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Irregulars NATO s Irregulars Affairs Division is a secret organization operating in thousands of cities around the globe Its agents police relations between the earthly realm and those beyond this world protect

  • Title: Irregulars
  • Author: Nicole Kimberling Josh Lanyon Ginn Hale Astrid Amara
  • ISBN: 9781935560180
  • Page: 286
  • Format: ebook
  • NATO s Irregulars Affairs Division is a secret organization operating in thousands of cities around the globe Its agents police relations between the earthly realm and those beyond this world, protecting us from terrible dangers as well as enthralling temptations.These agents Irregulars, as they are known to the few who know them at all are drawn to the work for their oNATO s Irregulars Affairs Division is a secret organization operating in thousands of cities around the globe Its agents police relations between the earthly realm and those beyond this world, protecting us from terrible dangers as well as enthralling temptations.These agents Irregulars, as they are known to the few who know them at all are drawn to the work for their own reasons and close cases in their own unique ways.Agent Henry Falk an undead tramp brought back for a mission that might finally put him into a grave he can t climb back out of.Agent Keith Curry a former carnivore chef turned vegetarian currently dealing with a goblin problem.Agent Rake a tough and ambitious guy with a penchant for easy living and dangerous games.Agent Silas August an uncompromising jerk with a dead partner and an assignment babysitting an assassin.Four adventures from four award winning authors, all set in one amazing world Is your security clearance high enough to read on

    • È Irregulars || ✓ PDF Read by È Nicole Kimberling Josh Lanyon Ginn Hale Astrid Amara
      286 Nicole Kimberling Josh Lanyon Ginn Hale Astrid Amara
    • thumbnail Title: È Irregulars || ✓ PDF Read by È Nicole Kimberling Josh Lanyon Ginn Hale Astrid Amara
      Posted by:Nicole Kimberling Josh Lanyon Ginn Hale Astrid Amara
      Published :2019-02-01T03:28:36+00:00

    One thought on “Irregulars

    1. Julio Genao on said:

      Not that kind of irregular.Cherries Worth Getting, by N. Kimberling: Snappy dialogue and tight pacing. 3 starsGreen Glass Beads, by J. Lanyon: Sexy and tantalizing, with compelling leads. 2 starsNo Life But This, by A. Amara: Fresh ideas, but stupid plotting choices and occasionally clunky prose. 1 starThings Unseen and Deadly, by G. Hale: Novel and compelling, with lovely imagery and appealing leads. 4 starsOverall: three stars—no probiotic yogurt necessary!

    2. MwanamaliMari on said:

      I only read Josh Lanyon's Green Glass Beads. I don't care how awesome the others are. I only wanted to read Lanyon's story. So technically this is a dnf. But it's a selective dnf. I will write the review for Green Glass Beads when I am so inclined. Dealing with too much shit right now to come up with anything coherent. Going to submerge myself in another book. Peace.

    3. Feliz on said:

      As Wave once put it, this is royalty writing here indeed. I've enjoyed each of these author's works separately, but together, they created a world so multi-faceted and unique that someone could easily write dozens of stories inside it without repeating themselves once. Fantastic, alluring, and simply awesome. All stories are set in the same universe, and each story contains a mystery, a romance, an aspect of worldbuilding, and a message. This setup, and of course their shared universe, connects [...]

    4. Emanuela ~plastic duck~ on said:

      This anthology is remarkable first of all for the awesome world building, but also for the impressive characters and the great quality of writing. Even if there are the hands of four authors, there is no prominent voice, and each one of them put their craft at the service of the anthology. In a contemporary setting, NIAD - the Nato Irregular Affairs Division - handle what happens in the earthly realms when they involve extrahuman beings and activity.In Cherries Worth Getting, Nicole Kimberling i [...]

    5. Jenre on said:

      Wow, wow, wow, I LOVED this book!The book is made up of four stories all based around the same fantasy setting. The real world as we know it is only one of many realms. Each realm has its own peoples and some of them live among us, disguised by glamour or changed in the womb to look human. The Irregulars are a branch of NATO whose job is police these other-realm people. Each story follows at least one Irregular officer as they are drawn into various mystery cases and an unexpected romance.Each s [...]

    6. Ami on said:

      Cheries Worth Getting (Nicole Kimberling) ~ 3.5 starsKeith Curry is a ex-chef turned Irregular Agent, who is investigating culinary-related crime (humans are being murdered and their flesh are, well, being served as meat on restaurants *yuck*). Enters Gunther Heartman, an agent who is also goblin expert, and one time Keith's ex friends-with-benefit. They now must work together, while navigating around the 'case of the heart' as well.It's an interesting set-up to the world of Irregulars agent. I [...]

