My Lucky Stars

Michele Paige Holmes

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My Lucky Stars

My Lucky Stars High powered highly pampered Tara Mollagen couldn t imagine a worse start to the holidays than boarding a crowded plane A stolen wallet and lost suitcase later she finds herself stranded in unfamili

  • Title: My Lucky Stars
  • Author: Michele Paige Holmes
  • ISBN: 9781621080350
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback
  • High powered, highly pampered Tara Mollagen couldn t imagine a worse start to the holidays than boarding a crowded plane A stolen wallet and lost suitcase later, she finds herself stranded in unfamiliar territory,Salt Lake City, after being rerouted to avoid a Colorado blizzard With her temper running as wild as her red curls, Tara realizes her only option out of town isHigh powered, highly pampered Tara Mollagen couldn t imagine a worse start to the holidays than boarding a crowded plane A stolen wallet and lost suitcase later, she finds herself stranded in unfamiliar territory,Salt Lake City, after being rerouted to avoid a Colorado blizzard With her temper running as wild as her red curls, Tara realizes her only option out of town is with Benjamin Whit, her reluctant knight in shining armor, er, overalls For being a nice guy, Ben is rewarded with one aggravating situation after another with sassy, spoiled Tara While doing his best to bring her pride down a notch, he begins to see another side to her, and a side of himself he s not overly fond of When tension between them reaches a crescendo, he takes matters into his own hands and Tara into his arms Unable to forget her experience with Ben, Tara returns to Seattle and long time friend Jane, who offers possibilities Tara had never even considered But change is difficult, and she s not so sure she has what it takes to make that leap of faith, or if she has the courage to leave her old life behind.

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    One thought on “My Lucky Stars

    1. Heidi on said:

      A cute readI liked it more then book 2 of the trilogyd I actually haven't read book 1 yet. It definitely had a few hilarious parts in it that had me laughing out loud. I liked the messages portrayed throughout the story of forgiveness and of finding one-self and the purpose of life. It was interesting to watch Tara (the main character) do just thatd yet remain true to who she was as well. She wasn't my favorite character of all time, but I enjoyed her story and found myself cheering for her in t [...]

    2. Katie W on said:

      Tara is quite a divad pretty unlikable. She's spoiled, mean, and does what she needs to do to get what she wants. When she gets stranded in Salt Lake City during a blizzard around Christmastime, Ben and his sister, Ellen, take pity on her and help her out. one thing leads to another and she realizes that her life needs to change.I liked the journey that Tara takes in realizing her potential and in changing her ways. The middle part was pretty religious, but the messages were great.

    3. Lara on said:

      A heart warming story of change of heart, trust, and love. Have a tissue handy.

    4. Tricia on said:

      I really like how the author developed the characters. I think it would be a challenging book to write especially to show Tara's transformation.

    5. Sheila on said:

      My Lucky Stars is the third installment in this series of Romantic books. It first started with Counting Stars,then continued with All the Stars in Heaven, and finishes up with My Lucky Stars. Let me say, Michele is so good at writing a believable romance. The characters are people just like you and me. Their problems are like those that many of us have. It also takes awhile for the characters to realize that they love each other. Some spoilers may be found in the rest of the reviewYou are warne [...]

    6. Michelle Llewellyn on said:

      Two stars. I know. That's pretty harsh coming from the person who gave Counting Stars a top rating and gushed over Michele Paige Holmes having the potential to be the next Anita Stansfield. Unfortunately, this book only made me want to go back and read Counting Stars again because Jane's surprise appearance was the only redeeming quality of Tara's ho-hum-maybe-I-should-join-The Mormons-story. This book is fifty chapters long. We meet Tara, Jane's worldly friend from Counting Stars and follow her [...]

    7. Kathryn on said:

      Laugh out loud book! The authors words create such vivid pictures that I'm there seeing the scenes from DI in person. It is a must read!I loved this story of tara, a girl who should have the life everyone wants, but is missing what is necessary for happiness, the truth and family.Ben a nice guy who seems to have bad luck when it comes to woman, follows a prompting to help a distressed woman at an airport and begins to set things in motion that will bring him the happiness that he so desiresBen's [...]

    8. Andrea on said:

      After reading (and loving) Captive Heart, I was excited to read another novel by Michele Paige Holmes.My Lucky Stars is very different from Captive Heart. The writing is still very good, but this is contemporary and directed at an LDS audience.Tara's character is very entertaining. Her airplane experience at the beginning drew me in, and I enjoyed following her on her journey.Ben was sort of complicated, but his presence made the story for me. Tara and her transformation take up the bulk of the [...]

    9. Karlene Browning on said:

      I have really enjoyed the loosely connected "Stars" books. Michele Holmes is a good writer and her books aren't sappy, kissy romances. And although this is a conversion story, it didn't read that way to me.The characters are well-developed. I loved Tara and Ben. Wanted to knock their heads together more than once, but they were entirely believable to me. I had to laugh at the quirky minor characters, too. While a few were just side dressing (and some characters need to be) they were still clever [...]

    10. Valerie on said:

      Power book about not only forgiveness of others but most importantly forgiveness of yourself. I really like how Holmes creates the characters as they would really be in life. Not everyone is a model image of don't judge, forgive right away, and don't hold grudges. She takes you through a very real journey with her main character and the fact that not everyone believes in the church right away. For some its just a little seed planted that needs time to grow and really become something bigger in t [...]

    11. Melissa on said:

      I really liked this story. It is an LDS book and I haven't read one like this in a long time. Conversion stories usually are not my thing, you have to be a really good writer to convey a conversion to any church but the LDS church is so different and hard to describe. I love Holmes other books and so gave this a try and I'm so glad I did. It was so well built with a great timeline. I can't believe I just loved the heroine so much. Normally when an author writes about a rotten character I have a [...]

