Valley of the Templars

Paul Christopher

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Valley of the Templars

Valley of the Templars From New York Times bestselling author Paul Christopher comes an international thriller delving into a Templar threat right at America s doorstep Retired Army Ranger John Holliday and his friend Eddie

  • Title: Valley of the Templars
  • Author: Paul Christopher
  • ISBN: 9780451237156
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • From New York Times bestselling author Paul Christopher comes an international thriller delving into a Templar threat right at America s doorstep Retired Army Ranger John Holliday and his friend Eddie travel to Cuba in search of Eddie s mysteriously vanished brother and find themselves desperately trying to stop a shocking plot of a secret Templar cabal that has been groFrom New York Times bestselling author Paul Christopher comes an international thriller delving into a Templar threat right at America s doorstep Retired Army Ranger John Holliday and his friend Eddie travel to Cuba in search of Eddie s mysteriously vanished brother and find themselves desperately trying to stop a shocking plot of a secret Templar cabal that has been growing for five hundred years As the conspiracy tightens the corrupt and dying Castro regime in an iron grip, Holliday must find Eddie s brother before it is too late and the secret horror of what lies in the Valley of Death is revealed.

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      268 Paul Christopher
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    One thought on “Valley of the Templars

    1. Gary on said:

      This book sucked. The story sucked as much as it was confusing and dumbe plot sucked and made me want everybody to dieIt is not often I can't wait for a book to endis was one of them. If you like things that suckad this book. I will never read another paul christopher book ever again. Sucks.

    2. John Hanscom on said:

      This is the seventh book in the series, and I may stop reading them. The stories are getting sillier and the hero more bloody and less heroic. This is also the worst edited book I can remember reading.

    3. Matt on said:

      Having read much of Paul Christopher's work, including two (up to now) series in which he has at least four books, I see a troubling pattern. He begins a series with great characters and stellar plots, but as the books progress, the plot suffers and we learn little of interest or value about his characters. It is as though they are (and in this series, they literally ARE) flying from one adventure to the next, but there is no growth and no real means to keep the reader learning any more. In Chri [...]

    4. John on said:

      Ugh. I've read this whole series in sequence. The Templar books have been getting progressively worse and this one is no exception. The story wandered without focus, ironically having nothing at all to do with a "valley of the templars." Characters from previous books in the series were present, it seems, only to participate in a random and incoherent series of events. No plot, no action and no reason to continue this series.

    5. Greg on said:

      A complete mess. There are huge editing mistakes, gaping plot continuity issues, and the ending is wrapped up in like 1/4 page, with a really obnoxious plug for the next book in the series. Way more complicated than it needed to be, given that half of the characters never actually mattered. It was fun, but it wasn't necessarily good.

    6. Speesh on said:

      A complicated and rather unnecessary tale involving missiles, nuclear missiles I think and the blowing up half of Florida. Shadowy figures, people behind the scenes and modern-day Templar people, who aren't really Templars. But have names that are Templar-ish. And half of it is in bloody Spanish. Well, there are many exchanges between Holliday and Eddie, who is Cuban. That's a bit wearisome. All the while, we're getting further and further away from the 'world of the Templars' as stated on the [...]

    7. Caroline on said:

      Totally misleading title and blurb. This had almost nothing to do with Templars. Apparently the earlier books in the series are better but I'm not sure I'll bother.

    8. Eunice on said:

      I'm giving this a 2.5 rating. I bought this book from a sale. It was a big discount so I bought it at $2. And not to offend the author, but I was glad I didn't this book at its full price.The first few chapters were boring in my opinion. I wanted to give it up, but I have a rule to finish any books that I bought. It was hard at times, though.Here are some reasons why I didn't like this book. First, it was badly edited for a published book. I don't know how they missed out on it when they edited [...]

    9. Bryan on said:

      This novel picks up the Rex Deus plot, as that cabal works to remove Castro and the Catholic Church from power in Cuba for their own nefarious ends. Using nuclear terror and private security firms (how timely are those?), Rex Deus hits one stumbling block:Doc Holliday and his friend Eddie.Eddie's elder brother, a minor official in the Cuban government, has gone missing and Doc goes with Eddie to Cuba to seek him out. What they find is that Eddie's brother is working to stop the plot, and is tryi [...]

