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Salty This Intriguing Sassy Grimy and Envious Ghetto Soap Opera is filled with street drama that will put you right in the mix of the madness At the end you may even feel Salty yourself To some the cit

  • Title: Salty
  • Author: Aleta L. Williams
  • ISBN: 9781475061413
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Paperback
  • This Intriguing, Sassy, Grimy, and Envious Ghetto Soap Opera is filled with street drama that will put you right in the mix of the madness At the end, you may even feel Salty yourself To some, the city of Los Angeles is the home of the Angels that s bull crap , says the characters in this ghetto soap opera Los Angeles for them, is the home of the Scandalous aThis Intriguing, Sassy, Grimy, and Envious Ghetto Soap Opera is filled with street drama that will put you right in the mix of the madness At the end, you may even feel Salty yourself To some, the city of Los Angeles is the home of the Angels that s bull crap , says the characters in this ghetto soap opera Los Angeles for them, is the home of the Scandalous and only those that s down for and ready for whatever will last Jazz is a seventeen year old, sassy, diva who strives to carry herself with class and dignity Thanks to her ego struck boyfriend, and envious cousin, she soon finds out that classiness will get you nowhere, but humiliated and heartbroken Peter went from a nobody to a somebody money, cars, and big butt light skin girls now make up his worth Peter isn t blind to the fact that he is being used he just doesn t care It s not until he steps on the toes of a known grimy gangster from Compton, that he realizes how dangerous these females really are Pam can tell you first hand that love don t love nobody , and that you have to love yourself first After all, love is the reason she contracted the incurable Follow the drama as it takes you on a world wind of events that will leave your mouth open and have you lusting for alanasbookline facebook SaltyAGhettoSoapOpera

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      397 Aleta L. Williams
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    One thought on “Salty

    1. Shoney K on said:

      In my Florence Evans voice from Good TimesDamnDamnDamn=) The drama starts from the very beginning. Yay-Yay was a jealous grimey cousin that wanted to fulful her cousin shoes. Everytime she seen her cousin happy she would do things to rain on her parade. Jazz was a smart, yet naive girl that was trying to live a normal teenage life, but get involves with Pete. He respects her when she's around, but when she's out of sight it goes down typical man huhLOL Things definitely get ugly in the book. Fam [...]

    2. Tiffany on said:

      This was my first time reading from this author. Now I will say i enjoyed the storyline meaning I enjoyed where the author was going with the story, the story itself was unique it was a good one. What I didnt like about the story is how it was written and I hope that makes sense. Sometimes It was like the character was talking themselves then it was like someone was telling the story, and then it was like the story. So the way the book was written was confusing and bothered me a little. I wish i [...]

    3. Athena on said:

      I had this book on my wishlist for the longest and I finally decided to read it for an upcoming book club discussion. Salty was a quick and interesting read. It described the tale of Jazz and all of the scandalous characters in her life. I felt bad for her at times because she was so young and naive but she had a good heart and was determined to still be there for the people that constantly did her wrong. I despised her cousin Yah-Yah and hated the fact that Jazz could'nt see how much of a trifl [...]

    4. Mary on said:

      This was the first book that I read from this author and I enjoyed it. Jazz is a young girl who is trusting of the people in her life. She will learn that family and enemies can be one in the same. There were a few editing issues throughout the book that were hard to overlook. I will be continuing with the series

    5. Cristana Kelsey on said:

      OMGoodness you did your thang diva. Now this book is what the doctor order. I just couldn't put it down I took it everywhere I went It mad me laugh cry and get mad as hell I can't wait for the sequal and remember when it become a movie my daughter Lekrysta Kelsey is ready love you diva:)

    6. Brittney Green on said:

      I have been watching this book for awhile now and I finally one clicked it and was glad that I did. This is my first book from the author, and I was not disappointed. I was easily able to bypass the errors, because it did not take away from the story. I instantly knew that Yay was going to be someone that was full of drama, and lets just say she stayed Salty. A good book to me has substance, passion, love, treachery, jealousy, drama, drama & did I mention drama? I like Jazz's character, alth [...]

    7. Kelley on said:

      Don't always read these kind of books because they always seem to be the same, but this series held my interest. They read just like the ghetto soap opera Aleta Williams called it. Waiting for number 5.

