A Sorrow Beyond Dreams: A Life Story

Peter Handke Jeffrey Eugenides Ralph Manheim

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A Sorrow Beyond Dreams: A Life Story

A Sorrow Beyond Dreams A Life Story The Sunday edition of the K rntner Volkszeitung carried the following item under Local News In the village of A G township a housewife aged committed suicide on Friday night by taking an overdo

  • Title: A Sorrow Beyond Dreams: A Life Story
  • Author: Peter Handke Jeffrey Eugenides Ralph Manheim
  • ISBN: 9780374533649
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Sunday edition of the K rntner Volkszeitung carried the following item under Local News In the village of A G township , a housewife, aged 51, committed suicide on Friday night by taking an overdose of sleeping pills So opens A Sorrow Beyond Dreams, the eminent Austrian novelist and playwright Peter Handke s reckoning with his mother s life which spanned the The Sunday edition of the K rntner Volkszeitung carried the following item under Local News In the village of A G township , a housewife, aged 51, committed suicide on Friday night by taking an overdose of sleeping pills So opens A Sorrow Beyond Dreams, the eminent Austrian novelist and playwright Peter Handke s reckoning with his mother s life which spanned the rise of the Nazis, World War II, and postwar suffering and death Both stark and lyrical, full of love, anger, admiration, and a keen sense of history, this slim book reveals Handke at his most lucid and direct It is the most moving and accessible work in his distinguished career it is indispensable Bill Marx, The Boston Globe.

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      496 Peter Handke Jeffrey Eugenides Ralph Manheim
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    One thought on “A Sorrow Beyond Dreams: A Life Story

    1. Mike Puma on said:

      Briefly: In Jeffrey Eugenides introduction, readers are told, “In fact, German has two words for self-slaughter:Selbstmord, which is roughly equivalent to the English “suicide” and Freitod, which means literally “free death,” and possesses a certain brave, even heroic, connotation.” This puts me in mind of the character of Jessie in Marsha Norman’s unforgettable play, 'night, Mother, a play everyone should see, or read, or watch the Cissy Spacek/Anne Bancroft film. Both the play an [...]

    2. Pantelis on said:

      Peter Handke writes his mother’s life-story, a few months after her suicide. This book is essential if you want to find your way in Handke’s Wanderliteratur. A compass of sorts. It points towards an essential loss… His true north…“The left-handed woman” he imagines a couple of books later… Is she connected to her?Is she a liberated, saved version of her?…

    3. PGR Nair on said:

      A HYMN TO TRAGEDYIt is a difficult proposition to write a memoir about the death of one’s mother, and that too when she commits suicide at the age of 51 ( I have a somber association with that number as my mother too passed away at that age) . A Sorrow beyond dreams is Handke's poignant account of his mother's life and death. Prosaic, poetic, elliptical and self-conscious, it is an exacting picture of the shock and grief that await those who have inherited the ruins of a suicide. Rarely in rec [...]

    4. Josh on said:

      The half-lit room. The cream-colored paint on the walls reflecting barely enough light to see. The tiled floor, absent of dirt or dust. The cot which lies empty, barren and untouched. All of these circumstances, all of these facts can be taken as a symbol for the hurt, pain and utter emptiness Handke's mother felt as she grew to become, in her own words, nothing. "And so she was nothing and never would be anything, it was so obvious that there was no need of a forecast. She already said, "in my [...]

    5. Cheryl on said:

      “My sense of horror makes me feel better: at last my boredom is gone; an unresisting body, no more exhausting distances, a painless passage of time,” Peter Handke writes in this distilling memoir about his mother. A Sorrow Beyond Dreams is his attempt at reconciling with his mother’s suicide, his piecing together of the life she lived. I didn’t intend on reading this book now, especially since I just finished Handke's Short Letter, Long Farewell. However, as I arranged my books and thumb [...]

    6. Jonathan on said:

      What does it mean to write about Death, not abstract death, or death of some invented Other, but Death in its most personal, intimate, self-shattering form? How, when the act of writing, of composition, is inherently distancing, can one write about that which is closest to us? The relationship of Life to Death is that of Music to Silence; how can we write about the difference between the silence before a note, and the silence that follows?The Death of the Mother. This is a hackneyed literary tro [...]

    7. Lee on said:

      Barely remembered reading this in 1996, back when I read everything Handke had published. Read a yellowed mass market paperback with a cartoon image of the author on the cover (Three by Peter Handke). Reread the novella in this snazzy < 75 pg. standalone edition -- for what felt like the first time really -- because Knausgaard recently mentioned it as a major influence. This straightforward yet essentially scene-less "life story" about Handke's mother's suicide gave Knausgaard a blueprint for [...]

    8. سلطان on said:

      عمل أدبي إنساني مختلف، هادئ، رغم مأساوية حادثة انتحار والدة الكاتب التي عشنا معها في العمل مختلف تقلبات حياتها منذ ولادتها إلى رحيلها عن الحياة.العمل في بعض أجزائه مكتوب بلغة بسيطة، وفي أجزاء أخرى بلغة عميقة.الترجمة جميلة جداً وهذا العمل هو الثاني الذي أقرأه للمؤلف، وسأعمل [...]

