Herra Mäyränen ja rouva Repolainen

Brigitte Luciani Eve Tharlet Taina Aarne

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Herra Mäyränen ja rouva Repolainen

Herra M yr nen ja rouva Repolainen Mets st ji pakoon l htenyt rouva Repolainen tytt rineen on saanut turvapaikan herra M yr sen kotoa mutta lapsilta asuminen samassa kolossa ei suju kinastelematta Roosa Repolaisen mielest m yr t ovat

  • Title: Herra Mäyränen ja rouva Repolainen
  • Author: Brigitte Luciani Eve Tharlet Taina Aarne
  • ISBN: 9789511216117
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mets st ji pakoon l htenyt rouva Repolainen tytt rineen on saanut turvapaikan herra M yr sen kotoa, mutta lapsilta asuminen samassa kolossa ei suju kinastelematta Roosa Repolaisen mielest m yr t ovat pelkureita ja nipottavat siisteydest , Posku ja Hotko M yr sen mielest ketut taas hosuvat, rakastavat sotkuisia l vi ja ovat ylip t n t ysi kaistap it T m n todistaMets st ji pakoon l htenyt rouva Repolainen tytt rineen on saanut turvapaikan herra M yr sen kotoa, mutta lapsilta asuminen samassa kolossa ei suju kinastelematta Roosa Repolaisen mielest m yr t ovat pelkureita ja nipottavat siisteydest , Posku ja Hotko M yr sen mielest ketut taas hosuvat, rakastavat sotkuisia l vi ja ovat ylip t n t ysi kaistap it T m n todistaakseen lapset p tt v t j rjest vanhemmilleen juhlat mutta lopputulos yll tt kaikki.

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      311 Brigitte Luciani Eve Tharlet Taina Aarne
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    One thought on “Herra Mäyränen ja rouva Repolainen

    1. Tammi Peterman on said:

      1. This book is about 2 single parents (a fox and a badger) and their children who move in together. The story illustrates how the 2 families meet and share their resources. Unhappy with the situation the kids devise a plan to throw a big, out of control party in order to show their parents the living situation will not work. The story is pretty easy to follow but will be best read with a parent as the piece is heavy on text bubbles and it can be difficult to follow where to go next. The illustr [...]

    2. Nancy Kotkin on said:

      Story: 3 starsArt: 4 starsShort graphic novel about a badger family who takes in a homeless fox family. The first installment of Mr. Badger and Mrs. Fox series. Apparently the two types of animals have very different personalities, habits, and interests. While the badger children are fine with the new arrangements, the young fox is unhappy about her blended family, which seems rather ungrateful to me.Art is good but the panel flow is problematic. Sometimes it's unclear how much time is elapsing [...]

    3. Jj on said:

      How and why this book had a starred review in Booklist is beyond me. Further, that the same publication named it a Top 10 Graphic Novel for Youth in 2011 is an insult to both readers and materials selectors. The art is very sweet and lovely, but the formatting is quite poor and I suspect the translation does little justice to the original text. Riddled with exclamation points and bad dialogue, the story whacks readers over the head with its egregious preachiness and central lesson. This limp lit [...]

    4. Beatrice Fox on said:

      This book series depicts two families moving in together in a rather awkward way. The moral or basis for it is that different families can learn to live together and get along when single parents remarry. The art is pretty as it uses watercolor paint, something very rare in children's books. But the problem with watercolor is you often lose detail. Sometimes people's bodies or faces are very blobby and in distinct. This is especially a problem with facial expression. Sometimes are left uncertain [...]

    5. Jenna McDonagh on said:

      Book Summary: A fox and her daughter have recently lost their home due to hunter finding their burrow. They come across a family of badgers and their three small children. They are offered to stay with them for a while, until they find somewhere to live. Readers will watch as a blended family becomes one and how they form a wonderful bond! Book Review: This story is a fun, heartwarming graphic novel. It has a great message behind it and educates students on family dynamics. I would read this boo [...]

    6. Cindy Mooney on said:

      This is actually a children's graphic novel but I don't have a shelf for that. I read this to my kids last night and they loved it!Mrs. Fox and her daughter accidentally stubble upon Mr Badger's burrow while hiding from hunters. They quickly take a liking to each other and he invites them to move in. The children of course are not happy about this because of how different they are so they plan to break their parents up. This is a great book for blended families to read to their children.

