Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith: The Collected Stories

John Jackson Miller

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Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith: The Collected Stories

Star Wars Lost Tribe of the Sith The Collected Stories At last in one volume the eight original installments of the epic Lost Tribe of the Sith eBook series along with the explosive never before published finale Pandemonium than one hundred pages of new

  • Title: Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith: The Collected Stories
  • Author: John Jackson Miller
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • At last in one volume the eight original installments of the epic Lost Tribe of the Sith eBook series along with the explosive, never before published finale, Pandemonium than one hundred pages of new material Five thousand years ago After a Jedi ambush, the Sith mining ship Omen lies wrecked on a remote, unknown planet Its commander, Yaru Korsin, battles tAt last in one volume the eight original installments of the epic Lost Tribe of the Sith eBook series along with the explosive, never before published finale, Pandemonium than one hundred pages of new material Five thousand years ago After a Jedi ambush, the Sith mining ship Omen lies wrecked on a remote, unknown planet Its commander, Yaru Korsin, battles the bloodshed of a mutinous faction led by his own brother Marooned and facing death, the Sith crew have no choice but to venture into their desolate surroundings They face any number of brutal challenges vicious predators, lethal plagues, tribal people who worship vengeful gods and like true Sith warriors, counter them with the dark side of the Force The struggles are just beginning for the proud, uncompromising Sith, driven as they are to rule at all costs They will vanquish the primitive natives, and they will find their way back to their true destiny as rulers of the galaxy But as their legacy grows over thousands of years, the Sith ultimately find themselves tested by the most dangerous threat of all the enemy within.

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      464 John Jackson Miller
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    One thought on “Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith: The Collected Stories

    1. Matthew on said:

      A collection of short stories that combine into one larger story that serves as a decent introduction to the Sith. I recently read another Star Wars book that predates movie story line by several thousand years and it felt far withdrawn from the universe we know and love (forget canon vs legends, you still expect a somewhat similar feel). This one did have a better feel for the Star Wars universe. (The other book was Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void)I will say that it took me a few of the short s [...]

    2. Jordan on said:

      So here's the deal on this collection: they needed an antagonist or antagonists for Luke and his New Jedi Order to face in the aftermath of the Legacy Of The Force arc of novels. And of course these villains should be Sith, because that's how it works (not knocking it, just sayin'). But how? Bane's Sith are destroyed, dead with Palpatine and Vader, as are all the Executers and Dark Jedi that served Palpatine's cause. Lumiya's splinter sect are also destroyed, dead with the Dark Lady and her appr [...]

    3. Scott Rhee on said:

      As a "Star Wars" fan, it has always fascinated me how truly visionary George Lucas was when he created the original "Star Wars" film in 1977. It was a fully-formed universe, with a history, a philosophy, and believable characters whose stories didn't stop after the credits rolled. True fans knew that there were so many more stories to be told in this galaxy far, far away. Hundreds of authors have contributed their own stories in what has become the Expanded Universe. John Jackson Miller publishe [...]

    4. Tiara on said:

      The basic reasoning behind why these stories were written certainly makes readers want to read this series of short stories. However, this book fell a little flat for me because it was hard for me to connect with many of the stories before they ended. Such is the nature of short stories.

    5. Crystal Starr Light on said:

      Yaru Korsin and his crew on the ship, Omen, crash land on the planet, Kesh. At first, they think it will be no problem to return to their Sith mission in the stars, but quickly they realize that they are stuck on Kesh to stay. These series of stories cover the initial landing to a couple of thousand years later.I'm not going to mince words: this is the best Star Wars book (or collection of short stories--whatever you want to call it) I've read all year. It has everything I love in a Star Wars bo [...]

    6. Captnaka on said:

      Worst Star Wars book I have ever read (and I've read a lot of them) I felt it was poorly written and the plot was confusing. Sadly, I'm not getting the 4 hours back that I spent reading this.

    7. Indru on said:

      Couldn't finish it. In my opinion, John Jackson Miller is one of the most (if not the most) boring Star Wars writer I've ever read.Sorry, I just couldn't find myself enjoying anything he writes. "A New Dawn" was better than this though. He seems to be a bit better with Novels than Short Stories. This book (Lost Tribe) feels like something made out of pieces put together clumsily. Reading them as individual stories makes no sense, and reading them as a book makes a bit more sense but you get lost [...]

