Thank My Lucky Scars

Tia Fielding

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Thank My Lucky Scars

Thank My Lucky Scars When London bicycle messenger Matt Rooney has a run in with a rich guy s Mercedes he ends up housebound with his leg in a cast Bored Matt uses his suddenly limitless free time to web stalk American

  • Title: Thank My Lucky Scars
  • Author: Tia Fielding
  • ISBN: 9781613724682
  • Page: 128
  • Format: ebook
  • When London bicycle messenger Matt Rooney has a run in with a rich guy s Mercedes, he ends up housebound with his leg in a cast Bored, Matt uses his suddenly limitless free time to web stalk American porn star Brian Enola What he doesn t expect is for his witty Tweets to develop into an actual correspondence.A UK promotion brings Brian to London, where the online chemistWhen London bicycle messenger Matt Rooney has a run in with a rich guy s Mercedes, he ends up housebound with his leg in a cast Bored, Matt uses his suddenly limitless free time to web stalk American porn star Brian Enola What he doesn t expect is for his witty Tweets to develop into an actual correspondence.A UK promotion brings Brian to London, where the online chemistry explodes into real life attraction but a potential romance is foiled by the forces of distance, misunderstanding, and practicality After all, Matt and Brian live on different continents But with the support of their loved ones, maybe they can find the strength to give love a fighting chance.

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    One thought on “Thank My Lucky Scars

    1. ☆ Todd on said:

      After reading another similarly sweet short story, "Two Night Stand", my friend Renee suggested that I read this story. (And was kind enough to Kindle Lend it to me, so thanks Renee!)Although the plot of this book involved a porn subplot, the book was far more full of feels than sexy times.Local London boy Matt began using Twitter in an effort to escape boredom, after being laid up due to his bike messenger career ending in an altercation with a Mercedes. He lost that fight, in a cast with steel [...]

    2. Vio on said:

      3.5 starsI liked the long distance interaction between the MC's it was cute and they get a good feel for each other before they actually get a chance to meet up in London. Thankfully they didn't fall into bed ASAP, there was no quick fix either on the relationship actually having a chance due to living arrangements. Good ending and that lovely meet up at the airport a great tender moment.

    3. ⚣❣☙ Michaelle ❧❣⚣ on said:

      3.9 StarsCute, sweet and sexy Real Guy snags a Porn Star story. I really like that there was no negative connotation to the sex-work and that Brian (Nick) wasn't his workat the porn star persona was a role he inhabited.

    4. Mandy*reads obsessively* on said:

      Sweet story, that even though one of the MC's is a porn star has almost no sex! Yeah! It would have been so cliche and I was glad that was avoided.I liked Matt and his friends and Brian was cute.The social media 'dating' was fun but I would have loved just a it more of the MC's together, either in person or via email or Skype, I wanted more of their relationship.

    5. Lucy on said:

      3.5 Sometimes the damndest things happen when you have a bit of bad luck. Matt, a bicycle messenger who had a run in with a Mercedes. A bad run in, which required surgery for his broken leg, left him with nerve damage and has him pretty much confined for recovery. His best friend Jon introduces him to Twitter and within one evening he is hooked. Tweeting away, following people and making discoveries. His biggest discovery being that his favorite porn star, Brian Enola, is on Twitter. So begins a [...]

    6. Chris on said:

      Sweet short m/m romance about an injured bike messenger who starts to follow his favorite porn star on Twitter and then they actually get to meet.

    7. Barb ~rede-2-read~ on said:

      Very sweet love story between a British bike messenger who is recuperating from a broken leg and a US porn star. Matt decides to tweet his favorite porn star when the man, Brian Enola, tweets something about not answering questions about what his name means. Matt knows it means alone but doesn't reveal that in the tweet. His response does, however, gain Brian's interest and when Brian learns he's recuperating and won't be at Brian's London show, he makes plans to meet Matt at his flat. This begi [...]

    8. Ami on said:

      3.5 starsThe blurb gives the idea about what you're getting, none of those out of the left field surprise. I think it's cute, and I totally love the idea of Twitter communication in this information/digital era. I'm always like the insertion of a most-recent thing, especially gadget, in contemporary story. My extra 0.5 stars is actually given because, while easily for the two of them to have the one-night-stands thing, well, they don't. They do not consummate their attraction on Brian's first vi [...]

    9. Natalie on said:

      I've read this three times in the past couple of months, so I owe it a review. This kind of story is an instant comfort read for me. The exchanges via Twitter are cute, and I love the main characters' nervousness over meeting for the first time. That they don't immediately fall into bed together is so refreshing. It's sweet in a way that doesn't make my teeth hurt, and I'm sure I'll be reading it again whenever I'm in the mood for something lighthearted and uncomplicated.

    10. Achim on said:

      Have to admit I bought it because of the plot and the cover but now it was witty and sweet, funny and a bit sappy and watching the guys falling in love made me smile so that the plot became just a colorful wrapping for the feeling those 2 created. Nothing spectacular, no story line to call home about but a feel-good story through and through and what's more to ask for?

    11. OkayKim on said:

      There's something I've always loved about romance. It's the dance, the courtship, the getting to know each other. It's a romance, not just porn.This one delivers all of those expectations.Not that I don't like the sex part, but it's the connection between the two MC's that makes it an enjoyable read.

