When Love Is Not Enough

Wade Kelly

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When Love Is Not Enough

When Love Is Not Enough A six year downward spiral into a world of lies and deception leads to the end of one man s life when self discovery crosses the line between being the perfect son or following his heart Jimmy Miller

  • Title: When Love Is Not Enough
  • Author: Wade Kelly
  • ISBN: 9781615819850
  • Page: 439
  • Format: ebook
  • A six year downward spiral into a world of lies and deception leads to the end of one man s life when self discovery crosses the line between being the perfect son or following his heart.Jimmy Miller never intended to lead a double life starting the day he fell in love with Darian, but his parents divorce, fighting in school, and constantly keeping secrets for his closeteA six year downward spiral into a world of lies and deception leads to the end of one man s life when self discovery crosses the line between being the perfect son or following his heart.Jimmy Miller never intended to lead a double life starting the day he fell in love with Darian, but his parents divorce, fighting in school, and constantly keeping secrets for his closeted best friend and protector, Matt, force his hand Jimmy finds the demands too great to withstand and ends it all prematurely, leaving behind an angry best friend and a shattered lover.Matt and Darian cling to one another in the aftermath of their loss, forging a new friendship immediately tested by the truths of their relationships with Jimmy that are hidden in the pages of Jimmy s journals Will Matt and Darian discover what truly happened to their friend And will this tragedy birth something beautiful between them as they learn the balance between life, family, and friendship when love is simply not enough A Bittersweet Dreams title It s an unfortunate truth love doesn t always conquer all Regardless of its strength, sometimes fate intervenes, tragedy strikes, or forces conspire against it These stories of romance do not offer a traditional happy ending, but the strong and enduring love will still touch your heart and maybe move you to tears.

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    One thought on “When Love Is Not Enough

    1. T.A. Webb on said:

      When I ran across this book and saw it was part of the Bittersweet Dreams titles, and that the main character had committed suicide, of course I knew this would not be the happily ever type of book. And, to be honest, I had to wonder how Mr. Kelly would be able to make this anything but a depressing autopsy, or a couldawouldashoulda melodramatic weeper. I have read a couple of the Bittersweet Titles before and loved them (including "The Night Porter" by Sue Brown), but how do you make suicidelat [...]

    2. Vio on said:

      Beautiful, Beautiful story an emotional rollercoaster, Jamie I wanted to grab him, shake him and yell just LEAVE, why.why did he not move out sooner to go and live with his dad if only everyone could have such a father! The mental torture and continuous pain he went through trying to please his psychotic mother, she deserved to suffer lots I had nothing but contempt and hatred for her. Then the lies he told Matt his best friend they started off small then escalated so muchat it all became too mu [...]

    3. Deeze on said:

      I really don't think I can review this with any hope of sounding as eloquent as others, so I think I'll just say what I thought lol.At first I was very nervous about reading, and in fact put it off slightly. I really don't like bittersweet, especially if a death is involved. But thanks to a good friend I took the plunge. (view spoiler)[From the beginning I was reading to find out just what pushed Jaime over the edge. At first I assumed it was a sadly typical teenage suicide, but then I realised [...]

    4. Feliz on said:

      Okay now I'm done, and I honestly don't know what to think of this, let alone how to rate it. I'd like to be able to give 2.5 stars. This book was worth reading, but quite exhausting, and not only for its subject matter. This was an exceptional book in many ways. Starting with the narrative - with three different narrators, diary entries, flashbacks, and the present - this might sound confusing but it actually wasn't. The three voices were different enough to keep them apart even without the dat [...]

    5. Monika on said:

      This is a beautifully written story that has a very sad beginning. I struggled with connecting with any of the characters at first but that soon changed and everything fell into place. I normally don’t like stories that move from future to past (told by what’s in Jaime’s journal) to present, but in this case the author did a brilliant job. I was never confused nor bored and I never got frustrated with the story moving around. The only constant for me was my love for sweet, sweet Darian. Th [...]

    6. Wade on said:

      This is a multi-layered, contemporary romantic tragedy, but don't let the "Bitter Sweet" tag scare you. It has an HEA/HFN ending. (and a sequel on the horizon!) One Reviewer said: "Wade Kelly has set a new benchmark for the writing of emotions." So be warned. It just might tear your heart out and make you scream at the pages!you can go to Dreamspinner press and read and excerpt:Prologue:September 25, 2010I NEVER thought life could fuck me in the ass this hard. What a shitty week!I never expected [...]

    7. Don Bradshaw on said:

      Reviewed on Hearts On Fire heartsonfirereviews/ This book was absolutely amazing. The story tore me up emotionally but it was well worth the roller coaster ride. The story revolves around three young men from when they were in their late teens up to the present at twenty-two. Jamie and Matt have been best friends for most of their lives. Jamie's parents divorced when he was 15 and the bullies in school were always making fun of his Dad. Jamie got into so many fights that the school counselor fin [...]