    7. ttg on said:

      Anthologies can be a mixed bag and I mostly don't go for them, especially since it can be hard to keep momentum up through the whole book.Project concepts like the Irregulars though is a great way to do it. As other reviewers have discussed, the anthology is based in the same setting--our world, but skewed, with the existence of other realms and supernatural beings, and an international police organization that helps maintain order and minimize "incidents" between the humans and other beings.By [...]

    8. Vanessa North on said:

      this was pretty good.Yeah.The worldbuilding was good. Creepy, but also cool. The paranormal aspects were really well done. And as far as mixed-author shared worlds go, I felt these authors worked really well to tie their stories together cohesively.If I were to rate the individually, Ginn Hale's story would be the standout 5 star read of the bunch. Imaginative, emotive, really well written, and it could stand alone without the others, but it was enriched by the details from the other stories.Plo [...]

    9. Mandapanda on said:

      I loved all the stories in this anthology. All rated between 4 - 5 stars. My favourites were Astrid Amara's for spinning such a unique and imaginative tale, and Ginn Hale's for the brilliantly complicated hero, Half-Dead Henry. Most of the endings were HFN and I'm really hoping that the authors will return to this world for a second go around, like they did with Hell Cop and Hell Cop 2.

    10. Natasha on said:

      Well.I'm not going to lie. I've only read Green Glass Beads by Lanyon.And that shit is 5/5. Or, like, 10000/5.Hot shit.

    11. Em on said:

      This was a lot of fun. I don't read that many anthologies, I often find them a disappointment as I prefer to get my teeth into a bigger book. However, I've been meaning to read this one for a long time as I'm a huge fan of Ginn Hale's and knew one of the entries was hers -Things Unseen and Deadly . All the stories were of a good standard and very enjoyable, although as expected Ginn's was the best of all!

    12. Xing on said:

      This is the first anthology I have read, and boy was it a good one! All I can say is that if you are a fan of science fiction, fantasy and paranormal, then you should give Irregulars a shot. I am familiar with two of the authors involved (Josh Lanyon and Ginn Hale) and was thoroughly impressed with Nicole Kimberling and Astrid Amara.In my opinion, each story gets better and better. The world building is rich, with the paranormal and fantasy elements having become part of scientific protocol and [...]

    13. M on said:

      I think I dreamed this book. No, really. It cannot be possible that four MM titans have come together to write a spectacular alternative-world anthology that is so awesome, so creative, so coherent and unputdownable that I've been awake for 36 hours gobbling it up. Like, that just does't happen. It's too good to be true. It's all of my birthdays at once (and Christmases too - if I wasn't agnostic). So, I have, in a wonderful, wonderful dream, created this book and enjoyed it immensely. I general [...]

    14. Leanne on said:

      I read this slowly, deliberately savouring it in little self-controlled bites when I really just wanted to devour the whole thing in one go. I'm glad I did. What an astonishing world! What a thrilling ride!Would it be presumptuous to ask for more, please? ;-PAs Feliz puts it in her much more eloquent review, Books like this one are the reason I read. Highly, highly recommended!

    15. Deeze on said:

      Cherries Worth Getting by Nicole Kimberling Interesting idea. I loved Gunther and the little oddities he had like chewing cigarettes and drinking lighter fuel. Keith was also a good guy. I totally understand his eating habits although I think I'd worry about all foods not just meats. Overall this was a good read with plenty of scope to turn it in to a series4 stars Green Glass Beads by Josh LanyonLeave it to Josh to give me an interesting story with chemistry between the guys but in a slow build [...]

    16. Kathleen on said:

      All the freakin' stars. Best. Anthology. Ever. Stellar world building. Colorful, well drawn characters. Brilliant storyline. Four of the best writers in our genre come together to give us four fantastic novellas set in the same world of urban fantasy. Highly recommended!

    17. Kyra on said:

      I picked this up because of Josh Lanyon. He's my favorite writer and before I started reading I was only truly interested in his story from this anthology. I'm so very glad I decided to read the other stories as well because this whole universe sucked me in and when I reached the very last page I was sad to see it end. Not to mention that as the anthology progressed the stories just kept getting better and better.Cherries Worth Getting by Nicole Kimberling3.5 stars It would have been a mistake t [...]

    18. Sara on said:

      Reading this one out of order. Green Glass Beads by Josh LanyonLeave it to Lanyon to make me fall in love with a man who is half faerie and swoon over Commander Rake of the Irregulars. Good lord. I really, really enjoyed being in this world of magical artifacts as Archer does his job as curator of the Museum of State-Sanctioned Antiquities in Vancouver. I mean, gold tears, Hermes winged sandals and a naga snake skin shed by an Indian demon I want to see these things behind their glass cases - se [...]

