Journey to Armenia

Osip Mandelstam

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Journey to Armenia

Journey to Armenia None

  • Title: Journey to Armenia
  • Author: Osip Mandelstam
  • ISBN: 9781870003667
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Paperback
  • None

    • ☆ Journey to Armenia || ✓ PDF Read by ☆ Osip Mandelstam
      376 Osip Mandelstam
    • thumbnail Title: ☆ Journey to Armenia || ✓ PDF Read by ☆ Osip Mandelstam
      Posted by:Osip Mandelstam
      Published :2019-02-12T08:00:23+00:00

    One thought on “Journey to Armenia

    1. Steve on said:

      Sevanavank monastery on an island in Sevan Lake, ArmeniaIn 1930 Osip Mandelstam was deep in the bouillabaisse - only Bukharin's protection held the Soviet authorities off of him, a vindictive bureaucrat was taxing him for plagiarism, and his internal sources of poetic inspiration had been dry for five years already. To put some food on his plate and to get him out of Moscow and away from his enemies, Bukharin arranged a trip to Armenia for Mandelstam and his infinitely loyal wife, Nadezhda. He w [...]

    2. Jim on said:

      This is a book that made its translator feel inadequate ("to present any writer in translation is to present him bereft of his style"), not to mention this reader. As I paged through it, I finally resolved on seeing it as a poem with paragraphlike stanzas. Some units lasted barely a sentence; some were several short paragraphs strung together.But the poetry was incredible. The parade of images, like:"Leopards have the sly ears of punished schoolboys.""And I somehow saw the dance of death, the ma [...]

    3. Pietro on said:

      Baciami, ma di Mandel'štam straziamiQuesto potrebbe essere l'inizio di una bella storia d'amore. Intendo fra me e Osip Mandel'štam. E siccome ogni grande storia d'amore inizia fra sospiri e dolci moine, ma ben poche sono le parole compiute che si pronunciano, allora io mi affido alla saggia e oltremodo sublime penna di Serena Vitale che, per me, andrebbe tutelata come patrimonio nazionale:"Quello di Mandel'štam in Armenia è un viaggio nel tempo. Il movimento promesso dal titolo avviene solta [...]

    4. Roberta on said:

      Lui: andiamo in ArmeniaIo: ok perfettoLui: guarda il sito archeologicoIo: bello, ci sono restiLui: le farfalleIo: sì, ma non stavamo parlando di rovine?Lui: Linneo! Papaveri! I papaveri sono bruttiIo: Ma no dai, a me piaccLui: guarda il monastero!Io: AspeLui: la lingua armena!Io: sì maLui: tornati a MoscaIo: quando?!?!Lui: poesie!Io: mai provato il Ritalin?Scherzi a parte, mi sono trovata a 2/3 del libro senza sapere come. E viene voglia di tornare indietro, per rileggere più lentamente e ass [...]

    5. Lorenzo Berardi on said:

      One of the most poetic books I've ever read.Short and pleasant as a sip of a precious nectar.At first I was a little bit disappointed by having found not a travel book through Armenia as I was looking for. But then I didn't care of this lack of factual comments on places and I've been completely blew away by the capacity of Mandelstam of making poetic associations, metaphors, enjambements, juxtaposing colors and shapes. I don't have the patience (or the talent) to read in a careful way whole boo [...]

    6. Lillian on said:

      I think Henry Gifford gets it right in his introduction:Always, whether in verse or prose, he expects to be met with the ready perceptiveness that Dante, as Madelstam points out, so greatly valued. "You grasp things, on the wing, you are sensitive to allusions -- this is Dante's favorite form of praise." Mandelstam in Journey to Armenia is always on the wing.

    7. Diana Hale on said:

      Like nothing else I have read. Seemed very timeless, flowing from one thought to another. Lots of to me fairly obtuse references but that shows the difference in educational focus in the later 20th century I guess. Very poetic in style rather than narrative.

    8. Arno Mosikyan on said:

      "Ежедневно, ровно в пятом часу, озеро, изобилующее форелями, закипало, словно в него была подброшена большая щепотка соды. Это был в полном смысле слова месмерический сеанс изменения погоды, как будто медиум напускал на дотоле спокойную известковую воду сначала дурашливую [...]

    9. Chris on said:

      a gift for poetryMy planned journey to Armenia next month (May 2016) holds many challenges, not the smallest of them being to overcome my fear for the work of Osip Emilievich Mandelstam. On this occasion starting – were else – with his travelogue ‘Journey to Armenia’.Osip Emilievich Mandelstam, a Jew, was born in Warsaw in 1891 and died a political prisoner in a concentration camp near Vladivostok in 1938. His journey to Armenia took place in 1930 and was arranged by his friend and prote [...]

    10. Kitty Red-Eye on said:

      A very strange travel book, not as much a journey to Armenia as one to the author's rich mind and assosiative and lingual powers. Best be read with a sense of humour (shouldn't everything?). Extremely quote-friendly. Short, only about 60 pages, so a quick read for whenever you feel you need "something just a little bit different". Why this book got the editor fired in the Soviet Union, is hard to fathom. It was the Stalin era though. Maybe that's explaination enough.

    11. Ffiamma on said:

      "e per di più, la leggerezza ha fatto irruzione anche nella mia vita- come sempre secca e disordinata, e che io mi immagino come la solleticante attesa dell'esito di una lotteria dal premio assicurato dove posso estrarre qualsiasi cosa"

    12. Paulo Jan on said:

      Excellent descriptions. Shows the regional history , linked to a major context. As a talentous poet , Ossip mixes senses and feelings at a divine way. Sevan , Ashtarak , and much more!

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