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Forever What are we playing for An evil grin spread over his face I am so glad you asked We re playing for the chance to choose Choose what Where my next shot goes Memories fade betrayals abound and death l

  • Title: Forever
  • Author: Lauren Burd
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What are we playing for An evil grin spread over his face I am so glad you asked We re playing for the chance to choose Choose what Where my next shot goes Memories fade, betrayals abound, and death looms Alina believed becoming an Immortal would protect those she loved, but how can she protect them when they re already caught in the trap Second book i What are we playing for An evil grin spread over his face I am so glad you asked We re playing for the chance to choose Choose what Where my next shot goes Memories fade, betrayals abound, and death looms Alina believed becoming an Immortal would protect those she loved, but how can she protect them when they re already caught in the trap Second book in the Immortal Trilogy

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    One thought on “Forever

    1. Laura on said:

      This is the second book in this series and after I finished the first one I couldn't wait for this to come outd I was pretty disappointed. I feel like even though it seemed like things were going on, not much happened in the development of the characters, hopefully the next book will make up for that.

    2. Mikky on said:

      Mrs. Lauren Burd just posted on her blog that the book comes out tentatively on December 1st 2011!! :]

    3. Shelly on said:

      My review was originally posted on my blogDive Under the CoverI am going to keep this short and spoiler freeThis book was much better than the last one as far as editing goes. I saw a couple of typos, things like that, but overall it was much smoother.As far as the story goes, this one pretty much takes up right where the first one left off. I think that the story line is a little jerky and seems to be all over the place. There are twists and turns, but they don't flow quite as smoothly as the [...]

    4. Sara Collins on said:

      Like most who read the first installment of Immortal, I really looked forward to reading the second book, however in the end I was a little disappointed. In my view the second book lacked character development and I found I didn't really care about the relationships this time around. The action kept the book going and I was intrigued by the plot lines, yet towards the end the twists didn't really make sense and at the end of the book I felt confused.

    5. Karen on said:

      Loved this book! Some twists that I truly did not expect. Definitely kept me on my toes, I couldn't put it down til I finished it. Now I'm right back where I started dying for the next book :(

    6. Tracy on said:

      Good book, not as good as the gist book! But that book was amazing so it would be hard to top! Looking forward to book three. Bring it on

    7. Megan Amaral on said:

      Once again, I reread this series because I remember being in love with it when I was in high school and because the final book in the trilogy finally came out 7 years later. After completing the first book, I remembered how this second book was going to go and it wasn't as cringy as the first book, but it was very choppy. At the end of the last book Alina was bit by Thanos and was infected by the virus, but in doing so she lost her memories of everything that happened in book 1 (conveniently). T [...]

    8. Katy on said:

      This book really took me for a ride. Expect the unexpected, and don't be surprised that Burd will throw you a twist here and there. I liked Book 1 and 2 for different reasons - 1 was more for the drama between the love triangle and mysteries, while 2 was more for the action and twists. In this book, I didn't like how it started off, but it ended up growing on me.The beginning was really disappointing at first. Book 1 had left us with a crazy cliffhanger, and I went crazy wondering what was going [...]

    9. Cogito_ergo_sum on said:

      The writing still hasn't improved, but I can see where the author wanted to go with the story. It was a good idea, but it wasn't carried out well. I'm going to begin with the characters. Their relationship appeared only shallow. I didn't feel anything deep. It was the same with the characters themselves. To me, they weren't living, breathing beings. More time and effort needed to be expanded on their character development.As for the plot, it was very messy. Certain areas needed to be tightened u [...]

    10. Genea on said:

      More of the same with misspellings and punctuation errors, although not as bad as the first one.Forever picks up where the previous book left off. The last book ended with Alina waking up with amnesia which started the Samuel/Duncan engagement confusion. Before her amnesia she told her father and Tabby that she was engaged to Samuel Grant and later told her father it was Duncan. Eventually she introduces Samuel to her father, neither brought up the fact she was engaged to Samuel/Duncan and now i [...]

    11. Catie on said:

      Forever by Lauren Burd is the sequel to Immortal. Forever is a novel that I have been waiting a long time for. I was so happy when I got my chance to read Forever because the concept of immortals is absolutely wonderful and because I loved the first book so much. I have never quite read anything like this, so I am so happy that I gave these novels a chance. Forever is every thing that I look for in a great paranormal book. Forever is a non stop roller coaster ride. In Forever Alina must come to [...]

    12. Jennifer on said:

      After reading 'Immortal' I could not wait for the next book to come out. I just finished Forever, and I don't know how to describe it. It was horrible. The writing was lame, conversations seemed forced, 'chuckling' and laughing at things that weren't remotely funny. No passion when it came to intimacy, it was completely skipped over. Alina seemed to take charge of every situation and always yelling at Samuel, making him look like he had no idea what he was doing even though he was what, two thou [...]

    13. Valeska Ambrose on said:

      In this second book, Alina did not improve. She is still the worse-friend-ever, just now she is also the dumbest-immortal-ever. We got to see a lot more of Samuel and as unbelievable as it can be he manages to be dumbest than Alina. The love triangle didn't buy me either and by the end of the book it was very dificult to believe that Samuel and Alina are a couple. There is absolutely no sparks between them, on the contrary of what happens between Duncan and Alina.So why did I gave it a three sta [...]

    14. Cathy on said:

      I really like the characters and the basic story, but in this book I just couldn't see how Alina, Samuel and Duncan would all just forgive Lucina and Thanos like nothing ever happened. AND Alina and Samuel forgive Duncan. It was just too easy and sudden of a decision. It felt forced. I found it very hard to believe it in such a short time span. Over time I could see it happening, but this was like a switch was flipped. Also, the chemistry between Alina and Samuel was gone. I will continue with t [...]

