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Adam Christopher

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Seven Wonders

Seven Wonders Tony Prosdocimi lives in the bustling Metropolis of San Ventura a city gripped in fear a city under siege by the hooded supervillain The Cowl When Tony develops super powers and acts to take down Th

  • Title: Seven Wonders
  • Author: Adam Christopher
  • ISBN: 9780857661968
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tony Prosdocimi lives in the bustling Metropolis of San Ventura a city gripped in fear, a city under siege by the hooded supervillain, The Cowl.When Tony develops super powers and acts to take down The Cowl, however, he finds that the local superhero team Seven Wonders aren t as grateful as he assumed they d be

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      456 Adam Christopher
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    One thought on “Seven Wonders

    1. Dan Schwent on said:

      San Ventura is helpless against super villain The Cowl's reign of terror and even its resident superheroes, the Seven Wonders, are powerless to stop him. However, the Cowl's powers begin to wane as a retail wage slave named Tony Prosdocimi finds himself gaining more powers by the day. Will Tony take down the Cowl and join the Seven Wonders? For months now, I've been looking for a good superhero novel. Now I've found it!Seven Wonders is a lot deeper than my quick summary indicates. Nothing is bla [...]

    2. sj on said:

      [sigh]  Another amazing cover from the folks over at Angry Robot Books.I'm not going to waste time talking about how awesome I think the cover is, though (even if I do), I want to talk about the book itself.  Ory to, anyway."What?  Try?  What is she talking about?  SJ NEVER HAS A PROBLEM TALKING ABOUT BOOKS!"This time I do.There are (sadly) few books that make me feel like this one did.  That feeling you I get where you I want to grab random people on the street by their lapels while shout [...]

    3. Chris Bauer on said:

      I was listening to a podcast last week which pointed out the lack of superhero sci-fi and described it as an unusual minority in the genre. So I made a point to pick up a couple of recent books which had that theme. I've read Adam Christopher's "Empire State" before and was disappointed by the work but I figured I'd give his newest novel "Seven Wonders" a try.I think it was the most frustrating book I've read all year. And that really bothered me. I've listened to interviews and read articles by [...]

    4. Tasha Robinson on said:

      The latest in a growing wave of superhero novels starts off with a young man who's suddenly developing superpowers, to his delight, especially when it means he can join the fight against The Cowl, the horrific, murderous supervillain who's terrorized his city for years. But once he gets involved, he finds out the Seven Wonders, the superheroes who supposedly protect his city, aren't what they appear to be, and they've been consciously tolerating the status quo for years.This sounds like a great [...]

    5. Milo (BOK) on said:

      Original Post: thefoundingfields/2012/07/“An awesome novel that is one of my favourites so far this year. For those who thought that Christopher’s Empire State would be the best of his novels, then think again - Seven Wonders is much better. Reads like a superhero comic book in novel form. Unmissable.” ~The Founding FieldsEmpire State was one of the novels that I read towards the end of 2011, and the only reason why it wasn’t included in my Best of 2011 list was because it was well, an A [...]

    6. Taryn on said:

      I have a not-so-secret love of comic books, graphic novels, manga–whatever you want to call it. In high school, going to the local bookstore (a Borders, RIP) was a treat, something saved for my post-birthday cash, and allowed me to amass a pretty solid collection of graphic novels, including Battle Royale, Peach Girl, and Inu-Yasha. Though I’ve been out of high school for eight years now, I still enjoy a good comic now and then: Watchmen, Fables, The Walking Dead.I give this back story to il [...]

    7. Bob Milne on said:

      Growing up, I was an absolutely huge fan of comic books. Every Wednesday and every Friday we'd either grab our bikes or hop on the bus downtown to pick up the newest releases. Although I was primarily a Marvel man (The Amazing Spider-Man, The Uncanny X-Men, Excalibur, and The Incredible Hulk were my must-haves), I regularly hopped shelves into DC territory or some of the independents. At some point, however, I began to lose interest. Part of it was frustration with the expensive gimmicks of vari [...]

    8. Ben Babcock on said:

      I love the idea of superhero fiction. I don't actually read that much, mostly because it comes in the form of comics and graphic novels. I don't have anything against those. They're just not my typical jam.The sudden trend towards writing about superheroes in the novel form is a boon to me, then, because the novel is my jam. (I'm a little pessimistic about the shelf life of the novel as a form in the digital age, but that's another story.) In particular, in this translation of superheroes from p [...]

