Luminous Chaos

Jean-Christophe Valtat Mahendra Singh

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Luminous Chaos

Luminous Chaos Book two in The Mysteries of New Venice the steampunk adventure series The Guardian called a magnificent achievement It s in the icily beautiful New Venice and the hero of the city s liberation

  • Title: Luminous Chaos
  • Author: Jean-Christophe Valtat Mahendra Singh
  • ISBN: 9781612191416
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Book two in The Mysteries of New Venice, the steampunk adventure series The Guardian called a magnificent achievement It s 1907 in the icily beautiful New Venice, and the hero of the city s liberation, Brentford Orsini, has been deposed by his arch rival who immediately assigns Brentford and his friends on a dangerous diplomatic mission to Paris.So, Brentford recruitsBook two in The Mysteries of New Venice, the steampunk adventure series The Guardian called a magnificent achievement It s 1907 in the icily beautiful New Venice, and the hero of the city s liberation, Brentford Orsini, has been deposed by his arch rival who immediately assigns Brentford and his friends on a dangerous diplomatic mission to Paris.So, Brentford recruits his old friend and louche counterpart, Gabriel d Allier, underground chanteuse and suffragette Lillian Lake, and the mysterious Blankbate former Foreign Legionnaire and leader of the Scavengers, the city s garbage collecting cult and others, for the mission.But their mode of transportation the untested transaerian psychomotive proves faulty and they find themselves transported back in time to Paris 1895 before New Venice even existed What s , it s a Paris experiencing an unprecedented and crushingly harsh winter.They soon find themselves involved with some of the city s seediest, most fascinating inhabitants But between attending soirees at Mallarm s house, drinking absinthe with Proust, trying to wrestle secrets out of mesmerists, and making fun of the newly constructed Eiffel Tower, they also find that Paris is a city full of intrigue, suspicion, and danger.For example, are the anarchists they encounter who are plotting to bomb the still under construction Sacre Coeur church also the future founders of New Venice And why are they trying to kill them And, as Luminous Chaos turns into another lush adventure told in glorious prose rich in historical allusion, there s the biggest question of them all How will they ever get home ebook ISBN 978 1 61219 142 3

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      353 Jean-Christophe Valtat Mahendra Singh
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    One thought on “Luminous Chaos

    1. LeeAnn Heringer on said:

      I am just a sucker for this series of book -- in fact, I pre-ordered this one last year. They are beautiful, well-thought out stories. They're true to their own sense of internal history and rules. And the characters within this sphere of a magical city built in the Arctic are so believable. They are so delicately steampunk. I could gush all day.Can I order the 3rd one in series yet?

    2. Liviu on said:

      Started Luminous Chaos, Jean-Christophe Valtat's sequel to the awesome Aurorarama. Picking up a year after the end of the earlier book, this one lacks a little the freshness and originality of that one but so far had enough goodies to keep me entertained and the style is the same irreverent one of the first volume. Of course as per blurb, the action soon will move from the Polar regions to Paris where the heroes will travel by "Psychomotives":"Once the pilot is charged with Od, it is but a matte [...]

    3. Jake Owens on said:

      Is there a more frustrating/disappointing series out there than New Venice? After the increasingly convoluted mess that was Aurorarama, I got Luminous Chaos hoping that it would better fulfill the series' unique promise. I was initially thrilled at the more interesting premise (Time travel!) and historical fiction setting (Paris!) and some new characters and dared to hope.Unfortunately, the more interesting characters get almost no spotlight, and we're left to again watch Brentford and Gabriel w [...]

    4. Oriana on said:

      My proof luck has been pretty bad lately. Hey book gods, don't you want to rectify things by giving me this one somehow??

    5. Anni (Tea in the Treetops) on said:

      A year has passed in the polar city of New Venice, and recent elections mean that Brentford Orsini is no longer the Regent Doge. His successor decides to remove him and several of his supporters from the picture by sending him to set up a diplomatic mission in Paris. Psychomotive travel is dangerous, though, and the group find themselves thrown back in time to 1895 – some years before the construction of New Venice. Eventually arriving in a unusually snowy Paris, the travellers find themselves [...]

    6. Mahendra Singh on said:

      Valtat's latest installment in his New Venice trilogy very trippy, very psychedelic. Beautifully designed book and hey, kids, can you spot the semiotic lingoids in the illustrations? And the giant eyeball in the snow? And the tapeworm in the ice-wracked ship? If you can, HAPPY TRAILS!