    15. Kami on said:

      It took me a while to get to this one after i read the first one. But i enjoyed the first one i didn't forget i wanted to read this one. I was happy that it started off where the other one left off but i was kinda bummed that it had so many slow parts. I really like Samuel and i was happy they are together and i enjoyed Duncan being a bad guy so i was kinda upset when he turned out to be good. I also wasn't happy that the main character acts as though she hasn't pick between the two. Over all th [...]

    16. Claire Riley on said:

      Much better than the 1st but still a long way to go. The plot was a lot thicker than in Immortal and there were a lot more twists and turns. however i found that there were a lot of plot errors and lapses. Things like she gave the car keys to someone else but then she had them again on the next page. It sounds petty but it kept drawing me out of the story as there really was quite a lot of these errors. Anyway, moving on. Lauren Burd is an aspiring author and one to watch out for. She has some g [...]

    17. maria wilson on said:

      One too many losesJust when you think you know who's who and what's what you get thrown a curveball. I could never quite figure out Duncan, glad his side was finally explained. Happy to see samuel and Alina together but she really needs to her feelings in check and quit giving in to temptation. Definitely didn't see those loses coming towards the end. A lot of stuff goes down in this book, pasts are revealed and secrets unfold. I cant wait to read the next one and see what else is in store for t [...]

    18. Tiffy on said:

      Interesting twist of events that makes you scream "what?" Alina drives me crazy when she gets mad at Samuel for doing what he thought was right but he didn't get mad at her for the million times she did what she thought was right; while in fact making the most dangerous decisions. Alina is still an adolescent and drives me pretty crazy with her stupid thinking and over ratioanlizing. She completely forgets that she is now an immortal and can't go running to the cops and the hospital everytime so [...]

    19. Barb on said:

      If vampire diaries and twilight had children it would be these two books. It took me several weeks to read trilogy. Better editing would have been helpful. I'm not an editing snob I can look over editing issues if the book has my attention but this did not. I also didn't like that they took lines from twilight.Alina, Samuel and Duncan never really worked out who was going to get the girl. don't hold your breath there are only 2 books in this trilogy. unless you are looking for something to put y [...]

    20. Louise Cable on said:

      This book is even better than the first one. A real good twist that I was not expecting.Love the way the author writes, it really captures your imagination and draws you in to the story.I was eagly awaiting the release of this book after reading Immortal & now I can't believe I have so long to wait for the follow up, the ending is fantastic as it makes you want more.This series is well worth reading!!

    21. Lilliana Anderson on said:

      My Husband had gotten the immortal series for me on his ereader because he thought I would like them, and I did, I loved them - what I didn't realise was that there was still another book to come and was sooooo disappointed when I realised that I would have to wait for the next one to be written. I am really looking forward to it and check regularly for updates on it! Great work Lauren, can't wait for the next one!

    22. Lindy on said:

      I like getting series to see where the stories takes you. I'm concerned since the last blog post was in Nov 2012 and last stated project was due out Spring 2012 and nothing is out yet.This progressed better than the last book. It got away from the Twilight similarities and became it own book. The ending had a good cliffhanger to keep you wanting the final installment. Hopefully it will come out.

    23. Jennifer Reaves on said:

      Absolutely loved! Such a good follow up to Immortals. Characters that I never thought I would like in the first book, I turned out to adore in this 2nd book. Emotions were running high through the whole story and I had a hard time putting this book down. Only stopped for a quick break once and finished it in a couple of hoursnt wait for book 3!

    24. Mercedes on said:

      It wasn't what I was expecting. Maybe that was just because I was waiting forever to read it. However it was still a good story. I loved Alina and It was full of unexpected things and friendships I never thought would be possible. Samual and Alina are tested and Duncan is such a twister. And Thanos oh boy.

    25. Tanya on said:

      I thought the first Immortal book was a great bargain and find. I paid 99 cents for it on B&N Nook for IPAD. I waited forever for "Forever" to come out (LOL) but I wasn't disappointed. There were a few twists and turns where former enemies became allies and former allies became enemies. Overall I'm excited for the 3rd and final installment.

    26. Nicole on said:

      This started out as a great read.  Excellent sequel to Immortal.  Fast paced read, with many twists and turns in the plot.  Many of the twists answered questions left from the first book. Giving this 2 stars because then the book just ended.  You basically turn the page and that's it.  The ending did not do the storyline justice.  It felt like it dropped you in mid reading.

    27. Justina on said:

      Great second book in the series!!!! Alina has some memory problems but her pull to a certian dark-haired hunk can't be denied. Duncan will "forever" be a creep to me. I know this is a trilogy but I think it can go beyond three books. Please put out another book soon, a year is way too long, the wait for this one was torture.

    28. Ines Diaz on said:

      Overview“What are we playing for?” An evil grin spread over his face. “I am so glad you asked. We’re playing for the chance to choose.” “Choose what?” “Where my next shot goes.” * * * Memories fade, betrayals abound, and death looms. Alina believed becoming an Immortal would protect those she loved but how can she can she protect them when they’re already caught in the trap.

    29. Hayley on said:

      I find the beginning of the book wasnt very interesting but about half way in it started to get exciting. But one thing about the book urked me:How does Alaina call her dad's condo phone on one page then say a few pages later say that her dad disconnected his home phone long time ago?? Uh hello! Get the details straight!

    30. Renee Sherman on said:

      I love this series. I just wish I would of waited for it to be done I'm sad so many people lose there lifes :( I really started to like one of them. I really do love your writing and I can't wait for more books from you :)

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