Tender Mercies

Lauraine Snelling

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Tender Mercies

Tender Mercies She never intended to stay So why is leaving so hard The fertile prairies of Dakota Territory have finally begun to yield the bountiful harvests the pioneers have dreamed about since leaving their hom

  • Title: Tender Mercies
  • Author: Lauraine Snelling
  • ISBN: 9780764201950
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Paperback
  • She never intended to stay So why is leaving so hard The fertile prairies of Dakota Territory have finally begun to yield the bountiful harvests the pioneers have dreamed about since leaving their homes in Norway The tiny community of Blessing is beginning to expand and thrive, its hardy citizens at last enjoying a measure of prosperity.Mary Martha MacCallister comes toShe never intended to stay So why is leaving so hard The fertile prairies of Dakota Territory have finally begun to yield the bountiful harvests the pioneers have dreamed about since leaving their homes in Norway The tiny community of Blessing is beginning to expand and thrive, its hardy citizens at last enjoying a measure of prosperity.Mary Martha MacCallister comes to Blessing from Missouri to visit her brother She volunteers to help at the schoolhouse and, with her gentle southern charm, quickly wins the affection of all.Pastor John Solberg, rejecting the persistent efforts of matchmaking mothers, develops a friendship with Mary Martha and discovers she shares his love of books and children But then the message arrives that she must return home to care for her ailing mother When she leaves, she says she ll write.Everyone has come to love her Is this good bye forever

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    One thought on “Tender Mercies

    1. Christy on said:

      Another satisfying warm and cozy visit to the town of Blessing!! These books are always about so much more than what's written on the back cover; I'm grateful for that. I never tire from one certain character. This one was a little bittersweet but still very gratifying.

    2. Kelly on said:

      So much sadness! But still, through it all, God is Good, and He is helping them. Taking a break from this series since a book just came out that I HAVE to read now.

    3. Linda Y. Shaw on said:

      Appropriate titleInspiring as always. I have come to love the characters as you do a treasured friend. You root for them, cry for them, and thank God for their example.

    4. Lynette on said:

      Um, what! I was not expecting that. I really love the characters in Blessing.

    5. Denise Bucklew on said:

      I truly love reading Lauraine Snelling!!! I have enjoyed the way she reminds you in each book as to who the characters are!!! This one was a bit odd tear jerker for me!!!

    6. Rachel on said:

      This could easily be my favorite book in this series. The only thing is that towards the end I did end up bawling my eyes out. Other than that, it's a good book.

    7. Marcia Vietanen on said:

      Not as good as the first three but ok.Slow moving. But good. Sometimes the description of the land and storms were too long. Jumped around a lot. I did like it though.

    8. Kathryn on said:

      Mary Martha is helping Paster Solberg at the school since their are many new children. She learns to love the children and finds a growing love for the paster who she still thinks loves, Katie her sister-in-law. Katie is having problems with being too tired and swelling with her prenancy. Mary Martha is called back to missouri because of her mother's declining health. She returns home just to prepare her mother to die. Her heart is back in Dakota with her brother, the children and John Solberg. [...]

    9. Carol on said:

      I had read this before, but it was good to read it again. Lots of historical references.This story is set in Blessing, Dakota Territory in September of 1887. It starts with Pastor John Solberg trapped in the schoolhouse by one of his parishioners. Usually he wasn't lonely, between teaching 27 students & his pastoral duties. The mothers trying to convince him to marry their daughters usually brought him food, like the bread on his desk. In May Katy Bjorklund had married Zeb MacCallister, but [...]

    10. Allan67 on said:

      Another book read to the wife. She loves to be read to, she always has. Reading is one of the few things that we can do together The book covered a relatively short period of time, from the fall of 1887 to spring of 1888, but lots of things happened. The little town of Blessing is growing. The winter was hard with blizzards trapping children at school. Singer sewing machines came onto the scene and all the ladies had to have one, including Ingeborg. Christmas was a happy one. The last three chap [...]

    11. Jeni Enjaian on said:

      Sometimes I have an insatiable thirst to learn the stories of people I read about or see knowing that even if the story is similar to something or many things that I've already been acquainted with and this book fit that desire perfectly.Mrs. Snelling limited the story--somewhat--to a couple storylines and thus I wasn't too distracted trying to figure things out.A few times Mrs. Snelling stretched the imagination in describing the reaction of a few characters to different events. Thankfully, unl [...]

    12. Hope on said:

      Update 12/37/2017:At 5am I am laying in bed sobbing for the loss of a sweet friend. Crying out in my heart asking God why? Praying for strength for the rest of the family. Remembering the same feeling previously expressed then it hits me and I chuckle, they are fictional! :-) The deaths are not real, though they wrenched my heart as if they were!I believe it takes a master storyteller to drop you so far into a book that the lines between reality and fiction blur. When you can anticipate the reac [...]

    13. Sonya on said:

      I did not read the books in order. I finished the prelude then read this. With that in mind, the community setting is what attracts me to read the book, but also makes it hard for me to keep everyone straight. Lauraine does a good job at putting a tag or a reminder with the characters to help keep them straight---but I must have read too fast in places to keep them organized.She presents a lot of processes, i.e. cheese making, butchering, cooking, in detail---gets me bogged down in the process r [...]

