Dysfunctional Romance!

Derick Hudson

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Dysfunctional Romance!

Dysfunctional Romance WARNING OVER S ONLY Barry Shaw s whirlwind journey through life was shaped by the growing demands of a multitude of disorders which meant he tended to clean things repeatedly and aggressively bef

  • Title: Dysfunctional Romance!
  • Author: Derick Hudson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • WARNING OVER 18 S ONLY Barry Shaw s whirlwind journey through life was shaped by the growing demands of a multitude of disorders, which meant he tended to clean things repeatedly and aggressively, before they had the chance to murder him Barry thrived on routine If it hadn t happened before, it was unlikely to happen ever until he collided into her that is On that fatWARNING OVER 18 S ONLY Barry Shaw s whirlwind journey through life was shaped by the growing demands of a multitude of disorders, which meant he tended to clean things repeatedly and aggressively, before they had the chance to murder him Barry thrived on routine If it hadn t happened before, it was unlikely to happen ever until he collided into her that is On that fateful day, as he walked to work, stepping from the centre of one pavement stone to the next, he crashed into Sandra Wiggins, who had also been discreetly avoiding the dreaded cracks It was lust at first sightlove would have to wait Apart, they were just weird, but together, they were pure mental This is the bittersweet, hilarious story of two human lovebirds destined to spend their calamitous lives together until something extraordinary occurs that threatens to decimate what remains of their limited sanity Welcome to the New World Order created when Barry met his Miss Match QUOTES FROM THE BOOK It s a fine line between love and hate Hate and she wrings your neck Love and you ring her finger The groom recommended his naked bride should leave her garter on in case she might get cold during the night If he wanted to date someone from a mental asylum, she would be top of his list Joanne flirted with men even in her sleep and was unaware of her libidinous behaviour most of the time Barry s stubble had sprouted overnight, like ugly perennial weeds violating a well manicured lawn REVIEWS This book had me laughing from the first page to the last I just loved this book, could not put it down, still reading at four in the morning, laughing out loud From the moment I read the blurb on this one, I knew I had to snag a copy Made me LOL from the beginning right through till the very end A happy feelgood book that I would highly recommend I loved the story and all the characters I was engaged from start to finish Lots of fun plot lines and lots of laughs This book was a great read from start to finish, it never got boring and was laugh out loud funny Not one to usually read popular novels, this rocked I read this book in one sitting, always a good sign Laugh out loud funny Just the opening line had me in stitches and intrigued as to how the rest of the book was going to span out This book really is a laugh a minute book, very cleverly written and a definite page turner A must read for anyone Great coffee time read with one liners you ll find yourself repeating again and again

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      489 Derick Hudson
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    One thought on “Dysfunctional Romance!

    1. Derick Hudson on said:

      What do I think? Well, as author it's probably obvious what I think!!! But here are some more 'independent' reviews from etc. Thanks for your support!See my blog to see where to get Dysfunctional Romance! (, , Kindle etc):derickhudson22 five star reviews on already and nearly 15,000 followers on Twitter! 5.0 out of 5 stars A fun, light read, April 19, 2012 By DonnaBarker (Canada) - See all my reviewsThis review is from: Dysfunctional Romance! (Kindle Edition) I loved the story and all the char [...]

    2. Nicola on said:

      When a book has you laughing on the first page you know you are in for a treat. This was an absolute gem of a read that had me laughing out loud from start to finish.Well-written, funny, romantic yet with serious moments and with great characters, I couldn't put it down. Barry and Sandra are are a match made in heaven with their dysfunctional, quirky, but realistic problems. Their relationships with their friends and family also add many humorous moments.Would love there to be a follow up to see [...]

    3. Janet on said:

      I read this because Derick Hudson more than gave this the hard sell on Twitter, by continually posting excerpts from the book!! Thoroughly worn down after a while I went ahead and downloaded. And I've got to say I'm glad I did. Initially I wasn't sure but after a couple of chapters in, it became clear that was a funny book, a very funny laught out loud book! So much so, that at times I actually thought I would rupture something I was laughing so hard. Trying to laugh quietly in the dead of night [...]

    4. Sharon on said:

      There are some books that you finish reading with a smile of your face & thinking, that was so good. Well Dysfuntional Romance is one of those. It has you smiling from the very first page. At first you're thinking what oddball characters, but they are so real & likeable, they dont just grow on you, you end up wanting & willing things to go right for them. A very humorous dialogue, with great interaction with all the characters through out. The easy flowing, witty style of writing cap [...]

