The Milo and Jazz Mysteries: The Case of the Stinky Sock

Lewis B. Montgomery Amy Wummer

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The Milo and Jazz Mysteries: The Case of the Stinky Sock

The Milo and Jazz Mysteries The Case of the Stinky Sock The high school s star pitcher is missing his lucky socks and his pitching is going to pieces Can detective duo Milo and Jazz find the thief before the big game

  • Title: The Milo and Jazz Mysteries: The Case of the Stinky Sock
  • Author: Lewis B. Montgomery Amy Wummer
  • ISBN: 9781430111993
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Audio CD
  • The high school s star pitcher is missing his lucky socks, and his pitching is going to pieces Can detective duo Milo and Jazz find the thief before the big game

    • [PDF] Download ↠ The Milo and Jazz Mysteries: The Case of the Stinky Sock | by ☆ Lewis B. Montgomery Amy Wummer
      336 Lewis B. Montgomery Amy Wummer
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    One thought on “The Milo and Jazz Mysteries: The Case of the Stinky Sock

    1. Barb Middleton on said:

      I'm fishing for transitional readers that don't put me in a slack-jawed Friday night daze. Not easy. This type of book is designed to have a simple vocabulary and plot, but frankly, choices are slim. I find many of the series boring and flat. Harpoon me an interesting character, a bit 'o humor, and some depth and I'm a happy gal. Milo & Jazz succeeds in these areas and I was pleasantly surprised by a good story. Milo gets a spy kit at home and proceeds to try and figure it out in a klutzy wa [...]

    2. John Parker on said:

      “The Case of the Stinky Socks” is an aromatic mystery that will be enjoyed by young readers that discover the Milo & Jazz Mysteries series recently introduced by the Kane Press.The enjoyment is sure to last beyond the life of the book because the readers are exposed to some rather interesting illustrations that capture the investigative process. These illustrations, coupled with the activities at the end of the book prepare kids to seek out and unravel the mysteries in their own world.Th [...]

    3. Connie on said:

      I had somehow overlooked this great mystery series for emergent readers. After seeing it recommend in an article recently, I picked up book 1 and was pleasantly surprised. Great fun for the Easy Chapter book crowd as they try to solve the mystery of the missing lucky (but stinky!) socks along with Milo and Jazz! The humorous storyline and illustrations will also keep them interested and make them want to continue reading the series. To further stretch their sleuthing skills, mini-mysteries are a [...]

    4. Katrina on said:

      A fun, easy-to-solve mystery, readily identifiable young detectives, and some extras readers will enjoy. The short chapters, written in a large typeface, are punctuated by pen-and-ink illustrations of better quality than those often seen in series books. Even kids who aren’t sports-oriented will enjoy flexing their detective skills here and in the second installment in the series, The Case of the Poisoned Pig. The story cleverly ends with new materials from Dash Marlowe, offering additional op [...]

    5. Fox Lake District Library on said:

      The Radical Readers book club loved this mystery! They laughed at the stinky socks and enjoyed trying to figure out the mystery. They especially loved the extra puzzles at the end of the book! After talking about the book we made an invisible ink craft with crayons and watercolors!Find this book at the Fox Lake Library: tlcweb.fllib:8080/?config=

    6. Dolly on said:

      This is the first book in a fun new series that teams up a boy (Milo) and a girl (Jazz) to solve mysteries. Although Milo is reluctant to join forces at first, he discovers that they work well together as a team. We liked the characters and the story, although it strayed a bit into high school boyfriend-girlfriend relationships, which is not really necessary for the intended audience. In any case, our girls were entertained and we loved the logic puzzles and brain teasers at the end of the book. [...]

    7. Paul Peterson on said:

      This book was an accidental pick that I discovered while my 5-year-old and I were visiting our local suburban library. It was on a spinning rack of paperbacks and my son enjoyed the phrase, "stinky socks" in the subtitle. We checked it out and I read it to him over a few nights before bedtime.Milo (a male) and Jazz (the female) are friends and detectives in training who like to solve cases together. Sometimes they call on the help of Dash Marlowe, a real-life private eye. In this story, Milo and [...]

