Immortal Grave

Nichole Chase

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Immortal Grave

Immortal Grave FOR MATURE YA AUDIENCES This novel contains violence and sexual situations While darklings ransack the city Ree and her friends will learn the depth of the gods manipulations Unsure of who is really

  • Title: Immortal Grave
  • Author: Nichole Chase
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • FOR MATURE YA AUDIENCES This novel contains violence and sexual situations While darklings ransack the city, Ree and her friends will learn the depth of the gods manipulations Unsure of who is really on their side, Ree must accept her destiny and assume the role of leader The stakes are higher than they ve ever been Death is waiting for them in every shadowy cornerR MATURE YA AUDIENCES This novel contains violence and sexual situations While darklings ransack the city, Ree and her friends will learn the depth of the gods manipulations Unsure of who is really on their side, Ree must accept her destiny and assume the role of leader The stakes are higher than they ve ever been Death is waiting for them in every shadowy corner People will die, love will be tested, and the fate of the world will be decided one way or the other No running.No hiding.The final battle is here.The conclusion of the Dark Betrayal Trilogy

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    • Ç Immortal Grave || ✓ PDF Read by ↠ Nichole Chase
      344 Nichole Chase
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    One thought on “Immortal Grave

    1. Jagged on said:

      I finished! I finished! It only took me forever, and I wanted to stop reading this, but I read the first two and I just had to finish it.So I lost all respect for Ree, Roland, Paden, and Nichole Chase with the whole Ree/Roland fiasco. Yeah, I don't know what message you are trying to send to young readersbut cheating is never something to be taken lightly and easily forgiven."She let Roland kiss her, but she would never love soemone the way she loved Paden." So you know, that made it okay. Total [...]

    2. Tee loves Kyle Jacobson on said:

      *******CONTAINS SOME INFORMATION FROM THE FIRST TWO BOOKS*******The Dark Betrayal Trilogy is the best series I have ever read. In Mortal Obligation we meet Ree a girl who just wants to get through high school and go to college. She and her family are reeling from the death of her older brother and to make matters worse Ree is in love with his best friend. What is a girl to do? Ree continues to have nightmares and when she and her friends decide to go out for a night to a club things go from good [...]

    3. Lettee on said:

      This was a really good finale! (Or was it???) :) I thought Immortal Grave was put together really well for the final book in this trilogy. There is one part that really bugs me though. It is from Chapter 29. ***SPOILER ALERT - IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW THIS PART SKIP TO NEXT PARAGRAPH*** Like I was saying, in Chapter 29 there are 2 sentences that really caused me to stop and re-glance because it is repetitious. Here: "It was as if the world had slowed when Della and Roland met blade to blade." T [...]

    4. Mandy (I Read Indie) Anderson on said:

      Ree has sent her parents on the run for their own safety, she & her friends are training, and now she must finish this war once and for all. Thankfully with a little help from her friends maybe, just maybe they will fight and win. But first she demands some help from the Gods if she stands any chance of winning. And demands are something the Gods don't take lightly. Will standing up to the Greek Gods prove costly? Will Ree be able to save the world and get her man? And if so, which guy will [...]

    5. Chris on said:

      This one took even longer for me to read. It dragged on when the series should have just been a two-parter. To have so many families with immortal lines in one city was a little implausible. I wish there were more scenes with the other guardians, I bet their stories would be cooler. I found myself wishing the characters were older and not in high school. Even if they were in college, I'd buy it a little more. Overall, a simple series that I should have been able to finish in a few days turned in [...]

    6. Catarina on said:

      Please please please come out soon! I NEED my Paden and Roland fix!!!!!

    7. Lheata on said:

      When is this coming our urggggggg its past spring grrrr! I need this nowwwwww

    8. Michelle on said:

      Holy heck. I knew the final installment to the Dark Betrayal Trilogy would be amazing. But I sure never expected it to be all that and then something. This is a sequel written the right way. Sure we had to wait a while longer than its original publish date, but it was worth it. There were several times I went to Nichole's website or twitter or even on amazon to look at discussions to see when this beauty was being released. While investigating I found responses by Nichole herself, talking about [...]

