Life Without Parole

Clare O'Donohue

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Life Without Parole

Life Without Parole After the death of her ex husband things are finally returning to normal for Kate Conway so normal that she s gotten a little bored Out of the blue the television producer is offered a documentary g

  • Title: Life Without Parole
  • Author: Clare O'Donohue
  • ISBN: 9780452297821
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback
  • After the death of her ex husband, things are finally returning to normal for Kate Conway so normal that she s gotten a little bored Out of the blue, the television producer is offered a documentary gig about lifers in a state prison Kate jumps at the chance The only problem is that she s also just been asked to produce a reality show about the opening of a new restauraAfter the death of her ex husband, things are finally returning to normal for Kate Conway so normal that she s gotten a little bored Out of the blue, the television producer is offered a documentary gig about lifers in a state prison Kate jumps at the chance The only problem is that she s also just been asked to produce a reality show about the opening of a new restaurant one backed by Vera, her dead husband s mistress Reluctantly, she agrees to both.But when one of the restaurant s investors is murdered and Vera is the chief suspect, Kate must ride a treacherous psychological edge, relying on the minds of death row killers to help her solve the case.

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    One thought on “Life Without Parole

    1. Lorretta on said:

      I received this through GoodReads Giveaway.I have not read the first book in this series, so I read this as a stand alone story.Kate is still recovering from the death of her husband who died just months after leaving her for his mistress. She is stuck in drudgery and has been content to live life on auto-pilot. However, she is starting to become annoyed with her stale life, current job as a tv producer for a budget makeover series when BAM! two things land in her lap to create some excitement. [...]

    2. Krista (CubicleBlindness Reviews) on said:

      I always like to read the stories in which a person that is not in the normal business of investigating falls into the position. In this case Kate Conway who is a television producer takes on a job to produce a show for the Business Channel. She accepts because she is offered a large amount of money. Unfortunately for her, when she shows up for the first day of shooting, her dead husbands mistress appears to be the one behind her hiring. From this moment on I was constantly asking myself "why ar [...]

    3. Mark on said:

      The secret to O’Donohue’s Kate Conway character is that she is the antithesis of O’Donohue. The author writes with an energy and vivaciousness that the protagonist lacks. Conway is alone in life, settling into a disturbing trend of inertia and curt to the point of being rude. Even her appearance is downtrodden and dowdy. That she is getting over the sudden death of her husband who she discovered was cheating on her is a decent excuse.In the second of the Kate Conway series, we find our her [...]

    4. JeniReadABook on said:

      This was my first experience reading one of Clare O'Donohue's books. I actually got this book for free as a First Reads giveaway. I entered to win the book because the premise sounded interesting. My curiosity was piqued when I saw that there was a lot of interaction between the main character and some prisoners serving life without parole sentences. Although this isn't the first Kate Conway novel, it works well as a stand alone book. Not reading the previous book did not detract from this book [...]

    5. Suspense Magazine on said:

      The second Kate Conway mystery picks up after the painful, complicated death of Kate's husband, which took place in the first book. It's seven months later and she's fooling herself into thinking she's recovering. My heart aches for the rather brittle, but likable Kate as she deals with her grief and her boredom with her job as a reality show television producer.She's been doing decorating and makeover shows and becoming more jaded with each one. So she jumps at the chance to do something differ [...]

    6. LORI CASWELL on said:

      We first met Kate Conway, free lance television producer in Missing Persons, her soon to be ex-husband was killed and she was the prime suspect. Of course, she didn't do it.In Life Without Parole Kate is actually a little bored as her life returns to "normal". Then she is offered two new jobs. One is a documentary about prison inmates sentenced to life without parole and the other is a reality show about a new restaurant.She accepts both jobs and works out a schedule. Things go awry when one of [...]

    7. Jessica at Book Sake on said:

      Life Without Parole was only okay for me. The book was well-written with interesting characters, but I didn’t quite understand the main character’s actions at times. I realized later that this book is part of a series and I haven’t read the first one, Missing Persons. I would suggest reading that first to get some background on Kate, the split from her husband and the circumstances surrounding it. I had a tough time understanding the relationship between Kate and Vera (her ex-husband’s m [...]

