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Jennifer Niven

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Becoming Clementine

Becoming Clementine For fans of Alan Furst and Sarah Blake a spellbinding story of a secret mission and dangerous passion in World War II Paris from the author of the New York Times bestselling All the Bright PlacesAft

  • Title: Becoming Clementine
  • Author: Jennifer Niven
  • ISBN: 9780452298101
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Paperback
  • For fans of Alan Furst and Sarah Blake, a spellbinding story of a secret mission and dangerous passion in World War II Paris, from the author of the New York Times bestselling All the Bright PlacesAfter delivering a B 17 Flying Fortress to Britain, an American volunteers to copilot a plane carrying special agents to their drop spot over Normandy Her personal mission to fFor fans of Alan Furst and Sarah Blake, a spellbinding story of a secret mission and dangerous passion in World War II Paris, from the author of the New York Times bestselling All the Bright PlacesAfter delivering a B 17 Flying Fortress to Britain, an American volunteers to copilot a plane carrying special agents to their drop spot over Normandy Her personal mission to find her brother, who is missing in action Their plane is shot down, and only she and five agents survive Now they are on the run for their lives.As they head to Paris, the beautiful aviatrix Velva Jean Hart becomes Clementine Roux, a daring woman on an epic adventure with her team to capture an operative known only as Swan Once settled on Rue de la N va, Clementine works as a spy with the Resistance and finds herself falling in love with her fellow agent, mile, a handsome and mysterious Frenchman with secrets of his own When Clementine ends up in the most brutal prison in Paris, trying to help mile and the team rescue Swan, she discovers the depths of human cruelty, the triumph of her own spirit, and the bravery of her team, who will stop at nothing to carry out their mission.Readers of 22 Britannia Road, The Postmistress, and Suite Francaise will cherish Becoming Clementine a romantic World War II adventure told from the perspective of a courageous and beautiful heroine Niven is the author of the popular Velva Jean novels, including Velva Jean Learns to Drive and Velva Jean Learns to Fly.

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      482 Jennifer Niven
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    One thought on “Becoming Clementine

    1. Briana Harley on said:

      I'm about 80 pages away from finishing this book,Being the huge fan of Velva Jean that I am, I was extremely excited to read about her adventures in WWII!!I love that starts right where "Velva Jean Learns To Fly" ends, you don't miss a second :)From the first chapters Niven pulls me back in time to WWII and I'm immediately invested her story,I haven't been able to put it down and my heart yearns to find out what happens next, I've even been sneakily reading in class, I've said before and will sa [...]

    2. Michelle on said:

      This was a powerful story with a melancholy ending that still left me satisfied. While it's not a Christian book, the heroine still thought about life after death, heaven and hell, and the fact that we will all die someday. I found that part of the story to be very heartfelt and honest. This story was a great illustration of how war changes people, especially when it comes to what matters most. I really liked the heroine in this story and felt compassion for her plight. She went through a lot of [...]

    3. Michel Wehrey on said:

      A silly book full of grammatical, factual and technical errors. The plot is over the top and often implausible. The author tried to use historical events, and gives the illusion of having "done her homework" as far as technical details are concerned, but glaring errors are spread throughout the book.In other words, a very "fluffy" book that was wrongly compared to books by Alan Furst (who should feel insulted - but he is a gentleman.)Any reader with aviation, World War II, French grammar, or Fre [...]

    4. Kelsey on said:

      I gave it more gas and pushed the throttle, and there was that one moment, the one that happens just before a plane takes off when everything seems to drop into the feet - heart, stomach, knees. It's the moment when anything can happen, when you feel as if you can do anything and everything and live forever. It's the moment when I can suddenly hear all the songs there are to write in this world and see all the places there are to go. It is ceiling and visibility unlimited. It is beyond the keep. [...]

    5. Pamela on said:

      “For your own sake, you need to understand this. You must do things in war that you would not do otherwise. It is a different world with different rules, and you must adapt or you won’t live to tell the story.”Becoming Clementine carries on where Velva Jean Learns to Fly leaves off, but with a far more somber vibe. America has joined the war effort. Things are heating up on all fronts and Velva Jean’s WASP capabilities comes into play; she ‘volunteers’ to fly a transport mission acro [...]

    6. McGuffy Morris on said:

      This novel is the third in the Velva Jean series by author Jennifer Niven. She continues the heartfelt but incredible journey of Velva Jean. In the first book, we saw her grow up and into herself. In the second book, she literally earned her wings, becoming a pilot.In this third book, Velva Jean continues that mission.Velva Jean is a Wasp pilot, in the Women’s Air Service Pilot Corps. It is 1944, and her mission is transporting pilots from the United States to England. She is also searching fo [...]