    8. Lena Grey on said:

      Philosopher Immanuel Kant stated: “By a lie, a man annihilates his dignity as a man.” Jimmy of 'When Love is not Enough' by Wade Kelly learns a tragic lesson in being untruthful.Jimmy begins to lie to his best friend, Matt, when he doesn't confide in him about his new friend, Darian. His honesty with Matt is the last link between all he is and all he hopes to be. When he severs that tie, he begins to lose his self respect. His fear of being inferior overwhelms him and, as we know, if you don [...]

    9. Kaje Harper on said:

      *4.5 stars. This is a very emotional book that demands that you accept two premises. First, that love can take root in a guy at first sight of his beloved, in the middle of what was meant to be a random hook-up, and be immediately strong enough to change the habits of years. Second, that a man mourning his lover might accept and use sex, not just once but repeatedly, as antidote for his pain and a way to connect with an otherwise empty world. Because that describes the situation for Matt, who ha [...]

    10. Candice on said:

      I held off on this story at first because after reading the synopsis I was not sure if I wanted to read such an emotional book that would start with a funeral and the aftermath of that. I am so glad that I did. Once I started it, I did not put it down until I finished it. This book is a rollercoaster ride that once you start,you simply cannot get off until the end. This is definitely a bittersweet romance. Jaime and Darian's relationship was so right, but so wrong at the same time because of all [...]

    11. Shannon on said:

      First off, let me say that my eyes leaked a bit during this book. What? Okay, a lot! I have mixed feeling about every character in this book. Jamie for doing what he did and leaving them behind, Matt and Darian for daring to start something at that time. This being said I found it very, very sweet and sad and heartwarming and frustrating. I couldn't re-read it but I'm so glad I finally buckled down and read it at all. Thanks Jen! Oh, and I want to hurt Jamie's mom. Like make her suffer while I g [...]

    12. Chris on said:

      2.5 stars. Uneven m/m romance that starts with the funeral of a twenty-two year old who committed suicide, then switches between flashbacks of his life, the nearly present, and the present, trying to explain how he reached the point of suicide. Oddly, this book contained what felt like a commercial - a section in which specific m/m books and authors were mentioned and one of the characters read an excerpt to another. After that, I was no longer on board with the story.

    13. Tristan on said:

      It's funny reading books at the same time, with the same name for one character, AND referencing things like "rule number two", AND referring to dates that go back years so ironic! and NOT recommended. Too confusing! (for those who don't pay attention I am referring to American Love Songs AND When Love is Not Enough. I was reading them at the same time!)I think I literally spent the entire day reading! wowAnyway, finally finished it! Worth every second and every tear. (Yes, I cried a little. No [...]

    14. Raevyn on said:

      I had to step back from this book for a day before I could write anything about it. The story shoved itself into my psyche and I couldn't look at it rationally right after I read it.All three main characters were fabulously written and I fell in love with all of them. Matt for his strength, humor and protective instincts even in the face of not having much for himself (emotionally), Darian for his innocence, sweetness and his love for Jamie, and Jamie for trying so hard to be himself while deali [...]

    15. Kade Boehme on said:

      Oh Jimmy! God how I loved him and his spirit. God he was such a sweet, caring guy. This is a BEAUTIFUL story and gods I didn't know how I was gonna survive it. The reason for the suicide is heartbreaking and I won't lie you will fall in love with Jimmy and your heart will bleed for him. His final scene, which was handled with nothing but truth expecially if you've been there. It's a killer and I cried for a long time. Definitely a must read but you better have a strong stomach because I'm still [...]

    16. SheReadsALot on said:

      (Author provided a copy for an honest review - thank you for the opportunity!)Wade Kelly's "When Love Is Not Enough" is a story about two men finding love through grief, the recent death of Jimmy- best friend of Matt and fiance of Darian. The author gives us a view of what these three young gay males went through for a six year period. And Wade Kelly, he gave wrote about various emotional subjects: suicide & the aftermath, rape, drug addiction, abuse (both psychological and physical), homoph [...]

    17. Macky on said:

      Having just finished Wade Kelly's new book which I loved, I automatically looked to see if he'd written anything else and found this. I have to be honest I was a little wary because it was about suicide but I decided to give it a go and was surprised to find that it was far from the gloomy, dark, miserable tale I was expecting. What I found was (albeit being terribly sad ) a poignant, bittersweet and very moving story based around three young men who are all living with secrets and lies, that un [...]

    18. R.B. on said:

      First - I’m sorry for my English but I hope you'll understand me.Second – my review is one big spoiler ;)I LOVE this book. I wished I had more time to read. It was wonderful, emotional reading. I can identify myself with all three heroes of this book. They’re absolutely believable and I can empathize with their actions.Jimmy’s parents are divorced; his mother is selfish and bigot (…crazy bitch). She even hit Jimmy several times. Jimmy met Darian when he was at his father’s (Dan Mille [...]

