introduce the meaning of our flag along with the most important song to our country.

    14. Betsy on said:

      This patriotic book tells the reader many facts about the flag intertwined with a poem. It describes the many uses of the flag from flying at schools to flying on the moon. The illustrations are realistic and detailed.

    15. Shannon on said:

      Solid, concise history of the creation, symbolism, and use of the American flag. Combination of poetry for the main text with text boxes chock full of facts. '"I know you're probably going to see a lot of US flags on TV today, so let's talk about what that means."

    16. Kim Hampton on said:

      Beautiful illustrations and interesting information make this book perfect for all ages. There is a poem that tells the story for younger kids, with more information underneath for older kids and adults. A great way to teach kids about patriotism and the flag.

    17. Megan Coloutti on said:

      A beautiful book about our countries flag. This book is filled with information about the flag, where it came from, where it has been, and what it stands for. The illustrations are stunning, a wonderful addition to anyone’s library. A wonderful addition to any US geography unit.

    18. James Vickery on said:

      This book is all about he American flag. The book tells about he flag in ways that you would never think of. The book talks about our flag as a symbol of the past, present, and the future. The book gives much history about the flag and the many uses of our country's flag

    19. Stephanie Calhoun on said:

      I use this book when teaching American symbols. It is beautifully written and the students always love listening to the words. I typically accompany this book with a book with straightforward facts about the American Flag.

    20. Katie Jackson on said:

      The book tells a story of events that happen and how the flag was involved in the event. At the bottom of each page, facts of an important date are provided such as President Lincoln's death.

    21. Aimee on said:

      a great addition to any lesson on the flag, we focused on this as many parents were getting deployed. brilliant book.

    22. Sarai Clemente on said:

      It is a good book to teach about the flag and it is written as a poem. Its a little bit slow so I would probably use parts of it

    23. Matthew on said:

      This is an enjoyable poem with an accompanying nonfiction text about the flag. I liked it quite a lot.

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