    8. Iset on said:

      It’s hard to assess this as one package because it’s actually a collection of loosely collected novellas, but I think John Jackson Miller is on point here. It’s curious – as a writer for the Star Wars universe, Miller sometimes got it horribly wrong – the unmemorable Knight Errant, for example – but when he got it right it was pure gold – the Knights of the Old Republic graphic novels, in which Miller had this amazing knack to create complex, grey characters and gripping, unexpecte [...]

    9. Khurram on said:

      These are nice little stories as far as Sith go. The plot behind this is that a Sith ship called the Omen has crashed on a planet with stone age technology, and very low in Iron ore so Sith crew cannot make repairs to their own Ship effectively stranding them there. As stated this book is a collection of E-books so effectively short stories. 8 Stories on average of 32 pages, then one large one of 133 pages.The first story is deals with the crash and leader ship of the "tribe". At this point the [...]

    10. Vanessa on said:

      This is a series of mostly pre-published short stories, that occur 5000-3000 years before the Battle of Yavin (fun irrelevant fact,: my iPad's voice to text just translated this as " Battle of yeah but then.") For those unfamiliar, this was the battle at which the first Death Star was destroyed. If you don't know that fact, reading this collection is probably unnecessary. Even if you do know that fact, I don't know that reading this collection is necessary. The stories explain how a band of Sith [...]

    11. Igor on said:

      Among other novels this book contains 9th novel of the Lost Tribe of the Sith, Pandemonium. In my reading I read the first novel then switched to Old Republic series and then again finished all other novels.I like it as it gives insight into Sith society but not the one of the Empire state but the one just starting to be one. Anyway, good read that I can only recommend.

    12. Talyseon Talyseon on said:

      Ever wonder what kind of society would evolve with only Sith? Here is your answer. Check out my full review here: Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith

    13. Michael E. Colton on said:

      Interesting twistshowing a different sides of Sith occupation these stories are well written and engaging. Looking forward to the next installment.

    14. Timothy on said:

      So looking forward to this there is sopposed to be one final story with the collection.Also look out for the comic book series based after the book series.

    15. Thomas on said:

      I decided to read the Legends books in chronological order instead of in publication order, which might not be the best approach. On the one hand, I have the story told to me in the right order, but on the other hand, I wonder if the stories will give too much away for future books. I dug in and read Asimov's Foundation series in publication order, which was the right decision, since reading earlier books would have ruined some of the suspense of the later books, since Asimov wrote of mysteries [...]

    16. DiscoSpacePanther on said:

      It's Star Wars, so I'm predisposed to liking it. That being said, it's unlike any other Star Wars novel I've read before. Set all on one world, and built up of several short stories (rather like Asimov's Foundation), the book tells the story of a ship full of Sith marooned on a metal-free planet, with no way to escape after the wreck of their warship, through two thousand years.I like the idea of a Star Wars book that concentrates on the history and development of one planet, it's just that the [...]

    17. Jared on said:

      Star Wars Legends Project #30Background: Lost Tribe of the Sith was originally released as a series of 8 eBook novellas from May 2009 to March 2012. A 9th, much longer final book was released along with the other 8 as "The Collected Stories" in July 2012. It was written by John Jackson Miller as a prequel to the "Fate of the Jedi" series of novels which was also being released during that time.Lost Tribe of the Sith takes place across a period spanning over 2000 years. The first four books, the [...]

    18. Albert Nguyen on said:

      Before starting this review, there are a few things I would like to address about this book. Lost Tribe of the Sith: the Collected Stories was meant to be back-story for the Fate of the Jedi book series introducing this “Lost Tribe” and revealing its history leading up to its eventual meeting with Luke Skywalker. This book covers the tribe’s history between 5000 and 2975 years before A New Hope, condensing roughly 2000 years of time into one novel. Given these facts, it’s easy to tell Mi [...]

    19. Justin on said:

      This book was a collection of short stories and one final story telling the ending of the tale. It took place over three time periods in the planet Kesh's past (Meaning BBY) These first four books of the collection take place around 5000 years BBY (Before the Battle at Yavin). They follow the crew of the Sith ship Omen as it crash lands on an unknown planet called Kesh. The surviving Sith then start to in fight and political intrigue themselves almost to extinction. The leader of the group, Comm [...]

