Fancy Nancy and the Boy from Paris

Jane O'Connor Robin Preiss Glasser Ted Enik

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Fancy Nancy and the Boy from Paris

Fancy Nancy and the Boy from Paris There s a new boy in school and he s from Paris Nancy cannot believe her luck But this Parisian may not be as fancy as Nancy expects

  • Title: Fancy Nancy and the Boy from Paris
  • Author: Jane O'Connor Robin Preiss Glasser Ted Enik
  • ISBN: 9780061236099
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Paperback
  • There s a new boy in school, and he s from Paris Nancy cannot believe her luck But this Parisian may not be as fancy as Nancy expects

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      457 Jane O'Connor Robin Preiss Glasser Ted Enik
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    One thought on “Fancy Nancy and the Boy from Paris

    1. Lara's on said:

      Synopsis: There's a new boy in school, and he's from Paris. Nancy cannot believe her luck. But this Parisian may not be as fancy as Nancy expects!Review: Ah! Fancy Nancy has just found the greatest treat in the form of a new boy (Robert) in her class. He's from Paris and she is over the moon with excitement. She wants to make friends quickly and uses all of her best manners in this effort. She practices her French vocabulary with him, shares her favorite French books, sits with him a lunch and i [...]

    2. Kathryn on said:

      Cute with a fun surprise ending. However, the book just isn't as FANCY in the small I Can Read format--no sparkly cover, no big-and-glossy pages. Also, note that the art is BASED ON the art of Robin Preiss Glasser. Yes, that's right, only the cover is by her and the inside is done by an imitator. It's still cute enough, but I just found it, I don't know disappointing or cheating, somehow, that the dear creator of Nancy (in picture-form) is not on board for these books, too. I'm not trying to tak [...]

    3. Paul Dilley on said:

      Fancy Nancy inhabits a bizarre imaginary world of hybrid elegance that seems to shift between a faux Greenwich/suburbia and Upper East Side/city from one book to the next. Its major theme is the crazy idea that American wealth is directly correlated with size of vocabulary, and, even crazier, a basic knowledge of French. Thus Nancy will explain to her reader that a given big word is the “fancy” version of a more basic one. This particular book, at least, offers some self-parody in Nancy’s [...]

    4. Ryan on said:

      You should never be late to school. You never know what you are going to miss. Nancy misses some important information about the Boy from Paris, that she is determined to make her friend. Another cute upper level easy reader.

    5. Rachel on said:

      This girl is a character and is very unique. Never read a 'Fancy Nancy' book but she is great. :)

    6. Shelby Rollenhagen on said:

      My daughter loves these books and as a parent I love them for her. Fancy Nancy is a great character to share with children.

    7. Josie on said:

      Fancy Nancy and the Boy from ParisWritten by Jane O'Connor, Illustrated by Ted EnikPublished by HarperCollins2008Grades K-2Fancy Nancy and the Boy from Paris is a smart story about a misunderstanding Nancy has. A new boy comes to her class from Paris and she is immediately over the moon. Fancy Nancy loves Paris and even has a picture of the Eiffel Tower in her room. Nancy quickly becomes Robert's friend and they play together. Eventually, it comes out that Robert is from Paris, Texas, not France [...]

    8. Jenn on said:

      In this story, Fancy Nancy finds that there is new boy at her school from Paris. Nancy is excited to meet him because she loves French things and even has an Eiffel Tower poster in her bedroom. Nancy approaches Robert during reading time and says bonjour and thinks he is reading a book about cowboys to learn about America. She wants to be friends and teach him about things in America like donut holes and soccer. The gaff is finally revealed - the boy is from Paris, Texas and Nancy failed to real [...]

    9. Carlye on said:

      SummaryFancy Nancy gets to class on Monday and there is a new student in her class. The teacher, Ms. Glass introduces him as Robert and says how he is from Paris. Nancy is so intrigued and can’t wait to learn all about Paris. Paris is one of the places she dreams of but, will she be able stay friends with Robert even when she figures out the truth?ConnectionsThis book reminds me of another Fancy Nancy book I read and I think that is because of the “fancy” words. I think that is great that [...]

    10. Dannielle Smith on said:

      All the Fancy Nancy books are very fun to read. If you have never read a Fancy Nancy book, Nancy is a little girl who lives in her own world where everything is fancy to her. In this book Nancy has a new boy in her class named Robert. The teacher says that Robert is from Paris, so Nancy immediately thinks of Paris France. Nancy wants to be friends with the french boy because she thinks that he is very fancy for living in . As the story continues Nancy asks Robert a ton of questions about Paris a [...]

    11. Shelby Fungone on said:

      This is now one of my new favorite books. It's such an amazing read for a beginning reader in elementary school. The main character of this book is Fancy Nancy and when she goes to school, her class is introduced to a boy from Paris. She loves Paris and even has a poster of the Eiffel Tower hanging in her room. Because she's late to class, though, she misses hearing that he's from the Paris in Texas. So she goes home to her family and tells them how cool it is having this new friend from Paris a [...]

    12. Caroline Siewert on said:

      In this book Nancy from the Fancy Nancy has a new boy in her class. This would be a great book to read to a class if there was a new student coming into their class. The storyline follows Nancy as she makes friends with the new boy and learns about where he is from. When she finds out that this boy is from Paris she gets extremely excited because Paris is a very fancy place. Nancy loves fancy things and cannot wait to hear all about the fancy things in Paris. As they talk and become friends Nanc [...]

