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Patricia Rice

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Impossible Dreams

Impossible Dreams New York Times bestselling author Patricia Rice writes what readers of romantic fiction love most irresistible stories and unforgettable characters bursting with life humor and deep emotion Although

  • Title: Impossible Dreams
  • Author: Patricia Rice
  • ISBN: 9780449006016
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • New York Times bestselling author Patricia Rice writes what readers of romantic fiction love most irresistible stories and unforgettable characters bursting with life, humor, and deep emotion Although home is a dusty curiosity shop filled with rainbows and crystal balls, Maya Alyssum s past has not been filled with good fortune Her impossible dream is to open a schNew York Times bestselling author Patricia Rice writes what readers of romantic fiction love most irresistible stories and unforgettable characters bursting with life, humor, and deep emotion Although home is a dusty curiosity shop filled with rainbows and crystal balls, Maya Alyssum s past has not been filled with good fortune Her impossible dream is to open a school where kids can find unconditional love and acceptance, the very things she never had as a child The town council of Wadeville, North Carolina, is determined to stop her until the day Axell Holm walks into her shop He s the kind of uptight authority figure she loves to hate and hates to love.Axell knows trouble when he sees it But he needs the ethereal schoolteacher and the magic she works on his motherless daughter He s willing to face the wrath of his hometown to get what he wants, but he s unprepared for his reaction to this strange and wonderful woman who turns his ordered life upside down, making him believe in dreams again From the Paperback edition.

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      210 Patricia Rice
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    One thought on “Impossible Dreams

    1. Shruti on said:

      3.5 starsTE: I won this book in ebook format through theEarly Reviewers program.This is a very cute book. I read it in one sitting. Maya is a lovable character. She remembers experiencing love during her childhood as a foster child and believes that every child should know love. To that end, she's fostering her sister's young child while her sister is in prison, is close to term on her own pregnancy oh yeah, and she's running a program for children in a building that the mayor wants to tear dow [...]

    2. Di on said:

      Impossible dreams come trueThis plot certainly deserves 5 Stars. Right from the beginning, you are drawn into the mystery of Cleo and Maya and who were their grandparents. Axell and Maya 's meeting was intriguing as he tried to figure her out. The scene when he delivers Alexa was realistic and added to rounding out his character. Maya 's love of teaching and ability to reach children come across loud and clear. Even though Maya did not have a great childhood since her parents had died when she w [...]

    3. Jodi on said:

      Cute romance about a young teacher with impossible dreams and the man who thought all his dreams were lost. Maya believes that every child should know they're loved. She grew up in foster care but remembers being loved. Now she's 8 months pregnant, fostering her sister's son (she's in prison) and living in a building the mayor wants condemned. Axell Holm hasn't dreamed since his wife died but when his daughter starts talking after two years of silence and it's all because of Maya, hope starts a [...]

    4. Rhonda on said:

      Friday, February 1, 2013Impossible Dreams (Carolina Series) by Patricia Rice 4 STARSImpossible Dreams (Carolina Series book 1)I was lost in the story. I want to know more about the characters in the Carolina series. Maya acts like a bubble head at times,but she is not. She cares about children all children. She has a dream of a school helping kids of all kind to excell at the things they can do and encourage them in all ways. Maya is starting a new school right now it is afterschool program. She [...]

    5. Annette on said:

      Maya in another time would be considered a hippie. She has a Masters in Education, but lives a precarious life. She has come to small town North Carolina in order to take care of her 5 year old nephew while his mother serves a term in jail. She has a school that treats each child as a special person with emphasis on individual talents. She is also running her sister's odds and ends shop.Axell is a successful business man in town. He owns a family restaurant and bar. He is a very well organized c [...]

    6. Elaine on said:

      I really enjoyed this story between Maya and Axell. And I loved the story written inside as well that was about their grandparents. Naturally, Axell is used to his life being normal and all corners squared, however, his daughter is not speaking. Once he enrolls her in Maya's afterschool program, she seems to come out of that a little and lights up. Maya is all colorful, bright, never for a moment still and can't get anything together. The only thing she wants in life is to make everyone feel lov [...]

    7. Linda C on said:

      Pregnant Maya Alyssum comes to Wadeville, NC to take care of her nephew and manage her sister’s shop while she is in jail. Maya and a silent partner also open an after-school program called Impossible Dreams, which she hopes to expand to full-time. However, the school sits on land the mayor wants for a road to a proposed shopping center. Widower Axell Holm is indebted to the school and its unusual teacher because they have gotten his silent daughter to open up for the first time since her moth [...]

    8. Almira on said:

      I had the book in my shelf since 2nd year hs. I remember well because I bought it from my allowance. I would include it in my read-a-thon entries but truthfully, I never read it fully. When I saw it again, dusty and all, I decided to try again.It's a positive book, a proof that no dream is destined to end in a graveyard.The romance part did not at all disturb me as it was told in a descriptive yet not with too cheesy adjectives. The involvement of children and the goal to help them added wholeso [...]