    5. Juanita Kees on said:

      I was drawn by the title, enthralled by the humour and riveted to my seat by the story until 'The End'. You can't go past a touch of Irish wit.Lead character Barry Shaw is a mess of multiple obsessive/compulsive disorders and goes through life cleaning, side-stepping cracks and hyperventilating over his grocery list. Like all good OCD'ers, he thrives on routine until his world collides with Sandra Wigginsterally. Read the full review atkees2create/blog/2012/

    6. Donna Barker on said:

      I loved the story and all the characters. I was engaged from start to finish. Lots of fun plot lines and lots of laughs. The two main characters are quirky and very well-developed; all of the secondary characters are equally robust - even Barry's geriatric dog, Sandra's over-sexed love birds, and the couple's Christmas dinner turkey. I'd love to share a pint with these people.Bottom line: buy the book if you enjoy light-hearted rom coms. You'll enjoy the story.

    7. Sarika Patkotwar on said:

      Actual rating: 4.5! You know you've read an absolutely great book when just the thought it makes you smile long after you've read it! It was while writing this review that I realised how much I loved Barry and Sandra's story, how unforgettable it is and that Dysfunctional Romance! deserves 4.5 contrary to the initial 4 stars I'd given it on ! I've been transfixed by all things Irish since a long time now. Besides being a lovely country, from what I've read and heard, Irish people are very pleasa [...]

    8. Bodicia on said:

      I am so glad I decided to buy this book. The cover is not brilliant as it doesn't really give you a clue about the content of the story but, to be fair, I am not sure what could.The story is about Barry and Sandra who are absolutely meant to be together because they are both as mad as a balloon and this is what makes their story so good. It's all about acceptance of each other and their flaws, a real feel-good read. It also happens to be one of the funniest books I have read for a while, with sh [...]

    9. Elinor on said:

      Somehow Derick Hudson has portrayed two complete OCD oddballs with such empathy and wit that you laugh your way uproariously through their various fiascos while at the same time enthusiastically cheering for their triumphs.Hovering underneath the zany comedy are some tender truths and worthy life lessons. One that comes to my mind is that maybe it should be mandatory for people with such afflictions to pair up how could a "normal" person possibly live with a sidewalk crack-avoider or an untouch [...]

    10. Tara Wood on said:

      From the moment I read the blurb on this one, I knew I had to snag a copy. I wasn't disappointed. Derick Hudson keeps you engaged and interested the whole way through. Barry and Sandra are both so lovably quirky and odd, you can't help but cheer them on. A bit over the top at times, but an enjoyable ride overall. The entire cast of characters shines in this novel, everyone of them guaranteed to keep you smiling, cheering, and sometimes, laughing out loud. Curl up on the sofa with a nice cup of t [...]

    11. Melanie Moore on said:

      Whew! I thought my OCD was bad! I’ll never feel weird about not letting my silverware touch a table top again. This is a story of an attraction that starts over two crazy souls and their obsession with cracks. (Does that have you wondering?) Over and over throughout the book, I caught myself saying, ‘Oh thank God that I am not that crazy.’ There will even be sometimes that you think the characters have totally overshared. This may be the first time I’ve ever accused fictional characters [...]

    12. WiLoveBooks on said:

      I love stories with unconventional meetings. Barry and Sandra meet when they collide while both trying to avoid the cracks in the pavement. Although they have both had problems with relationships in the past due to their quirks, they just seem to get one another. They face all sorts of crazy situations together and just make it work. The humor is a bit on the vulgar side, but completely hilarious. Just a fun read.

    13. Sara Noble on said:

      I loved the Irish humor!!! This was a pretty cute story, just the kind I like. The characters were funny and I did have some LOL moments while reading. I have a particular interest in British romance novels, so this was right up my alley. I won't give away any spoilers. I hope Mr. Hudson will write a sequal because I'd love to see what Barry and Sandra are up to next. Good read, thank you!

    14. Mara on said:

      Really fun self-published read. I thoroughly enjoyed this little romp on my long-awaited vacations. Derick definitely has talent and a witty repartee, if he's a little bit derivative of Jilly Cooper. But early Jilly. When she was still funny.

    15. Paul Watson on said:

      Although obviously (?) more chick-lit than aimed at us blokes (unless I'm totally missing something!), I couldn't put it down. Bloody hilarious Mr Hudson!Great, bizarrely quirky characters and a decent, fast-paced storyline. Will be back for more

    16. Diane on said:

      I really enjoyed this book and really liked the two main characters and was really rooting for them. I found the writing funny and witty and some lines were just laugh out loudWholeheartedly recommend this book and to follow the author on twitter!

