The Window

Carol Ellis

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The Window

The Window It should have been the skiing holiday of a lifetime But Jody sprains her ankle and finds herself alone with nothing to do but gaze out of her cabin window Gazing into the cabin of a beautiful neighbo

  • Title: The Window
  • Author: Carol Ellis
  • ISBN: 9780590551403
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Paperback
  • It should have been the skiing holiday of a lifetime But Jody sprains her ankle and finds herself alone with nothing to do but gaze out of her cabin window.Gazing into the cabin of a beautiful neighbor she witnesses the fight, the murder and the killeror does she And if the murder is real, has the killer been watching Jody

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    One thought on “The Window

    1. Sandra on said:

      Jody Sanderson goes on a skiing trip at Brevard Pass with a bunch of kids she doesn't really know well. (Jody's friend Kate planned this trip with Jody but then came down with the flu and now she can't go with her. So Kate persuades Jody to go on the ski trip without her.) Jody arrives at Brevard Pass and she meets some of the other kids. After having an accident on the slopes Jody hurts her ankle. She decides to stay indoors in the cabin while the other kids go to a party. Bored and groggy on p [...]

    2. Sati Marie Frost on said:

      Okay, so it's a total ripoff of Rear Window. At least it's a fairly good ripoff. Jody has gone skiing with a bunch of kids she doesn't know, since she was invited by a friend who's now stuck at home with flu. (Does this really happen? If the only person I knew on a trip had to cancel, I'd likely cancel too, particularly if everyone else knew each other and I hadn't invested any money in it. Not to mention the fact that my parents would have been iffy about me going away with a bunch of strangers [...]

    3. Rebecca McNutt on said:

      Somewhat better than the usual Point Horror novel, The Window is a fictional thriller about a girl who witnesses a murder and has to deal with the consequences. The writing style was kind of choppy but the story was good, albeit not the most original.

    4. Trisha on said:

      EDIT 2: Okay, so I got through this latest reread and I really did enjoy the book again. But probably not as much as THE LIFEGUARD, the one I re-read before this one. It's certainly got nice man meat to keep the teens occupied, but in my warped mind apparently nobody can compare to Neale Connell. Hehe. Still, it's a cool and creepy mystery, and I like the main character Jody.Often when I'm reading these books, I'm thinking of how they could be expanded into a "proper" full length novel, really e [...]

    5. Michelle Toy on said:

      4 out of 5 Point Horror Book Stars! (I rate these books compared to other Point Horror Books Only)I read this as part of the #pointhorrorbookclub that I run monthly!You can read the post here talesofyesterday/2016/01This is more of a discussion than a review with highlighted areas of the book and has a comedy feel to the discussion to. Please be aware that as this is a discussion there will be spoilers.Want to know more about #pointhorrorbookclub - check this out talesofyesterday/tales-pAll in a [...]

    6. Leslie Olson on said:

      Overall, it was pretty good. Took me a bit to get into it but then I started wondering what was happening next, then I didn't want to put it down. I would read this again & recommend this book to others.

    7. Krissy on said:

      This was one of my favorite books as a teen; read it 100 times or more.

    8. Bibliomaniaque on said:

      Je m'attendais à être un peu plus angoissée. L'action a pris beaucoup de temps avant d'arriver. Par contre, l'ambiance est très bien campée, donc j'avais le cœur qui battait un peu plus rapidement.

    9. Stacy Simpson on said:

      This was yet another book I had read when I was a teenager and just picked it up again. I'm not sure why I kept it I hate skiing and cold. Story dragged the characters weren't very well done. I will be giving this to brad to sell.

    10. Paul Kim on said:

      A decent book with an interesting premise. However I heard this premise is a rip off of the film Rear Window but I never watched it so I can't make comparisons between them. However, the biggest problem I have this book is the fact that it can be slow due to less action or how after the first couple of pages the "scary" parts begin. The first couple of pages seem to point out the red herrings with character's feelings shown or their comments toward one person they hate. I still appreciate this b [...]

    11. Caroline Bennett on said:

      Reminds me of: Rear Window. Kind of exactly. Lacking Grace Kelly's dress though."It was probably just a practical joke" moment: Not that I remember."You probably just imagined it" moment: The door clicked shut. But it was probably just the wind. Endless self doubt over everything else.Innocent victims?: Dead girl was apparently playing with boys hearts. That's bound to get you killed. Our heroine was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.How blindingly obvious?: In good Agatha Christie style [...]

    12. Tara Calaby on said:

      This is obviously 'inspired' by Rear Window, but I didn't mind, because it works well as a teen thriller on its own merits. I definitely think it's one of the best Point Horror books I've read in adulthood. Okay, that's not necessarily saying much, but I found this a genuinely entertaining read, which kept me guessing whodunnit until the reveal. [re-read, previously read in the early 90s]

    13. Felicity on said:

      This was a quick read which is perfect for young adults! Jodie has gone on a skiing holiday with a bunch of people she doesn't know as her friend Kate who was meant to be coming has flu. Unfortunately Jodie sprains her ankle which means she is cooped up in the chalet all day. She then sees a horrific incident which escalates in to her being in danger!An easy, gripping and reasonably well written young adults book. The characters are well drawn and it keeps you guessing until the end.

    14. Aroua on said:

      Les livres d'horreur ne sont pas vraiment ma tasse de thé :) Celui-là, tout en me rappelant les Agatha Christie,reste plus ou moins superficiel au niveau de l'analyse et la description de l'évolution des personnages surtoutCeci dit,c'est une sorte de rupture avec ce je lis d'habitude et le changement a généralement ses bienfaits :)

    15. Paula Brandon on said:

      I loved, loved, loved this when I was a tweenager. After I read it, I got all the adults in my family to read it as well! None of them picked the killer. Carol Ellis gave everybody a motive for murder, so it was totally a guessing game! I also liked how Leahna got to show her humane side through Jody's eyes.

    16. Shay on said:

      I used to own this book when i was younger, I read it like 50 times, it was one of my favorites!

    17. Karina Almeroth on said:

      I have about two thousand of these Point Thrillers, Christopher Pikes, and R.L. Stines to enter into . Fun!!!!

    18. Mariya Kamran on said:

      Loved the book and the location, killers are usually unexpected.

    19. Sarah on said:

      I loved this one. I don't care if it's a rip off of another book, it was still really good.

    20. Rachel on said:

      I loved this book when I was a kid. No idea how many times I read it And yes, being older I realise it was a kidsy rip off of Rear Window. But who cares, it was awesome.

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