    10. Jim on said:

      I last visited Paul Christopher’s world of the modern Templars in 2010. Now I now why it took so long to return. I just finished VALLEY OF THE TEMPLARS (ISBN 978-0451237156, $9.99, paperback, 379 pages). It took a great effort on my part to finish. Army Ranger (retired) Colonel “Doc” Holliday and his Cuban pal Eddie go to Cuba to find Domingo, Eddie’s older brother who had been missing for a few months. Domingo had a position within Cuba’s intelligence community.The trail takes them to [...]

    11. Mark Muckerman on said:

      I want my 10 bucks back.Just not a good book. I believe the actual templar reference may have lasted four paragraphs. Other critics have savaged this waste of tree pulp more eloquently than I so I shall summarize:Weak story. Weak plot. Weak dialogue. Weak character development. Weak or no quality plot developmnent, and no resolution - neither closure nor a cliffhanger.However, Christopher was able to weave in the Vatican, the Templars, the Military-Industrial complex, Kennedy, the CIA, Corporate [...]

    12. Stephen on said:

      So much potential, so little realised. This book takes us to Cuba to help Doc's friend Eddie search for his brother. We start out with a great premise of Templars in Cuba from the time of Columbus, and then the author drops the ball. He turns these Templars into a modern mafia family, and goes on with a tale of palace coups and attempts to take over Cuba. The Valley is barely touched upon in that a few nukes from the Cuban Missle Crises were hidden here way back when by the Mafia/Templar family [...]

    13. Mark on said:

      THE title of the book is a little misleading, and the cover notes in some cases seem to have little to do with the story inside.The story was engaging enough, but not that gripping. It was also lucky I speak Spanish as the book is peppered with the occasional Spanish phrases without any real reason for them being there except because part of the action was in Cuba. From the back cover I see there are several in the 'Templar' series. This one has not made me want to rush out and but any of the ot [...]

    14. K.J. Montgomery on said:

      This is the second book I've read by Paul Christopher. While the premise starts of strong, all the pieces gel too neatly into place. Where I should have felt tension, I didn't. There were many oppurtunities to throw legitimate obstacles in the path of the characters, but they didn't materialize.This is a good, easy read, but if you're looking for an involved adventureyou're better off with one the James Rollins Sigma novels.

    15. Mitzy on said:

      This one was an interesting read, a lot of it took place in Cuba, a location I haven't read much about. The search for the lost sword didn't factor into the story very much, it was more about the corruption in several South American countries and intrigue surrounding the people working with The Pope. I would recommend it, but if you skip this one of the series, you won't have lost any part of the story~

    16. Paula Howard on said:

      Valley of The Templars is another great book by Paul Christopher. Full of intrigue, plots and plans, double crosses you are never quite sure who the enemy or friend of who. This book was set in Cuba. Several Spanish phrases were included. It became a challenge to figure out what they meant. Will be ready when the next book in this series comes out in December.

    17. Tommy on said:

      This is the 7th book in the author's Templar series. However, "Templar Series" is a bit miss leading as this story has very little to do with the Templars. It was a good, easy read as I have found all of the author's books. It appears that the author will get back to the Templars in his next book as there is a teaser at the very end which appears to be a lead-in to thet book.

    18. Rita McDowell on said:

      Very Good!Very Good!While this book was still a very good read, it wasn't as fast paced adventure like the previous books, it was still extremely interesting and well worth reading!

    19. NVTony on said:

      Now this was a page turner filled with action and adventure. Characters keep developing along with plot line. Every book in series manages to find new twists to keep story going toward ultimate goal which yet remains elusive.

    20. Dan on said:

      Christopher writes with detail as he describes each setting the"searchers" encounter, giving you the feel of being there with them.The twists and turns are many as the story goes from London to Amsterdam to the South Sea islands.

    21. Michelle Hanson on said:

      Fifth book of the series still love it hope to get the 6th one soon!

    22. Jacqueline on said:

      I couldn't even get through it. 265 out of 379 and I couldn't take it anymore. I never put a book down before its finished. It just dragged on and on with no point.

    23. Taki Kalcos on said:

      Sorry Paul. The book was very slow and boring and it had nothing to do with Templars. I'm hoping your next book is better.

    24. Ben on said:

      Not the best book in the series, but far from being the worst book (Templar Legion). Good pickup in between major releases.

    25. Robert on said:

      Templars are Everywhere! Having already traversed Europe and Africa, Christopher moves his series to Cuba with this colorful and distracting volume.

    26. Chuck Rodgers on said:

      Decent readInteresting story line, well written, but in need of a bit more depth. Overall a good read in this series.

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