    8. Brina on said:

      Life Without Parole is the second book in the Kate Conway mysteries by Clare O'Donohue. I found this series because I was looking for a female detective series taking place in Chicago, as I have read every book in the V I Warshawski series. Kate Conway is a 37 year old widow (subject of book 1) and tv producer. In this book, she takes on two shows at once: one about the life of prison inmates and the other about the start up of a trendy restaurant. All seems well enough until the restaurant mana [...]

    9. Anuj Davé on said:

      This is the second book in the Kate Conway series and although I didn't read the first one, it wasn't hard to catch up on Kate's backstory or the regular cast of characters. Kate is working on two assignments; one is a documenary about prisoners sentenced to life without parole and what life is like for them knowing they will never get out, and the other is a reality show about the opening of a new restaurant. The two things that complicate Kate's jobs are the fact that she is tempted to break t [...]

    10. Michelle on said:

      (3.5 stars) This is the 2nd book in the Kate Conway series. Kate is adjusting to life without her husband, but is becoming desperately bored with filming home improvement shows. She gets the opportunity for two new jobs; one is a documentary of prisoners that have been sentenced to life without parole and the other is for a business show on a new restaurant opening, backed by her unlikely friend Vera. She finds herself strangely drawn to the two lifers she is interviewing, while she deals with t [...]

    11. Elizabeth "Eli" Olmedo on said:

      Clare O’Donohue’s Life Without Parole is an intriguing and edgy page-turner. This is not your typical novel with “good” and “bad” characters. On the contrary, all of them are guilty of something, ranging anywhere from lying to the police and obstructing justice all the way up to murder. No one in this book is quite what they seem. The challenge is figuring out what they are trying to hide.Kate is an interesting character to follow. In spite of her cold and abrupt outlook on life, dee [...]

    12. Linda on said:

      I really enjoy the Kate Conway mysteries by Clare O' Donohue. They are well-written, smart mysteries and I'm never able to figure out the ending. Kate is a freelance TV producer, and unlike other mystery books where the heroines seem to stumble on murders, Kate's involvement in these cases makes sense. She's not a Nancy Drew wannabe, but rather a smart, savvy, producer with a critical mind who is adept at interviews. In this second book in the series, Kate is working on a documentary about priso [...]

    13. (Lonestarlibrarian) Keddy Ann Outlaw on said:

      This is the second Kate Conway mystery and I'm sorry to say I did not enjoy it as much as the first one. In the first one, Missing Persons, the sleuthing related directly to Kate since when her husband died, she was both suspect and amateur detective. In this novel, Kate is producing two reality tv shows, one about a ritzy start-up restaurant, the other about men in prison. When one of the restaurant's investors is murdered, this time around the blame falls on Vera, Kate's frenemy. I often have [...]

    14. Stven on said:

      The author has shaped this story for readers with short attention spans. I'm through 48 pages and 11 chapters. It's all a little too flip for my tastes, too. The most interesting things I have to report about this book are that: a) it's one of TWO books I brought home from the library that day with the cover showing the back of a brunette in a red coat in the snow, and b) thanks to the obscuring library "M ODONOHUE" label on the spine, I pulled the book off the shelf genuinely expecting its titl [...]

    15. Ann Boytim on said:

      2nd book in this series. Kate is trying to have a normal life after the death of her ex husband. Kate is offered a documentary gig about life in prison but she is also involved in producing a new reality show about new start up restaurants. Once again the mistress of her husband is involved as she is one of the investors in the new restaurant. Life in prison has Kate interviewing two men who have lifetime sentences for murder.Murder is also happening in the new restaurant business and Kate sets [...]

    16. Sunni on said:

      Wow, what a disappointment. After her first Kate Conway mystery I couldn't wait to read this. The author introduced so many interesting characters and I figured after doing such a great job setting the stage in her first book, this one would develop these characters further while weaving them into an interesting mystery. Wrong on both counts. There is no depth to this book at all, and the mystery is just plain dull. It felt more like a check list of characters, Q & As, and clues to get throu [...]