    9. D. on said:

      Slow your horses people and run out grab this trilogy! Not only is this Author lovely, but her writing and story telling was great! I was so inspired by the balance of loyalty Nichole kept between the friends in this story. She built a teenager girl, into such a strong force to be reckoned with. Here is what you have in the story. Ree, she is the Alastriana. The last and final, and has to win the final war in order to save man kind. You have her friends which are guardian vampires. The darklings [...]

    10. Beth on said:

      It has all come down to this. Will Ree and her friends solve the gods' intentions before its to late? The race is on to save the world and humanity. I've watched these characters grow into the warriors needed to take on the final battle. I sat clutching my kindle till the very end. Hanging a Do Not Disturb Sign around my neck and just immersing myself in this brilliant world of Nichole Chase's imagination.Ree and her friends are about to stop running and take a stand. The story was utterly thril [...]

    11. Nereid on said:

      The stage is set for the final battle and a confrontation between brother and sister, only one will make it out alive. Ree is feeling stressed and pressured, who wouldn't after losing a mentor and dealing with Sophie's death gift. The dark ones are attacking humans with immortal lines and people are dying everywhere. Feeling powerless in her situation, Ree decides to take back control and makes her demands of the gods. Striking a bargain with Athena, she must succeed to enjoy her life with Paden [...]

    12. Brandi on said:

      I'm going to do a blanket review of the whole series instead of each one so here goes. The first in this trilogy we meet Ree and her friends. Having lost a brother to drunk driving her brothers best friend vows to protect Ree like a brother should. You instantly fall in love with Paden!!! Certain circumstances set a series of events in motion and Ree and Paden and their friends discover their true nature. Being in some way descendants of gods and goddesses. Ree is the chosen one to lead this rag [...]

    13. grumpybybirth on said:

      This book hands down was the bst of the three. I cried and my throat hurt and I just wanted to scream at the Gods. I also laughed and fell in love (well more in love) with everyone.The battle was intense as we knew it was going to be, there was heartache as we expected there to be, but there was also love and that was what made it worth it. I loved the quippy one lines thrown about, and the would lvoe to know more about the new guardians hanging around. I jsut want more of this world period!!(vi [...]

    14. Antoinette Lewis on said:

      I loved it can't find words to describe how I enjoyed and cried during this book. I loved that the book was unpredictable, understandable, it was incisive with the story line and it wasn't too unbelievable. I have read a good amount of books about Gods and this is one of my favorites so far. The reason I say this is because it showed or mentioned so many different Gods not just those of Greek mythology. I loved that the plotting for so long came to such great fruition even at the cost of sorrow. [...]

    15. Valerie on said:

      This book was great!! Actually the whole trilogy was! I am sad that it ended! The way it ended though I almost feel there might be a chance for me continuation on the story, guess will have to see! All three books were written wonderfully with minor issues (spellings mainly) but when I read a book or review I don't look for that b/c most of the time you can figure out what the word was supposed to be. I look for a story that is clean and smooths evenly and is real feeling. I look to be able to c [...]

    16. Heidi R. on said:

      Synopsis:"While darklings ransack the city, Ree and her friends will learn the depth of the gods' manipulations. Unsure of who is really on their side, Ree must accept her destiny and assume the role of leader. The stakes are higher than they've ever been. Death is waiting for them in every shadowy corner. People will die, love will be tested, and the fate of the world will be decided--one way or the other. No more running.No more hiding.The final battle is here.The conclusion of the Dark Betray [...]

    17. Stephanie on said:

      Ah so so soooo good! I loved Paden and Ree they are so adorable together and he is very hot and protective! I felt bad at first for Roland but when I knew he was going to end up with Melanie I felt better! The gods pissed me off like no other! I'm glad are stood up for her self and faced them! After all she was only saving the world! I really thought Tristan was going to make it out of this but I guess not and at was pretty sad. But how it ended was very interesting. Almost like there are going [...]