    7. Alex Baugh on said:

      It has been almost a year since I reviewed Velva Jean Learns to Fly by Jennifer Niven. As you may recall, Velva Jean married at 16, learned to drive and at 18, drove from North Carolina to Nashville by herself, leaving her husband and hoping to a sing at the Grand Ol' Opry. Talk about coming of age. But then World War II began and VelvaJean found herself in the WASP Program (Women's Airforce Service Pilots.) Now, in Becoming Clementine, it is June 16, 1944, Velva Jean is 21 and a seasoned pilot. [...]

    8. Chuck on said:

      A bunch of silliness. Mildly entertaining. Seemed to make light of what happened during that period. Not overly impressed.

    9. Debra Martin on said:

      From the opening pages when 21-year-old Velma Jean Hart is piloting a B-17 bomber across the Atlantic Ocean, I was intrigued with this character. In 1944 she was only the second woman to have accomplished this feat. Velma is a member of the Women Air Force Pilots (WASP) and nothing is more challenging for her than flying a plane. When she volunteers to co-pilot an allied mission to drop agents in France, she has no idea that it will change her life forever. The plane is shot down in the French c [...]

    10. Elizabeth on said:

      “They said the B-17 had mythical powers, that it was magic because it could defend itself, even with the pilot knocked cold and no one at the wheel, and that it could return home even if it was blown apart. It was the fiercest fighter of the war, the Flying Fortress, a daylight precision bomber that flew smooth for being so big and heavy – as smooth as Three Gum River, back home in North Carolina, on a sunny cloudless day . . .[ellipsis mine] . . . I was dressed in my Santiago Blues, the off [...]

    11. Tara Chevrestt on said:

      Absolutely loved book two, Velva Jean Learns to Fly and so was super excited about this. So excited I broke my price rule and spent 9.99 on the Kindle edition.Butif you're expecting lots of flying, you'll be disappointed. The story starts with her landing in England, then she crashes a plane and later steals a plane, but most of the book is her acting like a spy. I say "acting" cause really, she doesn't any real spying. I'll get to that.She crashes in France, which in under the Germans so she's [...]

    12. Patricia on said:

      The action never stops in the 3rd book of the series about Velva Jean and intrepid young lady from North Carolina.Life hasn't been easy for her but she meets it head on.I have watched the same movies as the author about female agents dropped into France which are based on actual events so Velva Jeans adventures are not at all far fetched. Women made a big contribution during WWII.Velva Jean has to loose herself into a new identity,Clementine Roux in order to survive in occupied France.Her whole [...]

    13. Blodeuedd Finland on said:

      I do love fiction books. I might love other genres more, but fiction is the genre that gives me so much. Good writing, good stories and well just a good genre.This is actually book 3, but that does not show. It's a perfectly good standalone novel that shows us the life of Velva Jean as she in 1944 flies over the Atlantic. She is a Wasp, one of the forgotten of the WWII. The book shows what women did in the war. Velva Jean is brave and wonderful. She goes to France to find her brother. She goes i [...]

    14. Lynne Spreen on said:

      Spoiler alert! Don't read this review if you haven't finished the book.This book started out so strong I was entranced. I kept reading passages to my husband, who was even convinced he'd enjoy it when I was done. I could not put it down, and read all the way to page 139 the first night!However, about 3/4 of the way through, it lost some power, and the wind-down to the end was kind of a disappointment, in that after all that action, it's mostly Clementine killing time while her brother recovers, [...]

    15. Dawn on said:

      Another great book in the continuing story of Velva Jean Hart. I've loved this series from the first book, Velva Jean Learns to Drive. I really like how Jennifer Niven starts this one right where Velva Jean Learns to Fly left off. There's no guessing what happened or time lapse. I love a good historical fiction and each of these books has brought some history into them which I found great. I'm looking forward to the next one.This review can be found at mcdawnreviews.wordpress/2

    16. Keri Morris on said:

      Love this series! Really well-written. Great book club read.

    17. Robert Enzenauer on said:

      This is the first book for me by this author. I chose to read this when I saw that the story revolved around a young WASP pilot who flew a Bomber across the Atlantic into occupied France during World War II. The heroine is a brave, adventurous, fiercely independent woman who proves herself through all kinds of adversity - crash landing her B-17 in occupied France, prisoner of war, escaped spy flying a German plane and shot at by American bombers, etc. This is a great piece of historical World Wa [...]