    19. Heather C on said:

      Interesting worldCherries Worth Getting by Nicole Kimberling ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆I really liked this story and thought the premise was interestingbut i wanted more. Biggest complaint is that the writing was a bit stilted and choppy. Green Glass Beads by Josh Lanyon ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆I thought this story was kinda boring. I didn't care about the characters at all, but I thought it had a sweet ending. Still, I was glad when it was over. No Life But This by Astrid Amara ★ ★ ★ ★ ★Loved! Lo [...]

    20. Wandering Reader on said:

      Upgraded to five stars. Truly one of the best anthologies I've read in this genre. I loved how although each story stood alone, they all existed in the same fictional realm(s) and that there were brief mentions/glimpses of the other MCs in each book. Wonderful storytelling and interesting plots.I enjoyed each story so very much and loved the codas each author so kindly shared as well, blindeyebooks/extras/

    21. ⚣❣☙ Michaelle ❧❣⚣ on said:

      4.3 StarsBrilliant and engaging - I did NOT expect to like it as much as I did. And I have to say I absolutely loved the last one. The way Ginn Hale wove together strings from the other three, incorporated small details mentioned in the other stories, was flawless. And honestly, I think I loved her characters best. Especially Henry.

    22. Barb ~rede-2-read~ on said:

      This was quite a long anthology but each story was interesting and different while keeping the theme of being about crime solving by members of the NATO Irregular Affairs Division (NIAD), aka The Irregulars. This law enforcement agency deals with those "other world" creatures who reside here on earth alongside humankind, though most humans aren't even aware of their existence. Cherries Worth Getting by Nicole Kimberling was one of the darker stories as the two investigators, Harry and Gunther, i [...]

    23. Mandi on said:

      This was just really, really good. I guess with these authors, you really can't go wrong. And my first read from Ginn Hale! I'll have to check out the author's backlist because I think I liked that story the best.Individual ratings;Cherries Worth Getting by Nicole Kimberling - 4 stars. Great introduction to the world and I liked Gunther. Green Glass Beads by Josh Lanyon - 4 stars. Really just loved both these characters and the ending was very sweet.No Life But This by Astrid Amara - 5 stars. I [...]

    24. K.J. Charles on said:

      Great idea, four authors I like very much. I find this story length really frustrating as a reader, as it's long enough for me to want a full book, which would have made me happy in all cases. The Astrid Amara story was the one I particularly wanted a lot more of.

    25. Sammy Goode on said:

      “…he’d found glory an overrated commodity. Didn’t keep a body whole or even make for good company through the lonely evenings that followed its capture.”Things Unseen and Deadly, Ginn HaleJust a brief note before you begin reading the individual reviews of the stories from the anthology, Irregulars. This is a stunning collection of stories that carry us into a fantasy world complete with mythical creatures, fascinating humans and sweet romance. Literally, this book has it all. Impeccab [...]

    26. Emilia Barnes on said:

      I didn't finish this anthology yet, but might do at some point. For now, however, I'm exhausted with it, and want to get it off my currently reading list. It's not a bad anthology, by any means. In fact, you do get your money's worth. And if you like paranormal thrillers/urban fantasy sort of stuff then this might actually very well be for you (provided you don't mind some M/M love in there, of course, though that is largely in the background). In my case, I'm not a fan of the former, and so I g [...]

    27. Shelby on said:

      The “Irregulars” compiles a series of short stories all set in the same dark and twisted paranormal world. Each book builds on the previous one adding more and more layers to this complex picture. Cherries Worth Getting by Nicole Kimberling - ★★★So I’m a fan of the paranormal genre, but starting out a book with our hero Keith trying to track down goblins who trade in human flesh was a little well, eww Then to find out he got into his job because he used to be a chef and in a similar [...]

    28. Kaje Harper on said:

      These connected stories happen in an intersection of mystery and fantasy/paranormal with the central theme being the NIAD (NATO's Irregulars Affairs Division ) - a law enforcement and immigration agency that deals with all the visitors from other non-earthly realms. There is a small overlap of characters, and a good level of continuity in world-building, and all the stories are worth a read.Cherries Worth Getting by Nicole Kimberling :It's hard going first in a collection like this, because you [...]

    29. Trix on said:

      Quite the interesting collection of stories.(view spoiler)[I loved how gradually each story propelled me further into the world of the supranatural. We had Keith and Gunther sneakly working around the human world, trying to solve a mysterious series of murders. I found it very realistic and slightly frightening (it was hard to enjoy dinner after reading that story).I kind of liked Archer and Rake more out of all the couple presented because they had a bit more romantic development than the rest [...]

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