    18. Ayaan on said:

      Rating: 3.8***Spoilers***I`ve been waiting for this last final showdown ever since the first book came out and it didn't disappoint me! I loved the plot, the characters were as amazing as ever and the fighting scenes were pretty awesome. Although the ending wasn't as good as I wanted it to bely because i had a lot of questions that i wanted answers to. Like what about Melanie and Roland??! Are they together now??! And whats up with the God/Goddess scene in the ending?? Who was the Ree look-alike [...]

    19. Otterpuss on said:

      I feel sad this trilogy is over. I loved the book and will really miss the characters, especially Ree, Paden and Roland. I fell a little bit in love with all three if them. The only thing that prevented me from giving this 5 stars was the last page. I understand why it was done (to leave the possibility of further books in the series) but I didn't like it at all. Although it wasn't enough ti ruin it for me, it did leave me feeling slightly dissatisfied.

    20. Jennifer on said:

      Ree seemed to finally grow into her own skin. I liked the change in her character.I was uncertain about the love triangle in this story. It seemed one sided (or 2 sided?) and just cruel. Which, I know, was the point but I still ached for the character! However, the author somehow maneuvered it into a satisfying ending. The story was left with an ending that hinted a more to come which is both interesting and frustrating!

    21. Michelle on said:

      I'm so sad to see the end of this trilogy. I love these characters and would have loved to see a few more books with them.The book started off a little slower than the previous one but the last half was all action. I was very happy with the ending. Not all trilogies end in a way I'm happy with as they leave too many things open. This was wrapped up nicely but with the possibility of another book in the distant future.

    22. Stacey on said:

      Ree is discovering more of her new powers. But she knows that the final battle is coming up. And the cards are stacked against them. Gods have picked sides and are having no problem showing her their hand. Ree and Paden finally are together and can be together forever if she can kill her brother.Can love really save them??SO GOOD! Hope there is more to comeicky Goddess.

    23. Jackie on said:

      Great ending to this trilogy. With the last chapter, I am wondering if there will be a spinoff series? I did put this one down a couple of times to read other books, but I'm glad I pushed through and finished it. The last battle was fast-paced and exciting. Ree, Payden, and all of their friends will be missed!

    24. Tia on said:

      I seriously hope this series continues. I loved the ending of this novel so much. Much more than any other. Like come on, who do you know that could kill not one God but two? I enjoyed the story all the way through, it was exciting but sad when happened to Tristan, some people just get greedy in life I suppose. Great novel, all the way through though.

    25. Candice Pletschke on said:

      wow let me just say this whole series kept me on edge from begining to end hands down Nichole Chase i have not read a series like this in a while and it kept me to my edge of the seat the whole time plus side i battled to put the book down from laughing out loud to giggling to being dead tired the next day was worth it thanks foe the awesome series

    26. Sandra on said:

      2.5 stars. The series was ok but dragged over the three books. Would have been much better if condensed into one or at maximum two books. That being said, I still read them all cause I wanted to know how it ended.

    27. Christy on said:

      Okay this book was better for me than the first two Can I just say that ILOVEPaden! I love Roland too, I am glad everything worked out the way it did, not to spoil too much. This is a really cool trilogy, for a more mature ya pnr read!

    28. Aydrea on said:

      Good ending to the series! I loved all the moments between Ree & Paden. Paden is very swoonworthy, love him! Weylin is pretty hilarious & I loved that he could make me laugh even when things were serious. I really liked the mythology throughout the series & the open ending!

    29. Elb4966 on said:

      I liked the way the book was ended. The Author extended the story beyond the climatic ending to show you a bit of what happened afterwards. That is something very few authors do but makes a good closure of a story. Even with this ending, the book was not quite 3 stars.

    30. Maggi on said:

      I loved this series and was really looking forward to the happily ever after, which some of the characters got. However, I feel that some of the characters are left hanging. So, I was a little disappointed with that. Overall it was a good book to end the series.

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