    7. Katherine on said:

      I thought this book was okay, but very, very strange and sometimes just confusing and boring. Like some others who have posted reviews, I haven't read the first book in the series. I probably missed a lot. But I liked the writing style, and some of the sentences were just beautiful.--**--SPOILERS--**--1. Not okay with Gabriel's thing with the twins. Maybe that's explained/justified more in the first book, but I don't see how it could be. Ew.2. How did Lilian and Thomas fall in love enough in ~10 [...]

    8. Jennifer on said:

      Oh, my God. This book. The next book in the series after Aurororama, it is a little bit less bewildering than the first, but maybe only because now it starts to feel familiar?Basically, Brentford & Gabriel have been out-maneuvered in their attempt to reform New Venice. They, and a team of "supporting experts" have been sent on a diplomatic mission to Paris in an extremely disreputable transport known as a psychomotive that seems likely to have been intended to kill them. But instead sends th [...]

    9. Natalie Williams on said:

      I thoroughly enjoyed this epic tale of a band of questionable characters from the Vernesque city of New Venice who go on a mission in a vehicle propelled by thought and end up in a parallel universe and back in time as well. The characters are richly drawn and easy to empathize with as they avoid being two-dimensional what with their various quirks and flaws. The trouble they get into in Paris is nothing short of diabolical and the solution to their problem of getting back seems more difficult t [...]

    10. Annie on said:

      Imagine a city at the far north of the world, close to the Arctic Circle. This city was built with magic and money and industry and strange science. The city is peopled with Inuit and adventurers and wizards. The city is frozen in time, adrift from the rest of the world. Jean-Christophe Valtat introduced readers to New Venice in Aurororama and continues the unlikely adventures of its inhabitants in Luminous Chaos.Read the rest of my review on A Bookish Type. I received a free copy of this book f [...]

    11. Edward Hoover on said:

      Excellent book - engrossing story, engaging and multi-genre (mystery, adventure, some romance and intrigue, a dash of steampunk thrown in). Valtat has some great turns of phrase and a nice way of making you infer things by context. He also weaves in a few historical incidents (e.g the Gare de Montparnasse train derailment of 1895) seamlessly - he doesn't beat you over the head with them, instead leading you to an "ahhhhhh, that's it" kind of moment. I liked and was more engaged in this one than [...]

    12. Fraser Sherman on said:

      Valtat has some glowing reviews but this got a big "meh"from me. Political intrigue in the steampunk polar city of New Venice leads to seven inconvenient figures getting sent on a mission to Paris, which due to a psychic disruption in their teleporter turns into a time trip to belle epoque Paris (or a steampunk version of it). Certainly different from the usual steampunk, but not in a good way—slow, without any compensation in writing style or character depth.

    13. World Literature Today on said:

      "Luminous Chaos is an enchanting twist on the steampunk novel and serves as a powerful sequel (and, in many ways, prequel) to Jean-Christophe Valtat’s earlier success, Aurorama. It is over five hundred pages long, but it is a rapid-paced page-turner that ends far too soon." - Haley Mowdy, University of OklahomaThis book was reviewed in the March 2014 issue of World Literature Today. Read the full review by visiting our website: bit/PB6fJH

    14. Quenby on said:

      Fascinating exploration of time and place, creation of a 'better' world and how things might go wrong. I loved the earnest, vivid characters and the crazy challenges they faced. Romantic in the best sense. 19th Paris and a fantastical arctic city, time travel and adventure. What could be better?

    15. Aaron on said:

      A fun historical SF/fantasy novel set in a richly-imagined "Belle Epoque-punk" Paris. A little disorienting if you haven't read the first book in the series (as I haven't) due to the frequent references back to characters, places, events, and concepts therein. But a very imaginative historical SF take on an era that blends scientific discovery with political intrigue, spiritualism, and adventure.

    16. Neal on said:

      This was a book was an eagerly anticipated release which did not disappoint. A fun and simple time travel premise with entertaining characters. While it didn't quite fully match the enjoyment of the first book and maybe got a little too silly towards the end for my liking, it left me excited to see what comes next.

    17. Helena R-D on said:

      It was cute and a good steampunk read, but didn't blow my mind. It's a great concept and I enjoyed reading about winter and the possibility of a city in the far Canadian north. But it wasn't a book that grabbed me and wouldn't let me go.

    18. Jurate Stanaityte on said:

      What a slow read this was. And not as brilliant as "Aurorarama".

    19. Chris on said:

      I can't really give this a rating because this is the second book of the series and I haven't read the first. That being said, some things were just what? Okay.

    20. Alexis on said:

      Read my review of the first installment in the series - Aurorarama. This second book I read even more quickly. It totally satisfies.

    21. Brannon on said:

      I enjoyed the novel; it's quite imaginative, transporting the reader effectively from the fantastical New Venice into an alternate Parisian world of strange doings indeed. Masterfully written.

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