    19. Summer Michaels on said:

      Last night, I sat down to read When Love is not Enough by Wade Kelly. The opening had me really confused, but begging for more. I had to know what caused the worse day ever and why two people who had never met were experiencing the same emotions.I couldn't put this book down. I fell in love with Jamie, his best from Matt, and fiance Darian. This raw emotional roller coaster had me cheering for these young characters one minute and crying for them the next.The pain and constant degrading comments [...]

    20. Kendra T on said:

      Wow. This book was so touching, beautiful, heartbreaking, and brilliantly written. I liked how the story shifted back and forth between the past and present to give a more thorough understanding of all the events that occurred along with how it was relevant to the now. The relationship between the guys seemed to happen very quick, especially for how much Darian said he was in love with Jamie but I can understand how much the suicide and not really knowing Jamie could have shaken him to his core. [...]

    21. Manuela on said:

      Read it in 24 hours. Once I started it, I couldn't put it down. I wanted to know what made Jimmy take his life and leave his best friend and lover behind. When I found out, it made sense and it made me want to break something because it's just so unfair. The author did a great job in showing the difficulties that a young guy often has to go through, difficilties that become bigger when he happens to be gay and has a troubled family. I felt connected to all three characters and I loved them all, [...]

    22. Barb on said:

      This was a difficult book for me to get through, only because it was so brutally emotional. The struggle that the main character goes through, trying to keep secrets for his friend; dealing with abuse from his mother; and coming to terms with his sexuality and emotions are raw and extremely painful to be a witness to.The author's descriptions of the feelings experienced are so real, you can't help but wonder if he's experienced, or knows someone intimately who has experienced these same emotions [...]

    23. Td on said:

      This was differentI like different. To say I have been twisted into an emotional pretzel is an understatement. What a heartbreaking, frustrating, enraging, sweet, beautiful story. How Mr. Kelly made this narrative and subject matter work without becoming too overwhelming, causing me confusion and an anxiety attack or two, I will never know. A couple of personal pet peeves: (view spoiler)[ No a fan of what felt like insta-love and under the circumstances in this book it was a bit jarring, Matt's [...]

    24. Kat on said:

      This book is simply wonderful. I really wasn't sure if I should read it because of the suicide issue, but I am glad I did. It's just great, wonderfully written and the characters are so real, I simply got sucked into the story and just couldn't stop reading. I had to stop when I had to go and buy some tissues because I cried almost from the beginning through to the end. I was really sad when I finished the book because I would love to know how the relationship between Darian and Matt carries on. [...]

    25. Simsala on said:

      2-2,5 starsI agree to 99% with Feliz`review.2 ratings for the book from me - 4,5 stars for the writing and making the difficult narrative work.1 star for a story and characters that simply made me see red!Thanks again to Feliz for writing her detailed and spot on review I could keep my mouth shut

    26. Ken on said:

      I thoroughly enjoyed reading this wonderful book. You’ll find yourself cheering them on at times and at other times wanting to pull them to your chest to comfort them as you would with any good friend. I say this because by the end of this book, I felt like I’d known these characters all of my life.This book deals with the suicide of the Jamie and the effects of his sudden, unexplained death on the two men in his life, Darian and Matt. Starting with the funeral, the story then jumps to the b [...]

    27. Snowtulip on said:

      I love a book that invites the reader to become emotionally involved in the world and the characters that become living, breathing entities. This book was an emotional rollercoaster that spanned time and dealt with difficult issues. Jamie is the heart of this book and all of his emotions are laid out in journal/memory style. Matt and Dare add to the complement of Jamie and it was great to see the strength of love and character that they had for each other. It weighed on the heart to learn about [...]

    28. Boyboygirllove on said:

      SIMPLY STUNNING! From beginning to finish, When Love Is Not Enough, is truly a special story that will touch your heart!It’s a true testament to Wade Kelly's writing abilities that he can take such a raw, emotional subject matter as suicide and turn it into something beautiful and more importantly, something that gives us hope.The story centers around Jimmy Miller, an average kid with divorced parents who struggles daily with his sexual identity to the point that his lies have caused him to le [...]

    29. Chris Jeffreys on said:

      This is a wonderful, remarkable novel. I won't go through the entire story since so many other reviewers have discussed it. I want to address some of the other reviewers' comments about this book. First, the story is absolutely terrific and believable. I know some people have questioned the rapid way that two of the main characters need each other after Jamie's funeral, but that makes complete sense to me. (Maybe, you have to live through it just once to understand the strong bond that can devel [...]

    30. Lily on said:

      I expected to really like this story but in the end was disappointed. The writing was good but the more I read about Jamie/Jimmy, Matt and Darian the less I liked them. I could not believe that Matt and Darian hook up outside of the funeral home. Really???? They're there at the viewing of their fiance and best friend, they're totally devastated but then within a few minutes they're having wild sex behind the shed of a neighboring house. Really???? Matt, Totally and Completely in the Closet and D [...]

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