    18. Connie on said:

      This is a book I picked up somewhere a long time ago and just got around to reading. The WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots) did exist duing the war and the main character has many amazing adventures in this book, many rather far fetched, but it's a good entertaining well written book which among other things mentions a town in Germany where my husband and I were briefly on our honeymoon.Highly recommended!

    19. Candy on said:

      I love Velva Jean, but I didn't like this book nearly as much as the first two in the series. VJ is still spunky and determined but (for me) this story was missing something. I wasn't pulled into it the way I was the previous two books. That won't stop me from reading/listening to the final book, American Blonde, though. ;-)

    20. Mich on said:

      Really like this series. Velva Jean is such a likable character ww2 resistance fighters

    21. Heidi Rockwood on said:

      I really enjoy Velva Jean, but this one was over the top. Not a favorite.

    22. Rachael on said:

      This book was just okay. Definitely my least favorite of the series so far. I love Velva Jean so I'll probably read the fourth one but we'll see.

    23. Sarah on said:

      This is fine, but as the series continues, Velva Jean manages to find herself in more and more historical events of note, and the suspension of disbelief becomes harder.

    24. Marie on said:

      First, a small word of (commonsense) warning: This is the third book in a series. This review will reveal spoilers for the first two books but will not spoil this one. What is neat about this book, though, is that I don't think you'd have to read Velva Jean Learns to Drive or Velva Jean Learns to Fly to enjoy Becoming Clementine. Yes, the story is much richer if you've read the first two, but you won't be lost in the woods if you haven't.Becoming Clementine opens with Velva Jean and two other WA [...]

    25. Mary E Trimble on said:

      Jennifer Niven has written a third novel in her Velva Jean series, Becoming Clementine. As a WASP flyer during World War II, Velva Jean flies a B-17 Flying Fortress to Britain. After the delivery she volunteers to co-pilot a B-24 Liberator carrying special agents to their drop spot in Normandy, France. Besides wanting the experience of additional flying, Velva Jean has a personal mission to find her brother, a pilot who is missing in action.The B-24 is shot down and only Velva Jean and five agen [...]

    26. Sarah on said:

      See the full review at Short & Sweet Reviews.Becoming Clementine is actually the third in a series of novels about Velva Jean Hart, but it works very well as a stand-alone. I've never read any of the other books and had no problems diving right in. Enough of her backstory is explained throughout the book, and Velva Jean herself is a very strong character, so you have no problem getting an idea of who she is or where she's come from.I really loved this book. Velva Jean is a woman who knows he [...]

    27. Krisz on said:

      My husband brought this book from the US - he usually brings me some whenever he can. JN's books are not available in Hungary in any form, so when last year he picked up yet an other JN by pure accident I was thrilled :)I wanted to save it for a rainy day, so I immediately put it away, not even reading the back cover so it wouldn't intrigue me. However because of the title, and because there are these red-pink curtains on the cover, I thought it would be related to theatre.When I decided to read [...]

    28. Ann Tracy Mueller on said:

      It seems as if life itself is an adventure for author Jennifer Niven, and it shows in her books. A diligent researcher, Niven leaves no pebble unturned, yet gifted storyteller, she knows how to weave a tale without threads that go astray.In "Becoming Clementine," Jennifer continues the story of Velva Jean Hart, the character who endeared herself to us in Niven's first two novels, "Velva Jean Learns to Drive" and "Velva Jean Learns to Fly." In the series, the author invited us along with the youn [...]

    29. Sharon on said:

      This is the third installment in a series Niven is putting together about a young woman, Velva Jean Hart, from my corner of the world -- the mountains of Western North Carolina. The action in this book begins with Velva Jean – by now a member of the WASP’s of WWII — volunteering to deliver a B-17 Flying Fortress to Britain. Velva Jean’s desire is to make her way to Europe, so she can begin a search for her brother who is missing in action. On the plane with her is a group of special agen [...]

    30. Charlotte Lynn on said:

      Let me start by saying books written about life during World War II are always a huge hit with me. This book is now at the top of my World War II list.Velva Jean, a courageous female pilot, is in the WASP program during World War II. She manages to convince the military to use her in France as a pilot. Her first flight does not go as planned and she crash lands and is rescued by the Resistance. While trying to get to safety she experiences many horrors of the war and also experiences many uplift [...]

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