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Anne Perry

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Bluegate Fields

Bluegate Fields When an upper class boy is found violated and dead in London s most dangerous slums Inspector Pitt is shocked But when the Waybournes the boy s family refuse to answer the police s questions Inspe

  • Title: Bluegate Fields
  • Author: Anne Perry
  • ISBN: 9780449207666
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback
  • When an upper class boy is found violated and dead in London s most dangerous slums, Inspector Pitt is shocked But when the Waybournes, the boy s family, refuse to answer the police s questions, Inspector Pitt begins to wonder what secrets they were trying to hide His wife and helpmeet, Charlotte, is determined to find out even it if means tearing down the facades of anWhen an upper class boy is found violated and dead in London s most dangerous slums, Inspector Pitt is shocked But when the Waybournes, the boy s family, refuse to answer the police s questions, Inspector Pitt begins to wonder what secrets they were trying to hide His wife and helpmeet, Charlotte, is determined to find out even it if means tearing down the facades of an oh so proper family The period detail remains fascinating, and Perry s grasp of Victorian character and conscience still astonishes E CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER

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      226 Anne Perry
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    One thought on “Bluegate Fields

    1. C. on said:

      Being blessed with new peers, who are genuinely interested review-readers, I shall share a personal history. A decade ago, I spotted Anne Perry paperbacks at a discount and gathered the series. Eventually, in this country house, with cats who are our children, I started the first in July 2014. People remember where they were during something major. Nearly finished “The Cater Street Hangman”; I was in bed unusually late, savouring it, because most of our kitties were snuggled with me. That gr [...]

    2. Scot on said:

      Sixth in this series.It was just a matter of time: Inspector Thomas Pitt, using his street savvy and superior skills of discernment, and his talented wife Charlotte, using her connections to the gentry and superior skills of discernment, have in earlier volumes solved cases of serial killings, murder of female prostitutes, and pornography rings in Victorian London. In this contribution to the well crafted and eloquently written series, author Anne Perry turns to a taboo topic for that time and p [...]

    3. Ira on said:

      4.25 stars.I still like this series, the best so far, I said so far because the latest one is book #32 and this one is only book #6. Oh no more multiple POV, only Mr and Mrs Pitt!:)It wasn't an easy case to solved by Pitt, especially when everyone tried to shut him up.And he felt impotence with his situation, poor thing!Lucky for him Charlotte there to give him a hand and chatting up those boring and stiff upper class people.

    4. Judy on said:

      It's been a number of years since I read any of Anne Perry's books. I remember liking this series with Inspector Pitt of the London police married to a former society woman who comes from a wealthy family. Charlotte is interested in her husband cases, and become involved in finding the truth, herself, to the chagrin of her husband. I didn't remember Pitt being so gruff and at odds with others in the department, but I do remember that he often goes counter to what his superiors want him to but ge [...]

    5. Kathy Davie on said:

      Sixth in the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt historical mystery series with this story set in the London of 1881 and revolving around Inspector Pitt and his very involved wife, Charlotte.My TakeI'm going to give Perry a break on the "investigation" Pitt and the police force have done into this murder. Part of me is so irritated that they let so much slide. Another part of me believes that Perry is also using this to provide a subtle history on the development of police work with this particular story [...]

    6. Nancy on said:

      I finished this the day after I started it. It was a good little mystery, not too hard to figure out the endingbut a well written quick read. Got it only when I learned who the author is of the two girls involved in the sensational(at the time) murder of one's mother portrayed very hauntingly in the movie "Heavenly Creatures." There are many more books written by this author and I may read another one somedaye recurring protagonists in this series are quite likable.

    7. Ana T. on said:

      Bluegate Fields go a bit deeper in the Victorian underworld than most of Charlotte and Pitt's stories. Unlike the previous story where Charlotte and her family took center stage, in this one it is Pitt, his boss and his young colleague who are the primary investigators. Charlotte is still a much needed figure though as she is the only one who can find the answers needed in society's salons.The story opens with a body being found in the sewers. Called to the occurrence Pitt eventually concludes t [...]

    8. Alice on said:

      Com o Cadáver de Bluegate Fields, Anne Perry consegue definitivamente transportar-nos para a Londres vitoriana, levar-nos pelas suas ruas, introduzir-nos não apenas na alta sociedade da época mas também nos meios mais simples e até no mundo do crime; tudo isto acontece através de uma escrita bastante simples, de diálogos que me pareceram adequados à época e de uma história que pouco tem de enfadonha. Digo pouco porque, em meu entender, há alguns momentos da narrativa nos quais a autor [...]

    9. Kate on said:

      This was the second time I have read this book, one in a series by Anne Perry starring Thomas and Charlotte Pitt and set in Victorian England. The series depicts a grim London with a great disparity between the upper and lower classes and separate moral codes for each. The protagonists, Detective Sergeant Pitt and his wife Charlotte get caught up in the mystery of the corpse of a young man of the upper classes, found naked in a sewer, and of the circumstances that lead to his death, most of whic [...]

    10. Ishtar on said:

      Nueva historia de Charlotte y Thomas Pitt. Me encanta la época, la ambientación todo. Es una serie de libros que disfruto mucho.

    11. Karen on said:

      This is the sixth book in the historical mystery series, Charlotte and Thomas Pitt. Just like the previous books in this series, this mystery leaves you guessing until the end. Inspector Pitt has been drawn into a case of murder of a 16 year old boy who quite by luck is found in the sewer system in a poverty-ridden part of London. He had been sexual abused and had symptoms of a sexual disease to show that the abuse was not a one time happening. Not surprising in this part of town except he came [...]

