Deck Z: The Titanic: Unsinkable. Undead.

Chris Pauls Matt Solomon

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Deck Z: The Titanic: Unsinkable. Undead.

Deck Z The Titanic Unsinkable Undead Imagine being trapped aboard the doomed Titanic on an icy Atlantic with the walking dead This fast paced thriller reimagines the historical events of the fateful Titanic voyage through the lens of zom

  • Title: Deck Z: The Titanic: Unsinkable. Undead.
  • Author: Chris Pauls Matt Solomon
  • ISBN: 9781452108032
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback
  • Imagine being trapped aboard the doomed Titanic on an icy Atlantic with the walking dead This fast paced thriller reimagines the historical events of the fateful Titanic voyage through the lens of zombie mayhem Captain Edward Smith and his inner circle desperately try to contain a weaponized zombie virus smuggled on board with the 2,200 passengers sailing to New YorImagine being trapped aboard the doomed Titanic on an icy Atlantic with the walking dead This fast paced thriller reimagines the historical events of the fateful Titanic voyage through the lens of zombie mayhem Captain Edward Smith and his inner circle desperately try to contain a weaponized zombie virus smuggled on board with the 2,200 passengers sailing to New York Faced with an exploding population of lumbering, flesh hungry undead, Smith s team is forced into bloody hand to hand combat down the narrow halls of the huge steamer In its few short days at sea, the majestic Titanic turns into a Victorian bloodbath, steaming at top speed toward a cold, blue iceberg A creepy, tense page turner, Deck Z will thrill zombie fans and Titanic buffs alike.

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      384 Chris Pauls Matt Solomon
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    One thought on “Deck Z: The Titanic: Unsinkable. Undead.

    1. Kay on said:

      There's a word for books like this. This genre that mixes history with fantasy or horror. I don't know what it's called, but I really liked how the authors did it on Deck Z, an alternate story of what happened to the Titanic. An emotionally injured scientist flees Europe with "the Toxic" in his tragic attempt to keep the zombie-inducing goo out of enemy hands and hopefully find a cure for zombieness. I loved the retro term "the Toxic." And the villain who does awful things with pliers. The viole [...]

    2. Alex on said:

      How could I NOT read this.?UPDATE: I went into this book completely expecting it to be a total cheese-fest. I mean, zombies on the Titanic? I'm supposed to consider that a legitimate book? To my surprise, though, this was actually good. It was well-written and well-researched, and the zombie plot was actually plausible in this context. Being a HUGE Titanic buff, I was expecting to be nit-picking historical details the entire time, but those were actually pretty spot-on. All in all, this was just [...]

    3. Charlton on said:

      When I first picked up this book I thought "there's gonna' be zombies on the ship,no explanation".However I was pleasantly surprised.It starts out with a german scientist combating a lethal virus on land.Then he finds out the government he is working for wants his findings to make a biological weapon.He gathers his findings and goes to the Titanic, because what could go wrong on ship with a deadly virus?I had alot of fun reading this.:)

    4. Annabelle on said:

      I'm quite interested in the Titanic. My younger brother is a fanatic even though he is only 11 years old. So it can be said I know many random facts about the doomed ship. When I saw this book, I wondered how or even if this book would work. The concept is interesting and unique. Recently I've been reading a lot of zombie novels so this tugged at me straight away. It mixes both history and horror together and it works brilliantly. It isn't over the top and it's not boring. The novel keeps the re [...]

    5. Eddie on said:

      This was so fun to read! I was hesitant at first to read this book, being that I'm not a zombie junkie and I wasn't sure how well zombies and the story of the titanic would work together. But god damn, it worked great and it was effortlessly crafted. The pacing, the writing, the zombies, the tied-in history, the characters, the backdrop of the story—all fantastic! I'm so simple to please when it comes to books, I swear. I love these "popcorn" type books.

    6. Mark on said:

      Deck Z: The TitanicAuthor: Chris Pauls and Matt SolomonPublisher: Chronicle Books LLCPublished In: San Francisco, CADate: 2012Pgs: 222REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERSSummary:A Manchurian plague. A pre-WW1 German plot to eliminate the Russians from a future war before it starts. A scientist realizing the immorality of what is intended with his research. The mightiest ship of her age. An escape. A Russian born Jew acting as a German secret agent to take revenge for the pogrom that killed his family. Ic [...]

    7. Sue Moro on said:

      I've always been fascinated by the Titanic. The moment I saw this title, I knew I had to read it. I couldn't begin to imagine how the author was going to include zombies in the telling of such a well know tragedy. Pauls does an amazing job! The story follows a scientist, Theodore Weiss, as he struggles to discover a cure for a horrendous plague. He notices that his research is being disturbed when he is not in the lab, and soon he begins to suspect the German government of trying to use his rese [...]

