Wolf's Glory

Maddy Barone

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Wolf's Glory

Wolf s Glory When goth girl Glory Peterson s plane crashes she walks to find help What she finds are people living in teepees like it s the Old West Wolf s Shadow knows Glory is his mate Glory s happy to take a ro

  • Title: Wolf's Glory
  • Author: Maddy Barone
  • ISBN: 9781466228627
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Paperback
  • When goth girl Glory Peterson s plane crashes she walks to find help What she finds are people living in teepees like it s the Old West Wolf s Shadow knows Glory is his mate Glory s happy to take a roll in the hay with him while she s waiting for transportation back to civilization, but when she finds out she s gone fifty years into the future and Shadow is a bossy wereWhen goth girl Glory Peterson s plane crashes she walks to find help What she finds are people living in teepees like it s the Old West Wolf s Shadow knows Glory is his mate Glory s happy to take a roll in the hay with him while she s waiting for transportation back to civilization, but when she finds out she s gone fifty years into the future and Shadow is a bossy werewolf who thinks he owns her, her attitude changes fast Shadow is used to giving orders that are obeyed Glory hasn t obeyed an order since kindergarten When two strong willed lovers clash, who will win

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    One thought on “Wolf's Glory

    1. Jacqueline on said:

      Maybe 3-1/2 stars. I am enjoying this post apocalyptic/time travelling series. I think a lot of thought was put into how the world would function after global thermonuclear war and woman killing plague. There were several different groups described with several different reactions to the disaster. The relationship aspect was not as well developed. Most of the story was from the POV of the heroine. I liked her with her pink hair and toughness. Some of her reactions at first were a little too knee [...]

    2. Regina on said:

      Unexplained and perhaps unconvincing apocalyptic event -- Check. Survival story line which can be described as Laura Ingalls books for adults -- Check. Time travel as a means to get modern American women to a survivalist post-apocalyptic future -- Check. Native American culture merged with shape shifters - Check. Dominant alpha men who worship women and believe in equal relationships -- Check. A society where full figured women are the ideal -- Check. Okay, what else does a girl want in her stea [...]

    3. Mara on said:

      I read Wolf's Glory as a stand alone. There's some world building, but not that deep or satisfactory. There are also a lot of characters, but again none is well developed. Shadows is particularly weird: at times "alpha", others groveling. You are told the reason, but I didn't find convincing. :) He seems young, rather than really alpha.The sex scene which is (or isn't) rape is baffling. Not to my liking. Paranormal junkies might love it!

    4. SheLove2Read on said:

      2.75 stars. I was a bit disappointed with how long it took the heroine to wise up to her situation and accept a good thing happening to her. This book, like the first, also had some cheesy dialog that made me cringe a time or two.C/C-

    5. Malinda on said:

      3-3.5 starsThis was a good story. I liked Shadow and the story in general but Glory was not my favorite heroine by a long shot. Glory is a goth and a BBW that gets caught in a plane crash that propels her and the rest of the passengers (the ones that survive) 50 years in to the future. Glory had been on the plane for a job interview and is happy she lived through the crash but when she seeks out help and discovers the world in now 50 years in to the future and everything has changed drasticallyw [...]

    6. Becca on said:

      Okay so first off, I did not finish this one. But yet i am giving this one more stars then the first book. There is a reason for that, i promise. This isn't going to be a normal review for me because I didn't finish the book. I got about 52% through, its not that it was bad, it was alright but i felt like there wasn't going to much more happening. Again the whole idea that is introduced is, awesome, i would love to see more of the outside world but really its about a girl finding a boy, and boy [...]

    7. Netanella on said:

      First paragraph: Maybe they were doomed to walk the prairie forever, never finding help. Glory shook her head fiercely. No, that was tiredness and hunger speaking. There had to be people somewhere. This rotted old railroad track would lead them to civilization eventually. Glory threw a desperate look around and saw nothing but tall dry grass and blue sky as far as her eyes could see—just empty prairie as bare as it must have been when the pioneers first settled the West. If she and Jane didn't [...]

    8. Rosanna Leo on said:

      I was pleasantly surprised by Wolf's Glory, not for any reason other than the fact that I don't usually pick up wolf shifters, and don't gravitate to apocalyptic stories. And despite the fact I hadn't yet read book 1 in this series, it didn't hamper my enjoyment of book 2. The world Ms. Barone has created is very easy to dive into and I wasn't lost at all. I thought the premise of the Times Before was very interesting, and enjoyed reading about how society had changed. Glory is a fun heroine, fu [...]