    8. Lashawntia Brown on said:

      I've read the book and I loved it.I just finished the third book. And its filled with drama and salt all the way to the end. Just when u think u know some one they switch it up. Story plot really good but grammar and some sentence help needed

    9. Kristie Fluker on said:

      I loved this book cant wait to read salty 2 you are a genius

    10. Michelle on said:

      Jumped around a little to much for me. Was a little confusing at times. Would go from using characters names to initials. Storyline was good , just needed time develop it.

    11. Donna Lewis on said:

      After hearing all the hype about this book I decided to read it; not as good as I expected. I will continue to read the series to see if it gets any better.

    12. Chantal on said:

      I was skeptical because this book was cheap, but I was pleasantly surprised and couldn't wait to read the next book!

    13. Leona Romich on said:

      Seventeen-year-old Jazz is beautiful, kind and little naive. Jazz has a father that is in prison, a mother that is sleeps with other men for money. Well she has to have some way to make ends meet and provide a decent lifestyle for Jazz. Along with a cousin that is extremely jealous of Jazz. Jazz on the other hand is oblivious to it all. She knows how her mom gets down and the fact that her cousin is a hater is the one thing that she cannot seem to see, but everyone else around her can. Jazz is d [...]

    14. Isabel on said:

      I started reading this book a couple of days ago. I like the concept, because it happens everyday. People we trust the most are the ones more likely to betray us. The book would have been more enjoyable if the grammatical errors were addressed, such as run on sentence and no real understanding if it was written in first person or third. I enjoyed the plot, no one could be trusted. Secret and deceit . However, it was distracting how the Arthur kept jumping from from first person to second person [...]

    15. Steph on said:

      I have to say this book kept me on my toes read it in two days. I do not like Yay but I would not want her to get hurt. Jazz is going to be crushed when she hear her voicemail.I cant wait to read book 2. I wonder what PAm sister has to hide I think I know tho I think Yay and Jazz are going to be closer than they think. I hope Jazz and D get back together everything is being misunderstood they need to talk. I just hope D gets to explain because it looks like it might be the end.Is Wack really Yay [...]

    16. Mirrlees on said:

      Ok so wait a minute here what is the relation lolis story starting to get juicy to many dama family secrets now out with it this elephant in the emergency room is large as hellyay, jazz, grandma, two sisters, deadbeat jailbird dad, husband, man, whatever the he'll he is.n I tell you. Team Peter or team diesel not sure yet I need to read on to see the outcome of their scandalous ways. :-)

    17. Kellee on said:

      There were so many errors in this book that I thought I may have gotten an unedited copy. I tried really hard to overlook the errors, but at the end of the day, it impacted the rating I gave it. I would've originally given it 2 stars, but the storyline was very entertaining which added a star. It was a definite page-turner. I started Part 2 immediately.

    18. Meeka Lewis on said:

      I have had this book for some time but just passed it over for something elseI started this book this am and am now beginning the 3rd book of this series was definitely a page turner and before it's all said an done I plan to have all the books by this author.r been good at writing reviews without giving away the storybut this series is definitely a must read

    19. Neisha on said:

      i loved this book it kept my interest from beginning to end. i really like jaz i just think she is too naive at times. that peter dont like him at all. now ya ya smh she needs a good beat down. i cant wait for part two lol. i would recommend this book for someone who loves reading about some good ole salty drama.

    20. Denise on said:

      I enjoyed this book drama drama and more drama . This things yah yah does to jazz makes u want too snap her neck. Peter I couldn't stand his cheating @ I was hooked from the first page The ending will drop your jaw . Got to read part 2 now

    21. Lacrayshal Dalton on said:

      I really like how Jazz was in the hood but wasn't of the hood!!!! Respect well take you a long way Now her momma, Pam, should've kept that to her self. It's bad enough she knew then to do what she was doing!!!! AND YAYS TRIFFLIN NASTY ASS SHE SOMETHING!!i

    22. Stacey Nelson on said:

      It was a good book to read. At times it was a bit confusing however I was able to follow the storyline. The ending left you in suspense wanting to read more and seeing where Jazz & Yay Yay go from here.

    23. Denise Gilliam on said:

      Omg this book is off the chain. This book was drama from the start to finish. I really enjoyed this first part. This is my first time reading from this author. Now on to part 2. I hope Jazz finds true happiness.

    24. Tonia on said:

      FINISHED BOOKS 1-3 and was about to start 4 but got sidetracked by another bookWill pick back up shortly. Great seriesjust wish it wasn't so many books.

    25. Tishonna on said:

      I'm it gets better as i go The first one was ok. Jazz is so naive.

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