    13. Lauren on said:

      This book is a perfect pick for your beginning independent reader, probably a female reader given that the protagonist is Fancy Nancy. The book is a level one which is "simple sentences for eager new readers". The book also has rich and colorful illustrations to help fill in any gaps a reader might have while reading independently. Nancy is convinced that the new student, Robert, is from Paris, France. She is so ecited to have discussion with him about all things French. The comedic twist comes [...]

    14. KateK. F. on said:

      This sweet book that's an I Can Read book based off of the popular Fancy Nancy book plays around with how much Nancy loves Paris and how confusing it can be when you don't hear all the information. Since there's a new boy in Nancy's class but she comes to class late so only hears that he's from Paris not Paris, Texas. The story follows as they become friends with the humor coming through as Nancy asks him about Paris. This is a book that does a good job of interjecting more difficult vocabulary [...]

    15. Jessica Freeman on said:

      This book is great for showing children that things are not always as they seem. It is important for everyone to give someone a chance instead of just making assumptions about people. The illustrations in Fancy Nancy are always so fun, and on Fancy Nancy's encounter with the boy from Paris it is no different. Fancy Nancy would have been a line of picturebooks I would have loved to read growing up since I consider myself fancy, not in the way I talk but definitely in the way I dress and act!Ill: [...]

    16. C. John Kerry on said:

      This is only the second of the Fancy Nancy series I have read so I am still trying to get the hang of it so to speak. However this was an enjoyable one. Nancy is making a new friend and jumping to some wrong corrections while she is at it. A level one reader it is perfect for children just learning to read. It also makes a nice bed-time story book as it doesn't take long to read and thus can send the child to bed faster. Not a bad little book when all is said and done.

    17. Rosa Cline on said:

      This was our first "Fancy Nancy" book and won't be our last! Read it to our 2 year old granddaughter and we both enjoyed it. Simple but not so simple it's not a 'story''s labeled a Level 1 reading book, but it's a more advanced level 1 book. We really enjoyed reading it. Also it has 'new' words and definition after the word is said throughout the story. Then at the end has a page of the new words. Very nice!

    18. Amy on said:

      I have a daughter absolutely obsessed with Fancy Nancy right now. She is a fun character with a charming personality, fabulous vocabulary, and lots of interesting adventures. These "I Can Read" books are obviously not as well-done as the other picture books (same author, different illustrator who uses the same style as the original artist)but for young children who love this spunky heroine, they continue to be lots of fun!

    19. Amelia on said:

      Borrowed from the Kigali Public Library - Another in the Fancy Nancy series is sweet but a little light on plot - Linnea liked best that someone new came to school and that Nancy made him her friend. The confusion over Paris,TX vs Paris, France seemed a little lost on the 3 year old but gave me a giggle the first time through.

    20. Dolly on said:

      Another cute installment in the Fancy Nancy series. Our girls enjoy the stories and I like that she builds on their vocabulary. This story is interesting, with a twist at the end, and it provides a good opportunity to talk about different places in the world that have the same names.

    21. Nikki on said:

      My daughter read this for one of her bedtime stories. We love the "Fancy Nancy" stories. I love these stories for the introduction to French and new words. There's a new boy in Nancy's class whom Nancy overhears is from Paris and she is thrilled because she loves being Frenchybut Nancy is in for a surprise with her new friend.

    22. Bethany on said:

      In this early reader, Nancy befriends a new boy in her class who is from Paris. Nancy tries out the fancy French words she knows and shares her knowledge of France, but she finds out later that her new friend is actually from Paris, Texas! Oh well, at least she made a new friend.This is a cute book that introduces new vocabulary words, similar to the orignal F.N. picture books.

    23. Heila on said:

      Such a cute little girl character. She has so much pizzazz. Likes glitter, sequins and anything in bright colors -- oh, and butterflies. This book has a nice surprise ending. I just discovered these Fancy Nancy books. It is funny that her mother mostly wears jeans and has her hair in a ponytail.

    24. Nicole Holden on said:

      I really like this book. This book would be great for a students who are from the United States. This book is also a wonderful vocabulary book, and I love the way Fancy Nancy use French words such asBonjour - "Hello" in FrenchBell - "Beautiful" in French (bell)Ami - "Friend" in French (ah-mee)Gorgeous - beautifulPerplexed - mixed upTardy - lateTerrified - scared

    25. Elizabeth Tyree on said:

      This book was very cute and engaging! My 4 year old not only loves the new words we learn with each Fancy Nancy book (today we even learned French!), but she also loves the fun story lined today's end twist was even better because now I know that she knows how to read the name of my home state: TEXAS :D

    26. J-Lynn on said:

      This is a typical installment in the Fancy Nancy series. The story has "Fancy" words like gorgeous, perplexed, tardy, and terrified which are all defined within the story. The publisher lists this as an I Can Red Level 1 Beginning Reader book, but the text is far more advanced. The book could be used as a read aloud for beginning readers or a as an independent read for transitional readers.

    27. Monalisa Johnson-brown on said:

      This is about nancy who was late for school and met a new student in her class. his name is Robert and he is from paris. Nancy talk with him during class time to get to know him. She told him all she new abot Parsi and he told her things too. She ate lunch with him and invited him over to her house. She was glad to have him as a friend.

    28. Ruth on said:

      Haha--I got a kick out of this one in particular, in which Nancy meets a new classmate--from Paris! After showing Robert her truly Parisian heart, Nancy is in for quite a surprise--all while finding a new "ami" in the process. So cute.

    29. Julia's on said:

      A great children's book for girls 3 to 7. The Fancy Nancy series has to make every little girl scream when a new one comes out. This one in particular is my favorite. It has a very funny and unexpected ending.

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