    9. Sandra on said:

      This is a great series. Post apocalyptic mid west America. Glory, minding her own business, is on a plane on her way to San Fran for a job interview in marine biology; when suddenly the plane falls out of the sky. On the ground, a hunting party, comes across 2 women walking, looking for help. One of them is Glory, and Wolf's Shadow recognises the scent of his mate. He organises the rescue of the other plane victims and escorts Glory to the Wolf Clan camp.In a heart beat it has gone from 2014 to [...]

    10. Cheesecake on said:

      I didn't find this one to be as good as the one before it or the one after it. Partly because I found Glory kinda annoying half the time. But it was still enjoyable and you feel the arc in their relationship from first meeting to getting to know each other to love. Although it was annoying how Glory would blow hot and cold with Shadow, I didn't feel like she was ever actually a b-with-an-itch. She was fair minded and just getting her feet after such a traumatic change in her life. The ending was [...]

    11. Anino on said:

      Another decent read from Maddy Barone I enjoyed it, and I'm looking forward to the next installment

    12. Literary Ames Against GR Censorship on said:

      Chapter One (unedited)/author_blog_

    13. Cheryl Mcknight on said:

      This is Shadow and Glory's story . Before I get into the review I gotta say I love the way Shadow really greeted Glory for the first time !! And her response ?? LOL !! Ok now back to the story . Glory was in the plane that crashed and from there her world was turned upside down !! She has to endure a trek hunting for anyone to report the plane crash to and what does she run into instead ? You gotta read the book to find out !! I loved the way she is so sassy and has poor Shadow chasing his own s [...]

    14. Claudia on said:

      A much better book for me to reach a 3.5 star rating.It took some time to Glory to come to terms with her situation and new life so that grated on my nerves.I finally got more details about the plane crash and survivors and I am again disappointed that nobody thought about going back to the crash site and try and salvage clothes and whatever might be useful.The stubbornness that Glory showed grated a bit and I was happy when it ended because it was overdone. I liked Wolf's Shadow, clearly since [...]

    15. Aimee on said:

      Great readThis took me a little longer than the first book, but that's because the characters were so different. That's a good thing by the way. I enjoyed Glory's stubbornness and how she gave in only when it suited her.

    16. Dahlia (yadkny) on said:

      Does absence actually make the heart grow fonder?Helping the survivor's of the plane crash was the order of the day, finding his mate among them was not. Of course she had to be the most outspoken, frustrating, and lusciously built female he has ever seen, but that's exactly who Wolf's Shadow's wolf has chosen for him and he couldn't be more thrilled. Glory was made to test his patience, but the thought of going back to living a lonely life without a mate is a far worse fate. Before he can be fu [...]

    17. KK on said:

      I really liked this book. This was a fun story set in a post apocalyptic world where a series of nuclear bombs killed most of the U.S. population. After the bombs a plague broke out which targeted a large majority of the remaining females. With so few women in relation to men, they are a hot commodity. Many men want to sell them as sex slaves to the highest bidder. In local Indian tribe treats them as treasures. Prior to bombs and the plagues, an airplane takes off full of passengers. The plane [...]

    18. Angie on said:

      While I quite enjoyed the first book, Wolf's Glory didn't really work out too well. It started off fine. Glory and Jane have headed out to find help for the survivors of their plane crash. Eventually they stumble upon some men who take them back to their village and offer assistance. It's there where Glory meets Wolf's Shadow who immediately claims her as his. Glory is put off by that but she is very attracted to him. Then she learns that she's not where or when she thinks she is, and the sexy m [...]

    19. April on said:

      This is the second book in the series and really expands on the survivors tales. Mostly we focus on Glory and Shadow, but there is a lot to tell on the other women as well. We also meet many supporting men, definitely see some future plot lines.I really liked Glory and all her spunky goth attitude. She is just the sort of spicy gal I love reading. She is mostly okay with her curves, the low self esteem moments were sparse. She is a perfect match for big bold domineering Alpha Shadow! Oh boy, do [...]