    9. Sue on said:

      Peter Handke has written an elegy for his mother, a suicide, unlike anything I've read before. It is also the story of many women born in Austria between the World Wars, when life was not only difficult, it was hard, even more so for women than men. Opportunities were few, happinesses meager. Escape taken if possible but then came the Nazi era, the post-War years, varying levels of hardship, marriage, family, no aspirations.He talks of the family and community into which she was born.For a woman [...]

    10. David M on said:

      She was; she became; she became nothing.A teenage boy gives his mother the books he's been reading - novels by Hamsun, Dostoevsky, Faulkner - and she absorbs them with enthusiasm. For the first time in her life she learns to express herself in words. However,Literature didn't teach her to start thinking of herself but showed her it was too late for that.A gain in freedom, or even happiness, may ultimately leave you standing face to face with that thing you were successfully able to avoid for yea [...]

    11. KamRun on said:

      همین که کلمه فقر به میان می آید، همیشه به این فکر می کنم که یکی بود، یکی نبود! و تا حد زیادی هم آدم آن را از دهان کسانی می شوند که در گذشته به آن دچار بوده اند، کلمه ای متصل به کودکی. یعنی نه اینکه "من فقیر بودم"، بلکه "پدر و مادرم انسان های فقیری بودند". توضیح واضحاتی شترپلنگ به قصد [...]

    12. Elizabeth on said:

      I don't believe that all books can be rated on a "star" system, nor do I believe that all shouldI still believe what I've written above, but a book that is haunting me and continues to daunt me deserves 5 stars.I don't believe that all books can be reviewed in words, nor do I believe that all shouldWhen you read a book and the words simultaneously seep into your "everything" inside and it confronts and confounds you on every page, that is all I believe needs to be said.I think we could choose te [...]

    13. Dolors on said:

      “This story, however, is really about the nameless, about speechless moments of terror. It is about moments when the mind boggles with horror…”How to explain the agonizing disintegration of a life? The gradual decay of whatever we humans possess that gives us a conscience? The notion of being?Handke’s memoir on the suicide of his mother is not what you expect.Dismiss all idea of long-winded paragraphs recreating the suffocation of being a faceless, nameless woman drowned in squalid pover [...]

    14. Billy O'Callaghan on said:

      This short work opens with a kick to the stomach, the clean, brutal newspaper announcement of the death, by suicide, of Handke's mother. Such tragedy though, we soon learn, isn't something limited merely to the moment. In an attempt to make sense of this ending (or a beginning), and to come to terms with the act itself, the author paints an astonishing words-and-ideas portrait of her life from youth through to death. It makes for harrowing but compelling reading and in the process also gives us [...]

    15. S. on said:

      NYRB not only has an amazing selection of books, but their cover design is invariably gorgeous, and in a few cases even seems reason enough to buy some of their titles. I loved the cover of Stoner and The Pilgrim Hawk: A Love Story and Novels in Three Lines, but the stark beauty of "A Sorrow Beyond Dreams" so far tops them all. The book is a memoir of another sad little round of life, and the cover, a photograph by James Casebere called "A Barrel Vaulted Room," is a good match for it. I’m afra [...]

    16. Ipsith on said:

      Peter Handke’s A Sorrow Beyond Dreams, which I read in a single sitting, is a searing example of prose literature doing what no other art form can do – engaging the conflict between thought and emotion, building a narrative out of the intersection between ideas and lived experience – that I’ve come across in years. It’s a hybrid form – not quite memoir, but not exactly fiction either – about the life and suicide of his mother, written in the months immediately following her death. [...]

    17. Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly on said:

      Peter Handke's mother, aged 51, committed suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills. Here he looks back at her hardscrabble life and its few moments of happiness and tries to justify his writing about it and the manner he accomplishes the task. Despite the potential of the plot and its minefield of emotions I found it difficult to connect with this piece, not looking forward to Handke's promise to write about this again "in greater detail,' because for reasons I could not fathom (or could it be th [...]

    18. Mustafa Şahin on said:

      İntiharının ardından annesine dair anılarını derlemiş Handke. İnsanı boğan ve mutsuz eden bir kitap o yüzden, ne yazık ki. İnsanlığın en büyük sorunu ilgisizlik olabilir mi acaba gerçekten diye düşünmeden edemedim okurken. Çok güçlü cümlelerle örülü bir kitap.Arkadaşlık, büyük oranda hesaba ve çıkara indirgenmiş bu yaşam biçiminde birbirini yakından tanımak, ama birbirine yakınlaşıp içini açmamak demekti. Herkesin aynı kaygıları taşıdığı aç [...]