    9. Mjhancock on said:

      Tony's had enough: The Cowl's been terrorizing San Ventura for years, and the local hero team, the Seven Wonders, hasn't done anything to stop him. So he's going to take his inexplicable new powers and do it himself. Meanwhile, police detective Sam Millar is hunting down the Cowl for revenge after her husband's death, and The Cowl himself is putting together the pieces for a weapon so powerful the Seven had the knowledge of it removed from their minds. So begins Seven Wonders. This book has gott [...]

    10. Aneirys on said:

      Seven Wonders by Adam Christopher wasn't a book that made me want to drop everything else for it. I found myself playing multiples rounds of minesweeper instead of finishing the novel. Halfway thru I started skipping pages and getting straight to the dialog which was almost 20% of the book.In a way it felted like a parody of the now popular superheroes, for example: ● Hephaestus- was some kind of Thor like superhero with the hammer and everything. ● The Cowl- representing the playboy, millio [...]

    11. Ranting Dragon on said:

      rantingdragon/review-oAre we heading into a new age of comic book popularity, much like the Golden Age of Comics? Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy and Marvel’s Cinematic Universe seem to have dissolved the barrier between comic geeks and… well, everyone else. With films like Man of Steel, The Wolverine, Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, and Kick-Ass 2, next year seems poised to continue that trend. Meanwhile, DC has rebooted all of its comics, and Marvel is doing a similar thing wit [...]

    12. Paul on said:

      Fear the might of… The Cowl! Tony Prosdocimi lives in the bustling metropolis of San Ventura - a city utterly gripped by fear, a city under siege by the hooded supervillain, The Cowl.When Tony develops super-powers and acts to take down The Cowl, however, he finds that the local superhero team, the Seven Wonders, aren't anything like as grateful as he assumed they would beI am, and always will be, a comic book geek at heart. Before I developed a passion for reading novels I grew up with 2000AD [...]

    13. Johann Thorsson on said:

      The book starts off with a bang, I can’t remember the last book that really got me like Seven Wonders. (Ok, I can. It was The Reapers are the Angels). We start in a bank being robbed by a supervillain and his henchmen, and we are introduced to the protagonist, Tony, who is wondering whether he should use his newly discovered superpowers to stop the robbery. The villain is dark and evil and the reader really gets a sense of the terror he holds over the residents of San Ventura in general, and t [...]

    14. Benito Corral on said:

      Adam Christopher exploded onto the scene with his debut novel Empire State, and he is poised to make even more noise with his sophomore effort, Seven Wonders. Seven Wonders is a big budget summer blockbuster action packed superhero movie, all of it brilliantly captured in novel form and with enough plot twists, secret identities and double crosses to satisfy even the most jaded of comic book aficionados.Christopher sets his story in the "Shining City" of San Ventura, home to the last superhero t [...]

    15. Lee Stoneman on said:

      Seven Wonders started out with such high potential. As an avid comic reader I was keen to try out some long form fiction set in a superhero universe. The opening chapters started well and then it was downhill from there.(view spoiler)[At about the half way point the lead 'hero' suddenly decides to become a villain, removing the one character I had any chance of getting behind. With him off the cards, that left the Wonders, all of whom appeared to be 1 dimensional cardboard cut outs headed up by [...]

    16. Russell Allison on said:

      More like 1.5 stars. One of the most disappointing wasted set-ups and concepts I've seen in a while. Describes a comic book universe that has tons of super heroes in it that have basically shut down all the super villains and retired, except for one Team the Seven Wonders (Justice League/Avengers) analog, and one single Super Villain (Batman/Superman) analog. The plot hints at some hidden reveal about why the Seven Wonders have tolerated the last super villain, but ends up ending in a huge battl [...]

    17. Russell James on said:

      Want to know an author’s nightmare (or at least one of them)? Picking up a novel so good that you read it to the exclusion of finishing writing one of your own. That makes Seven Wonders my nightmare.Well-written, well-paced, well-plotted. The story of Tony Prosdocimi and his interactions with Cowl, Blackbird and the Seven Wonders draws you in to a fascinating alternate reality where every city once had its own superheroes and supervillains. Sharp prose places you deep in the action and makes t [...]