    12. Melissa on said:

      Alright-I'm hooked. Couldn't put this one down and can't wait to get started on the next one:)"Inspector Thomas Pitt is shocked. The body of a boy, clearly from the upper classes, has been found in the filthy sewers of Bluegate Fields, one of London’s most dangerous slums. What’s more, the unfortunate boy had been violated before he was murdered. So vile a case is hardly a topic for drawing-room conversation. But when the Waybournes, the boy’s family, refuse to answer the police’s questi [...]

    13. Emansil on said:

      Sadly, I didn't care for this one as much as I do most of her other mysteries. I pretty much knew from the beginning how the "villain" was. There were too many times that information would be given that was ignored, only to be suddenly pounced on at later points in the story.And, while I'm not sure of the exact time the story is set in, I know its Victorian England, but that covers a lot of territory. The writer keeps using the term "homosexually abused". The term homosexual was first used in 18 [...]

    14. Tracy on said:

      This murder is a particularly nasty one. A young man of an upper class family is found in the sewers beneath the city. He had syphilis,had been "homosexually abused" and drowned in a bathtub before being dumped down a manhole. The family's tutor is arrested and convicted but Thomas is sure he is not guilty and continues to investigate in spite of almost losing his job over it. Of course, Charlotte and Emily help by getting in the doors of high society.

    15. Martina Sartor on said:

      Perfetto connubio fra inchiesta poliziesca, affresco della società vittoriana e commento sociologico. La Perry qui è bravissima a raccontarci le ipocrisie dei vittoriani attraverso il giallo. Il finale poi è magistrale, l'unico finale possibile per quell'ambiente, per quella società.

    16. Fernando Alcala Suarez on said:

      Don't know what these books have; I can't seem to provide them with more than 3 stars but, at the same time, the moment I finish one I need to read the following, as if I didn't want to abandon its characters. Guess it's good.

    17. Delores on said:

      A web of murder. Many possibilities to choose a murder, or was it? That is all I will say due to spoilers if I continueAnne Perry truly enjoying her seriesXT

    18. Teri on said:

      MehThis book was more like the first ones in the series that I thought just dragged. I hope the next book is better.

    19. Mindy Gordon on said:

      Ann Perry always puts out a well crafted and researched story. A very sad look at both the prejudices and defensiveness of the upper class families against the lower classes. Taking on homosexuality in a time when the women aren't even supposed to know what that is.

    20. Marcus Watkins on said:

      Enjoy the interplay between Charlotte and Thomas, and the historical details in this series. This entry was okay, but the ending was a little weak, although probably more realistic.

    21. Bonnie on said:

      I like the way Anne Perry tackles modern day social issues in the guise her Victorian era novels.

    22. Renny on said:

      This is a forceful tale diving into the taboos of Victorian society with compassion, conscience, precision and light. Well written and absorbing.

    23. Donna on said:

      I think this is my last in this series. The plots are just too formulaic and I never feel any chemistry between Charlotte and Thomas. She is a much better investigator than he is and he's just such a sad sack. Also, while the trial that convicts the wrong man was interesting, the resolution was beyond weak. (view spoiler)[Having the killer found but unable to be brought to justice would never result in the release of the tutor a few days before his hanging. Plus, just throwing the tutor's releas [...]

    24. Jamie Collins on said:

      This was not bad, although there are some awkward scenes and characterizations. The author is starting to flesh out Pitt’s character more, which I like, although Pitt still doesn’t seem to be a very good detective. This was a particularly bungled case. He never comes up with the right questions to ask until Charlotte or another society woman offer suggestions.I like the way Charlotte lives in Pitt’s world, where you eat cheap dinners for a month in order to buy new curtains for the sitting [...]

    25. Hermioneginny on said:

      Un cadavere a Bluegate FIelds non è una novità. Ma si tratta di un giovane aristocratico, nudo e derubato. Una faccenda che va chiarita al più presto, per evitare lo scandalo. Ma emergono nuovi particoli, il colpevole sembra essere l'istitutore. Thomas e Charlotte però non sono d'accordo e continuano a investigare, perché un titolo non può coprire un'ingiustizia.Mi ha trasmesso molta tristezza, qui è ben tratteggiata l'ipocrisia della società vittoriana, dove le cose non succedono finch [...]

    26. Kristy on said:

      One of the lesser books in the series, in my opinion. The usual interaction between Thomas and Charlotte help keep the story going though.

    27. Yvette on said:

      Pitt felt a sudden pity and anger - pity for the men, because they were imprisoned in themselves, but anger for Albie, because he had been made into what he was not by nature but by man, and for money.So I said in my review of the previous book that the books are starting to become too formulaic, and in this book right after that, Perry switches up her game. This time, there is no straightforward investigation, and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised.Sure, we find the solution out in the las [...]

    28. Susan Anderson on said:

      The darkest so far of the Pitt mystery series, Bluegate Fields is Anne Perry’s sixth mystery in the Thomas Pitt series, and named for one of the worst slums in nineteenth-century London.The naked body of a sixteen year old boy is found in a channel of the sewers, drowned, defiled, and in the first stages of syphilis. Judging by his smooth skin and the contents of his stomach, he is from a moneyed family. Evidence suggests he was drowned elsewhere. When Pitt is called in to solve the crime, the [...]

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