Twelve Fair Kingdoms

Suzette Haden Elgin

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Twelve Fair Kingdoms

Twelve Fair Kingdoms The answer to a Challengeis a Quest and if you want to stop Mischiefthen Magic is best

  • Title: Twelve Fair Kingdoms
  • Author: Suzette Haden Elgin
  • ISBN: 9780425058503
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Paperback
  • The answer to a Challengeis a Quest,and if you want to stop Mischiefthen Magic is best

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      331 Suzette Haden Elgin
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    One thought on “Twelve Fair Kingdoms

    1. David on said:

      Suzette Haden Elgin's Ozark Trilogy is a strange beast of the kind published back in the cheap paperback era of the 80s, but which is far too odd and niche to be published today. It's a straightforward cross of science fiction and fantasy with both elements handwaved all to hell and gone by an author who's far more interested in worldbuilding and storytelling than worrying about whether anything makes sense.The Planet Ozark was settled a thousand years ago by folks from the Ozarks who were so di [...]

    2. Wealhtheow on said:

      On the planet Ozark, the continents are largely ruled by twelve families, each with their own castle and stereotypes. Responsible is head of Brightwater Castle, and when magical mischief starts discomfiting and discombobulating her kingdom's denizens, it falls to her to sort it out. No matter that Responsible only just turned fourteen--she's been trained from birth in languages, magic, diplomacy, and everything in between. She expects she'll be able to handle herself on a Quest to figure out the [...]

    3. Chris on said:

      The world building in this book is awesome. Responsible of Brightwater must go on a quest. She must be careful of Grannies. She must be careful of her magic. She must be careful of flying mules because they lack powder rooms.While the plot could use a tend more development, this is a very, very, clever fantasy and modern fairy tale. It is rather a very magical book.

    4. Chris on said:

      Twelve Fair Kingdoms begins the Ozark Trilogy, a space/fantasy set in a universe where 12 Ozark families left earth to establish for themselves a righteous society based on individualism, respect for privacy, and magic. There's Common Sense magic, Granny magic, Hifalutin magic, and Formalisms & Transformations, with each being performed by a class set up within society. Ozark society is highly paternalistic, yet with a delightful subversive twist to it.The book is told in first person, and R [...]

    5. Holdouttrout on said:

      It took me a bit to get into this book, but I fell in love with Responsible and her practical response to her adventures and to the Grannys she met along her way. I liked that she was a flawed character, but that she was also smart and willing to accept the consequences of the mistakes she made. Plus, the worldbuilding is unique, funny, and fascinating.

    6. Keith on said:

      This is the first in a trilogy of books that were popular in my youth. They are rather hard to classify, they call themselves fantasy so I’ll stick with that. However, it also seems to have some science fictional trappings, along with the magic. The settlers of the Planet Ozark came by starship, leaving the Ozark region of Earth behind (in 2012) in order to establish their own society. They have 12 founding families which established the titular 12 kingdoms. They have spent a thousand years on [...]

    7. Anita on said:

      An author I love recommended this book, calling it similar to Terry Pratchett, and while that might be true in some ways, the writing style was VERY far from Pratchett. I found it impossible to slog through and gave up after a chapter or so. I think it's supposed to sound old-timey?? Or perhaps just poorly written. Whatever it was, I hated reading it, so even though there are flying mules, this story will have to remain a mystery to me.

    8. Kimba on said:

      I remembered reading the book in my youth and wanted to see how it held up. Pretty darn well! It involves a group of 12 families that have left old earth (in about 2012) because they are disgusted with what has become of humanity and what is has wrought on the Earth -- pollution, chemicals and poison in the soil, gmo's, the works (keep in mind this was written in the late '70's/early 80's). They take to the skies and find a new home (far from other humans). Love it!Oh, did I mention they are all [...]

    9. Janet on said:

      An odd reading experience - the world building was good, lots of originality and interesting settings. But the plot had me puzzled. I never could figure out why Responsible went on her quest, what her actual role was, (some kind of leader) and how she got so good at magic when women aren't supposed to.

    10. Arlene Allen on said:

      i don't remember much about this book but it's unique setting - the Ozarks as a mystical kingdom. To this day, this is different and original.

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