Murder in Room 305

Gary C. King

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Murder in Room 305

Murder in Room A shocking true story of sex greed and cold blooded murder Veteran true crime author Gary C King spins a gripping real life tale of a woman caught in a deadly web of lust and violencea riveting story

  • Title: Murder in Room 305
  • Author: Gary C. King
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A shocking true story of sex, greed and cold blooded murder Veteran true crime author Gary C King spins a gripping real life tale of a woman caught in a deadly web of lust and violencea riveting story of love gone horribly, tragically wrong Kathryn Ann Martini graduated from Yale with a bright future in the banking business Young, beautiful and ambitious, she had evA shocking true story of sex, greed and cold blooded murder Veteran true crime author Gary C King spins a gripping real life tale of a woman caught in a deadly web of lust and violencea riveting story of love gone horribly, tragically wrong Kathryn Ann Martini graduated from Yale with a bright future in the banking business Young, beautiful and ambitious, she had everything going for her Until she met Michael David Lissy, the sleazy proprietor of a scuba diving school who was a coke addict that consorted with pimps, prostitutes and other known criminals Burned out and broke, he had nothing going for him Then he met Kathryna match made in hell.On July 6, 1984, the raped and mutilated body of Kathryn Martini Lissy was found at the Valley River Inn in Eugene, Oregon Soon afterward, police arrested Michael David Lissy, Kathryn s husband of one year A few months earlier, Lissy had taken out a large insurance policy on Kathryn s life, naming him as sole beneficiary Then he hired an underworld assassin to stalk and kill his wife After one of the most sensational trials in Eugene s history, Lissy was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.Notice to readers This book was previously published as Web of Deceit.

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    One thought on “Murder in Room 305

    1. Jeff on said:

      This is a well written, fully described true crime case, including some trial testimony and an afterward with an update on the status of the murderers. And J. Scott Bennett's narration is very well done. It's an engaging and very interesting case. NOTE: I received a free copy of this audiobook in exchange for this unbiased review.

    2. Valerie on said:

      This book, written by true crime writer, Gary C. King, was originally titled "Web of Deceit". The author is the writer who took crime writer Ann Rule's jobs writing for magazines like "True Detective" which are no longer published. However, many of the cases that King has written about have been aired on truTV.This particular case has got to be one of the most disgusting cases of extreme greed and narcissism in an individual I have ever heard about. The guilty party, one Michael Lissy, had been [...]

    3. Lynda Kelly on said:

      A case I'd never heard of based in Oregon, USA. It was my first by this author and he hardly wrote about the victim and her life which seemed odd nor her family left behind after she was killed.He also did one of those author annoyances and has released this book already under another name. I'm glad it's not one I already had or I'd feel totally cheated. It's a naughty habit.I was a little lost that when the police found the victim's body that they phoned her husband to break the news when they [...]

    4. M.E. Franco on said:

      Gary C. King is a very talented true crime writer with a knack for describing the details of a case without sensationalizing it. He always shows great respect for the victim(s) and loved ones involved. He is also very truthful about the detectives who work the cases.Murder in Room 305 starts out looking like a simple case of robbery/rape/murder, but there are several details that lead investigators to believe that something more sinister happened to the beautiful woman they found dead in her mot [...]

    5. Nia Ireland on said:

      Gary C. King has very meticulously gathered all the facts of the case, going into fine detail about the history of the man finally convicted of her murder. If you’re a fan of true crime novels, as I am, this kind of attention to detail is fascinating but I can understand that it might come across as a little dry for less morbidly nerdy reader.J. Scott Bennett has done an excellent job of narrating this book, he really held my attention in what would certainly have been a difficult read if I’ [...]

    6. Penelope on said:

      Riveting account of pure evil and the unrelenting work of law enforcement to bring the wrong doers to justice. I both read the e book and listened to the audio book narrated by J. Scott Bennett. I have read a lot of true crime books and this one was top notch with actual transcripts, in depth documentary style account of the investigation, and of course the ups and downs of the trial. What made this so compelling was the terrible nature of the crime, the depth of betrayal, and how very very much [...]