    8. Beth on said:

      The first book in this series is stronger because the characters have not sunk into a familar routine. Milo resents Jazz for assuming she's his dectective partner, but slowly realizes that she's got good ideas and a level-head. Also, she helps him find his first case. I read one of the later books, and all friction is gone. I know these are uber-cozy 3-4th grade mysteries, but without some degree of interpersonal conflict, there's not much a story. Just solving the mystery feels flat. (to be fai [...]

    9. Shayla Stevens on said:

      I thought this short chapter book was great! I personally loved reading mystery novels and solving different puzzles and such when I was younger (I still do) and I know that there are other children who enjoy the same things that I did. The story is relate-able because it discusses new friendships, exploring your interests, and learning through hands on experience. My favorite part about this book series is that at the end of each book, there are mysteries and puzzles for the reader to solve.

    10. Laura on said:

      Excellent introduction to mysteries for the age 7ish group, this gets an extra star for the puzzles in the back. This earned a rare 5 star rating from Nate, and an even rarer non-5 star review from Alex (4 stars because he doesn't like mysteries). Nate is excited to read more in the series and we spent a lot of time discussing motive - what it is, how you can use it to solve mysteries.Dessert was ice cream for this book group meeting.

    11. Mary Ann on said:

      The Milo & Jazz Mysteries provide new readers with likeable characters, easy-to-solve mysteries and clues to discover along the way. In this series opener, Milo is excited to get a kit from Dash Marlowe, Super Sleuth, but it takes the help of his new neighbor Jazz to figure out who’s taken the high school’s star pitcher’s lucky socks.

    12. Kate on said:

      Transitional readers will enjoy this clever mystery about neighbors Milo and Jazz, who don't always get along but who work well together to figure out what happened to Jazz's brother's lucky socks. Although I wish the story had been told from Jazz's perspective instead of Milo's, this is a title I'd recommend to fans of Cam Jansen and other transitional mystery series.

    13. Ms. B on said:

      Fun, mystery story about two young detectives, Milo and Jazz, who infiltrate a high school boys locker room to find Jazz's older brother's pair of missing socks. The setting doesn't seem particular modern (the teenagers hang out at the local malt shop, the head waitress is named Beulah); see no reason why any of this will bother young chapter book readers.

    14. Laura Salas on said:

      Fun easy reader chapter book. This is the first in the series. Love the voice and the humor (though I think there's even more humor in the subsequent titles). Jazz' brother's lucky socks are stolen, and it turns out the guy who replaced him as starting pitcher is the one who did it. Backwards mirror reading was a major clue.

    15. Children's Literature Project on said:

      Lexile Measure 500L. Milo reluctantly decides to let Jazz partner with him to solve a case. Dylan, the baseball pitcher's stinky, lucky socks have been stolen. Milo and Jazz use their logical thinking and investigating skills to catch the thief. This book is great for 2nd grade and teaching a lesson on investigating.

    16. Allison on said:

      LOVED IT! Great kick-off for a 2nd-3rd grade mystery series. Mile and Jazz team up (against Milo's wishes at first) to solve a mystery, a disgusting mystery surrounding a pair of lucky and STINKY (P.U.) socks!

    17. Kristine Hansen on said:

      I like the kids learning to be detectives and the use of logic to solve the case. I was kept guessing on this one. And I really enjoyed how they solved it. The puzzles at the back of the book were an added bonus. Great all the way around! I'll read more. :D

    18. Amber Johnson on said:

      Quick, fun mystery for early readers or reluctant readers.

    19. Sheri on said:

      This is a series new to Kane Books similar to the Nate the Great, Cam Jansen, and other easy reader middle grade books. Most the readers I have selected them for are 2nd - 4th grade students.

    20. Stacie on said:

      Milo gets a spy kit and meets Jazz, who likes solving puzzles. Dylan's , Jazz's brother, lucky socks go missing. Together Milo and Jazz figure out what is going on.

    21. Sydney on said:

      i like how they solved the mystery of the stinky sock. they are actually lucky because they help jazz's brother pitch well.

    22. Melanie Au on said:

      SImple, straight forward , fun mystery. Has "super sleuthing strategies" -- activities for reader to practice detective skills at end of book.

    23. Karen on said:

      Quick read and just ok. Book is about a school's baseball team,the "lucky" socks and jealous teammates.

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