    18. Andy Bigwood on said:

      This was all over the place, swapping protagonists about a third of the way in… it lost me entirely when the last super villian FOUND GOD and was REDEEMED. I loath religion and resent being ambushed by it. Deleted at 51% Complete

    19. Ken on said:

      I've been reading a lot of superhero novels lately and each book handles this subgenre differently. With Wild Cards you have very political driven stories and with Matt Forbeck's Brave New World series, you get a lot of action-packed entertainment. Now with Seven Wonders you have a story that stays true to its comic book origin and one where you can feel just how passionate the author is to these stories.With a name like Seven Wonders, you might mistakenly think that the book is about the exploi [...]

    20. Cat on said:

      Seven Wonders by Kiwi author Adam Christopher is a superhero novel set in the fictional city of San Ventura. The city, once plagued by supervillains, is now mostly peaceful thanks to the Seven Wonders, a team of superheroes. However, there is one remaining supervillain causing trouble in San Ventura: The Cowl. When Tony, an ordinary citizen of San Ventura, starts to manifest super powers, he decides to do what the Seven Wonders have been unable to do – defeat the Cowl once and for all.Seven Wo [...]

    21. Andy on said:

      Cute story about an alternate reality California full of superheros. The plot took twists I didn't expect which is nice, but was still fairly shallow. I loved the attention to detail in super hero naming, which culminated with this quote: Over two days, the remaining superheroic population of the Earth had heeded the call--by ship, teleport, magical portal, elemental transductione H-Man, Pangolin the Protector, Glass Tambourine, Omega-Mur, Hammer and Sickle, Jackdaw, the Infinite Wisdom, Doctor [...]

    22. Thor Aegir on said:

      I'm unsure on how to rate this book.From a certain point of view, this book has nice twists compared to the common super hero novel. You keep getting surprised all along reading it.There are seeds for a lot of nice characters, from super-vilains to sidekicks to super-heroes, and to PD detectives.BUT the seeds never grow. The characters' psychologies are skimmed where it should be examined in details. All twists comes from nowhere. It is a descent to hell without the descent. In half a page, char [...]

    23. Greg on said:

      An interesting and somewhat underutilized setting brought low by some of the worst characters I have ever had the misfortune to experience. The main character has a personality change so sudden it is as if the author forgot which character he was writing at the time. The Justice Avengers (Seven Wonders) are unlikable in the extreme. Plot holes, terrible dialogue, and almost random plot developments ruined any satisfaction gained by the setting. I was with this book for around the first third and [...]

    24. Kate Sherrod on said:

      I was a beta-reader for this book, and while as a rule superhero fiction isn't my thing, if all superhero fiction were like this, it would WAY be my thing. Can't wait to see the "proper" version.And yes, I do make some exceptionally fine pizza.

    25. LAPL Reads on said:

      What if you woke up one morning with a super power? Super strength? Super speed? X-ray vision? Invulnerability? The ability to fly? What if, over the course of several weeks, you developed all of these powers and more? Does having these powers change who you are? More importantly, does having super powers automatically make you a superhero? These are just some of the questions explored in Adam Christopher’s novel, Seven Wonders.Tony Prosdocimi is a regular guy. He works a dead-end job at Big D [...]

    26. Aoife Kinsella on said:

      It was an entertaining read, but I think the author got a bit ahead of himself towards the end, the sublime got a little ridiculous.

    27. Roj on said:

      After reading Empire State and the blurb on Seven Wonders, I was expecting a great read and I got it. Full of intriguing characters and fast paced scene changes, this unique take on a superhero story keeps you wanting to understand more. This probably won't fit some people's ideas of a superhero story, but for fans of crime thrillers as well, it will keep you turning the pages.

    28. Bianca on said:

      When I saw all the great reviews for this book, I immediately assumed that this would be one of the better books that have come out of this genre.Seven wonders was very disjointed and confusing to read, made worse by the immense detail that is put into the book with no real effort to establish further. Eg. Terribly bland characters that apart from some aspects that could truly be attributed to the plot line, are entirely too predictable. The characters are mostly given a truly wonderful back sto [...]

    29. Abhinav on said:

      You can find the full review over at The Founding Fields:thefoundingfields/2012/09/Shadowhawk reviews recent debut Adam Christopher’s second novel for Angry Robot in which he writes once more about superheroes but gives them centerstage.“Adam Christopher has struck gold, again. If any SF novel this year deserves a sequel, its Seven Wonders!” ~The Founding FieldsJanuary marked Adam Christopher’s debut on the publishing screen with his novel Empire State, a book that transcended various ge [...]

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