    17. Kay on said:

      This is the second book I've read by Clare O'Donohue. The first book I read by this author was "The Lover's Knot", one of the Someday Quilts Mystery series. I liked that book very much, this book I very much disliked -- so much so that I didn't even finish reading it. This may be because of my personal preference in mysteries. I tend to either like tea cozy mysteries or mysteries that border on thrillers. For me, this book was neither . . .

    18. Donna on said:

      I like all Clare O'Donohues books. This was ok it dragged a little and I really didn't get the whole prisoner part of the story. The description said she used the inmates to help solve the crime I didn't feel like they provided any real insight at all. that being said it was an ok book. nothing earth shattering or memorable about it but it held my interest. yes I will buy the next book she puts out because I do enjoy her work.

    19. Sandy H on said:

      I prefer this series to her Someday Quilts series, although I read and enjoy them both. I simply find the characters and mystery plots in this series more interesting. I enjoyed this book as much as I remember enjoying the first, although I read the first awhile ago so I don't recall my exact feelings about it clearly. I don't feel that either series is exactly "can't put it down page-turners" but they're a good read anyway.

    20. Jill on said:

      This was a light-weight murder mystery read. I really never was made to empathize with any of the characters except maybe one of the murderers. These "I'm a something, but I stumbled into a murder investigation and I must be able to do a better job than the detectives" stories are so unbelievable. Choose a book with more meat unless you need a mindless read. I recommend Baldacci for real characters, a good plot with unexpected twists.

    21. Peggy Huey on said:

      Clare O'Donohue's "Life Without Parole" contains an intriguing group of characters, widely varied in their backgrounds, ranging from people with wealth to people in prison, making for a book that provides an interesting read. The dilemmas that Kate Conway faces intrigue me enough to make me want to search out "Missing Persons"--the book that introduces Kate to the world.

    22. Deanna Whittinghill on said:

      This book was just okay. It isn't one that I'd necessarily go around recommending to people because it did seem to drag on quite a bit. Also, it was hard to follow Kate's investigation of the murders. I think it's nice to have a mystery but I wanted to be able to follow along better to make my own guesses as to who did what.

    23. Linda on said:

      The first Kate Conway novel that I have read. I would probably read another but wouldn't seek it out. There were enough twists in the plot to keep me interested but it didn't keep me up past my bedtime. There was an opportunity for a really complex and interesting relationship between Kate and Vera but it was a little too nice and tidy as written.

    24. Allison on said:

      Overall, this book was just okay for me. I haven't read the first book in the series, but I wasn't lost in the plot for this one. I was mostly confused why this TV producer is playing detective, that certainly wasn't the strong point of the book. It's a fast easy read and kept my interest - not bad overall.

    25. Valerie on said:

      I enjoyed the first book in the Kate Conway series. This book just seemed to be too heavy and confusing. I put it down and picked it up again only to have to go back and skim through what I had already read before I could continue. I found I had no desire to finish the book and gave up half way through it.

    26. Ginny on said:

      This was an interesting mystery with Kate Conway producing a documentary about inmates serving a life sentence in the penitentiary. At the same time, she's been asked to produce a story about the opening of a New York City restaurant opening. When a murder occurs at the restaurant, she delves into the minds of killers to help solve the case. The book was good but not outstanding.

    27. Joyce McKune on said:

      Kate was working on a show about some lifers in prison, and was offered extra to do another show about a restaurant opening. One of the restaurant guys was killed and her late ex-husbands girlfriend was the prime suspect. It was actually quite funny. Not exactly Stephanie Plum funny, but I really enjoyed it.

    28. Marge on said:

      The 2nd book in the series and in my opinion fell short of the first. Kate was stronger and more in control in the first, in this book she was manipulated by several people and lacked confidence. The prison story was not interesting to me and fell flat.

    29. Elizabeth on said:

      Another winner from Clare O'Donohue. I love this series! The characters are interesting and complex and the plot was amazingly full of twists. I never knew who done it until it happened. Highly recommended!

    30. Trista on said:

      This book was o.k. I was expecting more in the way of character development but that was somewhat slow going. There were also many characters to keep track of. And, of course, everything was wrapped up with a bright red bow at the end.

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