Mademoiselle Benoir: A Novel

Christine Conrad

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Mademoiselle Benoir: A Novel

Mademoiselle Benoir A Novel Tim Reinhart enters a wondrous new world the moment he buys a farmhouse in the country of France region of Quercy department of Lot Or in his marvelous words From the moment I saw this property I

  • Title: Mademoiselle Benoir: A Novel
  • Author: Christine Conrad
  • ISBN: 9780618574797
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tim Reinhart enters a wondrous new world the moment he buys a farmhouse in the country of France, region of Quercy, department of Lot Or, in his marvelous words, From the moment I saw this property, I had a bead on it I can t completely explain why, but I had an intense feeling of belonging He has given up his teaching life in New York and begun working as the artistTim Reinhart enters a wondrous new world the moment he buys a farmhouse in the country of France, region of Quercy, department of Lot Or, in his marvelous words, From the moment I saw this property, I had a bead on it I can t completely explain why, but I had an intense feeling of belonging He has given up his teaching life in New York and begun working as the artist he s always wanted to be.Letters written to his family back home sweep the reader up in Tim s schooling in, and awakening to, the pastoral French lifestyle From the attention to food meals seem to Tim a semireligious rite to the delightfully quirky neighbors who appear to spring straight out of a Balzac novel, we share Tim s ever growing pleasures and adventures.But his enchantment with this foreign land becomes far complicated when his drawings and then Tim himself catch the eye of Mademoiselle Benoir, a beautiful, aristocratic woman twenty years his senior Their decision to marry sets off a cluster bomb, uncovering incendiary layers of emotional and cultural complexity on both sides of the Atlantic, as his family tries to reason with him, her family declares war, and the villagers choose sides Will tradition triumph over love Inspired by a true story, this is a delicious stew with something for everyone.Christine Conrad has worked as the New York City film commissioner, as an editor in book publishing, as a screenwriter for motion pictures and television, and as an advocate for women s health Her most recent book, Jerome Robbins, is a pictorial biography inspired by her long friendship with the choreographer.

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      152 Christine Conrad
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    One thought on “Mademoiselle Benoir: A Novel

    1. Jeanette on said:

      Except for the initial fumble with the fact that the novel was set in 1998, when there was supposed to be the Internet already and I wondered why they still wrote letters to each other -- but which later on I found to be believable if they were a very cultured, letter-writing family and the character Tim Reinhart was writing from a very very remote village in Southwestern rural France, when there couldn't have been good dial-up networking then -- I found the novel deep in its understanding of hu [...]

    2. Deon Stonehouse on said:

      Mademoiselle Benoir by Christine Conrad is a little gem of a book about a math professor from New York who moves to France and buys a remote dilapidated farmhouse. The book is in the form of letters. Tim’s parents are worried about him living in such a remote location and giving up teaching for art. Tim starts to settle in, meets people in the village, and makes friends with an older aristocratic woman, Catherine Benoir. As their friendship deepens and turns to passion, Catherine’s sister Pa [...]

    3. Rachel Romeo on said:

      I listed this as romance but it's much more than that. Set in the countryside of France, this book takes you on a journey through the eyes of a New York City ex-pat who runs away from his math professorship to follow his dream of being a painter. The entire book is told by reading the series of letters written by/to Tim (the ex-pat), his parents, his sister, his friend and the love he finds in France and takes you on a wonderful trip through his own self discovery and what he's learned along the [...]

    4. Jeanette on said:

      This is a SWEET book! A novel ritten totally in letters tells of a 40-ish man's move to France to paint and live in a rural village. You learn of the complicated social web of family life while watching him trust his way into a friendship with a beautiful French woman who is 20 years older. They fall in love in a moment and it takes a lot of patience to deal with the red tape wrapped around their plans to marry. Loved it!!

    5. Adriene on said:

      Very charming novel! The characters had great voice, just enough drama to keep it interesting, a lovely atypical romance and a setting one can just imagine~!

    6. Leah on said:

      short and sweetkes me wonder why I'm moving to NYC instead of France :)

    7. Rachelle Wallace on said:

      Pretty great, enough to read twice! Always has been a dream if mine to leave everything behind and do something completely new.

    8. Bibiana Rosalia on said:

      This book definitely has you cheering at the end. Love conquers all! :)

    9. Craig Masten on said:

      After being seduced by acquisition of a smart phone, I have returned to reading. From a long neglected stack of books I first picked up a short novel I thought was titled Mademoiselle Renoir. Because I am an artist,iI especially enjoy historical fiction about famous painters. However, because of a particularly ornate calligraphy of the title, the book was actually about a Mademoiselle Benoir, not Renoir. Initially disappointed, i nevertheless determined to try this short little volume. I'm glad [...]

    10. cole on said:

      The novel takes place in Southern France and that is perhaps my favorite thing about this book. The sense of place is exquis et magnifique. J'adore le sud du France. However, when I started reading the novel, I thought that it was a little unbelievable that the letters would actually be written in such a manner. I had to think: was letter writing the most effective way to write this story? Et puis, the readers experience practically no courtship between Tim and Catherine. They are all of a sudde [...]

    11. Leslie on said:

      The main character is a 30ish Harvard-educated mathematician who trades in his academic career to live on a farm in rural France to pursue a career in art. The book is told in letter format, much like Charing Cross Road. He ends up falling in love with a much-older French woman (who is also an artist), sending her family into an uproar.On the whole, I liked the book and learned a little bit about French culture. However, I was truly amazed at some of the things this guy told his mother about his [...]

    12. Vicky on said:

      The epistolary novel doesn't work for me. As another reader said, it's unbelievable that he would write letters like that to his mother (yes, let's scoot over the fact that they're letters not e-mails; she did set it in 1998 and we were all e-mailing each other by then, but our parents may not have been). I'd go further and say that she doesn't know how to write like a man; all his letters sound like they were written by a woman. I wouldn't bother.

    13. Mbhatia on said:

      unlikely cougar story about a 60 year old woman who marries a much younger man in France. Unbelievably, in the modern world of email and telephone, the man writes letters daily to his parents. I found the book contrived and outdated, even though it was published in 2006. although it was presumably in the person of the male character, it was obvious that it was written by a woman and presumably an out-dated woman at that.

    14. Robin on said:

      Written in the epistolary style,which I like, this book was quite interesting. Although Tim was a rather likeable character, I was a little shocked by the things he wrote to his mother about his sex life. Overall, there's not a lot to say about this book besides it's a quick romantic read about finding true love with a little bit of the French culture thrown in for good measure ☺

    15. Jeannette Varkal on said:

      This is a delightful book of the experiences of an American who bought an old house in a village in the south of France and his life and experiences there.

    16. Sandy on said:

      A sweet little book. Charming, fun, again takes you away to Paris.

    17. Book Concierge on said:

      A delightful epistolary novel about an unconventional love between a 30-something former NYC math professor and a 60-something French spinster.

    18. Catherine on said:

      A quick read that offers a charming, if implausible tale of romance in contemporary France.

    19. Kelly on said:

      Just okdid love that it was letters, so easy to read a few minutes here and there

    20. Cecelia Hightower on said:

      A quick read that offers a charming tale of romance told through letters between family across continents; it takes place in Southern France which is the best part of the story.

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