    17. Shar Dimick on said:

      Dysfunctional Romance was a funny book about two quirky characters with OCD, panic attacks and anxiety. I could totally relate:) I love how Barry and Sandra meet. I laughed a lot reading this book.

    18. Noreen on said:

      Had me laughing the whole way through it, very "un-put-down-able" book :p

    19. Emily on said:

      Super fun read! I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it as a good alternative to a sappy/girl romance.

    20. Rionna Morgan on said:

      I'm only part way through the first bit. The beginning is funny!! Can't wait to keep reading!!

    21. Laura on said:

      This story started out with me literally laughing out loud and I kept spontaneously doing that while reading the first third of the book. Derick Hudson’s writing is witty and full of spunk and I didn’t want to put the book down which typically yields a 5-star rating from me. It was fun to watch characters Barry and Sandra, each with their own cocktail of neuroses, navigate their way through daily life just barely hanging on by a thin thread. It was an amusing treat to see them literally cras [...]

    22. Jim on said:

      Welcome to the wild and wacky world of Sandra Wiggins and Barry Shaw. "Dysfunctional Romance" by Derek Hudson is the hilarious story of two neurotic people that were just meant for each other. Barry Shaw is the loaner who works in an advertising agency. Sandra Wiggins works in a shady insurance company office. Neither have many friends and are very awkward dealing with the opposite sex. Then one day by the grace of a crack on the pavement these two got together into a relationship. Although neit [...]

    23. Melanie on said:

      This book happened to be free on one day when I was browsing for books, so I figured I would give it a chance. I was hoping for a nice romantic story, but that's not what this is. This book had moments that were funny (and they earned the one star) but the rest of the book was disturbingly graphic in a very unappealkng raunchy way (and I'm saying this as someone who has read Game of Thrones!!!) to the point that I REALLY wish I could delete those sections from my memory! The writing itself was [...]

    24. Pascal Durrenberger on said:

      Ok Mr Derick Hudson, I read your novel and I have got to hand it to you, it was good, it was real good. I am not much of a novel reader but enjoyed reading yours. The few authors I enjoyed reading so far; Maupassant, Zola, Pagnol, John Irwin, Chris Cleave and now you. Coming from someone that thinks that relationships and sex are just a hype to keep us occupied on our hedonistic treadmill, this is a complement. The narrative had a good pace, it was funny and the characters were entertaining desp [...]

    25. Clair Coult on said:

      I've tried to read this book three times now and even though the blurb sounded great the story didn't live up to my expectations. The characters are one dimensional carictures of their own shortcomings. The jokes are crude and unfunny, cheap gags about tits and hard-ons that a fourteen year old boy might find funny but I didn't. I was left questioning almost every action of the characters because nothing seemed to fit. Why on earth would a man buy a pregnancy test after one date? I just couldn't [...]

    26. Pau Cevasco on said:

      I read so many reviews about how funny and good this book was that I had to read it Well, I'm not saying it's not good or funny, I just think they were exaggerating a little.I have to say Hudson really has a way with words, I loved his turn of phrases, similes, metaphors and use of the language in general. An he did get quite a few giggles out of me. However, his narrative is slow and jumpy, sort of unconnected. I enjoyed more the separate sentences than the story as a whole.I'm tempted to give [...]

    27. Mark Gallard on said:

      An interesting and original idea, one that I haven't come across in a novel before. Derick Hudson's witty one liners I found hilarious; there were many quiet nights in bed reading disrupted when I laughed out loud and woke up my partner. The two main characters had similar problems with their lives but were cleverly different with it. I don't know if Derick has OCD or whether he just did plenty of research, but he has the related issues spot on. To sum up. A cracking little book that was very ea [...]

    28. Brian Mcmahon on said:

      In one sense, it's not very good, kind of a weird rom com & well at least for me I didn't want to like it, but in another it's very, very funny, one of those books when people look at you in a funny way, as in what's up with him ? Is he nuts ? when you start laughing to yourself when reading it in public. So despite, myself I've got to say, read it & laugh.

    29. Colleen on said:

      Crazy, sexy, twisted romance! The most realistic relationship I've ever read. This story is definitely not fantasy material. I swear I've met these characters in real life!Why aren't you reading this book right now? Go out and get it!

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