    19. Aliaa Mohamed on said:

      " أحسني وحيدة لا رفقة لي سوى الأفكار المحبطة "" ثمة عزلة هائلة في داخلي، ولا رغبة لي في أن أخاطب أحدًا من الناس ""أكلم نفسي إذ أصبحت لا أملك ما أحدث به الآخرين "" بات مجرد العيش أشبه بالتعذيب، ولكن الموت أيضًا كان يروعها "

    20. John on said:

      In this nearly unbearably moving memoir of his mother, a suicide, PH remarks: "I was beside myself with pride that she had committed suicide." (p.68) This statement, among others of equal power, produced in me an "Entfremdung" that PH may have wished to produce in a reader of this brief narrative, but perhaps not. There is in this book, of course, the outlines of his mother's story, which he narrates in a form that to my mind suggests a writer's journal. And he says as much: "Someday I shall wri [...]

    21. Mounir on said:

      رواية غير تقليدية وتحتاج لشيء من التركيزأرجو أن أكتب مراجعة مفصلة للكتاب قريبا مع قراءات أخرى لبيتر هاندكه

    22. Hameed Younis on said:

      لم اكن مستعداً لمثل هذه الرواية الرائعة، كانت طافحة بالحزن واللوعة والاحاسيس. والاشدّ انها كانت سيرة ذاتية للملف وقد صقلت على شكل روايةلا يمكن كذلك الاستغناء عن الاشادة الى العملاق بسام الحجارواجابة على لماذا اعطيت للكتاب ثلاثة نجمات فقط، ذلك لانني وجدت العمل كتلة مرصوصة م [...]

    23. Argos on said:

      60 sayfalık bir anlatı. İntihar eden annesinin ardından yazdığı duygular. Çeviri kötü, zorlamalı. Okunmasa bir kayıp olmaz cinsi kitaplardan

    24. mai ahmd on said:

      أخذت هذا الكتاب بين يدي وفي ظني أنه رواية لكنني تفاجأت بإنه سيرة وفاء لدًين , حيث قضت والدة الكاتب نحبها منتحرة بجرعة حبوب منومة , لذلك كتب هاندكه هذا الكتاب لأنه أكثر الناس قدرة على معرفة ظروف موتها وكيف قضت ساعاتها الأخيرة إلى جانب إنه أراد أن يخلد سيرتها في كتاب وفاءا الكات [...]

    25. Jimmy on said:

      This book really didn't work beyond the beginning pages. And yet it wasn't bad. The writing was not engaging enough, the biographical style he chose ("after that, she did this" etc.) is hard to stomach for too long. You can tell that Handke was conscious of this too, putting in things that broke from the pattern, even a whole page meta-talking about why he decided to write it in this boring style! The book fails in some interesting ways. I feel like Handke never had a good sense of what he wante [...]

    26. Hans Castorp on said:

      Handke escribe desde el dolor más profundo sobre la madre; su vida, su muerte. Habla con sinceridad, pero escogiendo, puliendo, las palabras que llevan a todos a sentir el recuerdo, el sentimiento del autor, como algo propio.

    27. Michele on said:

      When did I trade light, joyful summer reading for the uber-depressing? Not quite sure but after this one, I'm switching gears. Don't get me wrong, this is a fantastic book but it's fantastic in that gut-wrenching, can't-believe-people-lived-their-lives-with-this-much-pain-and-sorrow way.Peter Handke tells the life story of his mother who grew up in Austria, came of age in Germany between the Great War and World War II, and committed suicide in her early fifties.In the beginning he uses a child's [...]

    28. Turki on said:

      رائعة, ومؤثّرة جدًا, طعّمها المؤلف بإقتباسات من رسائل والدته, وكانت ببساطتها, وبلغتها الصادقة, وحزنها العميق, من أكثر المقاطع عاطفيةً وتأثيرا بالنسبةِ لي, لقد قرأتها بتأثّر شديد, وكنتُ أُطيل تأملها, لقد كانت تهزّني كلماتها, وتؤثّر فيّ, أيّما تأثير! ولو اكتفى المؤلف بعرض رسائل [...]

    29. Jennifer on said:

      This slim volume (76 pages) is an author's attempt to process his mother's suicide. It ends up being both the story of his mother's life, and more generally, about what it was like to be a poor woman in Germany, living through World War II and its aftermath. About a woman's sense of identity or lack thereof in a pre-feminist society. But mostly it is a book about grief. The reader is constantly reminded that this is not so much a biography of his mother as it is a way to deal with his loss, to t [...]

    30. جابر طاحون on said:

      " ليس صحيحًا أن الكتابة كانت عونًَا لي . فطوال الأسابيع التي انهمكت خلالها في تدوين هذا القصة ، كانت القصة ، هي أيضًا ، لا تكف عن مضاعفة انهماكي . لم تكن الكتابة كما ظننت في البداية ، مجرد تذكار لحقبة منصرمة من حياتي ، إذ لم أفعل سوي الإصرار علي تضمين العبارات مثل هذا الموقف فتغت [...]

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