    8. Nick on said:

      I got this book for my Kindle as a daily deal and after downloading it I started to think that I was just adding books to my collection for the sake of it.I mean.Zombies on the Titanic! C'mon! This was going to be a real bad b-movie type book. Why was I wasting my time reading this? I am a fairly slow reader so I have to choose my books carefully. I can't get books just because they are cheap! Books are not a commodity to be traded.So I started to read this book with a sense of trepidation, even [...]

    9. Jennifer Lavoie on said:

      My students are on a zombie kick right now, and to be honest so am I. So when this came up in the flier the kids were psyched for it. Of course I get to read it first and wow, it is not what I was expecting, but in a great way!Based on what little we were given about the book I just thought: zombies, Titanic, done. I was not expecting a mystery/thriller in the beginning, and it is even a bit of a medical thriller as well! What frightened me was how well researched the book is. The descriptions [...]

    10. Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin on said:

      I wasn't too sure I would like this book, I thought it was going to be some bad joke. But alas, I was pleasently surprised at how good it actually was written. It isn't just some thrown together zombie book demeaning anyone. It actually had a very good plot and I liked it a great deal. I recommend to all of my zombie loving friends.

    11. Nek0 Neha (BiblioNyan) on said:

      "Where men are the most sure and arrogant, they are commonly the most mistaken, and have there given reins to passion, without that proper deliberation and suspense, which can alone secure them from the grossest absurdities." -David HumeAn Enquiry Concerning the Principles of MoralsI have always been extremely fascinated by the Titanic. It was a wondrous feat of human ingenuity for its era, and the tragedy of its sinking, as well as the many unfortunate deaths, changed travel via ocean-liners by [...]

    12. P.A. Pursley on said:

      I took this book along on my October cruise and it also fit into my book for Nano about the Titanic. It was very well written and I enjoyed the different point of view as to why there were so few survivors of the Titanic. It was a quick read and I wanted to keep it but I left it aboard the Carnival Breeze for others to read.If you like spooky stories set in a real background, this book is for you!

    13. Nathan Robinson on said:

      Deck Z by Chris Pauls and Matt SolomonGo and get this book. I’ll say that now and I’ll say it at the end. What Pauls and Solomon have created here is a perfect piece of zombie post-modernism which hits every rivet and nail squarely on the head. I found nothing wrong at all with the story, prose or characters and for a debut novel, this is an impressive feat, bowler hats off to the people at Chronicle Books for a sterling effort.You already know the story of the Titanic, what Deck Z does so s [...]

    14. Savanna Stork on said:

      In an attempt to branch out into different genres I entered a giveaway of this book - and won! Of course I was excited to have won the book, but to say that I was skeptical is probably an understatement. Completely unfamiliar with the zombie genre, I was scared of having to face brutality and gore - I am not a person that handle such things very well - but I got so much more! Yes, there are very vivid descriptions of the zombies appearance,"Now the flesh on her face was so rotted that her cheek [...]

    15. Kristi Schoonover on said:

      There are only so many things that can be done with the zombie concept as we know it. In Deck Z, you’ll find the typical zombie-plague tropes in play (even though I found the connection to a strain of the Bubonic Plague grounded it a bit better in reality), so if you’re looking for something more original in that department, this story probably isn’t for you. However, if you don’t mind that and you like fast-moving action adventure tales set against a historical backdrop, then pick this [...]

    16. Matthew Baker on said:

      I absolutely love books that can take a well-known historical event and reshape it with a horror aspect. Such is the premise behind DECK Z: THE TITANIC. As you’ve probably already gathered, this book gives an inventive retelling of the Titanic tragedy, but this time there’s a valid reason behind the ship’s sinking: to save the world from the living dead. The result is a solid, fast-paced voyage into zombie terror that will leave you gasping for breath!This book took me on a heck of a journ [...]

    17. Robin Cole on said:

      I like historical fiction and think it works especially well when the event is well known but the characters are not. In that regard it is easier to lose yourself in the narrative and imagine the story you are reading is one of the many unknown tales that went to the grave with one of history's lesser characters- after all we can't all be Cleopatra in our previous lives some of us have to be the woman who ran her bath or the man that fetched her horse.To that end, this was a hard one to lose mys [...]

    18. Lectus on said:

      In 1912, Weiss discovered a zombie virus. He escapes on board of the Titanic taking the only vial of the virus with him to prevent Germany from using it as a weapon.On the ship, however, the authenticity of the vial is on doubt. To attest its legitimacy, a little of its content is released…. Three people are infected… We all know that, when it comes to zombie stories, 2+1 does NOT equal 3. So the ship became infected… and then it sank.That would had been the end of the vial and zombies if [...]