    7. Zara Quintana on said:

      Riveting Retelling of An Actual Murder for Hire. I was provided this audiobook at no charge by the author, publisher and/or narrator in exchange for an unbiased review via Audiobook Boom. I absolutely love J. Scott Bennett's voice and his narrating performance. He is very entertaining and does an excellent job of holding your attention and leaves you wanting more. I don't know the facts or history of this murder for hire case in history, but the way the author presented everything was captivatin [...]

    8. Norma on said:

      ( Format : Audiobook )"" a victim of his own mouth.""This is not a pleasant story, telling, as it does, a tale of one man's depravity, seeing everything only in terms of his own desires without interest in the feelings of others in any way - unless it is how to manipulate them to his own advantage. Even his parents were seen only as a possible source of capital. And the most terrifying aspect is that this is a true story.In July, 1984, the half naked body of a young business woman was discovered [...]

    9. Rabid Reader on said:

      This audiobook was a fascinating look at how real detectives work their way through a murder investigation to find the culprits of a crime. Set in the 1980's we learn the convoluted process that occurred, and to some degree the amount of luck that was involved, in solving the murder of Kathryn Martini-Lissy. Sex, drugs, prostiutes, fraud, greed and a web of lies made this case a sensation in its time and it was only through the insightful, dedicated work of those involved in the case that justic [...]

    10. April on said:

      Murder in Room 305: Gary C. KingA true life crime story of greedy, vile, self serving people. The husband has married 4 or 5 times to different women that could benefit him financially. Well documented case in solving the crime. The narration was well done.The characters were well portrayed. J. Scott Bennett does a fantastic job in this genre."I was voluntarily provided this review copy audiobook at no charge by the author, publisher and/or narrator."

    11. Marilyn on said:

      This is a true-crime story of a gal that was murdered (1984) by her husband (of only one year) in a hotel that many of us have been in, in Eugene - The Valley River Inn, right next to Valley River Mall. He was into sex, drugs, and money.o his money all came from stolen property or insurance fraud. He married Katherine because she worked in the loan department of one of the banks (well known, can't think of which one right now). He figured he could get her to get a loan for him and then he would [...]

    12. Julie Haigh on said:

      Good true crime writing.I came across this in the kindle top 100 free bestsellers. I hadn't heard of the author before but I like reading true crime stories, particularly those by Ann Rule. On reading the preface I saw that Gary C King has written a few more of this type of book and seems to be quite well-known in this genre. I will certainly read more of his offerings. This was well-told. Sometimes Ann Rule's books can be overly long and exhaustively detailed and this is briefer, yet not too sh [...]

    13. Faith Cummings on said:

      Murder In Room 305: A story of deceit and deathIf you are a lover of true crime books, or if you have never read a true crime book, this is a must read. Before I read this book, I had never read a true crime book before. But this will not be my last true crime book. I recommend this book to anyone who likes a good story, well put together, and concisely told. Gary C. King has found his perfect genre. I look forward to reading more of his books, and delving deeper into the genre as a whole. It is [...]

    14. Lae Monier on said:

      The story is about Michael David Lissy, the plot to have his current wife killed and the subsequent trial.I found the first few pages a bit slow, but the compelling main character kept me reading and well before halfway I was itching to find out what was going to happen to the people involved. I found the writing clear and matter-of-fact clear of any author's judgment about the case or the perpetrator. An entertaining read for anyone who enjoys true crime.

    15. Scott Bennett on said:

      I thought this was a fascinating book. I was privileged to get to record the audio narration for it. It was well-researched, well written, and kept me wanting to see how the investigation and trial unfolded.

    16. Ruth Turner on said:

      This wasn't a great read. For the most part it failed to hold my interest. I skimmed through the last half of the book to find out how it ended. I would have learned more, in less time, if I'd Googled.Disappointing.

    17. Juanna on said:

      I really liked this book. I thought the ending was kinda sad and it also made me upset. I recommend this book to anyone that likes true crime reading.

    18. Erica on said:

      I had a hard time reading this true crime book. The author has a different writing style than I am used to which made it hard to follow the events that he was writing about.

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