Judi Dench: With a Crack in Her Voice

John Miller

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Judi Dench: With a Crack in Her Voice

Judi Dench With a Crack in Her Voice In this authorized affectionate biography the first time she has cooperated in the telling of her story Dench talks of those who have most influenced her work and her way of life and reflects upon

  • Title: Judi Dench: With a Crack in Her Voice
  • Author: John Miller
  • ISBN: 9781566491112
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this authorized, affectionate biography, the first time she has cooperated in the telling of her story, Dench talks of those who have most influenced her work and her way of life and reflects upon her most illustrious career, including her recent ascent to superstar status in America.

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      430 John Miller
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    One thought on “Judi Dench: With a Crack in Her Voice

    1. Sara on said:

      This is not a "fan" biography in the sense of a gossipy book with lots of personal information about Dench's offstage life. In fact, if you're wanting that, you may wait forever. Dame Judi is a pretty private person. But if you are looking for an excellent, exhaustive, factual description of her life in the theatre and the kind of actress she was, then you will find it here. John Miller is indeed a friend of Judi Dench, but I don't read him as a sycophantic friend. He mentions bad reviews and mo [...]

    2. Libby vanBuskirk on said:

      The writing itself is pretty weak, particularly in the first half. The author has done an exceptional amount of interviews to assemble her biography; however, in the first half he has a difficult time expressing these stories in a way that makes the meaning clear to the reader. Quotes are unclear or vague and it's difficult to picture certain stories. For example, "Then Judi threw the thing in the air. And that was that." Do you know what that means? Neither do I, and the context doesn't make it [...]

    3. Susy on said:

      I found this book on my mother's shelves when we emptied her home; she loved to remind us of her many theatre trips to London and seeing "Dame Judi Dench" on the stage so I felt that by reading it I'd feel closer to my mother. And I did. For theatre lovers and lovers of her in films, this is an in depth account of her theatre training and the many roles she has played. I had no idea of her versatility on stage or of the many storied names she's performed with: Ian Mckellen, Maggie Smith, Bill Ni [...]

    4. Graceann on said:

      Please see my detailed review at Graceann's "Judi Dench" Review"Please click that the review was helpful to you at so that my rating continues to climb! This book manages to do what I previously thought was impossible. It made Judi Dench uninteresting. Glimmers of the lady show through here and there, but the writing is so poor and so restrained due to the fact that Miller is Judi's friend (and thus is loath to peeve her) that a 300 page book, which I'd normally enjoy in about two or three day [...]

    5. Deanna on said:

      I love Dame Judi Dench, have ever since I saw her onstage in London in '93, but I did not love this book. It was more an exhaustive resume and collection of reviews with a few good stories attached. If was often hard to follow who was being quoted and sometimes even what they were exactly talking about - and I'm sure it would be even harder to follow if I didn't have a pretty good knowledge of classic plays and British actors. It gave a tantalizing glimpse of Judi Dench's personality and wicked [...]

    6. Bookworm on said:

      I really wanted to like this a lot more than I did. I saw that a "sequel" of sorts had come out and I thought I'd read this first. It was fairly informative, but had the feeling of a list rather than a flow of one's life story. I enjoyed the anecdotes from the people who had worked with her, but overall it was rather tedious and I suspect the author had a lot less access (or chose to filter out quite a bit) that gave it a rather pared down feeling.Certainly for fans it's worth a read, but I'd st [...]

    7. Christy on said:

      I love Judi Dench. I will go see just about anything she's in. I don't love this book. It is, like so many biographies of actors and musicians, for fans. Avid fans. Who know every play and it's plot and characters already. And the Britishisms don't help either. I feel I am not in on the joke. I am gleaning the occasional insight into the kind of person she is, but the kind of person she is is pretty private, and she has not divulged anything really personal to this biographer - who is also an av [...]

    8. Wonderkell on said:

      I enjoyed this book in terms of what it had to teach me as an actor & giving me a greater insight into this wonderful actor's technique, but I have to say that at times it turned into way too much of a love fest. Also, one of the reasons it took me so long to read was that I kept putting it down due to boredom. Te constant quoting from reviews for each show she she did, sometimes as many as five for each play, made the book incredibly long & boring to read at times. More of Dame Judi her [...]

    9. Karen Barris on said:

      I loved this book and have been very remiss with finishing it. I have read so many books in-between so will attempt to write reviews about them. For some reason, I keep interrupting myself with other books which I have been given. Judi writes very well and I can hear her beautiful voice speaking to me as I read it. I have really enjoyed it and will endeavour to take it away with me when we go away later this year so I can re-read it.

    10. Matt John on said:

      Hardly a "tell-all" gossip memoir, Miller interweaves Dench's life with stories from the numerous interviews he conducted for this book. Without delving too much into her private life, you very much get a sense of the type of woman Dench is, which perfectly aligns with what one has come to expect. A dedicated and talented actor who is never completely serious. (Google: Graham Norton and Judi Dench).

    11. Jacquie South on said:

      An interesting read about an amazing actress. Judi Dench's (acting) life as told through her roles. The only bad thing about this book was it made me wish I could have seen her performing on stage in many of the plays discussed!

    12. Mary on said:

      I loved reading about dame Judy, but the book took awhile to get through. I put it down and read other things often. Too much detail about reviews, etc. I was more interested in the accounts of rehearsal processes and the details of her life that lead her to and informed her acting.

    13. Marilyn on said:

      A marvelous book all about this very talented lady. I really enjoyed reading about all of her accomplishments.

    14. Beks on said:

      I read this on a flight to the UK - coincidentally to see her in The Marquis De Sade at Wyndham theatre, where we accidentally met.

    15. Rachel Williams on said:

      Just didn't like this - some detail about Judi but much to much of a blow by blow of her every acting activity. Not an easy read or much insight into the person she is.

    16. Michele on said:

      A beautifully written account of a well-beloved actress who is, quite rightly, a National Treasure.

    17. Donna Coakley on said:

      Judi appears to be a delightful character but the book is more a chronolgy of her work than a biography. I will read another bio of her with anticipation.

    18. Cat Sheely on said:

      A well written, insightful biography that provides a detailed account of Judi Dench's body of work, her work ethic and touches on her private life without intruding.

    19. Helen Magee on said:

      Very interesting book about the career and Dame Judi Dench - shows that she has the utmost respect from others in her profession.

    20. Jeanne Hedge on said:

      Saint JudiThis is one of those biographies where nothing is written that casts the subject even remotely in a bad light. Everyone has their bad days, but apparently not Saint Judi. I write this as a fan, but would have liked to have learned a little about Judi the person. Apparently that was not in the cards, as it was made clear she guards her privacy. That being the case, why did she agree to cooperate with this biography? Note that quite a few stories and pictures appearing on this book are a [...]

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