    19. Halsted on said:

      Despite not being a fan of zombie stories or knowing much about the history of the Titanic, I enjoyed Chris Pauls and Matt Solomon's Deck Z immensely. I had prepared myself for a silly backstory as to why zombies were on that fateful voyage to begin with, but the authors carefully crafted a plausible scenario and sympathetic characters. In true thriller style, the plot was relentless, chugging full steam ahead just like the doomed ship. I appreciated the small details, like structuring the novel [...]

    20. Elizabeth on said:

      I absolutely devoured this book, which I was not expecting because I am not a huge fan of zombies. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate them, I guess I'm indifferent in regards to the zombie love going around. However, the combination of zombies and the titanic was just too intriguing to pass up. The story does begin a little slow since the origins of "the Toxic" needed to be explained. Despite the slow pace at the beginning it was still interesting since you KNEW something was going to happen- afte [...]

    21. Sarah on said:

      24/1 - I'm really enjoying the way the subject of zombies is being taken seriously, treated as a retelling of something that could have, or even did actually happen. Haven't read much, so that's all the insights I have gleaned so far. To be continued28/1 - The way this book is written as an in-depth retelling of a disaster was interesting and made the whole story, even the zombies, seem more likely. The authors must have done a good amount of research to be able to write about the real-life char [...]

    22. Ashley on said:

      I enjoyed this book. It was well-written and interesting. Plus, I live in the same town as the authors, so that's neat. I was a bit annoyed that they fell into the trope of having a Token Female Character. In my head I kept imaging a scenario where the band of zombie-fighting men plus one female 12-year-old runs into Margaret Brown, fending off zombies with the two pistols she smuggled on board, later earning her title as "The Unsinkable Molly Brown." But alas, she's only mentioned briefly in on [...]

    23. Joseph Barnes on said:

      Imagine being trapped aboard the doomed Titanic on an icy Atlantic. . . with the walking dead. This fast-paced thriller reimagines the historical events of the fateful Titanic voyage through the lens of zombie mayhem. Captain Edward Smith and his inner circle desperately try to contain a weaponized zombie virus smuggled on board with the 2,200 passengers sailing to New York. Faced with an exploding population of lumbering, flesh-hungry undead, Smith's team is forced into bloody hand-to-hand comb [...]

    24. Cathy Moore on said:

      I first saw this book listed as a give-away. I entered to win it several times without success so I decided to check our local library. I was excited to find the book there and eagerly checked it out. The book was slow for me in the beginning, but after a third of the way through ite plot began to emerge and my interest in the book began to enlighten. My son read the book as well and he told me that he felt the book would have been better as a movie. After reading it, I agree with my son. I thi [...]

    25. Kristina on said:

      The Titanic + Zombies? What's not to enjoy.The book plays out like a spy novel of sorts making it pretty unique in the zombie genre if you ask me. German scientist working for a disease control company is investigating this weird outbreak and some military men go in with him. They bring one survivor back to a lab in Germany. German scientist discovers they plan on using the virus as a weapon, takes sample, destroys lab, boards Titanic to escape to America and continue his research. German milita [...]

    26. Hanna on said:

      **spoilers!**This book was amazing. The premise of this novel is that a virus is unleashed on the Titanic by a well-meaning scientist and his pursuant. The end result is the sinking of the Titanic. The plot and character development ranks in the top ten of books I have read in the past year. I enjoyed reading about the varying characters and enjoyed the thread of history in the otherwise fictional account of events. This book was a wonderful "one time" novel (meaning no sequels) and I recommend [...]

    27. Jeanette on said:

      It felt wrong to read this book at first. Mixing the terrible tragedy where real people died terrible deaths with a horror story didn't feel right. Yet I loved it. Lots of facts mixed with fiction, great Titanic storytelling, had me imagining the horror if this was ever possible. I predicted the end very early on but all in all, a great read, if you don't get bogged down with the rights and wrongs of the subject matter.

    28. Matthew on said:

      This book was actually much better than I expected. I thought it might be really hokey (and possibly really stupid), but it ended up being a very interesting read. It seemed to follow the history of the Titanic close enough (characters, events, timelines, etc.) that it could be placed in the alternate history category (with zombies being the alternate addition, of course). If you want a quick, fun read and you are a fan of the zombie genre, give this one a try.

    29. Donna on said:

      I highly recommend this book for fans of the Titanic. Keep in mind that it's a story with a spin. Actual events are portrayed just as it had happened.I read this book in one day. I have only done that with one other book in my life and that was years ago. I highly suggest you read this book. It has a serious twist as to the protagonist. I was a bit disappointed with the ending but it was still predictable.

    30. MollyK on said:

      **** Give away winner *****I was not disappointed by this one. Fast paced, well written, will cool historical references. I loved how being set in 1912, the characters remained ever polite whilst battling the devilish zombie ghouls.

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