    9. Sarah on said:

      After reading the first chapter or so I was tempted to put the book down. Maya is super new-agey and really just didn't make a lot of sense. But I'm glad I kept reading. The plot was maybe a little bit more complex than it needed to be, too many pieces & mysteries that didn't seem well enough flushed out. The diary pieces interspersed also made no sense under 3/4 of the way through the book so I think they lost some of their value. Characters were interesting, even if not entirely relatable. [...]

    10. Heather andrews on said:

      I loved when Axell lost his patience I found it sexy, "grabbing her arm, he pulled her hard against him, despite her twisting protest. To hell with arguing. He was ready for the next part. Past ready. "Yell at me if you want, but don't run away, dammit!" Axell sure can become a wild man at times, "garters. Damn, you wore garters. I want to see" He uttered a guttural groan as she stroked him. "Maya-a-a ah-h" She thought he tore her panties in two— her stoic businessman reverted to uncivilized N [...]

    11. Ana on said:

      – Patricia Rice’s books have a complexity thats seldom found in today’s market. Her characters have depth and her work isn’t a race to the finish. Rice’s plots unfold naturally and she doesn’t fall back on cliches and exploding buildings/cars to move it forward. If you’re looking for a fast read, Impossible Dreams isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for a contemporary romance with a wealth of emotion and three-dimensional characters then this book is for you. ~ Renee, ireadrom [...]

    12. Mary Barrett on said:

      Very well written. This appears to have been well researched. The author dealt with some hard hitting issues in book one of this series. The unfortunate shortfalls of our child social services is well observed through the eyes of young adults who have been through the system as well as children effected by it in the story. Other issues face our lady but kindness and love persevere.

    13. Kat on said:

      Loved it. Consistent intriguing characters with a good story line that kept me (virtually) turning the page. Love the contemporary take on marriage of convienece for really levitate reasons. The struggles and the HEA made sense based on the characters. The quotes at the beginning of each chapter were quite funny and insightful.

    14. Tammy on said:

      This book is a story about life coming full circle and how relationships can start in the most unlikely of places. The story takes you through the full gamut of emotions - love, loss, happiness, sadness, and everything in between. If you are a fan of Sharon Sala's "The Gamblers Daughters series, you will love this book.

    15. TRACI on said:

      Although it started out slow, this book was an okay read. A marriage of convenience that eventually works out in the end with a lot of twists and turns involving the married couple. I enjoyed it but if it wouldn't have started out so slow, I would have given it more than two stars.

    16. Donna Murnane on said:

      Through twists and turns comes a good storyThe story was full of ups and downs that made me want to finish reading the book to find out how the love story would work out. I also loved the chapter headings. Funny and twisted. ;-)

    17. Emily Higgins on said:

      Maya Alyssum has a dream of opening a school where all children can excel. Axel Holm is a straight laced restaurant owner who expects everything to be in order. Merging the two personalities makes a delightful story.

    18. Ballerina60 on said:

      a super-duper story! the book is worth the read just for the chapter headings! my favorite is the "forward": Meddle not with dragons, for thou art crunchy and good with catsup! Axell is really a pretty typical guy in a lot of ways. there was plenty of plot. yeah, read this!

    19. Crystal Yawn on said:

      This is a wonderful story about opposites attract. And how different personalities handle adversity. Maya is a airhead pacifist who dreams big and avoids conflict. Axell is strong and silent who has to be in charge. The 2 together make an excellent team. Great story with ample love and drama.

    20. Lorraine Anton on said:

      GreatMaya meets Axell. He has a daughter She has a nephew and is pregnant. They have a marriage of convenience. A lot of twist and turns in this one. See how it turns out.

    21. Pat on said:

      It was a very light easy read, and I enjoy Patricia Rice's books.I liked the fact that the "hero" stayed steadfast no matter what!

    22. Dee on said:

      Two-haiku review:Free spirit teacherAnd buttoned-down businessmanUnite for childrenCommon plot with depthOld-fashioned feel to writingLoved the characters

    23. patricia reynolds on said:

      Lots of twists and turnsFun read that keeps your interest all the way through. Love the setting here in the South where I live.

    24. Anne Violet on said:

      So sweet but funny. I have re-read this book so many times, it's embarrassing. I love her unique story lines and characters. Much love to you Patricia Rice.

    25. Kristen Westfall on said:

      See Sarah's review to understand the problems I had with this book, but it was still deliciously sweet and well worth the read.

    26. Jessica on said:

      Couldn't put it down! Loved the character dynamics! Looking forward to reading Chloe's story!

    27. Leona Sue Clemmons on said:

      Impossibly perfectI choose this rating cause this book is a great read. Maya it's just the way I like them lol and Axell is just the right person for Maya. Exciting book.

    28. Jennifer on said:

      Although at times I felt confused as to what was going on and Maya caused me to get frustrated with some of her actions, I did really enjoy this book.

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