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Nicole Dennis

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Professor's Keeper

Professor s Keeper Child prodigy scientist and professor Alistair Tarrellton knows research not people Hiding behind glasses and an overstated vocabulary he faces panic attacks and headaches if situations become to

  • Title: Professor's Keeper
  • Author: Nicole Dennis
  • ISBN: 9781614955887
  • Page: 310
  • Format: ebook
  • Child prodigy, scientist, and, professor Alistair Tarrellton knows research, not people Hiding behind glasses and an overstated vocabulary, he faces panic attacks and headaches if situations become too uncomfortable As head of the college s bioinformatics area of study, he teaches classes and runs two labs, but he prefers to hide in his private one at home A stop at theChild prodigy, scientist, and, professor Alistair Tarrellton knows research, not people Hiding behind glasses and an overstated vocabulary, he faces panic attacks and headaches if situations become too uncomfortable As head of the college s bioinformatics area of study, he teaches classes and runs two labs, but he prefers to hide in his private one at home A stop at the grocery store on his way home one night puts Alistair in the middle of a botched robbery While a panic attack freezes him, he watches former Marine Rhys Blackwood take command with ease, and one touch from this powerful man pushes away Alistair s fear Rhys quickly invites himself into Alistair s home and life, and while part of Alistair doesn t believe he can afford the distraction of a relationship, the rest of him wants the other man to never leave.

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    One thought on “Professor's Keeper

    1. Kathleen on said:

      The concept for this story was very intriguing. An absent minded, social inept professor is rescued during a grocery store hold up by an injured, retired marine. Cue hurt comfort story. However, for some reason this story didn't really connect with its potential. While I understand that the professor had an awkward way of speaking because of his personality, I felt like all the dialogue was stilted, not just the professor's. Also, Rhys was by turns overbearing and a bit creepy. He also acted a b [...]

    2. Aղցela W. on said:

      This was a short quick read that I thought was ok. Alistair Tarrellton was a child prodigy, scientist, and, professor and he has know people skills at all. Rhys Blackwood is a former Marine who takes charge when he goes to the grocery store while Alistair freezes. I thought that it was kind of creepy that Rhy just invites himself to live with Alistair. I also had trouble connecting to Alistair he was too absentminded for me. This was my first time reading this author. This book was well written [...]

    3. Serena Yates on said:

      The somewhat unusual combination of an absent-minded professor and a take-charge ex-Marine made me smile. And even though the reasons why these two work so well together are not clear, I found myself smiling at the single-minded dedication with which the Marine went after Alistair. Love’s workings are meant to be mysterious, and even the professor has to admit it in the end: love is not logical, but his feelings for Rhys are very real.Alistair is one of the nerdiest, most intelligent, and leas [...]

    4. Catherine on said:

      *** 2.5 Stars ***A cute short story about an unlikely couple. Unfortunately, between the insta-love and the fact that the voice of Rhys was consistently inconsistent (flip-flopping between extremely proper and good ‘ole boy), it had some definite issues.

    5. Leaundra on said:

      Loved it! Rhys and Alistair were a perfect match. Rhys got Alistair!!

    6. Portia on said:

      Alistair is the quintessential goofy professor. He got his first college degree while kids his age were still learning to tie their shoes. He is a certified genius with zero social skills. He may be able to map the human genome with his eyes closed, but he could really use a keeper in his personal life. Rhys is a wounded soldier who finds taking care of Alistair is more fun than rehab.I hate to say it, but this is the first Nicole Dennis book that I enjoyed start to finish. She writes really swe [...]

    7. Cole Riann on said:

      Review posted at Brief Encounters Reviews.Alistair, who is simply called “The Professor”, is definitely absent-minded and quite mad, though his constant time in the safety of his lab is not to brew up crazy experiments, but some very important chemical research for several world governments. After a very difficult day of having to stand up in front of his students and teach, where he feels the most uncomfortable, The Professor stops at a nearby store he frequently visits on his way home to g [...]

    8. Sapphera on said:

      Overall this book was incredibly stilted. The action focused itself round what just appears to be love at first sight from the marine, but he was forced into being a side character to the professors focus on his work. Although this authors writing style was smooth and a easy flow to read, Alistair's language just felt like the sentence had been written normally then attacked by a thesaurus. It reminded me of Joey from Friends trying to sound more mature until he ended up changing his name to 'ba [...]

    9. Karel on said:

      4/15/2013 Edit: Re-read what I said about this book. I must have been drunk. Character-driven story? I think I meant awkward-kink-device-driven storys were written awfully, and for a short, character-driven story, it pretty much stoned this story dead. Alistair talks like a thesaurus, or maybe a fast food cashier. Would you like some big words with that sentence, sir? And the answer would be yes every time. It's painful reading his conversations. It's like reading an encyclopaedia article, excep [...]

    10. LauraZu on said:

      This was just ridiculousThe idea was promising, a child prodigy/professor/scientist and an ex military man meet in the middle of a robbery, oh but it was GOLD! Problem Alistar was so antisocial it wasnt even funny, and suddenly he meets Rhys and he feels safe and the panic attacks stop and three seconds later Rhys decides to move with him and be his caretaker and protect him from bills, what the fucking fuck!!??