    14. Becky on said:

      After scrolling down and reading some of the other reviews especially those of you who read Luaraine Snelling, I can see why this book was not very engaging for me. It is number 5 in a series so according to some of the more devoted fans this was a weaker link in comparison. Nevertheless I did finish it which says something that I cared enough about the story and characters to see what happens. It did have merit. This was my first time to read this author, so had I not read the other reviews I w [...]

    15. Susan on said:

      I like Christian fiction. It's my "mind candy" when I need it. But this book was #5 of a series I've read none of the others ofhence I didn't know the back stories of all the characters the story kept alluding to. I think if I had read the whole rest of the series I would have enjoyed it a lot more. As it was, I was feeling a bit left out sometimes - this book does not really stand alone. Still, it was a nice read. I always appreciate books that remind us to rely on the Lord through thick and th [...]

    16. Pegg on said:

      The Bjorklund family continues to branch out and fill the town of Blessing in what is soon to become the state of North Dakota. Besides following the well-known characters, we're also reunited with Mary Martha MacCallister, Zeb's older sister. While Tender Mercies keeps the story moving, it doesn't rise to the level of the four prior books in the series. It ends very abruptly, and I recommend the reader have book 6 - Blessing in Disguise - close by and ready to read. It feels as if the story wil [...]

    17. Genifer Price on said:

      Ive loved this series so much! I read the first 4 back to back, almost no sleep! I waited to read number five bc I read the reviews and someone said it was too sad I had a lot going on so I couldnt handle the sleepless nights and any tears I knew Id suffer. I started it yesterday and finished it today. The first half was good and I didnt know what the reviewer was talking about. About two thirds in it hit. I was a sobbing wreck. It was a good read, very well written and I love the characters but [...]

    18. Massanutten Regional Library on said:

      Linda, Central patron, June 2016, 5 stars:5th book in the Red River of the North series about the Bjorklund family who immigrated to the Dakotas many years ago. This book focuses on Mary Martha MacCallister, the sister of Jeb MacCallister and her experiences with his family of Katy, Manda, and Deborah. While there visiting she falls in love with Pastor Solberg. The book is filled with trials and tribulations faced by the people of Blessing.

    19. Tammy on said:

      Characters: pastor Solberg and Mary Martha MacCallisterSetting :1887, Dakota territoryThe railroad makes the town of Blessing thrive even more. Mary Martha is Zeb's sister, who comes to visit and help at the school. It amazes me to think of the diseases and health problems people died from 100 years ago, when it is relatively easy to treat those same problems now.Good book, glad I decided to read the entire series in succession.

    20. Patsy on said:

      This is a very good story about the pioneers coming from Norway to the Dakota's and building a community called Blessing. All the other characters from the previous books are involved in this book. It has some very emotional stories, some serious events and the children keep you entertained. It has a large family and friends with lots of children, the author keeps up with all the characters. Very good series. The author writes TRUE to life events.

    21. Mom on said:

      Love this series - read while coming home from Ohio - had lots of time in the airport and on the plane to read. This one ended on a very sad note and really touched my heart. Katy and Zeb had such the romance going. Then to have Katy die in childbirth with the baby too was heart wrenching. Happy that the Pastor and Mary Martha got married in the end. Author keeps series moving with all the different twists and turns with the main characters.

    22. Vicki Andrada on said:

      I just love this series Red River of the North. I've loved all of the books in this series so far! It was a hard life for them in Decoda territory, but I love the characters; they begin to feel like family. I have to say this particular one is one of the sadder ones. Not all of it, it had good times mixed with the bad, but be prepared if your planning to read this book for some tears.

    23. Sarah on said:

      Book 5 in the Red River of the North series. I so love the fact that the town is growing and more characters are developing. Who would have thought that the Singer sewing machine would cause such a ruckus between women. Always hard work and no escape of loss of precious life. The Pastor finally found himself a wife to be.

    24. Dee ReneeChesnut on said:

      I am enjoying the Red River of the North series, and this is the fifth book of the series. This book takes us from September 1887-April 1888. Singer Sewing Machines contribute a lot to this story, as do blizzards, disease, and childbirth.I recommend it to all readers who enjoy the history of our country as a family saga.

    25. Maya on said:

      This is the fifth book in this series, and after awhile the books in the series repeat themselves in certain ways, but I still liked this one. This one was a depressing book in several ways because a lot of good characters died. I'm excited to continue the series.

    26. Rachel on said:

      This was a well-written Christian historical novel. The characters were well drawn and engaging, and the plot was interesting. I really enjoyed it. I look forward to reading the nest book, which finishes off this particular series.

    27. Midge on said:

      More people come to Blessing, ND. The town keeps adding more businesses and all seem to flourish. Unfortunately some people die and women seem to have trouble getting pregnant. The minister gets married, Penny finds more of her relatives, A school for the deaf is formed.

    28. Kathleen on said:

      A friend loaned us these books 26they just keep coming. I never dreamed Lauraine Snelling had written so many. I never intended to read all of them, but I just can't put them down.

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