    20. John Keegan on said:

      For the past few years, the Star Wars Expanded Universe was largely focused on a series of novels collectively called “Fate of the Jedi”. One of the major antagonist groups of the story was the so-called “Lost Tribe of the Sith”, which pretty much came out of nowhere, spawning the rather memorable Vestara Khai. It also introduced a compelling back story for the Lost Tribe, which was only marginally explored in those novels.Concurrent with the main novels, however, a series of short stori [...]

    21. Alex on said:

      Plot:Lost Tribe of the Sith: The Collected Stories is all of the Lost Tribe of the Sith books put into one binding with an extra final “chapter”: Pandemonium. Pandemonium takes place 25 years after Secrets. The Sith have discovered a new land: Aliancar. With Varner Hilts, the new Grand Lord, running the show, and the Sith feeling like they have a purpose again, they set out to conquer this new land. Upon arrival though, they are met with Keshiri who know their stuff and who know how to defen [...]

    22. Danny on said:

      I was a little unsure of how a series of short stories would go. In fact, I was only planning to read one or two and then move on to something else, returning periodically to read another. However, once I got into the book, I just kept reading!The premise reminded me of my favorite TV show about a group of eclectic people getting stranded somewhere and having to build their own society ("WAAAAAAALT!") The difference is that these people are Sith and follow Sith ideals. These stories turned out t [...]

    23. Austin Bartel on said:

      Personal ResponseI liked this book because I am a Star Wars nerd and I´ll read anything Star Wars. I also liked how the author put all of the short stories together in one book. I thought is was cool how he was able to make ten stories span two thousand years and have the history be the same.Plot SummaryIn this book there were many short stories so the plot changed a lot, but what did stay the same is that, throughout the thousands of years the Sith were on Kesh, they wanted to find a way off o [...]

    24. Jason Hamilton on said:

      Precipice is well written. It starts with a bang, creates tension, escalates, and leaves the reader interested and wanting more. The characters are easy to invest in and genuinely likable. This strength is also a problem, however. This is supposed to be about a lost tribe of Sith, not angels. These are supposed to be the bad guys. Therefore, they have to be easy to invest in, but not necessarily likable. Because of the brevity required for the story, it also feels rushed, moving instantly from o [...]

    25. Michael Alexander Henke on said:

      The Lost Tribe of the Sith is a series of short stories that were originally released as ebooks. Seeing as how I don't really read ebooks, I unfortunately missed out on them the first time around. Now they've all been collected and released as a paperback, for which I am quite glad. The Lost Tribe featured very heavily in the most recent series of Star Wars books: Fate of the Jedi. I do wish I had some of this back story while I was reading that series because I think it would have added quite a [...]

    26. Holli on said:

      This book is a jarring mess for me. I only really read the first story and part of the second before I went to find spoilers for the rest. I couldn't really connect to any character in the first story before it abruptly ended, then we get a mad scramble of telling what happened between the first and second story in the second and it's over with as well before I'm allowed a real connection to these new characters. I'm simply not a novella person, I guess. I will be continuing the Star Wars books, [...]

    27. Kevin on said:

      This is a collection of sequential short stories about a crew of Sith who crash land on a fairly primitive planet and have to then find a way to survive and thrive.Each short story ended just as it was getting in to full swing. That was a bit of a tease, but it kept me reading.I imagine this was all some set up to replenish enemies of the republic for future stories, so I'll allow the incompleteness of them.It was a quick fun read.

    28. Izzy on said:

      I thoroughly enjoyed the Lost Tribe!! It took a while to get going, but once it did it didn't stop! It jumped time periods between stories, and I think that gave the reader a great sense of perspective. The truth that we as readers see from Korsin's vantage point is warped over time until almost nothing is as it was in the beginning. It was like reading the history of a real people, and I absolutely loved it.

    29. Michael on said:

      This series of novellas is an interesting spin on the Star Wars universe. By creating a “lost tribe” of Sith on its own planet with no contact with the rest of the galaxy, the author examines the nature of a society run completely on the principles of the dark side. There are no battles with Jedi and no exposure philosophies of “good.”Of course, this is pure “fun” fiction and is not intended to hold up to any serious scrutiny. So with that in mind, I would tag this a good summer read [...]

    30. Jeff Newman on said:

      John Jackson Miller has quickly become my favorite EU author. After enjoying Kenobi, I quickly breezed through this unique story of Old Republic-era Sith. While I wish it would have gone more into Sith lore, it was an interesting change of pace in the EU.

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