    11. Sair on said:

      very short storyStarted out really strong with lots of interesting details - the lessons, the phobias, the coping mechanisms, the robbery, the house, the siblings . then it trickled away to not much substance at all. I'd recommend that this promising author flesh it out more. I like the gentle romantic style she has, but a stronger finish would be much appreciated.

    12. Kinny on said:

      I usually like Nicole Dennis stories but this one bored me a bit. Ex marine just moves in and does the housework like an unpaid maid. I did not feel the connection with these two. Love felt one sided to me most of the time then HEA. HUH?

    13. Elspeth on said:

      Writing was okay but the romance wasn't there and it was yaoi style.Plus it was too expensive for what it wasould be more like 99 cents.

    14. V on said:

      Oh Dear, The marine just need to get rid of the professor and get someone less annoying.

    15. qx on said:

      1.75I wanted to like this book, I really did, mostly because I have a thing for nerd - tough guy pairings.But then I read the first sentence:Alistair Tarrellton, a young scientist and professor who possessed multiple masters, doctorates, and philosophical degreesAren't doctorates (PhDs) the same as philosophical degrees (PhDs)? Am I missing something?Unfortunately, this wasn't an isolated incidence of mistaken word usage; there were more throughout the entire book which made the writing awkward [...]

    16. Caliban thegnomedruid on said:

      I liked the blurb, but once I started reading, this story fell apart for me.Character-wise, Alistair, who has a stuffy name to go with his smarts, has multiple degrees but is no older than his students. He also talks like an encyclopedia. Just because you are an expert in your area of study, doesn't also make you an expert in English. Rhys knows 6 forms of martial arts, and is proficient in all of them, despite his disability/injury. The author attempts to temper this by having him not being "fu [...]

    17. Nick on said:

      DNF @ 50%Yikes.The idea of this was good, geeky virgin meets ex Marine bad boy. The execution, on the other hand, was horrible. Alistair was annoying af, he did not come across as genuinely intelligent, he came across as trying to convince people he's intelligent. (view spoiler)[ you don't need to tell everyone you meet about the numerous degrees you have, man. (hide spoiler)]The way Alistair talks is ridiculous, it reminded me of a high school student writing an essay, just big unnecessary word [...]

    18. Diane on said:

      Another reviewer suggested there is a lot of information in this short story that could have easily made it a full length book - I would agree!However, I don't think that took away from the story or two great characters! One who has never experienced love, and one who had not been looking for a new love, but felt drawn to this brilliant, yet innocent man.I really liked it, there were a few moments of info overload, but again, it's a short story that could easily have been a full length book (and [...]

    19. SheReadsALot on said:

      This is the first Nicole Dennis story I have read. Her work seem have pretty good set ups. However this one was not executed as well as I though it would have been.There is a geeky, antisocial professor who meets a war damaged, ex-Marine during an attempted convenience store robberyunds promising right? Well the professor was boring and robotic and the ex-Marine wasn't given mush chance to shine. So the characters were flat. I think if the characters were given some more life and time, this stor [...]

    20. Seregil on said:

      Not my thing. I didn't find the romance believable, though the characters were rather sweet and I thought there was a lot of untapped potential in the plot. What put me off is that Rhys invaded the professor's home and life and he just let it happen. That doesn't sound particularly believable because I'm pretty well adjusted and yet I'd have a fit if some stranger walked into my home and "cleaned up" my life. No matter how sexy he is. The Prof. had big enough issues that is shouldn't have been p [...]

    21. Meggie on said:

      This story felt like it was cut out of real time. The world beyond both main character wasn't real and present. But if we take the story as it is, it was easy and fast reading experience. For my taste to undeveloped and bland.

    22. Ashley Cox on said:

      Eh, for the most part, I've enjoyed the author's other titles; however, this one just didn't cut it for me. It was just blah. An interesting premise that was . for lack of better words, poorly executed.

    23. CB on said:

      A fun novella. Cute characters and a sweet story - Geek and hot marine - what's not to enjoy!?I just re-read this book (11/11/14), part of the "A Mind is a Sexy Thing" series and enjoyed it just as much as the first time.

    24. Rachel Emily on said:

      Not my favorite in this group of books that was released. I never could warm up to Alistair.

    25. 107rinoNeko on said:

      最初から押せ押せの元軍人とシャイな研究者のバカップル。一見ガサツそうなRhysがハウスキーピングを上手くこなすのは、軍隊仕込みの几帳面さなんだという一文があると、元軍人という設定がもっと活きたのに。最後の最後、Alistairの「ありがとう、科学者」にはズッコケた。可愛いけど日本語が間違っている。この表紙、アマゾンで物色中に同じ表紙を少なくとも6 [...]

    26. Katy Beth Mckee on said:

      I really enjoyed this story that was really very sweet and tender. It had wonderful elements of a needy man, a wounded hero, and a dramatic meeting.

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