    7. Wolfie Smoke on said:

      A very good children's book about getting along, accepting people different than you, and getting to know someone before judging them.

    8. Ashley Salisbury on said:

      A fun story about two races learning to live with each other.

    9. Deborah on said:

      Easy, quick ready. Lovely illustrations and comforting message for a young child transitioning into a blended family.

    10. Lydia Flores on said:

      The Meeting by Brigitte Luciani is a graphic novel telling the story of two single parent families that cross paths unexpectedly one day because something tragic had happen to the fox family. Mrs. Fox and her daughter, Ginger interrupt the badger family one day well they were at the table eating. The badger family consisted of Mr.Badger and his kits, Grub, Bristle and the baby. The 32 page graphic novel is very easy to flow since it is written in comic book style each box follows each other. The [...]

    11. Taylor Laird on said:

      The Meeting is a quick and easy read, but it is a good one. I usually am not one for comics, but I liked a lot of the books for this weeks assignment. The Meeting is about a mother fox and her daughter who get scared out of their tunnels because of hunters. In the hopes of looking for other fellow foxes, they come across some badgers. This badgers are very friendly and invite them into their home to stay until it is safe for them to return to their home. It turns out that the Fox's home is not s [...]

    12. Morgan Gerard on said:

      Graphic Novel: The Meeting This is the story of three baby badgers that all agree that foxes and badgers can't be friends. However, one day hunters chase them out of their den so the fox and the badger decide to live together. The three badgers decide to take it in to their own hands to prove they can't be friends but in the end it proves harder than they thought. I think this story is important for students because it has a meaning that isn't discussed in a lot of books but in my opinion it is [...]

    13. Maria Fitz on said:

      Text to Self: I think this relates to me because I always like to help someone in need. Its just something that I always feel almost responsible to at least try to help everyone that I can just like Mr. Badger does in this book. He takes in Mrs. Fox and her daughter and shares his meals with them and allows them to stay with them until they find a new home. I always like to help out people in need because you never know when your going to be the person who needs help! Text to Text: This book imm [...]

    14. Nicola Mansfield on said:

      Reason for Reading: This is a Cybils '10 nominee and required reading for me.Such a little insignificant book which I could write a lot about, but I won't as it's not worth it. I found the story very didactic, hit you over the head with 'you are being taught lessons here children', didactic. Anyone over seven will be wise to this right away and eyes my roll. Themes covered: arguing siblings, manners, racism (via animal species), single parents, blended families. The book is oversized softcover, [...]

    15. Carol on said:

      Mrs. Fox and her young daughter flee from their burrow just before the hunting dogs destroy it. They are seeking shelter and a place to rest when they accept the hospitality of Mr. Badger. The badger children aren't too sure of these strangers staying in their home and putting them out of their beds. The little fox thinks she is too good to play badger games and doesn't settle in well with them either. When the parents decide this might be a bit of a more permanent solution and begin expanding t [...]

    16. Myrza on said:

      Brigitte, L. (2010). The Meeting. Minneapolis, MN: Graphic Universe. I enjoyed the great illustrations with telling details. This is a great book with a realistic message but delicately delivered. The fox and the badger families come together after the fox’s home gets destroyed. The two older children from the badger dad and the one child from the mother fox just can’t get along. They try hard to prove their point, especially since they see that their parents really like each others company [...]

    17. Fjóla on said:

      Again (see my review of Peace and Quiet) lovely illustrations, but I can't help but wonder whether something is amiss with the translation of the text. The dialogue doesn't have any of the charm of the pictures, and at times it's more than a bit annoying. On one hand the message of the books may be to promote understandings between siblings, in particular in a blended family, but beware parents that the siblings in this series are constantly bickering, and it gets a little old.

    18. Nick on said:

      This book is a bit on the preachy side, but has some strong points to help offset that.A fox and her daughter lose their home, and end up moving in with a badger family on a "temporary" basis. While Mr. Badger and Mrs. Fox get along splendidly, their blended "family" isn't going well at first. Over the course of the story, the younger animals learn to get along while recognizing their differences.Most of the books of this type are picture books. This one, by being a graphic novel for slightly ol [...]