    12. Aimee (Getting Your Read On) on said:

      The beginning and the ending were good. The stuff in the middle was very religious. The main character goes through a lot of change. While I can appreciate the conversion process and especially the time and energy it took the author to create this process for her character and make it believable (which I think she accomplished), it seemed so long in the book. I wasn't expecting that sort of in- depth religious struggle, I guess. The book took on such a serious overtone. I guess I was expecting a [...]

    13. Camille Thomas on said:

      I liked this book almost as much as Counting Stars. Tara seemed a bit different then she did in Counting Stars. I loved Ben, I would loved to have read more about him. In some of the other comments it has been said, why did they fall in love when they were always fighting? What I think is when they are with each other they both feel home and that comfort they both need. Weird I know, but I think it makes sense.I did think it was a little unreal to have Jay and Sarah show up at the end, I am sure [...]

    14. Suzana on said:

      I really enjoyed My Lucky Stars. I liked almost as much as Counting Stars. I could relate to Tara in that I'm flawed too, not necessarily in the same way, but I could understand her feelings. She can be such a brat but Michele does such a great job of showing the reader Tara's potential. Things I thought about as I read: No matter how many mistakes we have made in this life, Christ's atonement still applies to us. Good friends are very important, ones who love us in spite of ourselves and our mi [...]

    15. Lisa on said:

      Agh! This book was horrible! Awful writing, awful characters, annoying conflicts, I could go on and on and on. There isn't one positive thing to say. I wanted a fun, clean, modern day romance and was horribly disappointed. Tara, the heroine, is so obnoxious and insincere that her love story and conversion to the church seem forced and unrealistic. Even Ben, the hero, is a huge jerk at times making me wonder what Tara (who's extremely obnoxious herself) sees in him. Michele Holmes focuses so much [...]

    16. Alysia on said:

      I liked the book. The religious parts were a little less exciting, but I don't know how exciting that an author could really make it for a character to find religion. Peaceful, yesuching, yesuplifting, yes. Exciting, not as much. Tara totally annoyed me, which I'm sure was the plan, but I don't know how realistic it was to have her end up where she did with how little time there was. Maybeen again, maybe not. But, I loved Benji. I did find myself thinking he deserved better than Tara though. Doe [...]

    17. Heather on said:

      Another great read from Michele Holmes. This book covers the character of Tara (from Counting Stars) and how she undergoes some life-changing events. At first, Tara is her usual self--demanding, selfish, and unhappy. As her character progresses, the reader will become attached to her and cheer for her triumphs. Holmes's sweet and creative writing style will pull you into the book and wrap you up in her characters.

    18. Angela on said:

      This book was interesting to me because I didn't really like the main character at first. She was totally obnoxious, but I did feel for her. I was also a little surprised that this book made me tear up a bit. Fun story line and interesting plot. It went a little beyond a typical romance type book for me because there was a lot of character development aside from the romance aspect. There may have been a point of two in there that I needed to here as well (0=

    19. Cindy on said:

      OK - my friends who read LDS romance/women's fiction (I'm looking at you Barb, Carol, Heather, Michelle): If you haven't tried Michele Paige Holmes, you should! This one is contemporary and the third in a series and they were all very good. She's also written a historical, which I recently bought but haven't read yet.

    20. Kathleen Kirby Vallejo on said:

      This was, by far, the worst of the three in terms of cheesiness. I did not buy the attraction/romance between Tara and Ben AT ALL, Tara annoyed me throughout the whole book, even after she'd had her change of heart and grew up. I honestly can't believe the same person that wrote Captive Heart wrote this as well

    21. Ranee on said:

      Having loved 'Counting Stars', this book disappointed my expectations for the first half - the main character is not likable, where in 'Counting Stars' she was making some dumb choices but still had lots of redeemable qualities. Things between her & the guy were kind of thrown together & the guy's ex's sideline of taking advantage of him was a little far-fetched. A nice ending though :)

    22. Becky Zabriskie on said:

      I really did not like this book-I started skimming rather than really reading. The main character was so annoying-it was really hard to like her even after she "changed". The main characters fought so much and the author spent more time on that then she did glossing over the great days where they get along and fall in love. That made it hard to understand why they fell in love at all.

    23. Susan on said:

      I really enjoyed reading this book! The quarreling between Tara and Ben is hilarious--it's inevitable the two are meant for each other. She is beautiful and he's handsome, but their back stories remind us that we all have life issues to deal with and none of us are perfect. Pigs--Persephone and Ham--steal the show!

    24. Jordawn on said:

      This book is by far my favorite out of the three books. The way Michele Paige Holmes write Tara's conversion is amazing!!! I have never had a fluffy romantic church book bring the spirit like the way this book did. I also loved how she brought back Jane so we get to read a little more about the characters in the first book.

    25. Celeste on said:

      Mormon fiction. I thought that it was hard to see what drew the two main characters to each other in the relationship. However, I liked the transformation of the main character and the friends that helped her.

    26. Annissa on said:

      My Lucky Stars is the third book in the Stars series. I enjoyed the first and last part of the book, but the middle was very slow and hard to get through. Over all it was an ok read. That is the reason for the three stars rating.

    27. Michelle on said:

      This was better than book 2, but not as good as the first. Tara's conversion story in the middle, along with a romance at the beginning and the end. The parts seemed rather separate for a novel, but rather true to life, actually.

    28. Rebecca on said:

      This is another book that I took to read while on a trip, via the slow airport terminal wait, etc. etc. The characters are fun and the plot is a bit far-fetched, but entertaining. It's a "feel good", happy ending type of book.

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