    12. Douglas on said:

      I recently broke my leg and this was one of the books I had on my kindle to read while waiting for my operation. Coincidentally the main character in the book has also broken his leg, and spends some of his time while convalescing following the social media updates of a porn star he likes, not only for his body, but for his wit as well. He strikes up a conversation with the star and a trip to England leads to a meeting and then more meetings no spoilers, but an enjoyable read. Unfortunately unli [...]

    13. Tutu on said:

      A book about a porn star with almost no sex? Is such a thing possible? Believe it or not, it is. And the result is this very cute and endearing story. The book introduces us to a housebound Matt who has a lot of time on his hands due to an accident that has him immobile and his favorite porn star Brian Enola.The story is not very long, just 86 pages, a thing I regret but still manages to convince me of the feelings that arise between our MC’s.And if you’re like me, I know you’re gonna crin [...]

    14. Lisa on said:

      Matt is injured whilst at work and has broken his leg. He starts an online twitter conversation with his favorite porn star. Little does he know that Brian is coming to London and offers to being him some chicken soup.This book was cute and short. It was very much a case of insta love but that was ok.

    15. Meggie on said:

      This novella was good and warm. The storyline was realistic and written with good dialogues. I liked both main characters, they were sweet together. We have got a good HEA, at the end. My only complain is, it was to short.

    16. Katy Beth Mckee on said:

      A fun story of meeting a fan and finding out there is something more there between you. It isn't always easy but sometimes the work is worth it.

    17. Leisha on said:

      Rating overviewWriting: ★★★★★Story: ★★★★Characters: ★★★★★Overall: ★★★★★ (4.66)~~~I would like to say - Thank you so so so much! - to the person who picked this for me in a challenge. It was such a pleasure to read, I just immensely enjoyed this sweet little story and I highly doubt that I would have found it on my own.Just I don't know a bit of a modern fairy-tale, a lot of delicious tension, an afternoon well spent.Only criticism - the end, it was just rush [...]

    18. Sadonna on said:

      3.5 stars. I really enjoyed this story of a porn star and his interaction with a long-distance fan through Twitter - maybe cause my friends are a bunch of porn star tweeters! All this interaction is the result of an injury to Matt that has him sidelined for months with surgeries and physio. When Brian goes to the UK for a job, he meets Matt in person and there is an immediate connection - but Brian is afraid to act on it. Matt is convinced that Brian is so far out of his league that nothing will [...]

    19. Lisa on said:

      Reread - sweet treat, but *gah* it needs to be longer or a follow up at least! .22APR15Reread - still a fab readill wishing there was more 26OCT14Fab novella read. Loved the plot, Matt recovering from a serious accident stalks his favourite porn star via twitter and then by chance, manages to strike up a conversation and wangles a meeting with him when he visits the UK. Brian (Nick) jaded by the industry, decides to visit "flashy" on a whim and is surprised by the unassuming Brit and falls for h [...]

    20. Cindi on said:

      Short and sweet. Brian/Nick is a porn star. Matt is a fan who follows him on Twitter. One of the tweets leads to a meeting where there is instant chemistry. I love how the story was allowed to play out. Nick and Matt don't immediately jump into bed as is expected considering Nick's profession. Normally I'm not big on insta-love and I'm not really sure I could say that's what happened but it was close. Either way it worked in this case. I loved both of the main characters right off so that was a [...]

    21. Sue on said:

      I really liked this short story about a British average Joe, an American porn star and Twitter. Average Joe (AJ) is attracted to said porn star (PS) and tweets him one night, never expecting any kind of response. PS tweets back and begins an online acquaintanceship with AJ until they meet in person and sparks fly. I found this book to be so much fun because I too tweet porn stars and others in the spotlight like m/m authors! I have an internal squealing fan girl moment when one of my tweets get [...]

    22. Pixie on said:

      This story reminded me of when you’re at a party and someone asks a couple to tell how they met and both sides go into serious detail about first meetings, first dates, first phone calls & when they knew they loved each other. Cute but didn’t pull me in because it’s being told something after the fact. It was like they were friends of a friend, nice enough people, but I just didn’t have enough of a personal connection to give a shit.

    23. Kukko on said:

      Main Characters: Matthew Rooney and Brian Enola (Nicholas Dorrell)Key Themes: Sex-Worker, Friends to Lovers,Location: London & USAShort and sweet story of the romance between a well-known American pornstar and an injured British bike messenger, with Twitter acting as cupidThe story lacks depth.but somehow it still works. No angst, everyone just goes with the flow.

    24. mah1 on said:

      I usually stay away from books where one or both the MCs are porn stars. It's not that I have a problem with porn or people who do it, just that in books fidelity is a really big thing for me.In Thank My Lucky Scars I was very surprised that Nick being a porn star was never a problem. If the book had been different, I could've understood it, but here it seemed strange, since there was very fluffy insta-love and everything. Other than that, an okay, quick read.

    25. Carrie on said:

      Most of the relationship development happened off page, we really only get the first meeting online and the meeting in real life. I would have liked to see more interaction before Brian/Nick's London trip. I was originally drawn to the book because I love the slow build of correspondence-based romances, but I didn't realize it was a short story and the tweeting is barely 1/5 of the story. However, it was still a really sweet enjoyable short story.

    26. Rachel Emily on said:

      I just adored this! Both guys were simply adorable and I loved the whole premise of the story from meeting on Twitter to Matt's friends and pretty much everything about Nick. I would love to read more about these guysgotta know how the next 6 months go!

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