    19. Tiffany Brown on said:

      Mrs. Fox and her daughter, Ginger, must leave their home and arrived at the home of Mr. Badger, living with his three children. Mr. Badger opens his home and allows Mrs. Fox and Ginger to stay with him and his family. However, Ginger and Grub, one of Mr. Badger's sons, do not get along and decide that badgers and foxes shouldn't leave together. They decide that they want to show their parents just how different foxes and badgers really are, will their plan work? I like this story because it teac [...]

    20. Samantha on said:

      Mrs. Fox and her daughter need a place to live after their burrow is destroyed and Mr. Badger is kind enough to offer that they share his burrow with him and his children. The kids are not happy about any of this and plan a big party to show Mr. Badger and Mrs. Fox just how different foxes and badgers are and how miserable everyone will be living underground together. The plan backfires and everyone ends up having a great time.A sweet story, though not very interesting and the way it's written m [...]

    21. Matthew Hunter on said:

      Blended families, death, separation/divorce, multiculturalism, elitism - themes and ideas encountered in The Meeting. Being a Brady Bunch-aholic as a child, I found the story familiar and comfortable. For the kids, The Meeting had a narcotic effect. No happy inquisitiveness, just heavy blinking and mouth breathing. The soft colors and gentle story knocked them out to the point where our 5 year old asked if I could stop reading for the night with only 3 pages remaining. A pleasant, middling read. [...]

    22. Duane on said:

      This is a very interesting graphic novel meant for young readers. The badger family which consists of three kids and a dad, find themselves sharing their home with the fox family which consists of a mother and daughter. Even though the kids don't get along, the parents decide they should all live together. The book does a nice job of talking about such topics as: gender stereotyping, mixed families, friendship, sibs, and conflict. A very interesting book and I'm looking forward to future volumes [...]

    23. PuPilla on said:

      Amikor az elvált róka hölgy és az özvegy borz úr családdá válik, az ember csak mosolyogni tud. :) Nagyon szépek a rajzok, és tetszett a képregényforma is, bár nem tudom meséléskor ez mennyire okozhat gondot. Nem bánom, hogy megvettem a könyvmolyképző akciójában, elgondolkodtam, hogy ne ajándékozzam el mégse, hanem spájzoljam el inkább arra a pár évre, amíg lesz kinek felolvasni, kivel együtt lapozgatni…? :)

    24. Morgan Davis on said:

      This huge picture book size graphic novel shows of two sets of parents that are single parents. Fox and his family lose there house to a fire and have to move in with the badger family. Growing up they know that foxes and badgers don't live together. The children throw a party to prove to there parents that these two type of animals don't live together, but then the plan backfires.

    25. Dylan & Belle at LearnPlayFun on said:

      Rated and reviewed by Dylan, age 7:This book is about foxes like we have in our backyard and badgers. They get together but the kids don't want to but the mama and papa do. Everyone gets together at the end. My favorite part was when one of the badgers said move over or I'll fall out! Because he was sharing his bed with his brother and it wasn't big enough.

    26. Alicia on said:

      Nice artwork, no relationship development between the fox/badger parents, and a very thinly veiled reference to inter-racial marriage, which I think could have been handled better. It's introduced by the kids of the two adults (who don't want to be in the same family) saying that their kinds aren't meant to live together. Which is not a sentiment I want to expose my kids to, even in fiction.

    27. Jenny on said:

      As an avid graphic-novel and manga reader, I felt this book was sub-par. The conversations the characters had were poorly transitioned or held little to no purpose. The overall story had an obvious conclusion and left a "so what?" expression on my aura. I enjoyed the illustrations, but this tale of marrying into another family could not have been more overdone.

    28. Brianna Lanier on said:

      This book is about how two single parent families (a fox family and a badger family)become one blended family.This book illustrated well the ups and downs of two families blending.An activity I would do:I would have the students research whether or not badgers and foxes would really date, and explain why or why not using a presentation style of their choice.

    29. Karen Arendt on said:

      A clean graphic novel about a badger family that offers to let a fox mother and her daughter move in after the fox's burrow was destroyed. Plenty of step-sibling rivalry and plots to prevent the parents from joining homes. In the end, all works out. Looks to be a series, Nice earthy colored illustrations and easy to read speech bubbles and text.

    30. B on said:

      The first in a series from France about a fox family moving in with a badger family. The color illustrations are adorable, the writing is okay, the lesson about getting along obvious but should still be popular with the younger graphic readers.

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