    20. Teresa on said:

      I read the first book and loved Taye's gentleness with the heroine. I read this one and loved Glory's stubborn refusal to let Shadow dominate her. Those two were absolutely made for each other.Glory is a plus sized plane crash survivor looking for help for the injured when she finds Wolf's Shadow hunting. The first thing he notices is her luscious scent and soft curves. The first thing she notices is his bare brown skin and miles of black hair. All her life Glory has been taller and bigger than [...]

    21. PepperP0t on said:

      Goth girl Glory Peterson was on her way to a job interview when ere plane crash landed in a different time and place than she expected. Looking for help with another uninjured passenger, the women are rescued by Wolf Shadow. Glory goes with Wolf Shadow and finds he's the descendant of a childhood friend who tries to make Glory understand bombs changed the world the day her plane took off. There really wasn't much to this read which one could have expected a fish out of water tale. But there were [...]

    22. Sheila on said:

      This is the second book in a series about “after the Crash’. There is a plane crash and the plane and passengers are catapulted fifty years into the future. Glory and Jane leave the crash site to go get help for the survivors. They encounter Native Americans on horseback and think they have run into re-enactors. Glory is a strong independent Goth woman. Glory has pink hair and some facial piercings. She meets a gorgeous Native American, Wolf’s Shadow, and he decides that Glory is his woman [...]

    23. Kristi on said:

      If you were catapulted into the future via a plane crash, being rescued by someone who will worship you for the rest of your life isn't bad. Dealing with him being a wolf and living in a teepee on the plains is a huge shock.Glory is a tall woman (with pink hair!) who survives a plane crash. Learning to deal with all of the other issues is what takes her the longest to overcome but she does!Wolf's Shadow was overjoyed to have found his mate but didn't realize how difficult it would be for her to [...]

    24. Syfy on said:

      (I'm reading these out of order)In this post-apocalyptic world, human beings have de-evolved. A condition which is apparently contagious upon contact with hot willing men. After surviving a plane crash that somehow sucks them 50 years into the future, these women immediately toss any "give a shit" aside in favor of, gimme a man. They find it amusing, watching their 16yr old companion having to fight off unwanted affections of her stalker "mate". Slut shaming each other for drooling over the gorg [...]

    25. Simone Z. Endrich on said:

      First time I've read this kind of futuristic / shape-shifting fiction. Not my type at all. The language is far out way too many Americanisms for my taste. But it turns out it wasn't too bad. I liked Shadow's character. Maybe because he is a Native American as well as a wolf shape-shifter. Or maybe because he is a very endearing character; untouched by the insensitivity of a modern-age male, even if it is 2064 in the novel. What I didn't like was the horrible, ultra-modern gothic heroine, Glory. [...]

    26. Cathy on said:

      "Wolf's Glory" was a random choice of audiobook, and once again it was not the right choice.Let me start by its cover. The cover is terrible. I don’t understand how do they let something like this cover get to the bookstores. Regarding the story, is an amalgamation of genres that would hardly result well. The book could have been good, but hardly great, because it mixes time travel with the paranormal romance and post-apocalyptic dystopia. The biggest problem is really the execution of the sto [...]

    27. Madhellena on said:

      The first one was ok, the second was annoying, so I guess there won't be a third I will read from this series because they seem to get worse by the page.This one, I HATED the heroine. I would have bitch slapped her until she got black eyes. The hero was a moron for an Alpha, but I could understand his position a lot better - unlike him, though, I would have dumped her annoying ass after the first few screaming matches. She seemed to have a temper tantrum all the time and even her friend from the [...]

    28. Mary Adams on said:

      If you're a fan of shapeshifters, Maddy Barone's After the Crash series is for you. In Wolf's Glory, Glory is a heroine "out of time" who reminds me a bit of Mae West. That may be partially because I downloaded the book from audible and the reader made her sound that way. She's also a buxom blonde transported to an time where that was a good thing - awesome for those of us who think we might have been born in the wrong century. (Not me. I wouldn't give up flush toilets so easily) Her hero is a s [...]

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    30. Michele bookloverforever on said:

      a plane takes off in 2014 and lands 50 years in the future. in the meantime the apocalypse happened followed by a plague that killed most of the population and nearly all of the women. plus, most of the babies are born male. women are valuable but not necessarily respected commodities. the women from the plane have trouble getting used to the lack of civilization and the changes in their status. Not to mention werewolves and mating claims even with non wolves.

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